25 thoughts on “News/Politics 8-4-17

  1. Yesterday, McMaster said Susan Rice did nothing wrong. I have always assumed the “unmasking” story (like Seth Rich and the Obama “tapps”) was just another Trump distraction. As Andrew McCarthy notes, Trump acts guilty but he may not be. I will stick with my old conclusion that he framed himself.


  2. Congress just sent a letter to the DOJ asking for a criminal investigation into the whole unmasking affair, so the main point of McCarthy’s article is pretty much moot.

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  3. Ricky,

    Or more likely, it’s like Hillary all over again. There’s plenty of evidence of crimes, but no one willing to do anything about it.

    And McMaster is not to be trusted, like Comey before him. He yet another entrenched bureaucrat with his own agenda.

    He’s purging Trump loyalists from the WH, all for daring to attack entrenched bureaucrats like him, as well as Obama holdovers. He is the leader of the coup at this point, the enemy. But Trump seems not to mind.


    “An ongoing staffing purge being conducted by White House National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster has thrown the West Wing into chaos, according to more than half a dozen Trump administration insiders who told the Washington Free Beacon that McMaster has been targeting long-time Trump loyalists who were clashing with career government staffers and holdovers from the Obama administration.

    The purge is part of a larger drama unfolding inside the administration, between veteran Trump staffers committed to the president’s campaign vision of “draining the swamp”‘ in Washington and entrenched bureaucracies seeking to maintain control over policy decision-making, according to these sources, who said that many of these actions against his supporters are being conducted without Trump’s knowledge.

    The Trump staffers fired by McMaster had repeatedly clashed with career government staffers and holdovers from the Obama administration on issues as diverse as military strategies for Syria and Afghanistan, whether to tear up Obama’s landmark Iran deal, the controversial détente with Cuba, the U.S. role in confronting Islamic radicalism, and the Paris Climate Accord, according to these sources.

    More purges are said to be on the way, according to multiple insiders who described a list of at least four other senior NSC officials McMaster intends to target. Other sources confirmed the likelihood of more purges, but disputed some details on that list.

    “McMaster basically has this list and over the next two weeks he’s going to phase out” more senior officials loyal to Trump, said one administration insider intimately familiar with the upheaval occurring at the White House National Security Council. “They’re taking out people who were chosen to best implement the president’s policy that he articulated during the campaign.””

    The entrenched bureacrats in our intel agencies will not go quietly. And McMaster is helping ensure that they won’t have to go at all. He’s on their side, not Trumps. He’s disloyal to the man that hired him.


    “All the while, the permanent bureaucracy, particularly in the intelligence community, started an unending and almost daily series of leaks meant to paralyze the administration.

    Then FBI Director James Comey refused to tell the public what he privately told Trump on three occasions, that Trump personally was not under investigation, thereby aiding and abetting this false media attack on the administration. Comey then himself leaked non-public government information, after his termination, to manufacture an excuse to have a Special Counsel appointed. That Special Counsel, Robert Mueller, turns out to be a good friend of Comey, and is building a massive prosecutorial infrastructure in the attempt to find a crime.

    At the same time, there has been unprecedented obstruction of Trump’s ability to staff his administration. Even non-controversial nominees are slow-walked by Democrats. Vast swaths of the federal bureaucracy remain under the sway of Obama holdovers and those who consider Trump illegitimate.

    The purpose in all this has been to freeze and paralyze the Trump administration. If Trump could not be prevented from taking office, and cannot be physically removed from office, he will be prevented from functioning as president.

    Trump, because of his own personal and administrative volatility, unpredictability and inconsistency, was a vulnerable target for such an effort.

    The effort to paralyze the administration was advanced significantly today with the release by The Washington Post of leaked full transcripts of Trump’s conversations with the leaders of Mexico and Australia soon after he took office. There had been leaks about those conversations previously, but never the full transcripts.

    The leak is being celebrated and the transcripts quoted (often out of context) for the purpose of scoring political points against Trump. But more than that, this represents yet another dangerous example of how leaks have been weaponized to try to paralyze the Trump administration.

    David Frum, a harsh critic of Trump, writes at The Atlantic, Why Leaking Transcripts of Trump’s Calls Is So Dangerous

    Leaking the transcript of a presidential call to a foreign leader is unprecedented, shocking, and dangerous. It is vitally important that a president be able to speak confidentially—and perhaps even more important that foreign leaders understand that they can reply in confidence.

    Thursday’s leak to The Washington Post of President Trump’s calls with the president of Mexico and the prime minister of Australia will reverberate around the world. No leader will again speak candidly on the phone to Washington, D.C.—at least for the duration of this presidency, and perhaps for longer. If these calls can be leaked, any call can be leaked—and no leader dare say anything to the president of the United States that he or she would not wish to read in the news at home.”


  4. Tychicus, The main point of the article is not moot. Trump could order the unmasking data to be made public. Then all would know if there was an abuse. There would then be no need for a DOJ or Congressional investigation. The President’s National Security Advisor has concluded there was no abuse. He has access to all such data. As McCarthy (who has been favorably inclined to Trump) notes, the only reason for Trumpkins to continue to make innuendos in opposition to McMaster’s conclusion is to create a distraction.

    McMaster and Comey were loyal Americans and patriots with outstanding records of service. That is why they are respected by General Kelly.

    AJ, Since you don’t like McMaster, I need to ask a question that has been in my mind for a few days: How do you feel about Mini-Trump Scaramucci?


  5. McMaster and Comey are/were entrenched bureaucrats, one of the biggest problems with Washington.

    You call Comey a patriot, yet his actions with regards to Clinton show otherwise. A patriot doesn’t ignore the law, he follows it. He doesn’t make exceptions for the well connected. Comey did, and in the end it got him fired, as should happen when you don’t do your job.

    Now as for McMaster, a patriot doesn’t undermine his President to protect his fellow entrenched bureaucrats and holdovers when they commit illegal acts. McMaster appears to be doing just that. He also doesn’t excuse or encourage criminal leakers, as he is doing now.

    I don’t think that word means what you think it means.

    You talk of distractions? Russia is the biggest fraud and distraction going at the moment. Yet you keep playing along as if there’s any evidence at all. And there’s not. Yet I don’t doubt for a minute that Mueller, an entrenched bureaucrat like the first two, will charge someone with something. He has to to save face. But it will be some process violation like not telling investigators what they want to hear, or a financial crime for something years ago by a Trump loyalist. Someone will have to play the roll of Scooter Libby, most likely Bannon or Flynn.

    All that time, resources, and money wasted for nothing.

    As for Mucci, I have no opinion. He wasn’t around long enough to make a decision about, but he did seem like a loud mouth with a ‘tude.


  6. I don’t know what we’d do without these guys…. 🙄

    They’re like the little engine that can’t…. get anything done……


    “A five-week summer break might sound sweet to many people, but maybe not to the 292 Republicans in Congress who leave Washington with none of their major legislative goals achieved after six months in power alongside President Donald Trump.

    With Congress due to be closed until Sept. 5, voters may ask: What happened to repealing and replacing Obamacare? Overhauling the tax code? Investing more money in job-creating infrastructure projects?

    The awkward answer for Republican lawmakers and Trump is “not much.”

    Despite having control of the White House, the Senate and the House of Representatives since the November 2016 elections, Republicans have not delivered on their biggest campaign promises.

    Distracted by a probe of possible ties between his campaign and Russian meddling in the election, among many other issues he tweets about, Trump has yet to propose any major legislation since his Jan. 20 inauguration.

    Some Republicans fear voters will punish their party in the November 2018 elections for inaction now, and that congressional losses would make it even harder for Trump to get things done in 2019-2020, the second half of his four-year term.”

    Fear they might? Oh you can count on it.


  7. AJ – I didn’t really read much about it, but I have seen mentions that Comey was prevented from going after Clinton because some of the illegal emails were from Obama. Don’t know how accurate that is, though.


  8. Michelle, Americans are apparently blackballed from many IT positions. Husband told me just yesterday he was talking to a friend who works at a local insurance company with thousands of employees nationwide. They have 3 full time Indian interpreters here in Chattanooga to communicate with the Indian employees here who cannot speak English. And every month their American employees are required to attend organized company sessions designed to make them more sensitive to Indian culture.

    Most of this appears to be political payoffs, and I believe that is part of what happened in the IT scandal you’re referring to. Insurance companies and other American companies want to do business in India (and Pakistan, but I think India is the bigger market). In exchange our companies must guarantee to employ Indians here. It’s India’s way of getting their people trained. So Americans get to be laid off after training their mostly Indian replacements while being told we’re lazy and stupid and need to relocate.

    And to make matters worse, I’m afraid we’re being sidetracked from H1B abuses by the new immigration proposal.


  9. The Truth: Comey was a dedicated public servant who spent much of his last two years in public service investigating twin New York slimeballs. Unfortunately, the two slimeballs turned out to be the major party presidential candidates in what has turned into an Idiocracy. The followers of each slimeball will forever be angry at Comey for how he treated their slimeball or the other slimeball.


  10. Debra, You are correct. The Globalist Poliburo has dictated that any Globalist who hires an American will be sentenced to 6 months of watching Hannity 24 hours a day.

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  11. AJ, I have to try again. When it was Priebus vs. Mini Trump, whose side were you on? How about the next week when it was Mini Trump vs Kelly (the man who called Comey after his firing to express support and who has backed McMaster in the firing of “Trump loyalists”?


  12. He was. Now he’s a bureaucrat, like most Generals who move on to become political appointees, looking out for other bureaucrats and long serving civilians who are undermining the President. He still wears his uniform when it suits him, but his current position no longer requires it.

    . https://www.militarytimes.com/news/your-military/2017/03/01/as-trump-s-national-security-adviser-mcmaster-still-wears-his-army-uniform-why-that-matters/

    “National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster continues to wear his Army uniform for at least some official duties while assigned to the Trump White House, an apparent break from other senior military officers who’ve served as high-profile political appointees while remaining on active duty, and one that could raise questions as he looks to shape policy and advocate the president’s agenda.

    “So far he has worn his uniform and worn civilian clothes,” a White House official told Military Times. “I don’t think he’s decided to do exclusively one or the other.” The official declined to address follow-up questions, including whether the president has expressed an opinion on the matter. Trump, whose fondness for military leaders is evident in his selections for several key posts within his administration, pays close attention to his staff’s attire, mindful of the image it conveys.

    But in McMaster’s case, the choice to wear military garb holds deeper meaning. On Tuesday, the three-star general wore his blue service uniform during a White House meeting with Egypt’s foreign minister, Sameh Shoukry. Setting such a precedence, observers say, could cause confusion or even skepticism among world leaders and others in Washington who may regard the uniform as a military symbol, and wonder whether McMaster represents the administration or the Pentagon — and precisely where he falls in the chain of command. It could also be exploited by Trump’s critics as a possible attempt by the general to isolate or distance himself, at least in appearance, from what’s been a rough start to the presidency.

    “The ‘uniform of the day’ in the diplomatic and economic and homeland community is the coat and tie,” said Arnold Punaro, a retired two-star general who served in the Marine Corps Reserve until 2003. Punaro, who emphasized his “enthusiastic” support for McMaster, spent 23 years working in Congress. That time included his tenure as staff director for the Senate Armed Services Committee, which in 1987 fast-tracked approval for the last senior military officer to remain on active duty and retain his rank as national security adviser: then-Lt. Gen. Colin Powell.

    McMaster’s work “coordinating, leading, integrating all aspects of national security is mostly with the coat-and-tie world, and the military [personnel] that are detailed to the National Security Council wear a coat and tie,” he added. “So to avoid confusion and misperceptions, I would recommend the coat and tie except in the most exceptional circumstances when military protocol is appropriate, such as a promotion or retirement ceremony or honoring a fallen comrade.””


  13. Priebus is establishment slime. Always has been. He was only hired to attempt to smooth the relationship with the party. But it turns out he’s the R party chair first and adviser to the President second. He was disloyal and has been named several times as the most likely source of the numerous leaks from the WH. He can’t be trusted. That’s why he’s gone.


  14. George Washington and Ike were always heroes. McMaster and Kelly will always be heroes. Big Trump and Mini Trump will always be punks.


  15. There we go @6:50. I knew that it was Mini-Trump who had the seal of approval from The Trump Cult. It is good for the country that he is gone, but I will miss a lot of laughs.


  16. Wow Ricky, way to read into a comment things that weren’t written. I said nothing of Trump Jr. one way or the other. I only gave my opinion of Priebus. I chose no side in a feud between the two. One’s an open borders/globalist stooge, the other’s riding daddy’s coattails. I don’t much care for either.

    As for heroes, opinions vary. I consider Lee and Davis traitors, you see them as heroes. People do heroic things, and then sometimes do bad things later that tarnish it. I’m not saying M and K, and McCain as well, weren’t heroes at a time, just that their actions aren’t always heroic now. But you knew that.


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