34 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-2-17

  1. Good morning. Another lovely butterfly. Great photos with that new camera, AH.

    I was up early to try and get more done for the program that happens in a few hours. Miss Bosley thought I was up for extra cuddle time with her. Yeah, I set my alarm for 5 a.m. for cat cuddle time. Not!!!

    I just got an email from my friend who was in the hospital. She had to stay an extra night. She said all went as expected. Guess I will hear more later, but I am thankful to know she got through surgery okay.

    Later I have a dental appointment where we can discuss my broken tooth. Not my favorite topic. This was a regularly scheduled cleaning appointment that happened to be timely for the broken tooth issue.


  2. I have also been up since 5 preparing for my day. I think I am ready. Now I shall go get dressed to face the day. It is going to be a long one. I have a networking event at 4:30 in downtown P’cola.
    Working on a more positive attitude. I have been happy the last month and a half with what I have been doing, now I would just like some compensation. If not, I will have to shift again, and find something else. Perhaps, since I am in FL every day I should buy a lottery ticket and then I could volunteer to do what I love.

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  3. Batman

    It’s Wednesday already. The week is flying. I need to finish up my LA Olympics story (dispute over where the sailing event might be held, but then it’s 11 years away). The old home story got stalled, I should try to pick it up again this week. Meanwhile, we all wait for word from the powers that be about what our fate will be. Sigh. 😦 The fun world of journalism these days.

    We’re getting some mugginess here with rain in some areas (inland mostly), but not here — we’re just getting a lot of clouds. Temps are only around 80-ish but with the humidity it feels a tad hotter.


  4. Re: Michelle’s 9:40
    There was a movie out, “Mrs. Minerva,” I believe it was that told the Dunkirk story. It was indeed a miracle. Sometimes God steps in. e.g. Americans lost all but the last five minutes of the Midway battle. You need to see the movie.

    In his book “Killing Patton”, O’Rilley tells of Patton, in the Battle of the Bulge, that Patton (an Episcopalian) went into the chapel and prayed ”Sir, whose side are you on…” I don’t remember the rest in particular, but he didn’t say “Lord” he said, “Sir”. Probably meant the same thing to him. But he prayed about the weather. He said, “Give me two days of good weather, that’s all I need.” He got his two days.

    As Paul Harvey would say, “You know the rest of the story>”
    Later, Patton went back and said, “Sir, you’re a better general than I am. I wouldn’t have let the German army get themselves into the noose that I used to hang them>””” Those aren’t the exact words, but essentially. (I read it on my Kindle and don’t know how to retrieve quotes.)

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  5. Mrs. Miniver, best picture in 1942, filmed before the US entered the war. We watched it for the domestic side of British life, the night before we saw Dunkirk.

    It’s a pretty intense film. I went with three Navy vets, a WWII plane fan, a movie maker and another English major. They were all happy; the English major and I agreed it could use a little more dialogue . . . but then, we had to say that. 🙂

    Worth seeing; HRW and I agree. I wore earplugs at his suggestion and was happy.


  6. It’s actually Batman in his flight cape, not his plane. If you look closely you’ll notice his utility belt in the middle. The red eyes and antennae are his navigation helmet. 🙂

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  7. We have been upstairs in Arctic conditions, doing schoolwork. Fifteen year old daughter, who refused to finish fifth or sixth or seventh or eighth or ninth, insisted she be in tenth this year. The school would have her in third. But, wanting to focus on what she does know and knowing that she picks up a lot from hearing though she will not do well on testing or quizzes, we got her the tenth grade video course. She is still shell shocked realizing how much there is to do, but she is sticking with it. What should take half an hour of homework will take her several hours and she still will not get it done. But I do believe she is learning so we continue. The teachers are lively and energetic and clear and move right along. She is watching students who sit quietly in their seats with no devices sneaking out of their pockets, who stand and speak politely when told to give answers. Sometimes they are wrong and sometimes they are right. A whole new school experience for her.

    Now to go do my Algebra 2 lesson so I can translate it into fifteen year old’s special language. Husband is supposed to do the upper grade math. I did the first four, he was supposed to do the rest. But I don’t think he would have the patience or understanding that different people sometimes don’t pick things up quite so quickly as he does. He did struggle with a couple of the earlier ones so he knows. Perhaps that is why he is truck driving, to avoid math?

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  8. Well, I am partway through the gathering of documents and at my parent’s house. Just being out of the city seems to have helped relieve the asthma symptoms. My parents do not have air conditioning, but they do have many trees.

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  9. Nightingale is registered for college, & will begin classes on the 29th of this month. She is on her way to her RN degree.

    She has it all mapped out. Since she already has the LPN education, she doesn’t need the usual four years to get her degree (I forget how for along she is considered to be). However, it will take her at least four years anyway, because she’s going part-time. She’ll still be working three days a week, & will be going to classes two days a week.

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  10. My grandparents had a picture of Batman and Robin getting out of a hot air balloon at some Los Angeles area airport and then heading off in the Batmobile. Does that make me famous?


  11. Well, I see I have my work cut out for me. With Chas taking fifty seven already, I am going to have to put in some work to claim seventy five.


  12. Well looky what’s going on here while I’ve been busy watering my city tree, trying to contact the entourage for a a swimmer who’s swimming from Catalina to the mainland overnight for a cel # to give to our photographer, walking the dogs, chatting with neighbors, and then taking a cold shower because it’s so humid and uncomfortable.

    I think I kind of deserve 100.


  13. Well, I suppose I’ll just settle in to watch the next installment of that summer series about an astroid poised to destroy the earth.


  14. I’ll add my 2¢ to what rkessler said about our meet up Monday –

    It’s great that we as Christians can go anywhere and meet someone new, and though strangers, act like we have known each other forever. Also, her 13 year old granddaughter is a great conversationalist for her age. I was impressed with her knowledge.

    Tonight we are in Phoenix with friends. Tomorrow we hope to have lunch with my parents in Tucson.

    Oh, and it’s nice to have internet access again after 3 days without it.

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