44 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-14-18

  1. Hugs and kisses to you as well. We are so blessed to have you Chas. Always know that you have made a difference in the lives of the people on this blog.
    Be sweet and kiss TSWITW, because she has also been a blessing to us.

    I had a Valentine’s card and a box of chocolate waiting by the coffee maker this morning as I stumbled in to the kitchen. Shhhh. Don’t tell anyone, but Mr P is getting a pedicure for Valentine’s Day. With titanium in his back he cannot bend over very well to take care of his feet, plus he is a man and men don’t worry about things like that. He had mentioned a while back that he may want to go somewhere and get a pedicure. I told him not to go just anywhere, that some of the places weren’t as clean as they should be. I went to get my toesies done last Saturday, so I bought a gift certificate for him.

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  2. Good morning. Happy Hugs and Kisses Day ❤
    My shoulder is aching a bit. I forgot how that happened last year on my right side because that is the arm I use for scanning tax documents.
    I got Art some Lara Bars for Valentine’s Day. He gave me the day off. Sweet.

    I ordered some Sketchers Go Walk shoes from DSW online but they did not fit. Fortunately they fit my brother. I already have some pens and heavy duty staples to send back to Amazon because they were not right (pens defective and staples wrong size). I did not want to have to send shoes back, too.

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  3. Thaanks Kim.
    She may not be prefect, but I have lived with her over sixty years and I can’t find anything wrong.

    She has never said anything bad, in my herring, about anybody except Mr. Reudelheber (?)
    (He’s the manager in NYLIC in Ft. Worth who fired her because she was pregnant.)

    She did tell me a few times, “Don’t start getting frisky……” ;-)e

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  4. Ah, my sandhill crane action shot. I put my camera on action mode and these flew across to join the others in their patch, and I got a string of shots. But one or the other had its wing obscuring its face in more than one shot, so it’s nice to be able to choose the best of the lot, and this is it.

    With those wings up, not only can you see the majestic wings, but you get a good view of their bodies, and their thighs, their tails, and even the feet of the one in front. Cranes have so much wing packed onto a compact body that they are described as having a bustle; this is the body and tail without the bustle, and without it, it looks like a slender bird.


  5. It’s the little things, Kim. My guy got the oil changed in his car followed by a car wash and a decadent crab dinner last night. Since today is Ash Wednesday, we celebrated yesterday.

    I got a new washing machine.

    My dear Jo, 99 years old and single, was a little concerned when she heard that. “Will he know how to put it in?”

    I answered her honestly. “He was the chief engineer on a submarine. I think he can handle this one.”

    We’ll try it today. It’s enormous AND can be synced with my smart phone.

    Can someone tell me WHY I would want to do that?

    My husband has been laughing ever since. “You’ll get in the car and it connects with your phone, it will demand to know why you didn’t finish the laundry . . . “

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  6. Firing someone for being pregnant is illegal now, and rightly so – my thanks to the women who went before and got unjust practices changed. I am grateful my profession no longer requires women to remain unmarried – I have met several retired nurses, who could not date or marry when they were first trained; they spent their lives in the service of others, but now, frail and elderly, they are alone.

    Nice photo, Cheryl.

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  7. I have to get new boots. My winter boots are falling apart, literally. I want to buy boots that would be suitable for going to Nunavut with, but that is proving difficult. You would think that there would be any number of boots sold in Canada that have a – 40 C rating (for readers in the U.S., that is… – 40 F). But down south here, we don’t need boots to that high a rating, as a – 25 or – 30 rating is quite adequate, and most of us live down here. One has to go further afield and pay much higher prices for warmer boots.


  8. Roscuro, if you don’t have supremely narrow feet, I recommend purchasing men’s boots. For some reason the women’s versions of felt pack boots are not the same warmth as men’s. Mountain Equipment Coop or Cabella’s or Bass Pro Shop are great places to look for boots that will be cold rated. Most are on line as well. I highly recommend the silk long underwear from Cabella’s. Thin, slippery, but much needed added warmth.

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  9. Baretraps is a good name. I have a pair that are warm enough for me to snowshoe in, yet dressy enough to wear to church – they are my go to boots when it’s -30C or lower!

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  10. We’re getting some light rain this morning, better than nothing which is mostly what we’ve had all year so far. We are dry, dry, dry.

    Oh, a washing machine synced to your phone, that sounds intriguing (but ripe for disaster, too).

    I dreamed I was staying at nancyjill’s house and there were all these dogs and a lamb in the house. Lots of fun but chaotic. Then her husband came home and suddenly we were taking a “quick” boat trip to Alaska which wasn’t all that far away in the dream. Nor was the Pacific Ocean, apparently, it was a trip just to pick something up they needed and we’d only be gone a few hours.

    My Valentine’s gift was no messes to clean up from overnight last night. 🙂 It’s the little things …

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  11. A lot of people go with Mukluks made in Ely, MN, around here. I have never owned a pair, but have heard they are very warm and comfortable. They are very pricey, but I know people who have worn a pair for years. They are probably warmer than what you need.


  12. One of our (very) local gals (lives in the city where our newspaper is located).



    Pyeongchang (South Korea) (AFP) – Chloe Kim is the California beach girl with the bubblegum smile and bleach-blonde hair who shredded to Olympic snowboarding gold — and became the twinkly-eyed face of the Pyeongchang Games.

    The bubbly 17-year-old with Korean parents and a mischievous wit triggered ‘Chloe-mania’ as swooning locals adopted her as one of their own in the absence of a truly transcendent athlete such as retired figure skater Kim Yuna.

    With Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” playing in her earphones, Kim set a blistering pace in Tuesday’s halfpipe final, storming to gold with a charm and grace that will leave a lasting impression long after the Olympic flame has gone out.

    “There are plenty of examples of people who transcend their sport –- one big example in Chloe’s own sport: Shaun White — the comparisons between the two are uncanny,” Elizabeth Lindsey, of LA-based marketing agency Wasserman, told AFP. …


  13. https://patch.com/california/redondobeach/south-bay-olympian-chloe-kim-takes-home-gold-medal

    South Bay Teen Chloe Kim Takes Home Olympic Gold Medal

    REDONDO BEACH, CA – Chloe Kim, 17-year-old snowboarder from Torrance, won the Olympic gold medal in the halfpipe category Monday; she’s the youngest medalist ever in the halfpipe. Kim received a score of 93.75 in her first run from the six-panel judge. The high and low scores are not included in the average. Standings are determined by the competitor’s best run.

    … “Standing on the podium was insane – just realizing how far I’ve come as a person and an athlete,” Kim said.

    For the second consecutive day, Kim tweeted about food.

    “Wish I finished my breakfast sandwich but my stubborn self decided not to and now I’m getting hangry,” Kim tweeted, using an adjective meaning bad-tempered or irritable as a result of hunger.

    During qualifying Sunday (California time) Kim tweeted, “Could be down for some ice cream rn,” meaning right now.

    Kim is a senior at La Palma Christian School in Orange County. She began snowboarding when she was 4 years old and competing for Team Mountain High at age 6. She spent third and fourth grades studying in Geneva and trained in Valais, Switzerland from when she was 8 to 10 years old. …


  14. A funny syncing story I’m not sure I have told on here yet.

    My husband has Blue Tooth. (Not sure how it is spelled, so I will spell it the way the words are spelled.) Saturday I went to my church’s workday, driving his Prius since it is now our only car. (It’s a guy car, and probably never will feel like “my” car, but oh well.) When I came home, I drove into the garage, and as I did, a man’s voice filled my car. For a moment I thought my husband somehow found a way to do walkie-talkie between the garage and the house, but as soon as I realized that wasn’t the case, I recognized my pastor’s voice, saying, “There is no perfect denomination.” (Had he said anything the least bit personal or controversial, obviously I would not be posting it here. Imagine if I had come home to “I agree with you, Cheryl isn’t being a very good wife”?!)

    When I came into the house, I said, “Tell him hi.”

    My husband said, “I’m talking to Pastor.”

    “I know.”

    It turns out that on his end he got some sort of message of some computer thing, it didn’t make sense to him, but he had to do something on his phone if he wanted to continue to talk, and so he came back to the conversation and told our pastor, “I lost about 10 seconds back there” but he didn’t make the connection to me coming home and driving into the garage, just yards from the kitchen where he had come to unlock the door for me, until I told him I’d heard our pastor’s voice in our car as I drove up!


  15. Kare, that is just the kind of tips I was looking for. It set me on the right track. Now I have to go on an excursion, since I’m not willing to make an order without getting properly sized.


  16. Cheryl, you spelled Bluetooth right except that it’s one word.

    So his car automatically synced with his phone when it got close enough and stole the call away from him? Kinda scary.

    I don’t get what a phone has to do with a washing machine. Is it like a remote control?


  17. Roscuro, I know what it’s like to look for decent boots. (And I’m a size 11 and that’s hard to find up here). I’m glad I could help.

    DJ, I watched Chloe win her gold and perked right up when I heard she was from Torrance! I was watching NBC at the time and when I switched back to CBC coverage they said she was from Long Beach. I know that’s close, but is it the same thing?


  18. My father dislikes electronic or computerized additions to what are basically mechanical devices, since it renders them much less repairable. He could fix almost anything on a car, but ‘power’ devices and computer chips now get in his way. He once got into a friendly debate with a friend over power windows. My father did not like them because the electric switches fail much sooner than the handcranks would break. The friend argued the electric switches were much more convenient. My father remained unconvinced, and when a ‘power’ window fails on one of his cars, the inability to fix it is very frustrating to him, as the cost of such repairs in a vehicle bought used, and thus without a warranty, can accumulate quickly. He would find the ‘smart’ refrigerators and washing machines available to be maddening. Neither he nor my mother even have a basic cellphone.


  19. Yep, Kevin, the phone stole his call. I remember he and I had a weird incident or two of that when we were courting. As I recall, he was walking near his car and it was on (I don’t remember the reasons, or the details), and he was talking on the phone to me, and suddenly my voice was coming out the car speakers and he couldn’t talk to me with the phone in his hand. Another time, I think he was unable to answer it, though the car was off, because he was standing too close to the car and it was intercepting the signal and ringing through the car and not his phone. Something like that–I just remember we had a couple of times when he had to figure out how to get access to his own phone, and it was weird on both ends.


  20. Hi everyone! Thanks for remembering me! Karen O gave me and PBJparent a link that led back to you!

    It’s nice to see you all! That’s really neat, AJ, that you kept everyone together! Hi Chas, Cheryl, everybody!

    Technology has significantly changed since the old days. I dropped out when I spilled coffee into not 1, but two laptops. Eventually, we bought an ipad for me.

    I wouldn’t know how to encapsulate my life since the early days.. but the main highlight is that I am the extremely proud grandmother of two beautiful little girls, Willow and Teagan.

    My grandmother name is Mumsee… which made me think of Mumsee, naturally. (Hi Mumsee!)

    Love you all.. you look fantastic! 😊

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  21. It is so windy out there I declare I thought I might be swept away to Kansas this morning!! Went to Zumba and then to the grocery…safe and snug are we
    I love BareTraps….my one pair is slowly falling apart but they are so comfortable…I need to find another pair!
    DJ…what a dream…dogs and sheep…then Alaska? Hmmm….why don’t we just get a sheep ranch and let the dogs herd the sheep…outside?! 😜


  22. Chloe Kim:



    Perhaps you’ve heard a little something about 17-year-old Chloe Kim, the Olympic snowboard superstar everyone’s talking about right now? (Or, in Kim’s parlance, “rn.”)

    Here’s some more about her: Her parents are immigrants from South Korea, and the family still has relatives there. But the Olympian herself was born in Torrance, California and she was brought up in Long Beach. So that makes her squarely a Southern California girl… and if you’ve ever heard her give an interview, or seen her tweet, you know she lives and breathes the lifestyle.

    And speaks it, too. Check out seven among our favorite Chloe Kim quotes that reveal her regional identity. …

    … he describes herself, aptly and succinctly, as “the California girl who went to the Olympics.”

    And slayed the game.

    So yes, Long Beach is very close, across the harbor (we have a sister paper there), and she has ties to both LB and Torrance. Kind of funny because we have an older reader who keep writing handwritten letters to us bemoaning Chloe’s speech patterns.

    But hey, she’s 17 and (we think) she’s pretty adorable.


  23. Yay, EYG!

    I don’t remember if I’ve had any contact with you since I married (at 44!) in 2011, married a widower with (at the time) two teenage girls. One of those girls got married a year and a half ago, and is expecting a baby this summer (we found out on Christmas 🙂 ), so I’m going to be a grandmother too!

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  24. Welcome back, EYG. Please join us often! (I wasn’t sure whether or not I could really say “welcome back” because I guess you haven’t been here before, but it is welcome back to being with us, isn’t it?)

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  25. Roscuro, my dad would have mostly gotten along with your dad, I think.

    I’m not sure he ever had a car with a computer. He died about 10 years ago and the car he had then was very old. But even before then, car design was changing in ways that made them harder for him to do repairs, and he expressed his displeasure about it often.

    He made an allowance for electric windows because he liked for my mom to have the convenience, but he didn’t need them for himself.


  26. We often sync the phone with Bluetooth to our car. It provides hands free operation and includes everyone in the car. The latter can be good or bad, depending on circumstances.

    Cheryl’s event could be reworked for a good mystery or drama.


  27. When my husband chaired our church’s pulpit committee a couple years ago, he would get a call when we were driving somewhere, and immediately would warn, “I’m in the car with my wife, and you’re on speaker phone. I can call you back when I get home.” And sometimes they would talk anyway (obviously not private stuff).

    I failed to make that warning to my sister fast enough when I called her from my new fiance’s phone the evening we got engaged. She answered with a demanding “So, has he asked you yet?!” (I knew–and had told her–it would probably be that day, since he hadn’t outright told me it would, but he was taking me to a fancy restaurant and I knew he would be asking me that week. I was up staying with his parents to meet them and the girls, and after everyone had had a chance to meet me, we were going to make it official, so the fancy-dinner date hadn’t officially been said to be an engagement celebration, but it clearly was. He only surprised me by asking me at his parents’ house before we went, not during dinner.)

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  28. Kizzie? Like from the mini-series Roots… or is there a different reference. Can I still call you Karen O? That’s just who you are to me, but if you want, I’ll make the shift.. 😊

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  29. From Drudge:

    “Six intelligence officials, including the heads of the CIA, FBI, and NSA, have told the Senate Intelligence Committee that they would not recommend that U.S. citizens use smartphones from the Chinese companies Huawei and ZTE, reports CNBC. As FBI director Chris Wray told the committee:”

    I thaught that all of them were made in China.

    When people work cheaper than everyone else, you need to know what else is going on.


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