30 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 3-12-18

  1. We had a skiff of snow Sunday. It is only the 3rd tracking snow all winter. I knew it would come in March and April, as January and February have been so mild. We are happy to get moisture any way it will come.

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  2. My, oh, my, you all are getting earlier and earlier. I will have to go back and read the rest of yesterday’s thread.
    I have Monday lunch duty, the second half. Well, today a torrential downpour began during my duty. I was on the basketball court, which is covered, but the rain was blowing, so there was really nowhere to stay dry. and, when the bell rang, I had to run through the downpour back to class. The children mostly had extra clothes, but not me.

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  3. Y’all surely were chatty last night. Something about getting on a TV program I’ve never seen.
    There was an hour long special on FoxNews last night about Billy Graham’s life.
    I only got in on the last half, so I recorded it. The recording starts at the beginning, so I’ll watch it someday.

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  4. Jo, they have the children stay outside, even during a downpour? Granted, I grew up in Phoenix (where rain during the school year was pretty unusual, except some in January and/or February), but we had recess indoors on rainy days, and would have been called in had it started to rain while we were outside. I don’t know what other schools do. (I never had a snowday until college. And I worked in Chicago for ten years and had “you can leave two hours early” days once a year or so–half of that time would be used in an extra-long commute–but we were never cancelled. Church was never cancelled, either, though in both Nashville and Indiana we have had church cancelled with snow and with ice.)


  5. Good morning or good night!

    I am starting the day tired. We had banana cream pie for Art’s birthday yesterday. It was on sale for only $3.49, and it looked irresistibly scrumptious.

    Church was great! I am feeling much better about it these days.

    I went to the office later yesterday and we stayed until nearly 10 p.m. Now it’s time to roll on the road again. Poor Miss Bosley has only herself to aggravate these days. I hate to disturb her, but it is time for me to end her nap in the lap.

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  6. We just arrived at the office and I saw I had not posted the abovecomment I had written earlier. I sat down, and the phone rang. No rest for the weary.

    Twice we have ordered paper from online sources, 2 boxes of 5,000 sheets each, and both times we have only received one box. The first time I ordered from Shoplet. It took several calls and waits to get our refund. This time it is Sam’s. The deliveries post as if we got two boxes. I do not know if the store or UPS created the problem. But it wastes a lot of time.


  7. Cheryl, she lives where it rains every day during the rainy season. If they did not go outside for recess in the rainy season the children would not go out most of the year. Which is why they have covered outdoor portions. And children, still being children, will go out to the puddles and the rain for the fun. And the teachers try to herd them under the shelter. Okinawa’s rain was warmer than here, by the way, and every afternoon during the rainy season. The children keep dry clothes at the school for that purpose. Now we know that teachers need to do the same.

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  8. It isn’t supposed to snow this far south in mid-March.
    But it is snowing in Greensboro.
    But my iPhone says it’s 34 degrees. That may help keep the roads clear.

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  9. The school called me and had me bring a change of clothes for each of my children when they rode their bikes to school and got rained on. I figured they would just dry like they did when they played in the rain but then I took in a change of clothes and soon after, withdrew my children from public school. Surprisingly to some but maybe not to all, my adult children see to it that my grandchildren are outside a lot. And the grandchildren love it. Even little one and a half year old is quite persistent that she wants to be outside, regardless of the weather and, whenever possible, daughter obliges.


  10. Here, it is a rare thing for the children to go outside during recess or lunch hour. Except many of the older children will hop into their cars and drive the three little blocks to the grocery store for lunch, most of the children can be found sitting on the floors of the hallways, playing on their smart phones. I recall we were not allowed in the building during those times, we were locked out, even.


  11. This time change is really messing with me. I took a 2-hour nap yesterday after church and went to be at a fairly reasonable hour (11, I think), but it felt like I was having to get up much, much too early this morning. Why do they do this to us?

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  12. Time change messed with me too. I didn’t get up until after seven. It seemed like six. It still seems strange.
    But we are just sitting inside because of the snow.


  13. We’re expecting rain off and on this week, beginning again tomorrow. Today it’s just really overcast, gray and cloudy. Or maybe it just looks that way to me because it’s pretty much the crack of dawn under this new time change.

    I got up at 7 but it felt like 6 to me, too. Because it kinda was in the parallel time universe.

    I have 2 stories awaiting me today, one involving a news conference and the other that requires trying to connect with someone in South Korea. I have no idea what time it is there, but thankfully we can converse by email.


  14. Yes, I do have to blow my whistle to get the children out of the rain. All of our walkways are covered, except up from the basketball court where I was. Anyone who likes may go in the library. They were in the puddles on the basketball court and standing in the drips falling from the high roof. Usually you are dry under there, but this time there was wind. Our downpours don’t last long. I was praying it would end before the recess did, but no luck. I’m sure that I looked funny trying to run up a short, steep hill to the office.


  15. Oh how I am pouting that everyone here is getting rain and or snow and we have nada!! So dry are we and allergies are beginning to be a problem for many…not supposed to happen here during our “snowiest” month of the year!! ⛄️

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  16. So? Jo is just getting her Tuesday started.
    No Lions tonight. Snow.
    “Good for Penguins, not good for Lions” said the announcement.


  17. How can you almost be done with the term when you just left?

    I read somewhere on Facebook recently that some of the issues children are having with sensory issues come from not spending time outside.

    The Mother’s Almanac, which was popular in the dark ages when I was mothering a group of boys advised they should be sent outside as much as possible. So I followed directions and they seemed perfectly happy–most of the time. I severely limited computer use and no TV in the daytime. That forced them to use their imagination.

    I did a lot of laundry, however. 🙂


  18. I always find threads critical of Christianity interesting — there is always some truth to them, sadly, due to the weakness of the church in America. But it’s also informative and is a glimpse into how Christianity has become evil and dangerous in the eyes of so many of our countrymen.

    This thread was in response to a Forbes opinion-piece article which is pretty skewed, but interesting nevertheless to see the responses. The original poster is a writer friend living in the Midwest:

    1/ They decided that they are the eyes and tongue of god. His wrath and rule. They are the Old Testament against made up enemies as they project sainthood upon themselves and those they love.

    2/ (from original article poster) They are part of the essential corruption of America that is taking us down…my cheerful summation.

    3/ And let’s be honest, if God is dead, it was by their own hands, strangling all that was divine from it out of a jealous need to be more beautiful, and more holy than it.

    4/ As a member of the LGBT community, this is what I’ve known since I was a child. I recall as early as 4 not rusting them and seeing deception, narcissism and manipulation. Glad to see the country is waking up, even if it took 33 years of my life (I’ll be 37?in June). Hopefully some lives will be saved.

    5/ Jan, can I be forthright here? Boxes really disturb me. I have always stood up for women’s rights. I have achieved in the workplace against many prejudices. I’ve seen horrors on the conservative side and equally on the liberal side. I think both sides should examine their hate of each other. I am a Christian that leans towards conservatism but I don’t hate those that are not. I believe tolerance should work both ways. I definitely don’t fit in either box but labels can be damaging

    6/ (original poster): I believe the painful aspect of this story is the evidence accumulated over many decades–and culminating in the comments recently by Robert Jeffress: A Southern Baptist adviser to President Donald Trump says it is “absolutely ludicrous” to call Trump’s evangelical supporters hypocrites for standing by the president amid allegations that he had an adulterous relationship with an adult film star.

    “Evangelicals know they are not compromising their beliefs in order to support this great president,” Robert Jeffress, pastor of the 12,000-member First Baptist Church in Dallas, said March 8 on Fox News.

    Robert Jeffress
    Jeffress predicted a lawsuit by porn star Stormy Daniels, whose legal name is Stephanie Clifford and who is seeking to void a nondisclosure agreement about their relationship made days before the 2016 election, would do little to erode Trump’s evangelical base.

    “Evangelicals still believe in the commandment: Thou shalt not have sex with a porn star,” Jeffress said. “However, whether this president violated that commandment or not is totally irrelevant to our support of him.”

    It’s that kind of calculated and mind-numbing hypocrisy that sends many of us screaming into the dark, Diane.

    7/ (original poster): Diane, I appreciate your declaration of love and fairness. But I really can’t forgive the evangelical right for their support of Donald Trump–his behavior, his racism, his vulgarity, his narcissism, his misogyny, his cruelty, his bullying. The damage he’s doing to our country and to the dignity — and even survival — of our institutions and values is going to be on the hands of the evangelicals, who really should have known better. And I resent that profoundly.

    8/ But you have put all of them in the same box. Some voted for him some did not. Same with some that are liberal. At that time, to me, it was a hard decision. There were those that did not like many ways the country was going. That is what makes this country great and gives it balance. When I watched the Post both parties were equally guilty. Do I like his behavior. Definitely not. But the Hate that is out there is equally as bad. Btw. You have got to read Jodi Picoult’s book “small great things”. You will devour it.
    Original article linked to is here (“Why White Evangelicalism is so Cruel”): https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:eKvT9sv8AX8J:https://www.forbes.com/sites/chrisladd/2018/03/11/why-white-evangelicalism-is-so-cruel/+&cd=2&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us


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