36 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 7-28-17

  1. IT’S FRIDA!
    You know what that means?

    Where has this week gone?

    Elvera’s dad once said “The hours pass by so slowly but the weeks and months so quick.”,

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  2. I just checked my iPhone, Mary and Tom are In Bejing, China. The time is exactly 12 hours different. It is 7 p.m. there. They went over the North Pole to get there from Chicago.
    Makes sense.

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  3. Cheryl,

    Sorry for not getting around to answering your question from yesterday. The answer is A= new camera. πŸ˜‰

    Cheryl got me a Canon EOS Rebel T6i package with lots of extra lenses and accessories. It’s pretty awesome. Or as Donna would say…. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! πŸ™‚

    I also got a book on better understanding exposure, aperture, shutter speeds, and whatnot. So I’ve been busy reading that and the manual.

    Plus we took Elizabeth out for her birthday dinner early, because she leaves for camp on her B’day on Monday.

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  4. Anyone want to know about real estate taxes and special assessments in Florida? No? Me neither. πŸ˜‰
    I am almost finished with the course. I have one more section to get through, then I can take the practice test, then the final text, then I can schedule me appointment to go take the Law portion again.
    Yesterday I treated myself to a new computer bag/briefcase type thing-a-ma-jiggy. It is pretty much a suitcase on wheels but smaller and has a filing system inside. I was killing my back with a computer bag and another bag to hold the instructors manual for the class I teach, and everything else. Now I can look oh so important as I wheel my “business” stuff behind me.

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  5. Was the above picture taken with the new camera? Some impressive shutter speeds and focus were needed for that kind of detail.

    I woke up thinking that the worst may be finally behind me. I didn’t need as much medication to get me through the night. Time will tell. The next week is going to be busy, not with school, but in gathering documents needed for clinical placement in the fall, and obtaining said documents involves getting a medical test done, taking a CPR course, etc. I have to have all documents in order by September, and somehow all my appointments got stacked into one week (I tried to space them out, but they got compacted through a series of unforeseen events). I will be traveling as a result, as certain documents can only be obtained in my hometown. I’m looking forward to seeing my family though, as I haven’t been home since May and I haven’t seen anyone since the party for Tiny Niece in June.

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  6. I believe that dragonfly is a Halloween pennant. It was the first species I photographed, I haven’t seen one since, and that is a better shot than I managed to get with my camera two cameras ago. Dragonflies are tricky! In flight they are (for me) downright impossible (I can get butterflies in flight, not consistently but sometimes, but not dragonflies), but even still they aren’t easy. Good shot.

    And congrats on the new camera. You’ll have to tell us what you think, including how it works for moving objects. (That’s one reason I’ve stayed with a bridge camera–I photograph such a range of subjects that I’m afraid of changing lenses, though I know I could get more detail at times.)

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  7. My globetrotter has finished up the mission part of her work in Nicaragua and is now on a bus to the colonial town of Granada on the western shore of Lake Managua. The team will spend this afternoon and tomorrow there relaxing before heading home on Sunday.

    They saw near 1300 patients in three days of pouring rain, swollen creeks and a lot of bud. On day two they saw 485 people; the weather was so miserable several people, including CR, nearly fainted. They guzzled water as fast as they could, but God prevailed, kept them standing and a lot of people got glasses.

    Some had traveled for 8 hours, a couple for days, across that same miserable muddy dangerous countryside.

    She got lots of research done and will probably spend tomorrow lounging around the hotel working on her paper and resting. She gets back very late Sunday night and on Monday will begin moving into the house she is sharing with several classical musicians right up the freeway, maybe 25 miles, from DJ.

    Classes start on Wednesday. As part of her program, she’s taking the first semester medical school classes at Keck–USC’s med school. She gets her master’s degree in December.

    Oh, and the paper she wrote her last day in Uganda with a classmate–the one she finished with my oversight last week amid packing boxes? Professors loved it, made it the centerpiece of the summer program’s success and are looking into sending her back to Uganda for more research.

    I’m not sure when she could fit in another trip to Uganda, but she’s got a free weekend here and there before Christmas–if she isn’t working as an EMT!

    Oh, to have the energy of a 25 year-old!

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  8. Friday! Happy anniversary to Linda and Mr. Right & congrats on the new camera, very nice shot today. Bug eyes.

    I slept an extra hour this morning, needed it, but that means I’m racing this morning. Still have to feed the dogs & pack a lunch, then I’m out of here in search of a story or two.

    Having trouble nailing down the first of the ‘old home’ restoration interviewees, they seem only to be offering me nights and weekends for interviews; I’m trying to set up some weekday times where we can talk by phone, it really shouldn’t take all that long and they’re only 2 of what I hope will be several people I can connect with. The story can’t be all that long.

    “Mr. Right” — I still remember a college journalism mate of ours who fell hard for the new guy on the student paper (whose last name was actually Right). He was amazingly cute and he quickly became known as Mr. Right privately among us when talking to our very smitten friend who was hoping he’d ask her out. But then he decided that first year that he was gay. So Mr. Right became Mr. Wrong and she was forced to move on, crush-wise.

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  9. Linda, I was going to offer my congratulations, but then I realized that what you said made no sense. I married Mr Right already. Is there something I am missing here?

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  10. The pharmacist who interviewed me and hired me for my first full-time job (when I was 20) was Wright. I went home and told my sister, “I think I met Mr. Wright!” She was briefly excited, until I explained. πŸ™‚ It took two dozen years before I really did meet Mr. Right.

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  11. Congrats to Linda and Steve!❀

    And congrats to all those who married Mr. Right.

    I married Mr. Alright which is a good thing since I am the perfect Mrs. Alright.

    Either Mr. Right has a lot of brothers and cousins or he is a polygamist. It must be brothers and cousins, of course.

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  12. Well, that was a quick easy fix. I simply put some vinegar in a cup, balanced it on the soap container in the sink so the faucet was immersed, and left it there for a few hours. Water! No earwigs, snakes, or mice came out.

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  13. That dragonfly was shot a few days ago with my older camera, the Canon SX170. It’s a great little camera and I plan on continuing to use it where appropriate. Sometimes the bigger, newer, more expensive model just isn’t feasible, like on the rides at Disney or where getting wet or bounced around might happen.

    I’ve got a lot to learn about the new one, so other than some practice shots after set-up, I haven’t used it. We may go to Longwood Gardens on Monday, so that’ll change soon. I’m reading up on macro shooting and how to best use my lenses in anticipation. πŸ™‚

    I’ll practice some more with it this weekend.

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  14. The little shower of water that came out of that sink was fine for my needs. How much do you need to brush your teeth??
    Speaking of which. I spent 40 minutes this morning hunting for my toothbrush. Time to get settled down in a home. So nice to have my computer so that I can actually use a keyboard. I could actually move today, but I am in need of a quiet day. I have been going through a month’s worth of mail and all those minor details.

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  15. I could rant about this tomorrow, but the issue is now.
    I understand now some of the problems women go through as they manage affairs of the family. Like.
    What to have for dinner. It is coming up soon and right now I’m not hungry. I wouldn’t eat a cookie if I had it.
    So? How am I going to figure something I can fix.
    We could go out if I thought of a place I would like to go.

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  16. The crew is next door tearing down my neighbor’s house..I am so glad they are in New York visiting family…this sad to see. My dogs are unnerved at the sounds and smells…keeping them in for the day.
    Nice shot of the dragonfly….we are seeing them around here quite often.
    Happy anniversary to the “Rights” ……☺️


  17. I remember when my bathroom and, later, the bedroom ceiling was being demoed. Crash bang. Kaboom. My poor animals were pretty unnerved.

    Fun times, not.

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  18. Yes they had a fire that damaged the house beyond repair…that was a scary night in the forest but out firefighters were amazing….at one point they had to forget the house and focus on the trees and land.


  19. Well, as I’ve mentioned on the prayer thread, Nightingale & Little Guy are home from their trip to New York City & Janie is home from the kennel.

    The peace & quiet & privacy were a nice treat for the week, but we are glad to have them back. Little Guy spent some time leaning into (a form of cuddling) his Papa while his mommy told us about the various things they did on their trip.

    There is a library that actually charges a $20 entrance fee! Needless to say, they turned around & went elsewhere. Manhattan was interesting, with some beautiful architecture, but they preferred Brooklyn. Little Guy did not like the “too much rushing” of the big city, & said our little town is just right for him (Nightingale likes it here, too).

    My mom was a born-&-bred New Yorker, & I’m sure she would have enjoyed hearing about Nightingale’s trip.

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  20. Kizzie how did Janie do at the kennel? And I am with Little Guy on the too much rushing in cities…when I must go into town I cannot wait to get back to the …..forest! πŸ˜‰

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