42 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-19-18

  1. My phone says that Jennifer (Youngest GD) is in school (at work) today.
    The guy across the street from me is a chemistry teacher in HS. His car is still there.
    So? I dunno!

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  2. Son is riding his bike to town. He does not have school but would rather be hanging around town than hanging around here. It is nineteen degrees and that is the expected high. And it is snowing. That shows how much he does not want to be here and how much we are expecting him to move out before his senior year in high school.

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  3. Husband is hoping he did not have some sort of premonition of his impending doom. He sent care packages to all of the grown and outs before he left this time. He left at midnight Friday so he could get started and beat the storm. When he did his precheck of the truck they were having him drive, one of the headlights was out so he had to run out to a truck stop to get a part and get it fixed then back to get the trailer and head out. That set him back a couple of hours and the first pass required chains. He found the chains were too big for the tires and did not have any bungy cords to secure them. In getting them off, one got stuck wrapped around the whatever so he had to wait for a repair guy to come. Then the second pass required chains and he decided to sit it out based on snow, visibility, four hours needed to put on and remove chains, and other factors. He was kept there in the Walmart parking lot until last night. He finally got to Missoula and figured he could make it to Billings. Somewhere along the line, a tire blew out and he has to wait for the repair guy again. Oh, and he had to replace a windshield wiper and the defogger does not work, very hazardous. It may be some time before he makes his Wisconsin drop off. That was supposed to be by this time this morning.

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  4. Some schools close for President’s Day, some don’t. I teach high school in Illinois, so we get the day off. I also teach at a private Baptist college Monday nights. It is open, so I’ll have to remember to go in tonight. Better get the test ready.

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  5. Mumsee- When I was jobless I thought of learning to drive a big rig. Then I read your post and am glad I gave up that idea. I love to drive, but that sounds like work with all the repairing and hazards of winter driving. I hope Mike can make it to Wisconsin and back. It’s warming up in the Midwest, so maybe he won’t have to drive in the snow in Wisconsin.

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  6. Work is a go for me today. It’s mostly government employees who get these little holidays off, along with all the big ones, too.

    I slept 9 hours last night, I must have been really tired. And it was still hard to get up this morning, I slept 45 minutes later than I should have.

    My phone’s out of whack again this morning, it hasn’t done that in a few weeks but despite being plugged in to charge all night long it’s dead as a doornail, no battery charge at all & not recharging now that I’ve plugged it in again. It’s starting to get really glitchy on me.

    Ah, I just slapped it on its backside and now it’s rebooting. It shows it’s 100% charged now. I’ll have to remember that move.

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  7. I am tempted to give advice to Mumsee’s guy. But I’m afraid that if I were in his situation, I would do the same thing. But I haven’t driven in snow since 1989. I don’t have to do it and I don’t.
    However, I did total my 1998 Merc on black Ice about ten years ago.
    You never know.

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  8. Morning! We are living in an Ansel Adams world this morning…all of the pines are frosty white and there is a slight frost on the forest floor with thick fog….oh so lovely it is!
    DJ you made me chuckle…you know there are some Moms out there who feel as though if they just pop certain kiddos on the backside perhaps they will reboot too…. 😆

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  9. That screaming you hear from the west is me. Our nephew, the now retired professional soccer player, found a coaching job in Sacramento, two hours away.

    His wife and two girls (2,4) will be joining him soon and we are SO looking forward to seeing all six Adorable girls together. These are my in-laws only grandchildren and they never thought they’d live on the west coast. My nephew has been gone for 12 years.

    SO excited and thankful.

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  10. It is a holiday here, Family Day. It is not a national holiday, so the federal government employees are still working. The province of Alberta started the tradition, and most of the provinces have followed suit.

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  11. We have many family activities and festivals out here. Most are free and winter related. Like the ice rinks are free, there’s snow carving, dog sled races to watch, indoor carnival type things. Most people do actually spend the day with their families.

    I don’t because husband is federal so I’m at home tidying up the house.

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  12. We are at work and seeing clients, and the phone kept ringing while I tried to down a chicken salad sandwich. I know I am not suppose to talk while I have food in my mouth…mumble, mumble mumble.

    I have not read all post but saw one about Michelle’s topic and her concern about the subject of divorce. As I drove in I listened to Key Life Ministries which was on the topic and they quoted someone who said, “God hates divorce the same way the divorced hate divorce.” He does not hate those who are divorced, but He hates the damage and hurt created by divorce. I had never heard that before. Very nicely put.

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  13. My divorce came before we had settled property, support, or custody. I was very depressed as I knew God hated divorce. God sent me some work to do the next day, a great blessing. He has used it for good in my life.

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  14. Crazy wind here today. Got a good day of school done here. My boy is reading so well! He lost his second upper front tooth this morning. He is a real snaggle tooth. Miguel is off to PT. I am trying to catch up on housework. Need to get my taxes done this week.

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  15. Today has not seemed as crazy as some days since Art was the only preparer here. I had plenty to keep me busy, but did not feel rushed by having two prepares head toward me at the same time with client paperwork to scan and process and put together in a package. Someone left a jacket today. Last week sunglasses got left. Last year a kid left a sippee cup. People always remember where they left their possessions.

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  16. We didn’t really get to see the sky today…I thought perhaps we would get a peek as the sun did appear to try to break through the thick clouds and fog for a minute…but alas, it has been a wintry day here with almost no snow….boo!


  17. Peter, thanks for the heads up about the Jeopardy test. I hadn’t been watching the last few days so I hadn’t heard about it. I tried the practice test and came up with 22. There was one I came up with just before time expired and only got half of it typed. I wonder if they would have accepted that. There was another one I knew but the name just would not come to me. I’d be pretty happy about that score, but it included a LOT of lucky guesses.


  18. Is it really that unusual? Seems to me we had hail from time to time when I was a kid child. Maybe it’s one of those climate cycle things.


  19. Must be all our rain deprivation for so long that leads to our, well, overreaction you might say. This year especially has been almost completely dry.


  20. We’ve got snow….and ice…and cold…ok ok…I said I wanted snow…but tomorrow evening is our small group in town and I would have preferred clear roads…not happening…we may have to miss it…more snow coming in tomorrow afternoon…. ⛄️


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