14 thoughts on “News/Politics 3-27-18

  1. From Drudge: This will ruin their TV news industry.

    KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) – Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak’s government tabled a bill in parliament on Monday outlawing “fake news”, with hefty fines and up to 10 years in jail, raising more concern about media freedom in the wake of a multi-billion dollar graft scandal.

    I see the bill is tabled. Wise decision. It would be a colossal problem to sort out what is true and fake. Can you imagine the confusion?


  2. Well that would be good news Tychicus.

    But until then, the FBI has more egg on their face. Just one failure after another.


    “The FBI had a decade-long confidential informant relationship with the father of Pulse nightclub shooter Omar Mateen, prosecutors admitted Saturday, 12 days into the trial of his wife.

    The undercover relationship with the father, Seddique Mateen, continued even though the bureau was tipped off in 2012 that its informant was himself raising money to plan a terrorist attack on the government of Pakistan.

    The father’s status also played a role in the FBI’s decision not to seek prosecution of Omar in 2013 after they investigated him for violent threats, attorneys for the shooter’s wife said. If Omar had gone to prison in that case, the infamous Pulse shooting might have been avoided.

    Omar Mateen killed 49 people and injured 68 others at a gay nightclub in Orlando in June 2016.”

    “Mateen’s father played a significant role in the FBI’s decision not to seek an indictment from the Justice Department for false statements to the FBI or obstruction of justice against Omar Mateen during its 2013 investigation into his alleged threats,” lawyers for his wife, Noor Salman, said in a motion.

    The defense lawyers argue that Omar’s father, rather than his wife, may have been the real co-conspirator. They claim the FBI was too embarrassed to pursue that line of investigation because of its longstanding relationship with Seddique despite red flags.

    The FBI told its informant Seddique in 2013 that his son was being investigated because he told people he’d become a member of Hezbollah and “appeared to be pleased with the alleged death of FBI agents.” Seddique became “very upset” to learn of the investigation, but the FBI continued working with him as an informant.

    The father was widely photographed directly behind Hillary Clinton at a campaign rally after the shooting.

    Though former FBI Director James Comey painted Omar as a “lone wolf,” prosecutors say the attack was carried out in support of ISIS and that his wife was well aware of his plans. Salman admitted to lying to the FBI about it. She is now facing trial in Orlando for providing material support to a foreign terror organization. Police shot and killed Omar, ending the attack.”


  3. The ACLU Effect is killing people.


    “Stop and Frisk policies are controversial because of claims of racial bias in implementation.

    In August 2015, the ACLU and the Chicago police department reached a consent agreement to scale back stop and frisk. The ACLU-Illinois website describes the accomplishment:

    In August of 2015, shortly after the ACLU released a groundbreaking report, the ACLU of Illinois and the Chicago Police Department (CPD) reached a landmark agreement to reform the practice of investigatory street stops known as “stop and frisks.” The City agreed to take steps to ensure that CPD policies and practices comply with the Fourth Amendment, which protects against unreasonable searches and seizures, and the Illinois Civil Rights Act, which requires that government policies do not have a racially disparate impact.

    The result was a dramatic decline in stops, as this February 1, 2016 local ABC News story reported, CPD “stop and frisks” down 80 percent in 2016:

    As shootings and murders spike one major component of Chicago police crime fighting is way down. The number of street stops by officers has plunged 80 percent this year.

    For decades when Chicago police stopped and frisked someone on the street, they had to fill out a small card called a “Contact Card.” It required simple, basic information about who was stopped and why. Beginning January 1, 2016, a new state law regulated when cops could stop and pat down people in public and then officers had to fill out a two page “Investigatory Stop Report.”

    “From May through August of 2014, there were 250,000 people who were stopped who were completely innocent; who committed no crime, who were not guilty of any offense. We know that most of those people are searched. If that number is going down, that’s really good news,” says Ed Yohnka of ACLU-Chicago.

    The number of street stops by Chicago police has almost bottomed out. In police ranks, this is known as the “ACLU effect,” after American Civil Liberties Union lawyers fight for years to curtail Chicago officers from what they saw as illegal stops.

    Two academics decided to study the effect on violent crime and homicides after the reduction of stop and frisk policies in Chicago. They round found that the scaling back led to hundreds of additional deaths.

    The authors of the study were U. Utah law professor Paul G. Cassell and economics professor Richard Fowles. Cassell summarized the findings in a post at Volokh Conspiracy, The 2016 Chicago Homicide Spike – Explained. The sub-headline provides the topline conclusion: “After an ACLU consent decree with the Chicago Police Department dramatically reduced the number of stop and frisks, homicides significantly increased as a result.””

    More here.



  4. Now….. about that blue wave……..


    “The so-called midterm ‘blue wave’ forced to contend with real life data”

    “Democrats would have to win larger than any sort of recent midterm wave — almost double what they got in 2006 — in order to win a narrow majority.”

    “As we sit on the edge of April headed into 2018 crunch time, those in the media promising a massive blue wave (Texas primaries anyone?) come November will be forced to contend with data that suggests that this blue wave is nothing more than an over-hyped trickle.

    Monday, a CNN poll showed Trump’s approval rating (by their metrics) is at its highest since he first took office. General opinion of Republicans too is on the up and up. Voters are particularly keen on Trump’s handling of the economy. Because as we’ve learned, “it’s the economy, stupid.”

    “Meanwhile, a report released by the Brennan Center for Justice throws some serious shade at the blue wave wish-casting. According to that report, Democrats would have to, “to win the national popular vote for congressional districts by a nearly 11 percentage point margin over Republicans to gain more than the roughly two dozen seats they need to flip control of the Republican-led chamber,” according to the AP. No such feat has been achieved in the last 40 years.

    Democrats are blaming Republican gerrymandering, but excuses don’t win elections.”

    And neither does wishful thinking.


  5. THIS is investigative journalism. 🙂

    And yet another black eye for Mueller, Comey, and the FBI?


    “After he escaped from Al Qaeda in Syria, American photojournalist Matt Schrier investigated his own kidnapping and uncovered what he describes as a pattern of “betrayal” by FBI agents handling his case.

    Schrier is now asking hard questions of former FBI Director Robert Mueller, who now leads the special counsel Russia probe, and former FBI Director James Comey, who was fired by President Trump in May 2017.

    “Not every FBI agent is bad. Some are very good people,” Schrier told Fox News. “But the ones that are bad need to be weeded out. And the ones who let them be bad, and who turn their head, need to be exposed.”

    In an exclusive cable interview that first aired Monday on “The Story” with Martha MacCallum, Schrier went in depth, sharing emails, financial records and formal letters of complaint, which backed up allegations that after he was taken hostage in 2012, the FBI monitored his accounts as Al Qaeda terrorists used his money to buy at least a dozen computers and tablets.

    While he was tortured and held by al Nusra, the brutal Al Qaeda franchise in Syria, Schrier claimed the FBI put intelligence gathering ahead of his personal security, hoping to track the computers and tablets to learn more about Al Qaeda recruits and future plots. After his harrowing escape, Schrier started demanding answers from the FBI, which at the time of his kidnapping was led by Mueller.

    Since his return to the U.S. in mid-2013, Schrier shared documents with Fox News and explained, “I faxed– I emailed them, probably between my mother and my father and me, between 50 and 100 complaints.”

    Comey took over from Mueller in September 2013, and Schrier said the stonewalling continued. “I was emailing him questions. I was forwarding him all these emails. I was demanding answers from him,” Schrier said. “And I never got anything back.”

    Schrier said he has been unable to obtain credit cards or open new bank accounts because Al Qaeda stole his identity and passwords. Unable to get a lease for an apartment, Schrier said his FBI case manager suggested he temporarily live in a New York City homeless shelter.

    “I just got clean clothes without bed bugs. I don’t want to go through a situation where I have to deal with lice and bed bugs again. Like, no thank you.”

    The publisher for Comey’s upcoming book, “A Higher Loyalty,” did not immediately respond to Fox News’ questions. The Office of the Special Counsel referred Fox News to the FBI. The FBI did not dispute Schrier’s account. An FBI spokesperson said the bureau could neither respond to specific questions nor make the agent assigned to Schrier’s case available for an interview.

    “The FBI’s investigation into the kidnapping of Matthew Schrier remains open, therefore, we are not able to discuss investigative details surrounding this case.”

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  6. I hope Ricky hasn’t given up on us.
    We really aren’t such bad guys once you get to know us.

    Anyhow, that’s what my momma said, and she would know.

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  7. Not much news the last couple of days. My son told me about this article on the Ten Best Westerns in The Federalist. I believe the author is from Poland.


    She followed several important rules:
    1. Ignore post-1970 garbage.
    2. Give deference to John Ford and John Wayne.
    3. Appreciate Jimmy Stewart/Anthony Mann collaborations.

    Her top ten is almost perfect. My only complaint is the omission of The Big Country.

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  8. There’s this little beauty…..

    Just call the cops.


    “The half-brother of Rev. Al Sharpton, also an activist whose group participated in Saturday’s anti-gun March For Our Lives, has been charged in a Sunday shooting death in Dothan, Ala.

    Dothan police said that Rev. Kenneth Glasgow was the driver in a car linked to the murder of 23-year-old Breunia Jennings of Dothan by passenger Jamie Townes, 26.

    Dothan Police Chief Steve Parrish said that Glasgow and Townes allegedly searched for Jennings, who they believe had stolen Townes’ car. When they found her, Townes allegedly shot Jennings as she drove, hitting her in the head. She died later.

    “Instead of him notifying law enforcement, he took matter in his own hands and jumped in Mr. Glasgow’s vehicle to find Breunia Jennings,” said Parrish, according to a report in the Dothan Eagle.

    While police do not believe Glasgow, 52, was the triggerman, under Alabama’s aiding and abetting law, he is is culpable for murder.”


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