Our Daily Thread 3-20-18

Good Morning!

Today is the first day of Spring! 🙂

And we’re getting another nor’easter! 😦


Anyone have a QoD?


54 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 3-20-18

  1. It don’t look like spring in Greensboro.
    But. Good morning wherever you are.
    Except Jo.
    First day of fall for Jo. So? Go sleep it off..


  2. Actually, you really do have about 13 hours of light because of twilight.
    Did I ever tell you that we didn’t have twilight and dusk in Arabia. “The sun comes up like thunder.”

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  3. Not much twilight here either, too near the equator?
    I am now officially on holiday for two weeks. Which just means that I can sleep in before going to work at school. My room is now cleaned out. Now I need to reorganize. Maybe Kim should come visit my classroom. Did I mention that I am getting two new boys? So I will have eleven boys and only five girls.

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  4. Jo. Partly near the equator, but in Arabia it was mostly lack of moisture in the air. No clouds.
    In Thule, Greenland ,you might have a couple of hours of dusk and the sun never comes up.
    I like it here best.


  5. 😉
    Ypu’d think I was killing her.
    All I did was put my cold wet fingers on her tie.

    Yeah. I did it on purpose. The most wicked man in Guilford County.


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  6. I get the e-mail from a woman who wants to tell my fortune.

    “Brian, I’ve heard your cries for help. Yes, you may not have literally contacted me, but your struggle has reached me. I can feel your pain, resentment and worry. The grief and dismay that you’re projecting is evident, and what you need is help! I can offer it to you today in the form of …..”

    I’m just glad my name ain’t Brian.

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  7. It’s just me and Cheryl this morning.
    And we aren’t telling anyone. 😆

    Seeing the Ann Mutter presentation reminds me to ask a question I have been meaning to ask Chuck for a long time, but never thought of it when he was around.

    It is obvious to me how a guitarist gets the right sound. The guitar has frets. But a violin/fiddle doesn’t have frets. Just a small fraction of an inch makes a different sound.
    And you would think the finger would dampen the sound.


  8. This is like listening to a stand-up comedy routine this morning. ba-BA.

    It’s cloudy here, we’re heading into a few days of rain to welcome spring. We’re getting it all backwards this year. It was 90 degrees on Thanksgiving Day.

    I’m working a late shift to cover a night meeting and workers are expected here in about an hour or so, hoping to get some old wood pallets, large metal sheets and chunks of concrete hauled out of the backyard & driveway at long last. They’re also going to put up a new frame on the garage window, old frame had rotted out and looks horrible. And maybe start sanding to prep wood window trims for painting one of these days. I’m still packing away and lugging around books to get them out of the way for now. Preparing to move big stuff out or in between rooms.

    I picture Kim standing here, arms akimbo, directing it all.

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  9. Cheryl, you folks have to realize that I can’t read most of what I type. It’s too small.
    If there isn’t a red line under it, I don’t catch a typo.
    You have to know what I mean.


  10. Re: Holes
    I’m not actually bothered by all holes, and definitely not by a single hole. Rather, it’s clusters of holes, much like a bee hive (or tripe, from which the name is derived). There are some car tail lights that bother me. We have a wooden walkway from our door to the driveway that has a sunken spot about two inches in diameter that is lined with little holes. It turns my stomach every time I look at it. Fortunately the guys are going to replace that section with blacktop this spring. I have no idea why they bother me.

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  11. My across the street “children” had wanted to buy the vacant lot next to them and it suddenly went on the market. I called the listing agent to find out. She called me back yesterday to tell me to forget list price, just make an offer. So I called M to tell her. She wanted to know if I was home yet. She said she would walk over. I had my suspicions about it.
    She walked in and told Mr. P that her husband was going to cut our grass this summer for free because they were going to need us to watch their dog for a couple of days in about 7 1/2 months. It completely went over Mr. P’s head. I had to explain it.
    This is wonderful news because a couple of weeks ago she told me they had been trying to get pregnant for a year and she though she was going to had to see and infertility specialist.

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  12. Kizzie, I see they’re forecasting up to a foot of snow tomorrow. Did I not ask you last week to put a stop to this? 😀

    Seriously, Mrs. B is supposed to fly into Boston around noon Thursday. The winter storm warning is for 8 am Wednesday through 8 am Thursday with up to a foot of snow. We’re hoping it will be less severe and all cleared out by the time she lands.

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  13. On another note, Kizzie, I made a point to watch The Good Doctor last night since you mentioned it. We’ve watched a few episodes of the series. Sometimes I roll my eyes at politically correct story lines about things like gender identity. This one was pretty free of such and easier to watch.

    I’m always interested in portrayals of high-functioning autistic people because of my experience with a cousin about my age. Dustin Hoffman’s character in Rain Main could have been my cousin (though I really knew him only when we were much children). Freddie Highmore does a good job as the TV show’s autistic doctor.

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  14. Kevin – I tried, but the weather is just not listening to me. Winter is always very reluctant to pack its bags and leave.

    Just finished watching last night’s episode of The Good Doctor (I’d never seen it before, but heard good things about it). It was cool that they presented a patient with Moebius Syndrome, but the actress really didn’t look much like someone with Moebius. She did a good job, though, of keeping her lips straight and not touching when she spoke. (Many people with Moebius do have full lip closure, but I don’t know if they can use their lips in speaking, as one must move the lips to do so, especially with letters such as b, m, and p. It has been pointed out that it is ironic that the name of our syndrome has two letters we cannot pronounce well. 🙂 )

    Her portrayal would have been even better if she could have kept her eyes straight ahead, not moving them laterally. There are a few people with Moebius who seem to have lateral eye movement, but most of us don’t.


  15. Nurse Nightingale started watching the show with me, before she had to take Janie to the vet. She was annoyed at the part where the woman had an infection in an incision because she did not take the antibiotics prescribed after her surgery.

    She said that the “CDC Antibiotic Stewardship” calls for not prescribing antibiotics unless an infection develops, which it shouldn’t if the proper protocol is followed for keeping incisions clean and sterile. They are no longer automatically prescribed after a surgery.


  16. My husband and daughter attended a conference together last week in Orlando. On Friday afternoon, he fulfilled her childhood dream and took her to Universal Studio’s Harry Potter Wizarding World.

    She really wanted to buy a wand.

    But the 25 year-old realized all the people in line to buy wands were 8-12. It was sad that she recognized she had now outgrown her childhood dream.

    She did consider a broom, however, which may be more pertinent to a young woman . . . LOL

    She did send home a box of chocolate frogs and a quill for me to autograph my books.

    And with that, her childhood is done. 😦


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  17. I checked out what my fellow “Moebians” are saying about the show on the Moebius Syndrome Facebook pages. No one was pleased with the actress’s portrayal, especially with the eye movement. She really didn’t look like someone with Moebius. (Not that this is the actress’s fault, but I think they blamed the show’s producers more, for not getting it right.)

    But they all were pleased to see our very rare syndrome get some attention on TV.

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  18. Michelle – YF (age 30) and her sister (age 23) would have bought the wands and thought nothing of it. And they probably would have bought a bunch of other stuff, too.

    I am of two minds on their continued interest in Harry Potter, Pokemon, and some other “childish” things. On one hand, I really think YF needs to grow up (at least her sister is still only in her early 20s). On the other hand, I think that we all have our likes, dislikes, and hobbies, so ‘so what’ if some adults like “childish” things. . . to each his or her own.


  19. Well Kim would be pleased (I can see her nodding in the middle of the room now).

    I cleared out the final large glass-door bookcase — books & knickknacks galore — and have 4 more large bags set for give-away and a half-filled bookcase that now can hold probably all the remaining books from the previously cleared-out bookcase in the ‘den’ that will someday hold dishes.

    Guys outside have been sanding the wood window frames. So that will give us something of a jump-start on painting when we’re ready for that, I think. Kim has to come back with those paint chips however.


  20. So, about this wand stuff. Part of daughter’s problem is that she really wants to be a witch and cast spells on people. Is that normal? Is that how your wand wanting girls are?


  21. Here’s a question:

    Do you think it is possible for a person to generally be at peace and yet still have unspecific anxiety? Because I feel like that is happening to me.

    In general, I feel fairly peaceful about my life situation. I have questions, wondering what the future (near and far) will bring, praying for certain things I would like to see God do, but I am entrusting it all into His hands. I know He loves me and is taking care of me.

    But I have been feeling an anxiety in my body, in my “gut” and sometimes in trembling hands. Sometimes a random word or phrase that I read, or something I see or hear, will cause a stab of anxiety, and I don’t even know why. (But sometimes it will be due to reminding me of Hubby or our life together.) I will sometimes get the feeling that it is reminding me of “something” unspecified that I have to do but am nervous about, but there is nothing specific that the feeling matches.

    My guess is that this is related to the stress of grief.


  22. Chas, a violinist (or violist, cellist, or bassist) has to use their ear to get the right sound. You have to develop the ability to hear whether the note is just a fraction out of tune. My violin teacher had perfect pitch (an innate ability to hear and make the correct note) and she made me drill over and over to get the notes just right. I can remember leaving a lesson and crying because I had had trouble hearing how to correct my notes and she had told me, “If you can’t hear the notes, you cannot play the violin.” Thankfully, it was just a bad day that day, and I was able to play the violin. Last year, when I played the violin in the orchestra, the conductor complimented me on my beautiful intonation (a term which refers to whether the notes are in tune or not). I may not be a technical wizard on the violin, but I can play in tune.

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  23. Kizzie, your anxieties are perfectly understandable in light of your grieving.
    As for the question of how one can be at peace and still have anxiety, I do it all the time. I truly trust the Lord in all things, yet anxiety runs deep through my family. Anxiety disorders (generalized anxiety disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, panic disorder), are, like mood disorders (depression) or psychotic disorders (schizophrenia), physical illnesses which effect our mental processes and emotions. I think I might have explained on here my saying, “I trust the pilot to stay enough to stay on the plane” (a response to someone who suggested I ought not to fear flying but just trust the pilot). That is the way I operate in much of my life. I pray for strength and wisdom to face my challenges, and I do face them in the Lord’s strength, but the stomach turning anxiety doesn’t go away. I just live with it.

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  24. Sounds normal to me, Kizzie, with all you have been through.

    I also deal with anxiety issues. Some may have to do with thyroid issues, but some is probably personality or some such. I just live with it, as well.

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  25. I am at peace here, but have a little anxiety due to earthquakes. Doing what I can to be ready has helped. Making sure my keys are where I can easily find them. Did I mention you cannot get out of this house without a key? “My bag is packed, I’m ready to go…”

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  26. Our snow is quickly melting but we still have enough to enjoy. Another coffee meet up today, encouraging my friend to remain steadfast. Tonight Bible study..digging into the Word…it is well.
    Hope ya’ll have had a blessed day…and that is a lovely bird up there 🦅

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  27. Heading to the store to get a cake mix. My aides little girl is having a birthday and she asked if I would bake a cake. They don’t have ovens. I have to go ask her what flavor she likes.


  28. Oh, I had hoped she was normal. I don’t suppose allowing her to binge watch Harry Potter last year, while I was at the hospital cheering on daughter in her delivery, was a good idea.


  29. Well, Mumsee, not only did you somehow post on 49, but you seem to have killed the thread. I have been at school and the store for several hours and there are no new posts. hmmm….


  30. Not me, I was covering a night meeting about our waterfront improvement projects. It went way too long and was ridiculously over-packed with too many agenda items. So with my short deadline (then even shorter with the meeting going an hour longer than anticipated) I left out probably 75% of what was presented. No time, no space. But I think I did get in what most people were curious about.

    It’s supposed to be raining about now but isn’t where I live, maybe a bit further north in LA from me. And is typical with night meetings, you’re all keyed up and unable to go to bed once you get home after the deadline rush.


  31. Howdy, Donna. We can be awake together. Just had a rainstorm here, but now it is clear. So, will I go out and try to run???


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