Prayer Requests 9-6-17

Anyone have something to share?

Psalm 26

Vindicate me, Lord,
    for I have led a blameless life;
    I have trusted in the Lord
    and have not faltered.
Test me, Lord, and try me,
    examine my heart and my mind;
for I have always been mindful of your unfailing love
    and have lived in reliance on your faithfulness.

I do not sit with the deceitful,
    nor do I associate with hypocrites.
I abhor the assembly of evildoers
    and refuse to sit with the wicked.
I wash my hands in innocence,
    and go about your altar, Lord,
proclaiming aloud your praise
    and telling of all your wonderful deeds.

Lord, I love the house where you live,
    the place where your glory dwells.
Do not take away my soul along with sinners,
    my life with those who are bloodthirsty,
10 in whose hands are wicked schemes,
    whose right hands are full of bribes.
11 I lead a blameless life;
    deliver me and be merciful to me.

12 My feet stand on level ground;
    in the great congregation I will praise the Lord.

19 thoughts on “Prayer Requests 9-6-17

  1. The catheter is out, & Hubby is peeing on his own. And he gets to come home later today! Thank you so much for all your prayers!

    Nightingale will be picking him up after work. (To come back home to get me & Little Guy would be backtracking, adding almost an hour on to her drive.)

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  2. Heavenly Father, I lift up Lee to You for continued healing. Please ease his pain and discomfort. Thank You for good care from those around him. I lift up Kizzie for patience, for strength to do the caregiving Lee will need at home, and for the needs of Nightingale and the others who have to share Kizzie’s attention. Please help her to be supported as she has been so supportive of others. Thank You, Abba, for the faith of Kizzie and Lee to see them through this as well as troubles in the past. Please strengthen Lee. I pray in Jesus’ name, Amen

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  3. Prayer I posted earlier on Facebook:

    Heavenly Father, You are mightier and more powerful than any category of storm. You made the winds and waves. Jesus demonstrated control over them and You recorded it in Your word for our benefit. Thank You for making us aware that You are more magnificent than what earthly eyes see, and You are able to do more than we can think or imagine. I pray first that life will be saved for it holds the greatest value to You. I pray for those who have medical conditions that require electrical devices to be working and refills for medicine. Please make provision for them and give them peace of mind. Please be with the National Guard and all others who are first responders putting their lives on the line to keep citizens safe. Keep their families at peace as they wait for their heros to return home from dangerous duty. I pray for those who suffer from PTSD to be given freedom from reactions to reminders of their former trauma. Thank You for taking care of those needs. Next I pray for homes, churches, businesses and other community foundations to be protected from Irma. Please keep people in a helping attitude and if possible heal our land of division as everyone pulls together through this. Lastly, I ask and cry out to You, my Abba, that if it could be within Your will that this whole giant Irma hurricane could be redirected away from where people live. I would love to see it go far out to sea where there are not even any ships or boats and be calmed as only You can do. We can’t know why You at times allow disasters, but I do know You are good. Perhaps this storm is paralyzing some terrorist plot. We don’t know. But Your plans are good for those who love You and are called for Your good purposes. Thank You that You have given all the opportunity and gift of faith. May more come to believe in Jesus as Lord and Savior during these days. In Jesus I pray, Amen

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  4. I am having difficulty getting the September 2nd prayer thread conversation out of my head. I think the Spirit is telling me I should not have said any of the things I did in my prayer requests. For what it’s worth, I am sorry I caused division here.

    If I have any further challenges of the nature I mentioned on that thread and feel like I need to talk to a friend, I will try very hard to only mention it to my best friend, who is local, rather than online to people who have never met me. She has context no online friend could ever have.

    I’m struggling with a couple other aspects about that prayer thread, but will have to leave it in the Spirit’s hands to convict who He will, if anyone, as He pleases. (It may be me — I know you all meant only the best.)

    I covet your continued prayers. I wanted to start school again yesterday, but I was sick, and today my mind was consumed by the aforementioned thread. There are too many things to do to get bogged down in the past. Please pray I can move forward. Thank you.

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  5. Thank you, 6 Arrows.

    As for your comment about the Sept. 2 prayer thread, I don’t think you caused division among us. Some of us had differing views on how to handle the situation, yes, but I think we were all respectful of each other, & I’m sure there were no hard feelings. Sharing those differing views probably comes under the category of iron sharpening iron.

    You are on my heart. I pray for both you & your husband. I’ve been meaning to email you to tell you that, but I’ve been distracted, as you know. Sorry about that. Blessings to you & your family.

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  6. Carol is in a rehab getting more antibiotic IVs, surgery seemed to go OK although I was not able to speak to the doctor.

    Her brother never did contact her or me I guess he just needs to get over himself for now, there will be no more voluntary updates from me at least. If he wants to know how his sister is, he can call her. But I doubt he will.

    Meanwhile, there’s been an uptick of stress at work as buyout departures close in and there is a renewed concern there may also be layoffs. One of our photographers was summoned to a 9 a.m. meeting with the top editor tomorrow and when he asked the photo editor if that was “good,” photo editor said “No.”

    Everyone is very distracted and worried.

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  7. Prayers for your job situation, Donna.

    Prayers for you and Lee, Kizzie. Praying that God will encourage you.

    Continuing to hold you in prayer, 6arrows.

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