20 thoughts on “News/Politics 3-16-18

  1. The 3 L’s.

    Lying, leaking, and leaving, but not nearly soon enough on the last.


    “The Department of Justice’s inspector general could soon release his expected explosive report detailing a more than yearlong review of the FBI and DOJ’s Hillary Clinton investigation – an effort that has already put top FBI official Andrew McCabe and his pension in jeopardy.

    Over the last year, Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz has been reviewing the FBI and DOJ’s actions related to its investigation into Clinton’s use of a private email server while she was secretary of state.

    Horowitz has told lawmakers he is aiming to release the report in the “March, April time period.”

    On Wednesday, fresh evidence emerged that Horowitz may be winding down his efforts. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is considering firing McCabe over the findings in Horowitz’s review, sources said.

    According to the New York Times, Horowitz concludes in his report that McCabe was not forthcoming during the review, which included an examination of McCabe allowing FBI officials to speak with reporters about the investigation into the Clintons.

    The FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility recommended that Sessions fire McCabe. If McCabe is fired this week, it could deprive the outgoing deputy director of pension benefits.”

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    Even the author of the Steele Dossier doesn’t believe his own garbage product, so why would anyone else?


    “The most explosive allegations of the Trump-Russia affair are in the Trump dossier. And the most explosive allegation in the Trump dossier is the tale of Donald Trump, in a Moscow hotel room in 2013, allegedly watching as prostitutes performed a “golden showers” routine on a bed once occupied by former President Barack Obama as hidden cameras rolled.

    But now there is new reporting to suggest the dossier’s creators had serious doubts about the veracity of the “golden showers” story from the very beginning. Despite those doubts, dossier author Christopher Steele included the “golden showers” account in his collection of anti-Trump intelligence, and the dubious charges set off a series of events that changed the course of the Trump-Russia investigation.”

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  3. Probably good advice.




    “She’s annoying me. She’s annoying everyone, as far as I can tell,” one 2016 Clinton surrogate told DC paper The Hill. “Who lets her say these things?”

    An-ex Clinton aide noted that Democrats “from states that Trump won will have to distance themselves from her even more.”

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  4. There’s other ways too, but this is about right.


    “Free speech has become a conservative idea by default because liberals don’t believe in it any more. Liberals have given up on the idea of coming up with the best argument and now work tirelessly to silence their opposition so they can win the argument by default. Liberals NEED to do this because their ideas don’t work very well in the real world and if their ideas are tested and evaluated logically, they will be rejected by most people. So, how do they get around that?

    1) Libsplaining: For every guy out there mansplaining, there are probably 500 liberals libsplaining what some conservative supposedly REALLY MEANT at exactly the same time. If you’re conservative, pretty much anything you say will be reinterpreted by liberals to mean something totally different. Against welfare because you think it encourages people not to work? You must hate black people. We need to cut wasteful government programs? You despise poor people. You weren’t in love with Trump, but really didn’t like Hillary, so you voted for him? You obviously want to turn America into Nazi Germany AND you hate women. None of this would be more than an annoyance except for the fact that liberals then take their completely nonsensical interpretation of what conservatives say and present it to the world as reality. This is how, for example, tens of millions of liberals who have probably never listened to Rush Limbaugh in their entire lives think he furiously spews lies and racist rants against the poor for three hours per day. Liberals seem to be practically incapable of taking common conservative beliefs at face value because that could lead them to intellectually engage in a debate about the best way to handle a problem, which could lead them away from liberal doctrine, which could….uh, YOU’RE A RACIST! THAT’S WHY. “

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  5. Numbers 32:23
    and be sure your sin will find you out.

    But nothing will happen to the Clintons. Others will pay dearly, but not Hillary.


  6. OK, the stair incident — I say those sandals she was wearing had really slippery soles (many of them do!). Seems like they completely did not grip whatever those stairs were made of, probably stone. And you noticed she quickly slipped them right off after the 2nd slip.

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  7. Just for conversation sake, (although, I don’t have time for that today, since we have to be at two different assisted living homes about 40 miles apart and one is over 30 miles from here) I thought the blog post Kizzie shared was interesting and thought provoking.

    I have a different take on some of the ideas and also on the idea about a father feeling bad about gifts given to his family, which he could not provide. We have had a few very challenging financial times and were once given a Thanksgiving box from our church and also a box of snacks and chips from someone who worked in a certain business. We saw this as an act of love from both the givers and the Lord. My husband, certainly, did not feel badly. It would be nice to never have a need or go through difficult times, but they do happen. Many things are out of our hands. Learning to receive is as important as learning to give.

    I also do not think there is anything wrong with giving toys for Christmas. I do not think such a thing has to lessen the beauty of celebrating the birth of Christ. Therefore, I do not think that is a good reason to stop giving shoeboxes.

    Many followed Jesus to just receive the healing or food he brought to them. Those left when the gifts didn’t keep coming. Some left when the going got tough. Others stayed and listened, believed and stayed with Jesus. What he did was a demonstration of the power of the Holy Spirit and the fact that Jesus was God. Still, clearly, many misunderstood; some deliberately. That did not stop Jesus from healing and feeding. I do not think the fact that some will misunderstand should stop us either, necessarily.

    Local people are the best to decide such things, I would imagine. There are many different opinions around the world, I would imagine, also.


  8. Kathaleena – As I said on Facebook, it probably depends on the culture. You and your family were Christians receiving from other Christians, so you could see that as a gift from God as well as from loving fellow believers. Unbelievers who don’t think like we do can see things differently.


  9. Kathaleena is referring to something I posted on the daily thread last night and on a reply I made to a friend on Facebook.

    Here’s the link: https://gilandamy.blogspot.com/2018/03/opening-up-christmas-shoeboxes-what-do.html

    I see it is being talked about over on today’s daily thread, too.

    The comment I made on Facebook:

    “A few years ago, I read an article by a man who used to participate in a ministry that took Christmas gifts to poor families. He realized that in each family where a dad was present, the dad would look dejected and embarrassed. The writer realized that by giving the gifts, they were taking away the opportunity for the father, the head of the home, to be seen to provide for his family.

    The writer went on to say that a better option was offering these gifts in a way that the parents could buy them, but dirt cheap.”


  10. I definitely agree that it should be something decided on a local level. Local pastors know much better how to help their people.


  11. I believe the shoeboxes are given out through local churches or ministries.

    They are not all given out exactly at Christmas time, either. Some went out around Valentine’s Day, for example.

    I meant to put this discussion on the main thread. Sorry. 😦

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  12. More hiding of the facts and bias at the FBI and FISC.


    “The federal judge who recused himself from the Michael Flynn case is personal friends with Peter Strzok, the FBI agent who conducted the White House interview in which the former national security adviser has pleaded guilty to lying.

    The friendship between Strzok and Rudolph Contreras, a judge on the U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C., is discussed in text messages the FBI agent exchanged with his mistress, Lisa Page.

    The Justice Department redacted the references to Contreras in 384 pages of text messages provided to Congress. Staffers on the House Judiciary Committee read the underlying documents and have filled in some of the gaps. The unredacted versions of the texts were obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

    Now, two Republican members of the committee are questioning the DOJ’s handling of the text messages and also asking if Contreras’ recusal is tied to his friendship with Strzok.

    In the texts, exchanged on July 25, 2016, Strzok refers to Contreras, an Obama appointee, as his friend. He also appears to acknowledge that the relationship could cause conflicts of interest warranting recusal.

    Two months before the exchange, Contreras was appointed to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC). As the FBI’s deputy chief of counterintelligence at the time, many of Strzok’s investigations went through FISC.

    Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, a Republican, posed two “fundamental” questions raised by the text messages: “Why did [DOJ] make it hard for us to figure this out? Why did Contreras ultimately recuse himself?””

    And yet some people still want to defend this sham of an “investigation.”


  13. AJ from 1106

    Conservatives have to endure a little criticism and suddenly the world is against them…..snowflakes.

    Give charity shoeboxes at special times of the year is tokenism and at times degrading. Instead people should advocate for a living wage, stronger unions, etc. Lessen the need for charity is the best form of charity


  14. I read the article and had a good laugh.

    My snowflake comment was meant to be taken ironically. The right constantly calls millennials snowflakes yet whine themselves.


  15. Snowflake is used by and of both sides now. I wouldn’t mind seeing the term die. Same with ‘nothing burger.’

    And certainly both sides whine. That one’s not specific to one or the other. But the one ‘the left’ owns is the one demonstrated by that BBC lady on Jordan Peterson. The “so what you’re saying” thing. That’s pure lefty.


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