10 thoughts on “News/Politics 3-1-18

  1. Matt Walsh thinks children need both parents. What a radical concept.

    The anti-men crowd won’t like it though.


    “I wrote a piece yesterday putting forth the exceedingly controversial opinion that kids need dads. I argued, provocatively, that only a man can teach a boy how to become a man. That should be self-evident, of course, and it was self-evident for the entirety of human civilization up until recently. But what was once self-evident has now become obscene.

    Much of the criticism of my piece came from single mothers. Many of the supportive comments also came from single mothers. It would seem this demographic is divided roughly into two camps. On one hand, there are those women who wholeheartedly agree that dads are crucially important and they feel deeply saddened that their children do not have one. On the other hand, there are those women who insist that single motherhood is actually good and desirable on its own terms. They insist that no child really needs a dad anyway because the mom can completely fill both roles. They diminish the importance of dads, and men in general, and demand that single motherhood be celebrated and that they themselves be worshipped as heroes.

    The angry messages I received came from category 2, and it is to category 2 that I address the rest of this column:

    1) Several of these women said that I should have at least “acknowledged” single mothers in my article. Why? Why must I pay homage at the altar of Single Motherhood in order to say something about fathers? Why am I not allowed to talk about men without including women? Why must single mothers be injected into every discussion of fathers?

    This is the problem. Men are not permitted to be their own separate entities in our culture. Some women feel they must intervene any time men are being given any kind of credit at all. These are the same types who wish themselves happy Father’s Day, because even Father’s Day has to be about them.

    This is part of the reason why boys are lost in our society. They cannot be celebrated for their own unique talents and capabilities. Women are celebrated all the time, everywhere, constantly. But even just one little article on The Daily Wire cannot be dedicated to discussing the unique importance of men. This type of woman scours the Earth to find evidence that anyone, anywhere, is talking about something other than her, and then she explodes in fury. No wonder her marriage didn’t work out.

    2) Single motherhood is not ideal. It is not desirable. It is not a societal good. There are good single mothers, but single motherhood itself is not good. Just as there are many admirable cancer survivors, but cancer itself is terrible. Just as there are many amputees who accomplish great things, but it’s still better to have all of your limbs. If you are a single mother, all you can do is make the best of a bad situation. You cannot make the bad situation into a good situation. It is still bad, no matter what you do with it.

    Whatever the reason for your single status, the fact remains that your child is left without a dad. This is a sad thing. And it comes across as quite selfish and even cruel for a mother to be happy that her child is fatherless. It would seem that the needs of her child are not a primary concern to her. If they were, she would lament the fact that one of his greatest needs — a father — is not being met.”

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  2. Some people like to say, “Drain the swamp”, but can’t explain what they mean. This is what a swamp looks like:


  3. The department of defense may need only 3% of steel right now. However, that would change if we were in a war. We certainly cannot rely on China. These plants are not built overnight; nor are the mine facilities. Furthermore, infrastructure and workers will not be there if they are suddenly needed. It has taken 20 yrs. of environmental studies and we still do not have one mine that is trying to open. Changes from 2010 are nothing compared to changes from, say the early 1980’s. We will rue the day we stop mining in this nation.

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  4. Nixon is the closest parallel to Trump. The comparison is not obvious at first because Nixon was so much smarter and reserved.


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