16 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 3-17-18

  1. Still awake, Jo, though I had planned to head for bed!

    I want to be somewhat discreet in what I say, but I feel as though God has really answered prayers this week. We listed our house to sell, figured it would sell very quickly and probably at list price or very close, since this is (locally) definitely a seller’s market. At the other end, we expected potential problems, since there is even more of a tight market there. In the months we have been more or less watching the market down there, we have only seen a couple of homes that looked ideal, and that was only seeing photos online–there could have been serious problems “in person.” (We did look at one house that was on such a busy street, with electrical problems and other issues, that we ruled it out.) Mostly we see houses that are far too small for our needs, or have two stories, or are twice what we can afford to pay.

    We even researched other towns, seeing if something else could work as an additional option, but it didn’t. Our agent down there recommended that we list the house but only accept an offer with a contingency that we have to be able to find housing ourselves. We didn’t think buyers would be interested in that (they are paying their own money to do inspections and such, plus their needing a place to live). So we finally just decided to move forward and trust God to bring it together. I prayed that somehow we would find a house to buy quickly.

    We listed our house, sold it, took a couple of days to pack more boxes, drove down to our new hometown, looked at two condos (we went back and forth between condos and houses, him leaning toward condos, me toward houses), and put an offer on the second condo–all in just under a week. (Seven days, but not quite up to 24 hours on the seventh day.) Our offer was accepted the next day. It needs some work (new floor coverings, mostly) and is fairly dirty (fingerprints and smudges everywhere, and more cobwebs than I have seen in years), and it isn’t “up to date” in its details (neither of us cares about that, but we know other people do) . . . but it has the square footage we need, a great floorplan, a bunch of amenities we need (our biggest challenge being that we have a lot of books and need a house that can accommodate them), a bunch of amenities we had hoped for but weren’t sure we would get, the right price, and the outside is attractive in ways I hadn’t expected to get. Since we got a good price on it, we have “money to play with” in terms of getting the inside fixed up as we like it. The carpet is in bad shape (in the rooms that have carpet), for instance, and bathrooms are an odd mix of partly carpeted and partly tiled–so we are getting new flooring throughout, and we got to choose it ourselves.

    We still need our house to close on time and all the rest of it to come together smoothly (our buyer gave us five days to get out, which should be a wonderful chance to get it pulled together at the other end), but really it all seems providential and sweet. We spent several days this week getting it inspected, choosing flooring, and so on, and then we drove home today.

    I won’t go into details like when we’ll close, what town we’ll be moving to, or others along that line. My husband values privacy and I need to respect that. (If you have my e-mail address, I’ll answer more detailed questions in that venue.) But this has been a really sweet answer to prayer, and it’s all almost unbelievable.

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  2. That’s great, Cheryl. You can get better deals if you’re willing to take a house that needs some cleanup or minor repairs. My grandmother said when she and grandpa bought a house they were buying the floor plan. They didn’t care about the paint or carpet or anything like that because they would always change it to suit their tastes anyway.


  3. 😦
    Bob didn’t show up so I had to stand in to teach the lesson today. I hadn’t prepared for it. And it was on I Corinthians 7.
    I had to argue with Paul in places and teach six old men not to run around and don’t divorce your wives.


    But it was well received. I had not forewarning that this would happen.
    That was lesson 1214.

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  4. I wonder where Bob is.

    We bought an old farmhouse with a new addition that wasn’t finished and a horrible kitchen layout etc. We’re slowly finishing things as we can afford it. This was basically the only place we could afford to purchase and I love the property and that we can make so much of it ‘ours’.

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  5. I think Bob is home sick.
    But I don’t know that. One of the class members talked to him.
    His wife fell last fall and broke a wrist and leg and Bob has been in and out.


  6. Kevin, the modern trend is to fix your house up to the best shape of its life before you sell it, even redoing the kitchen and bathroom if they are dated . . . and to me that makes ZERO sense. If someone spends $10,000 fixing up their bathrooms, they are going to expect to get that money back (and more, for their time and energy), but the chance that their style matches mine is fairly slim. Besides, it is easier to fix up a house when it’s empty. So sell it to me with what is in it now, and let me decide whether I want some things different, and whether or not it is worth the money to change it.

    When I was house shopping in Nashville, the going thing was stark white or off-white carpet. Knowing I was going to get a dog, and planning on wearing shoes within the house at times, houses with white or off-white carpet were nearly automatic eliminations for me. (I had no interest in recarpeting a house. Now, had I gotten it at a really good price, maybe–but when they put in new carpet for the sale, it is because they weren’t going to want to sell it to me at bargain-basement prices.) One house I looked at, the workmen were literally laying white carpet in the house as we walked in the door–my first step inside the door, I eliminated that house, because the sellers would expect me to pay for that carpet, and I didn’t want it. It would be like putting in a swimming pool to increase the property value–um, I don’t want a swimming pool, so to me it is now worth less, and not more, so we aren’t going to come to an agreement on this one!

    Had these sellers torn out the nice kitchen cabinets for this year’s model, recarpeted and retiled the house, torn down the wallpaper and painted the house, they could have asked 20% more or so, maybe more than that. (20% would still have been on the low end for the square footage.) Yet there is a pretty good chance they would have made choices we dislike as much as we dislike what is in there now (in terms of floors and walls), and we wouldn’t have been able to afford to redo it, and we might not have bought the house. Someone else would have bought it, and we might have bought it, but we wouldn’t have been as happy with the sale. Likewise, someone might have chosen to “update” a room that I would already be happy with, and then try to charge more for doing it. But I don’t need up-to-the-minute styling, and don’t want to pay for it if what you have works.

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  7. Bob taught last week.
    He is a good teacher, but he has had problems.
    I have taught for years, but my eyes do not permit serious research or even review of past work. I can’t take a permanent job of teaching anymore.
    Teaching is my thing. I just can’t handle it anymore to do a decent job.


  8. I just heard a country song with the words:

    “They say an angel can’t be seen,
    but I know that’s not true,
    I see an angel every day
    When I come home to you.”

    I love it:
    Country music often reaches people where they live.

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  9. One of the sons shared Charley Pride and “I Wonder Could I Live There Anymore”. Appropriate. Most of them have moved on, as it should be.

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  10. I saw a lot of old/historic homes that were ruined on the inside by folks who tore out built-ins, ‘modernized’ kitchens and bathrooms (decor-wise) and otherwise ruined the home’s original charm.

    When I was buying, i needed something move-in ready and found it in this house (had to do a few things such as remove some ceiling “popcorn” in some areas, refinish the floors and remove what remained of the carpet. The bathroom was peach tile, not horrible, but clearly a do-over from a different era. But I could live with that.

    My taste are somewhat unique but I also am determined (since my house is nearly 100 years old) to stay with the era and style of the house as much as possible, to work with it and not against it. So, wherever possible, no vinyl windows/fences or other ‘modern’ touches that everyone else seems to love (well, everyone except those of us in love with old houses and the classic craftsmanship that went into building them).

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