43 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 1-12-18

  1. Good morning everyone but Jo & Tychicus.
    It’s Friday! You know what that means?
    I’m taking Elvera to the Adult Center, then I’m going to lunch with my SS class.
    And learn if Bob will be teaching this Sunday.
    And some errands.

    Lots of trivia, but it’s something.

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  2. Good Morning… I am off to be the wizard.
    My Little Boy Dog is sick. His tummy is upset. He had another accident in the house and is quite embarrassed.
    I am leaving him to the care of the Dog-Daddy.

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  3. The snow was flurries but the wind picked up. And the temp dropped almost 50° since yesterday noon. It’s 9° with strong winds. The “feels like” temp is -11°. Don’t you just love the Midwest?

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  4. This California girl spent six winters in New England and four in Washington state, but she still cannot fathom the depth of harsh weather in the Midwest!

    It’s 51 degrees outside. I need my jacket.

    (Hey, how do you make the degree symbol?)

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  5. Michelle – on a PC, hold the ALT key and type 0176 on the keypad. On my Kindle there are symbols included in the keyboard function. That is also how I get the accented Spanish letters and inverted exclamations.

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  6. Some good cartoons on Oprah.
    Trump’s battle cry was “Drain the swamp”
    What will Oprah’s be?
    Move the Swamp to Hollywood?
    I’m beginning to believe they have the same amount of reality.

    And as for Trump’s posts, remember?
    “I’ve never asked for forgiveness because I’ve never done anything wrong.”


  7. I slept too late, I shouldn’t have gone back to bed after letting the animals out at 6:20 a.m. I didn’t wake up again until 7:30. Last night was busy with unpacking several heavy cases of dog and cat food that had arrived on my front porch, hauling them in to be stacked, then tearing up the shipping boxes before carting it all out to the curb for trash pickup this morning.

    And I don’t think I can sleep in tomorrow as the stucco man is coming (I think, I hope). I’m guessing he’ll start early as he’s hoping to do the whole thing in a day.

    I have two stories to do today, one on the homeless and another on trash (as in the city’s new “green” pickup system that is significantly hiking bills for commercial & multi-family buildings — one of the local churches was hit pretty hard as well, their collection bill went from $90 a month to $475 a month). Thankfully it doesn’t affect single-family residential customers. These are exclusive franchise deals struck by the city with private trash companies that will pay for clean trash trucks, living wages for the workers and more recycling. The city’s goal is to produce *no* or “zero” trash by 2020 or 2030 or something like like that. 🙂 Is that possible? Always something.

    I hope little Amos feels better.


  8. They have been warning us all week about today, but yesterday we had high 50s and the last of our snow melted. Today we started with a small amount of ice and now we’re adding snow, and 20 degrees and wind; all the schools are closed. (One started with a two-hour delay but turned it into a cancellation.) I was happy the previous accumulation melted first. Not much snow so far, so we’ll see how it all ends up.

    I refilled the bird feeder last night (since we don’t have a lot of seed left, I let it stay empty during the warm days) but haven’t seen a bird yet, so I’m guessing they are still hunkered down somewhere. OK, I just saw my first bird today, a crow in the back field. But no feeder birds yet.


  9. Good morning. (It was morning when I started this comment)

    On the phone I have a second symbol keyboard, but you probably know how that works.

    It is a rainy day in Georgia. It’s suppose to get colder. I have enjoyed the warmer weather.

    Things are picking up at the office. The security light is being repaired now among other things. I am learning posting on an account I have not done before.

    I need to call Karen. She is in bad shape and was going to take Uber to the doctor. Guilt trip.

    I will have to catch up on comments later.

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  10. Re social media: It’s taking the place of journalism, I keep hearing/seeing. “We’re all citizen journalists!” “Read it on FB first, the paper tomorrow!”


  11. Our cold snap broke. After 16 days of not making it above freezing, we had 45, 50, and 63 the last 3 days. It’s pouring now, and is going back below freezing by this time tomorrow. Yay. 😦


  12. AJ, sounds like you are a day behind us, except that you are also about five degrees warmer in all of that. Our 58 yesterday (two or three warm days after two-plus weeks of highs in teens or twenties) is ice and snow today.


  13. Yup, we too were in the 50s yesterday. It rained overnight and when I came to work this morning it had turned to snow with the temperature 30° and dropping fast.

    (Peter, thanks for the tip on °. Do you have those codes memorized or do you keep a cheat sheet?)


  14. I’ve been catching up on the last four days of Daily Thread and enjoyed all the reminiscing.

    I thought I told you all before that Drill is on Mars. It was in the news a few years ago, “NASA Sending Drill to Mars”. He seems to be taking longer than usual to get back from this trip.

    Another person nobody mentioned was Random Name (that was his WMB name – I forgot what he was called after we moved here). He could be difficult, but I actually liked him and enjoyed some good exchanges with him. I was sorry he was banned – not sorry that AJ banned him but that Random persisted in earning the ban. I used to know his real name, but I’ve forgotten his last name and lost his email address. I’d like to know how he is doing.

    It seems to me that WV has become a lot different from WMB. As the blog of a widely-published magazine, WMB had a more diverse following that generated a lot of lively political discussion. Here our outlook is relatively homogeneous. (I said relatively. You don’t have to remind me about some of the discussions on the News/Politics threads.)

    It also seems to me that we’ve become more knit together personally. Maybe it just feels that way to me because I’ve participated more. In the old days I enjoyed the blog but didn’t feel I’d missed out if I was off for awhile. Now it’s much more part of my routine that I would miss.

    AJ, thank you again for providing us a home.

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  15. Okay, I apologize for wondering where you all are last night. It seems that the thread doesn’t open up until 10pm my time. With jet lag, that is late for me. I will probably wait for daylight savings to greet you all early in the blog day.

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  16. I have a Mac – I pressed ‘option’ 0 and got a degree º sign!! Thanks, Peter, that will be helpful.

    We’ve warmed up to “feels like” -26ºF


  17. I guess I can be helpful by degrees once in a while.

    Kevin, the Spanish character codes I have memorized since I used to use them a lot. Now I only use them here because Word has an easier way. But I sometimes have to look up ¢ and ° or ® & ™ when necessary. They are easier on this Kindle. But doing html codes for links takes longer here.


  18. Oh DJ. So sorry

    DogDaddy got syringes at the pharmacy today. Without a needle the are perfect for giving sick little boys tummy medicine. He is better tonight.

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  19. My friend who stayed here put all my kitchen things in different places! So I have been climbing on chairs and stools, very carefully, and getting down on the floor to find things and put them where I want them. My suitcases are away, but the home is not yet settled.

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  20. I’m sorry those cuts keep coming, DJ. And when there are hardly any more people and things to cut! How hard that must be to keep seeing.

    Thanks for the article at 8:29. I enjoyed reading that.

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  21. I decided to have a fire in the fireplace tonight, whether it’s a “no-burn” day or not in LA (it probably is). Defiant. I need the comfort. 🙂 Plus soup for dinner.

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  22. DJ- That’s too bad that you might lose your job. Well, I know it’s cliche, but God always provides for his children. Here is a promise to you from Psalm 37:25 – “I have been young, and now am old, yet I have not seen the righteous forsaken or his children begging for bread.” English Standard Version (ESV)

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  23. I posted before finishing my thought.

    Mrs L and I have seen many seasons of low income, yet God has always provided food and shelter. We have learned what Paul meant in Philippians 4, when he said he had learned to do without as well as have all he needed. I am sure the Lord will do the same for any of his children who trust in him.

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  24. I watched the news tonight and they reported big changes at the Denver Post as well …moving from the downtown offices, charging for online access to the paper…no news for free from the Post! Trusting the Lord with the present and the future dj…..in His Hands….

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  25. Yes, the Denver Post is part of our chain so we were speculating that today’s meeting might be connected to the pay wall issue spreading to us (pay walls are annoying and just too little, too late in my view).

    We were told these cuts were connected to the continuing collapse of brick-and-mortar stores (and their advertising). It all comes down to a free fall in advertising, out digital audience is growing but there’s not the once hoped-for revenue coming in behind it.


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