38 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 1-11-18

  1. Master Amos awoke everyone around midnight for a potty trip. I probably got back to sleep after 2. I reset the alarm for 5:45 instead of 5. He has now had his Prilosec crushed up in some wet food and mixed with his dry food. This morning his cuteness rating has suffered a drop.
    I believe my day will be fueled by coffee.
    How would you feel if your real estate agent was going through your listing or buying document and all of your closing costs where it was showing you would make several thousand dollars; then pulled out a disclosure form for you to sign allowing her to make an extra $50-$100 off the Home Warranty she recommended you purchase?


  2. How did Kim get here so quick?
    I was just messing around, looking at yesterday’s “Daily” and suddenly the picture changes. And when I came here, Kim was here ten minutes ago.


  3. I likely wouldn’t buy the home warranty.
    Having said that, I did have one on this house. They paid $350.00 for a bathroom problem.
    I don’t know if it was worth it.
    There were so many things involved with buying ans selling at the same time that I had to trust my agent. I did trust the selling agent.
    I suspect the lawyers for the buyers extended “billable hours” over trivia.
    It wasn’t a pleasant experience.

    We had this thing about me paying for a water shut off valve in the house I was selling.
    I pointed out that there was a water shut off valve in the garage.
    They inspected and said OK.
    Things like that.


  4. I had misspelled a word in the address on my 2015 (I thing) income tax return. It became an issue that required almost a week to resolve.
    IRS never cared.
    Nobody cared but the lawyers for the buyer.
    I had to resubmit a corrected copy for the closing.


  5. Kim, and from the buyer/seller standpoint, he may not notice.
    When I am at the grocery store, I notice the difference in price. Trivial they might be.
    When dealing with the big bucks of buying ans selling, so much money is changing hands that a person may not notice, so shrug off a $100 charge.
    Much of it depends on what all a person has going on in his life.

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  6. Re” The income tax fiasco. It wasn’t the seller’s lawyer. It was the loan company.

    A psstor once said to me. “Pastors do not deal with normal people. When people come to see the pastor, it’s about a serious problem somewhere.”
    A person dealing with a real estate agent, has something else going on somewhere.


  7. Love the flowers. We used to pluck them off and twirl them as dancers when I was a little girl back in the Dark Ages. I’ve got the same ones growing in my front yard now, just as they did at home, and it’s too early in the morning for me to remember the name of the flower.

    I’ve been battling the question “why didn’t Oswald buy life insurance?” already and trying to explain today’s reading which notes our obedience to God may very well cost others.

    Getting the Adorables to school may be the easiest thing I do this morning! πŸ™‚

    Back is better but still not up to dancing 😦

    Lynn Vincent wrote on my FB page yesterday that she’s close to finishing her 600 (manuscript) page book about the USS Indianapolis, FYI.

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  8. Michelle, how common was it for people to have life insurance back then? My father was a child in the 1920s, and he said that (at least in his experience) insurance was pretty uncommon when he was a boy. I don’t remember the context (I myself was a child when he said it) or whether he was speaking of fire insurance, health insurance, or even life insurance (my sense is that it was one of the first two or else insurance in general, probably insurance in general). But he said people didn’t but insurance, but if there was a need, then neighbors collected money for the family. When I lived in Chicago (in an all-black neighborhood), neighbors went around collecting money for the funeral of some teenager who had been murdered, and of course I gave something toward that. Of course, my father grew up in what I think was a poor, rural area in Arkansas, so his own experience might not have matched that of the city, even then.


  9. The color on that header is exquisite. Is it a columbine? Jasmine? (I don’t think I know what jasmine looks like, but for some reason that came to mind.)


  10. I had a home warranty on my house when I bought it but it was pretty useless. I think I had an outlet fixed, a minor issue as it turned out, but the warranty made the fix free.

    But when the gas company red-tagged the old wall heater? “We don’t cover that.”

    When something else rather big went wrong? “We don’t cover that.”


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  11. My recollection is similar to Cheryl’s. My paternal grandfather sold and collected premiums for life insurance door-to-door. One day, while doing so, he was hit and seriously injured by a transit bus. The family had to sell their house and lived in poverty because there was no 1) suing the bus company, 2) worker’s comp insurance, 3) health insurance, or 4) disability insurance. And him being in the insurance business makes me think that his lack of insurance was due to the fact that it just didn’t exist at the time, not because he, himself, didn’t have it.


  12. Morning! We got a dusting of snow last night…wish it had been more but we will take the moisture. β˜”οΈ
    I think back in the 50’s it was commonplace to take out life insurance policies on newborns. Perhaps it was just an Ohio Valley custom, but everyone of my friend’s parents took out a baby policy on their newborn…my parents always had policies for themselves as well.
    That sure is a pretty photo up there on the header…


  13. So glad to see you all. My computer would not work last night, almost couldn’t turn it off. So glad it is working this morning.
    My eyes are very puffy and legs are still swollen. Travel can be difficult. But God is good.

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  14. The answer to the Real Estate Question of the Day is that I have and agent that wants to do the above. I told her no. She is calling the world to try to get them on her side. I still refuse and have THREE attorneys telling me I am correct, the Florida Real Estate Law Line directed me to guidelines from the National Association of Realtors which confirms my belief.
    As I said, this may be the hill I die on, but I am right in my assessment of the situation and I am not going to risk my license nor that of the brokerage nor run the risk of a lawsuit just so she can get her way.

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  15. I cannot understand why anyone would by that type of insurance, but then, I am one who believes in putting money away to pay for things that break down. That is very difficult for young people just starting out, but is a good habit to get into. I doubt many people actually use that insurance to pay for anything more than what they paid. It is all a gamble, but the company knows the odds better than the buyer.

    I would not trust an agent who is getting such a bonus to really be thinking of what is best for me. I suppose it would depend on what kind of relationship (if much) we had to begin with.

    We just went through an issue with our car, which is still under warranty. A small repair (around $60.00) was needed and, at first, it was not covered for some reason. When we returned to get it, we had a bit more discussion and, finally, got it covered. Things like this irritate me no end. Companies should stand behind their product without me having to argue about it.

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  16. Hey, don’t you love this weather? You folks cannot imagine the joys of living in the middle. It was close to 60Β° this morning. It’s 19Β° and snowing right now. Gotta love it! ❄❄:Brr:❄❄

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  17. computer seems to be on again off again.
    They decided that I have viral pink eye, so just use hot compresses. and remember to leave your eyes alone, meaning no rubbing.
    Found a few things.


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