19 thoughts on “News/Politics 4-3-18

  1. HRW,

    “When adults tell high school kids to cry me a river because they are upset their school resembles a prison; schadenfreude comes to my mind. It’s pretty sad that adults clouded by their own political positions are happy students go to school in police state conditions.”


    As an educator you should also be familiar with the phrase, “being taught a lesson.”

    That’s what we call it when insolent children that think they know better than the adults, act up and throw tantrums in public, and then are shown that they don’t. The consequences are more than they bargained for. The insolent little foul-mouthed Hogg child is fine dictating policy on matters that he knows little to nothing about (guns, 2nd Amend) yet when the adults step in and dictate something that would provide security to all (clear backpacks), he’s against it because now his ox is being gored. So are his “rights” more important than everyone else’s? An adult would see the clear lesson and comparisons to made here, but this child does not.

    As for the last sentence, well boo-hoo. Welcome to the police state. If you think this is bad, another lesson is coming. Wait until you see how police statey they are with adults when the NSA spies on all your electronic communications.. Karma’s a term he must not be familiar with either.

    The lesson Hogg and his fellow revolutionaries (at least in their small minds) should have learned was this. If you can’t take it in return, don’t be a little punk who dishes it out, and the adults won’t have to embarrass you by putting you in your place.

    And as an educator, you should be ashamed of how the left and Democrats are using these children for political purposes. But like most leftists, you believe the ends justify the means. While you may think putting children up as human shields will prevent anyone from responding negatively to your opinion, those days are over…That doesn’t work anymore. So stop using kids to push policies you adults are too lazy to make a decent enough effort/argument at getting passed legislatively, you know, like adults would, rather than playing mini dictators revoking rights they don’t like..

    Stop using these kids as pawns who you’ll cast away after the story dies. (And it will)

    You and people “thinking” like you are causing further harm and trauma to these kids, not the adults putting them in their place and giving them a dose of harsh reality.


    “I’ve had some students approach me privately to talk to me about it, but I should note that those student activists none of them were ever in any danger during this whole thing…none of them except for the one girl Samantha Fuentes,” the faculty member said, on the condition of anonymity, during an interview with NRATV that aired Friday on Dana Loesch’s “Relentless” program.

    The Stoneman Douglas staffer continued, “But I have students in my class that were shot, but you don’t see them. They have the most personal experience of anyone except for that one girl.”

    Stoneman Douglas students David Hogg, Emma Gonzales, and Cameron Kasky have been notable media representatives of their school and spoke at the “March for Our Lives” protest in Washington D.C. last Saturday, advocating for gun control policies.

    The three student activists have also lashed out at the National Rifle Association, NRA Spokeswoman Dana Loesch, Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio, Florida Republican Gov. Rick Scott, and any lawmaker who accepted money from the NRA.

    Hogg is now leading a boycott against advertisers of conservative radio show host Laura Ingraham after Ingraham poked fun at him on Twitter over colleges where he had applied but had not been accepted.

    Students privately revealed to the staffer their thoughts when they see one of their classmates on TV or hear them on radio. Many of these unknown students said they do not support what Gonzalez, Hogg, and Kasky are saying in the public sphere, according to the faculty member.

    “There have been a lot of my students that have spoken to me about it privately, and they’ve told me word for word as well as paraphrasing that these kids don’t speak for all students.”

    The faculty member noted the constant spotlight on the school is not helping matters much since alleged gunman Nicolas Cruz shot and killed 17 staff and teens on February 14.

    “Every single day since we’ve come back to school, I have kids out in the hall crying because of the emotional toll that it’s taken, and we haven’t started to heal yet, because we’re in the news every single day, and every single day there are helicopters circling overhead.”

    Stop. Exploiting. Children. For. Political. Gain.

    Clear enough?

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  2. Good. Don’t bow to those using kids as props.

    Note to Hogg. Nazi/Black Panther style salutes won’t endear you to people.


    “It appears that Fox News will not give in to the David Hogg, Media Matters and #TheResistance driven faux outrage over Laura Ingraham’s mild rebuke of Hogg as someone who “whines.” That faux outrage has been used to intimidate advertisers into fleeing Ingraham’s highly-rated program.

    Fox News co-President Jack Abernathy just released this statement (via L.A. Times):

    “We cannot and will not allow voices to be censored by agenda-driven intimidation efforts,” Jack Abernethy, co-president of Fox News, said in a statement to the Los Angeles Times. “We look forward to having Laura Ingraham back hosting her program next Monday when she returns from spring vacation with her children.”

    For a decade activists like Angelo Carusone of Media Matters have been trying to pick off Fox News and other conservative media personalities by bombarding advertisers on social media. If Ingraham could be taken down over a mild comment about a flame-throwing activist like Hogg, then it would be like blood in the water to the unhinged social media anti-Trump activists.

    I wrote last night, If Fox News cancels Laura Ingraham, it might as well close the network:

    It’s not about Laura Ingraham or David Hogg — it’s about an unhinged and emboldened totalitarian movement that seeks to deplatform conservatives. Their primary target for a decade has been Fox News, which is the one non-liberal network in a sea of liberal major media.

    Sacrificing Laura Ingraham won’t satiate the beast. If Fox News cancels Laura Ingraham over this faux outrage about her tweet, then Fox News might as well close the network.

    If past experience with Rush Limbaugh and others holds true this time, expect a continuing, guerilla-warfare style harassment of advertisers.”


  3. It is strange that the Democrats are now using immature, ill-informed teenagers as their primary spokespersons. However, The Trump Cult might ask itself:

    1. Are the teenagers less mature than Trump?
    2. Are the teenagers less informed than Trump?
    3. Are the teenagers as demagogic as Trump?
    4. Are the teenagers as malicious as Trump?
    5. Did any of the teenagers brag about committing multiple sexual assaults into an NBC microphone?
    6. Are any of the teenagers now involved in multiple sex scandals with a porn star, a Playboy bunny and a woman who claims she was assaulted on their stupid reality show?


  4. Trump has elevated Maggie Habermann even as Nixon elevated Woodward and Bernstein. This is just the first of many awards. The most interesting stories will not be written until Mr. Mueller gets a little further along with his work.


  5. Exactly.


    “As advertisers began dropping, Ingraham issued an apology on Twitter, saying that any student with a 4.1 GPA “should be proud” and that she was sorry for the “upset or hurt” her tweet caused him and the other victims of the Parkland shooting. Hogg rejected her apology, tweeting that it was an effort to “save her advertisers” and that he would only accept her apology if she denounced the way Fox News “has treated my friends and I in this fight,” adding that “it’s time to love thy neighbor, not mudsling at children” and that she should “focus less on fear and more on facts.”

    He then appeared on CNN Friday morning and insisted that Ingraham should “stand down,” and said that while she is an honest opinion host, she needs to be “more objective.”

    Look, if Hogg doesn’t want to accept Ingraham’s apology, that’s his decision. But the rest of us need to stop pretending that he’s the beacon of moral authority.

    It’s ironic that he’s calling on everyone to “love thy neighbor” and to end the “mudslinging” because he certainly hasn’t practiced what he’s preaching. Over the past several weeks, he has referred to the NRA as “child murderers,” called Dana Loesch “disgusting” and accused her of not caring about children’s lives, smeared Republican Sen. Marco Rubio by claiming he’s bribed by the NRA in exchange for the lives of Florida students, and blasted Republicans as “sick f–kers” for not meeting his standards on gun reform. And judging from his boycott campaign, Hogg’s solution to save children’s lives is to bully the opposition into silence.

    Hogg believes that he can get away with playing two roles at once: a teen victim of a mass shooting and a vocal gun control activist. One minute, he’s a brave young man who is leading the fight against the gun lobby and in the next minute, he’s crying that a lady was mean to him on Twitter. And with the help of the leftwing group Media Matters, he and his cult following have pressured over a half a dozen advertisers to part ways with the Fox News host. It’s worth emphasizing that they’re using exact punishment on Ingraham for this one tweet that they used on Bill O’Reilly for being a sexual predator. In other words, the punishment doesn’t fit the crime at all.

    But when you enter the arena of public discourse, especially when it pertains to politics, no one is or should be shielded from criticism. Ingraham certainly deserved criticism for the tweet and whether she was pressured to or not, she did the right thing by apologizing. Hogg on the other hand feels no remorse for his vicious attacks against Rubio, Loesch, the NRA, and Republicans. In fact, he recently argued that the political theater at the March For Our Lives where he attacked Rubio with an NRA price tag wasn’t “provocative enough.”

    For weeks, the media shamelessly allowed these Parkland students to go unchallenged as they spouted divisive, hyperbolic nonsense that was full of inaccuracies. Because of that, Hogg feels justified to say and do whatever he wants without consequence. He has been given such political power that he is using it to launch boycott campaigns against those who simply hurt his feelings.

    Hogg has a platform right now because he and his classmates went through a horrific tragedy, and he deserves defending from conspiracy theorists who accused him of being a “crisis actor.” However, he cannot cloak himself in victimhood forever as he continues to be this outspoken activist. His demagoguery and blatant hypocrisy have reached a boiling point. If Hogg wants to be treated like an adult, then he should be called out as such.”


  6. The press has a case of the vapors over Trump’s idea to put troops on the border.

    I say it’s about time.


    “Around 1,200 central Americans are marching up through Mexico with plans to cross the southern U.S. border.

    Tuesday, Trump said he spoke with U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and may use the U.S. military to secure the border, telling the press pool, “We are going to be guarding our border with our military. That’s a big step.”

    Reuters reported:

    President Donald Trump on Tuesday said he planned to use U.S. military forces to protect the nation’s southern border with Mexico until there is a border wall and “proper security.”

    “We are going to be doing things militarily,” Trump told reporters at the White House, adding that he had discussed the idea with U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis.”



  7. Or should I say, just in time…. invaders are coming.

    And further proof that Mexico is a huge part of the problem.


    “A caravan of some 1,200 Central Americans now trekking through Mexico, most of them Hondurans bound for U.S. ports of entry, has already begun to change the immigration debate in America.

    Organized by a left-wing group called Pueblos Sin Fronteras, or People Without Borders, the stunt is brazen and reckless enough that it might just force U.S. policymakers to reevaluate America’s long-standing—and obviously failed—policy of strategic neglect toward Mexico and Central America.

    According to a report by BuzzFeed on Friday, the caravan marched unopposed into Mexico from Guatemala last week, and since then “have boldly crossed immigration checkpoints, military bases, and police in a desperate, sometimes chaotic march toward the United States. Despite their being in Mexico without authorization, no one has made any effort to stop them.”

    This presents the Trump administration with a unique challenge, especially if Mexico stands aside and allows the caravan to reach the U.S.-Mexico border. Mexico has a long history of failing to exercise sovereignty within its own territory, and the United States has a corresponding history, mostly forgotten today, of cross-border intervention when American interests were at stake.

    If Mexican authorities prove unable or unwilling to stop the migrant caravan, President Trump could make the case that America has a compelling national interest in ensuring such caravans don’t reach the U.S. border, and that drastic measures, or the credible threat of such measures, are entirely appropriate.”


  8. The anger and bitterness exhibited in the criticism of Hogg and others speaks to the lack of rational argument in those who oppose their ideas. And to say Hogg needs to face harsh reality somehow missed the point that the students know the harsh reality of modern high school life where fear is peddled more than hope. The harsh reality is students are shot yet gots refuse to address the issue.

    Clear knapsack don’t address or fix the problem. A student who is going to shoot up a school won’t change his mind because his backpack is clear plastic. It’s not like you can hide an AR-15 in a typical backpack. The idea is both silly and authoritarian.

    And it’s not karma. These activists are quite willing to accept regulations if they have an iota of sense. The kids are even willing to be banned from owning a gun until 21. These kids are quite willing to accept regulations which will prevent school shootings. But they’re not willing to accept rules created just to make it look like admin is doing something.


  9. As an educator, these kids have my respect and admiration. Getting kids to be passionate on an issue is difficult. And to see these kids think quickly on their feet during their media appearances is impressive. In my own experience, to see kids articulate themselves well is always great; no matter the actual opinion they have and yes I have complimented those who don’t have the same ideas as myself. (Although teaching in the most left wing city in the country there isn’t much diversity of thought).

    High school students are not easily manipulated and those who suggest they are manipulated may need to spend time in high school or raising teens. These kids are not being used. The very fact that only a few kids have opted to act so publicly indicates they are self motivated.

    And since when is gun control a left wing issue? Reagan enacted gun control in California and then again federally. Those days gun control was thought to be a law and order issue. When I watch Hogg I see an articulate intelligent white male from the suburbs. In an other era, he would be considered a prime Republican demographic. And I’m quite sure as he grows up he will lean right of center unless of course the current right keeps malgining him.


  10. To criticize the teens’ approach or manners is to criticize the public culture of America. As Ricky points out, their behaviour is probably better than the adults they criticize. Perhaps if the adults acted like adults, the teens wouldn’t act like so insolent and disrespectful.

    Ingraham is among the many so called adults who engaged in petty name calling and insults with these teens. To engage in social media games with teens demonstrates a lack of maturity. And Hogg’s response of a sponsor boycott speaks to his intelligence and ability to hold his own. For him to target her sponsors is not totalitarian rather he is using the freedom of association and speech to push forward his ideas. She is welcome to do the same but so far he’s demonstrating more intelligence.

    If his critics really felt he was simply an insolent child with no real ideas they would ignore him and his 15 minutes would expire. Instead they in fact recognize his strength of ideas and continue to attack him, usually in a childish manner, thereby extending his 15 minutes.


  11. Here is David Hogg on Twitter yesterday:


  12. Trump yesterday:


  13. More David Hogg:


  14. More Trump:

    Can anyone (even a Trump cultist) claim that Trump is the one who is more mature?


  15. And since we’re sharing Hogg quotes, here are a few of my favs.

    Do these qualify as being part of that “unity and love” he speaks of?

    ““When your old-@#$ parent is like, ‘I don’t know how to send an iMessage,’ and you’re just like, ‘Give me the @#$%$#@ phone and let me handle it.’ Sadly, that’s what we have to do with our government; our parents don’t know how to use a @#$%$#@ democracy, so we have to.”


    “It just makes me think what sick @#$%$#@ out there want to continue to sell more guns, murder more children, and honestly just get reelected. What type of @#$%$# person does that? They could have blood from children splattered all over their faces and they wouldn’t take action, because they all still see these dollar signs.”


    He sounds like, so reasonable. Just the kinda guy I wanna have a “discussion” with. After I’m done rinsing his mouth out with soap, of course.


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