8 thoughts on “News/Politics 9-18-17

  1. Is that Tommy Nobis in the back row, fourth from the right? Where is Scott Appleton?

    I met Appleton in the early-to-mid-1980s outside a church in San Antonio.


  2. Very good, Tychicus! Yes, That is Nobis. He was a sophomore in 1963. Appleton (#70) is on the front row He is right next to Tommy Ford (#24). Next to Nobis is Pete Lammons, later of the Jets.


  3. Apparently the Emmies didn’t disappoint. (I had to laugh because when I came home from the dog park I thought, oh, just turn it on to see what’s up — and instantly there was a snarky Trump slur from the stage; ha. ha. I thought, wow, there you go, it must be nonstop Trump if I just ‘happened’ in a few moments to catch a Trump slam).

    Of course, it all only helps the trump brand and prompts vast swaths of viewers to turn the channel. Maybe Hollywood doesn’t really ‘get’ that. Talk about obtuse.

    Time to get over it, guys. Move on.

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  4. Ricky, Dreher is not the only one continuing our conversation from the weekend. John Zmirak at The Stream is having a hissy fit over the RR Reno piece you linked to on Saturday. That’s a pity because it’s quite a good article. Think I’ll change my homepage from Stream to First Things. :–)

    Rusty Reno just published a long piece at his magazine, First Things. It’s a kind of defense of why he has shifted the magazine’s editorial stance on politics and economics. First Things was once a flagship for orthodox Christians and Jews who value the free civilization of the West. And the free, dynamic economy on which its prosperity and progress rest. Those same believers saw grave threats to those good things: moral chaos, radical individualism, and suffocating government. (Of course, these three evils work together and feed on each other.) They knew that for freedom to thrive, we must be responsible and discipline ourselves….


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