47 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-8-17

  1. Hi Kim and Aj.
    It’s Friday!. You know what that means?
    🙂 I am having lunch with my SS class guys.
    🙂 Tom and Mary are already in Greensboro. They left Jacksonville late and I was only expecting them to get to Orangeburg. But they are young.
    😦 It’s 52 degrees outside and I turned on the heat the first time this season.

    Everyone have a nice day.

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  2. Good Morning Everyone. I am up and at ’em early this morning. I awoke to Tropical Storm Coverage. WeatherP is on the watch. 😉
    I am hearing (or reading rather) horrible things about the Red Cross in Texas.
    Most of my Florida people are evacuating. I’ve been telling my peeps they could come here and suddenly I heard Mr P on the phone telling his peeps they could come here—we may end up with a full house.
    The other thing I have realized in this preparation time is that I am the only house in my little neighborhood with a gas stove! I can keep some people fed.
    I am off to Pensacola this morning to teach. The office has their contingency plans in place and we will cover up most things with plastic this afternoon and get what we can lifted up off of the floors.

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  3. Chas, it is 61 degrees here this morning which is a double blessing. Hurricanes are powered by warm water. A cool front will push it more to the east. Besides that both dogs had a little pep in their step when they came in from their morning constitutional.

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  4. Peter’s comment reflects one of the reasons why I always hated Fall. In our previous house (in which we lived for 33 years), we had radiators. That meant that turning the heat on was a big deal because they all had to be bled, checked, and possibly adjusted. So hubby put it off as long as he possibly could – usually between Thanksgiving and Christmas and I WAS ALWAYS COLD. We don’t have that issue in this house, and with the granddaughters to consider, son turns it on early and often.

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  5. We will turn the heat on when I get around to bringing in some firewood and starting a fire. Don’t anticipate it soon as we are still in the nineties, though it should drop today and clear out some of the smoke.

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  6. Yesterday we broke a record low at 50 degrees. It is in the 50’s again this a.m. but we did not break the record for today. I think the high is predicted to be 79. I like this cooler weather.

    I was going to take Karen to see her doctor this morning but she is sick with vomiting, and as we were on the phone her nosebleed came back.

    My brother called this a.m. While on the road South. He is going to be going past where I-16 has become a one way Interstate North to I-75. He will be in the Category 2 area as predicted now. His car has almost 300,000 miles on it, and he has his health issues. I put my trust in God that His will be done. Without God I would be insane over this.

    Art has a Sept. 15 deadline so if I decide to drive away from the storm I am not sure Art will leave his work. Do you think if I took the litter box in the car that Miss Bosley could survive a long car ride?

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  7. This morning on I-10 East into Pensacola I passed about 10 or 12 GIANT Southern Company Power Trucks. They are headed to a staging area so they can get in as soon as the storm passes. I don’t know why, but as I passed them I got a little choked up, but smiled, and said a prayer for these workers who are surely headed into a disaster zone for others comfort and care. “It’s what we do”, I thought, but then realized it really isn’t what we do, it’s what they do.

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  8. Right the first time Kim. It’s what we do.
    We do what we do according to circumstances and opportunity.
    America is still a great notion.
    Regardless of what goes on in the swamp.

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  9. Good Morning! We are at 45 degrees here this morning but air is smokey rather than crisp! We have family in FL making their way north…it does not sound like an enjoyable trek…i told them to just keep on heading west…if they take me up on my offer we could have quite a house full!


  10. I put information on the prayer thread about a prayer call on Irma and Harvey. At 12:15 EST people from all over will be on the call receiving information for knowledgeable prayer. At times they unmute the lines for a multitude of prayers crying out to God.


  11. We have friends down in Naples. They are staying put. They seem well prepared, but who is prepared for when your roof blows off? I invited them up here – 🙂


  12. My question is this: Since everyone in South Florida is encouraged or ordered to evacuate, why don’t the authorities stop anyone heading south, and open the Southbound lanes to Northbound traffic? That would give twice as many lanes for traffic and alleviate the gridlock.

    But it makes common sense, so the government won’t do it.

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  13. They are on the interstates Peter. And the airports will be closing tomorrow AM. Given the updated forecast, it looks like we will be re-scheduling our Wed. trip to Disney for later in the year or early next. Good thing we bought trip insurance.

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  14. Be careful out there, glad AJ has trip insurance.

    It’s currently (shortly after 7 a.m.) 65 degrees here but will get up to 77 degrees. September is typically a very hot month in Southern California so I always have fall envy hearing how you folks are already turning on your heaters and pulling out the jackets and boots. Our day will come. (I usually turn my heat on for the first time sometime in November.)

    I’m heading in to work early to interview a long-distance swimmer who aims to swim across the Pacific Ocean — that’s 5,500 miles, taking 6 months, from Tokyo to San Francisco — early in 2018. It’s a partnership with the marine research center here to gather pollution data, but he’ll also be in the middle of where the radiation stream was, caused by the nuclear plant accident in Japan a few years ago. He’s in Texas so it’s a phone interview.

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  15. Peter, I’d guess they still need southbound lanes open and running for emergency vehicles & large equipment that may be needed when the storm hits.


  16. They do open the alternate lanes when they are ready.
    My parents once left Charleston on the alternate (southbound) I-26 lanes.
    Going to Chuck’s house in Augusta.


  17. In my Chicago job, first warm day in “spring” they would turn on the cooling, and that would be it on heat for the year, no matter how many cool days were yet to come. Considering we were still in a season more likely to be cool than warm, I always hated that. I’m guessing it was men making the decision, and making it for men in jackets, but for women in dresses (esp. women raised in Phoenix), it was annoying. I finally ended up taking a space heater to work, and using it on those days. But it always seemed to me they should wait another six weeks to make the shift, at least waiting until we had more warm days than cool ones!

    But in fall and spring I try to use neither cooling nor heat, figuring that the temperature fluctuation will keep the house from getting either too warm or too cool. (That is, a warm day on Tuesday will keep the house warm enough to handle the cool day on Wednesday, at least within a reasonable range.) It doesn’t always work, of course.

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  18. The grocery store was full of people, some who looked different than who I typically see in our small neighborhood Publix. I am concerned about all the people packed into Atlanta right now. I wonder if Hank Johnson thinks we might sink?

    I bought over a hundred dollars worth of groceries. I never do that, except at the holidays. I hope my refrigerator can handle the extra food.

    Time to get on that prayer call.


  19. LA Times did a story about a couple named Harvey and Irma, married 75 years.

    Picked up by Atlantic Journal:



    … “I don’t know how they’ve done that, to have a Harvey and Irma,” Irma Schluter said Wednesday. “I don’t know how that worked out.”

    The names Harvey and Irma were chosen for the storms before they hit this year. The World Meteorological Organization began alternating men’s and women’s names for tropical storms born over the Atlantic in 1979.

    Six lists of men’s and women’s names are used in rotation to name storms, with names of the hardest-hitting, most fatale and memorable storms retired after impact.

    The name Harvey has been used to name seven storms. Irene was used to name storms that came after Harveys until 2011, when Hurricane Irene hit the Caribbean and parts of the U.S., causing severe damage.

    Once Irene was retired, Irma was put in the rotation.

    It’s likely the names Harvey and Irma could be retired after this year. …

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  20. Mumsee, you’d like DJ’s link, and a link in that article to the story about their 65th anniversary earlier this year. They fostered 120 children, adopting one.


  21. Wearying day; so much difficult news for friends and in the world. Mumsee–I’ve been thinking about your family and want you to know, you gave those kids a life they would never have had otherwise. You exposed them to “normal,” which they would never have had otherwise.

    You provided them a home they can always come back to. You taught them work skills that will hold them in good stead no matter where they go or what they do. They know the Bible is truth, whether they want to believe it or not, and that you will not change in your love for them.

    They’re young and foolish, like so many of us were. But you have filled them with an enormous reservoir of positive life that can only serve them in good stead.

    Sure, they’re going to make mistakes. They’re going to be foolish. They’re going to hurt themselves, but no matter what happens to them over the course of their lives, they will always know deep down that you and Mike love them.

    That, dear one, is golden.

    The worst part, of course, is every child takes a piece of our hearts and callously tosses them into the wind of life. Mine do it, too. It’s the nature of a child and a parent and we, as the parents, will never run out of things to pray about.


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  22. They get a little under two days to drive down there and a little less to drive back. I don’t know why it is less, going uphill should slow them down.


  23. Lots of fires in the west



    As more than 100 wildfires burned across the West, a blaze exploded this week in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area that has left Oregon’s oh-so-outdoorsy residents in a state of public mourning.

    The Eagle Creek fire burned through their beloved backyard wilderness, blowing smoke into downtown Portland and raining a powder of white ash across the region. The blaze threatened the city’s primary water supply at Bull Run Reservoir, and its rapid march toward a metropolitan area turned it into the nation’s top-priority wildfire.

    But across hike-happy Oregon, where educators boast about putting 1 million children through wilderness training known as Outdoor School, citizens focused their bereavement on the fate of a vast network of timberline trails and magnificent waterfalls. The Eagle Creek conflagration has chewed through 33,382 acres of scenic treasure.

    “I think it’s appropriate to mourn,” said Tom Cramblett, the 66-year-old mayor of Cascade Locks, a town of 1,200 largely displaced by the fire. “You mourn for things, but you gotta move on.” …

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  24. Michelle, @ 3:07
    In a word: She gives them a chance in life. So many children don’t have a chance.
    That’s what I said about Ellie, Mary’s adopted Chinese orphan.
    I’ll never know what she does with it.
    But she has a chance.
    And I pray for her just like my other great-grands.

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  25. I read that in the paper yesterday. You know…newspaper. Anyway, I wondered at the bereavement because, from what I have seen, trails don’t disappear just because of forest fires. Which is why we can hike the Lewis and Clark Trail to this day. Even though there have been fires. The waterfalls and trails and all ought to still be there after the fire. May need some reconstruction and that, at least around here, is done by the people wanting to use the trails. So another opportunity to be out there. After the fires, the vegetation will be beautiful and some of it will be new, nothing about which to be bereaved.

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  26. That is how we have always looked at it. I was just having a tough day yesterday, after listening to one of them tell me how much drinking they all do. Of course the teller is one who exaggerates and outright lies a lot. So I should take it with a bucket of salt.

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  27. So this afternoon when I crossed over from Florida to Alabama there was a flashing sign “For Shelter Information Dial 211” a little way further “Temporary Shelter Exit 44”. I don’t recall ever seeing that. It disturbed me in a way that is hard to explain….This is REAL and Irma is a beast of a storm. Pray.

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  28. Very surreal being here in sunny Southern California where a silly police pursuit on local freeways (driver was a very well-dressed young woman in high heels, arrested without incident) was our biggest news story only a few minutes ago.

    Then it’s back to the tracking maps of Irma …


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