49 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-20-18

  1. Lovely wood duck!

    He could come to my yard today; he’d have a nice big puddle to swim around in near my driveway and more rain expected today.

    And red-winged blackbirds and grackles are back in town, or flying through, so spring is on the way.


  2. This is Rube Goldberg month at Purdue.
    You remember Rube Goldberg was the guy who invented intricate methods of doing a simple job.
    One of his pupils got a job with the government and invented a way to regulate the water on my bathroom faucet so that you don’t increase the amount by turning on the hot water, just the temperature. That is a complicated adjustment if you think about it.
    And it does something to save the planet. But I’m not sure what.


  3. Having said that.
    There is a neat device on the shower. You set the temperature separate from the volume.
    You set the temperature you want and it is always that. You don’t adjust it every time you take a shower.
    I have to hand them that.


  4. I still like our shower the best – the control is on the side wall where you step in, well away from the shower, itself. You can adjust the temperature and let it normalize prior to having it rain down on you.
    Speaking of teeth (Kizzie was, last week), has anyone tried the new Crest 3D toothpaste? Our dentist gave us free samples last time we were there and we both think it is better than any we’ve ever used. It is somewhat more expensive, though.


  5. No Chas. It real was COLD in LA last night. I am currently at the airport. Last night I had dinner with G. I have loved him since I was 12 years old. He still holds the record for giving me the biggest box of candy.

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  6. Those Californians are tough. They get such a wide range of weather experiences there. No wonder they feel confident in telling others how to live.

    As for us, it is two. With a light breeze. I told sixteen year old he had to take the bus today, he did not argue. Apparently it was a bit nippy coming home yesterday, with a face wind. And there was the ice incident. I woke up several times to the sound of loud popping. I wondered if pipes were bursting but probably won’t know until it warms enough to use the hydrants and we see any pools of water showing up. But it could have just been the deck popping.

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  7. As to trucking, husband is on his way finally. He mentioned that Stockton (?) is talking about putting in a money net for people so everybody in town gets at least forty thousand dollars whether they work or not. He laughed that that is what the truck driver driving full time of ten hours a day, twenty eight days of the month makes.

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  8. DJ I so enjoyed our time together. When I get home and have some time I will start shopping and sending you links.
    Again I would encourage you to talk to the decorator at Sherwin Williams. I love your house. It has character. G and I talked about it last night. I will send you his landscaping photos when I have them.

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  9. Cold and overcast here. No snow. The wind howled all night. I am supposed to get 50 baby chicks in the mail tomorrow. I wonder how they have fared in transit with this cold storm.

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  10. My boy has been on a hard boiled egg kick. I taught him to eat them hot, with butter, salt and pepper. That may override the healthy part of hard boiled eggs…

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  11. We had several inches of snow Saturday night into Sunday morning. Today it hit 65 degrees and feels like spring.

    Of course, we know this is just a teaser. Real spring is still a long way off.

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  12. We did get some sleet. We are so thankful for moisture in any form. Trey built a little snow man, about 6 inches high. We played out in it, and had a snowball fight. He has a good arm, for guy who just turned 6. Those little ice pellets pack pretty well. Connor went out, but got cold quickly.

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  13. I’ve said for a long time that our house has character. It was built in 1900, and at one time was a side-by-side duplex type of home (I don’t know if it started out as a single family home or not), with three stories plus the basement on each side. What was the third story on each side is now an attic going across the house, but you can see remnants of long ago rooms, and there is a doorway and wall between the two sides.

    Due to the many DIY renovations through the years before we bought the house, the floors slope noticeably in at least a couple places, and you can see the evidence of where doors used to be but were walled over. The layout of the downstairs really makes no sense.

    The carpets were old when we bought the house almost 18 years ago, so you can imagine how bad they are now. Some of the windows upstairs can be opened but not closed again, so they stay closed. And there are a lot of other things that are not in good repair.

    Nightingale plans on eventually taking out one loan at a time to fix things up, one or two expensive projects at a time, and then renting it out to pay for another, smaller, house for us. I don’t know if things will go as she would like, but I am pleased and impressed with her detailed plans.

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  14. While writing about my house, I thought that “storey” and “storeys” were supposed to be more correct than “story/stories” when writing about houses, but those red lines came up, indicating that spell-check disagreed. So I went to Dictionary.com, and found out that “storey” is the British way, but “story” is still correct.


  15. That would indeed make sense, especially if we are someday in the position to do so. I think her thinking is that getting it done, and then renting out one or both of the apartments, would bring in the money to pay off the loan.

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  16. Kizzie, if you have hardwood floors, maybe just tear out that old carpet? I just felt like Kim when I wrote that.

    Meanwhile, it’s still cold here, frigid in fact.

    LOS ANGELES โ€” A cold air mass behind a storm that has coursed though the Southland will generate frigid temperatures this morning, tonight and again Wednesday morning, forecasters said.


    Kim, one thing I have thought about is how to better separate that back dining area from the front ‘living’ area. It must have had built-ins or a pocket door at one point but no more .. Maybe small matching bookcases on each end, perpendicular to the rooms to sort of mimic built-ins?

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  17. Kizzie, no, just babysitting. He actually stays with us quite a bit. It hurts my heart to think of him in daycare. I have done my best to help the girls when I could to keep the grands with us, rather than daycare.

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  18. RK – I feel the same way about daycare. I am glad to be available to take care of The Boy, especially with some of the upheaval he’s had in his life because of his dad, and then his papa’s death.

    Btw, I kind of cringed after posting that question, at my use of “only babysitting”. It isn’t “only babysitting”, it is giving loving care to the little ones we love.

    One time a while back, Nightingale said something about how challenging The Boy can be, and that if she ever has another baby, she’d probably have to put him or her into daycare, as if taking care of The Boy has worn me out. I told her I will have no second class grandchildren, that whatever I’ve done for my first, I will be willing to do for the others. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  19. DJ. I got home but most of my people are stuck, delayed flights, rerouted, etc.
    I need to think about that. I think just leave it open. Maybe paint those โ€œcolumnsโ€ on each side. Our goal is to make it more open. I really love the house and now how a better feel for it.

    Kizzie. I have some ideas for your house. Could you convert the third floor back to what it was?

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  20. It was another long and taxing day. I had chicken nuggets for breakfast, pizza from Sam’for lunch and snack, and a fried egg and Lara bar for dinner.

    I was sitting in the live seat facing Art who was sitting in a chair pulled close so that our knees were touching. Miss Bosley was in my lap, but stretched out to lay her head on Art’s knee and wrapped her front legs around his knee as if to say that she would be keeping us at home for awhile. She loves for me to brush her fur every evening while she sits in my lap. Last night she was chasing her tail like a kitten. I think she has regressed since she feels abandoned while we are working such long hours.

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  21. A thought about Emily’s plans. Since her idea will be a rental type business, I feel that could justify loans for improvements. It would be different if the loans would be made solely for personal use that did not generate income. It sounds like a good solid plan.

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  22. Kim, I agree — as soon as I posted that I thought, no leave it open but it does need some dividing marker — then I remembered the wood beam that goes up both walls and across the ceiling. Painted in a contrasting color, maybe just a slightly contrasting color from the walls, that would be enough. Glad you got home, seems to be a lot of snow hitting the western states right now which I assume was the cause for the delays.

    Karen, good idea about the carpet. I used to have one of those rubber “surround-a-tub” linings in the main bathroom — a left-over from the 1970s remodel that a prior resident did — and I remember asking a plumber early on about taking that all off the (peach tile) walls & tub but he said “people usually cover things up for a reason” and cautioned that I’d have to be ready financially to deal with whatever might need repair or replacing underneath. I left it in place wisely (until last year, of course).

    Peter, I hope it’s not water. Seems like that’s one of the most destructive elements in houses. It’s cost a bundle to fix it all here.

    Just got back from walking the dogs — took a walking stick, flashlight and whistle with me tonight after talking to more folks today about coyote pet kills.

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  23. Well we went into town for Bible Study…even though the snow began falling once again…white knuckled it all the way there and even more so coming home…Paul just kept saying โ€œrelaxโ€!! Ugh…men!!! But Bible Study was so good and always a delight to fellowship…itโ€™s just the getting there and home again ๐Ÿ˜Š thankful……

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