42 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 7-26-17

  1. Sadly, it was another day when I wanted to roll over and go back to sleep when the alarm sounded. Today I couldn’t. Up and at ’em. Dogs out, coffee made, dogs in, dogs fed, and they are back to napping. Lou just snored.
    I read RKESSLER’s post about how expensive a new hot water heater cost. I am amazed that it seems she will be installing it today! I wouldn’t begin to know how to do that! You are some kind of woman. I would like to be more like you.
    I ended up paying $150 for a new battery in my car yesterday. I was shocked at the cost. Perhaps I was taken advantage of, so I asked a friend who went somewhere else for a new one on Monday. Her’s cost $160, so I was glad I saved $10!
    I think the higher cost of things such as batteries and hot water heaters, etc is due to environmental impact fees and the “safe” disposal of the ones they remove.

    I had to call my ex-husband yesterday and tell him I needed to borrow MY trailer. 😉
    In the conversation I ended up asking if I could also borrow “Cuz”, (“Cuz, is a truck that belonged to ex’s cousin who died under mysterious circumstances next to the truck and wasn’t discovered until a day or so later–thus the name of the truck, “Cuz”) I was told I could borrow it, but I had to follow the rules. Each time I get in I have to touch the dog tags and speak to “Cuz”. I was also warned that it floats so I will need to be careful driving it.

    So because when I told someone else about the truck floating and then had to explain it do any of you know what is meant by that term or is it an old Baldwin County Farmer’s term?

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  2. Hello everybody.
    Kim, I didn’t understand all of that, but the cost of the battery wasn’t outrageous. You cna get better deals if you look for them, though.

    What happens if you don’t say “Cuz”?
    And I’ve never heard of a truck floating.
    You need to be careful.

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  3. I don’t know.
    I take floating to mean that the steering wheel has a lot of give in it or is “loose” there just is no good way to describe it. I pretty much can drive anything.
    I could squeeze the Xterra into the tightest of spots. I can do the same with Mr P’s Titan. Of all things I can’t do the same with my little two door Volvo. 😉

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  4. Good morning, good folks. Y’all are having an interesting conversation this morning.

    We watched the movie Tombstone last night. I think I got enough of the gun slinging and killing to last for years. Art said it was considered the most accurate portrayal of that time in history. The gangs had their colors back then, too. God did not make colors to indicate who lives and dies. It’s such a fallen world we survive in.

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  5. Good Morning! I was impressed with rkessler too Kim…and she is accomplishing all this with a broken toe?!
    I don’t know what the floating is but I guessed it would be that the steering has a lot of wiggle. I had a VW van like that. I would constantly have to wiggle the wheel to keep it tight enough to go where I wanted it to go!

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  6. I’m up early too, already showered & am finishing the first cup of coffee.

    Today is Wednesday so it’s “pet rail” day — we all do these little info boxes for the paper every week and today I help with doing the one on pet items (typically adoptions, adoption rate discounts, where to apply to be a ‘foster,’ any interesting new pet-related gadgets on the market, etc.).

    Trying to get a jump on the old homes story. One couple who said they could be interviewed, though, weren’t available this week — in fact, she suggested Aug. 4. Um, kind of a long time away, I said. So the plan is for me to try to interview each of them by phone separately and then we’ll plan a day for photos.

    Still up in the air regarding possible buy-outs and lay-offs, but one of the editors assured us she would give individuals a heads up if it looked like they’d “better” take the buy out, like it or not, as they’d wind up high on the possible layoff list. She’s part of a group trying to come up with a “strategic plan” for our 11 Southern California newsrooms going forward — “what the future of (our) journalism will look like” — but she admitted they aren’t even close to finishing that task (which was supposed to be the precursor to the buyouts before someone leaked the buyout/layoff info and they were forced to scramble and push everything up).

    I asked if they were close to even getting a consensus on a new plan for “our” journalism philosophy going forward, and she said no. Great. They have a little over a week now to figure it out.

    Fact is, no one knows what the answer is (because there really isn’t “an” answer for how we find a way to make money through ‘clicks’ in the digital age). Along with every other newspaper, big or small and in between, we’ve been in a downward trajectory for 20 years now. Every so often we hit a plateau and think maybe, just maybe, we’ve finally hit bottom and the shaking and sliding will stop. But no, soon enough, the ground gives way yet again and we get sold, someone else buys us, there’s a new boss, worse than the old boss, followed by more layoffs, more cutbacks, another downward slide … And on it goes.

    I don’t even know who “owns” us anymore, some bank hedge fund apparently. A colleague is convinced stockholders somewhere are getting rich off of us but I seriously doubt that. We’re always for sale (as are most all newspapers now). The constant staff cutbacks essentially make us more appealing to buyers.


  7. Of course, the owners spent a ton of money last year acquiring two larger papers for the chain. They’re the only ones now with decently staffed newsrooms. The rest of us are down to the bone.


  8. Today my baby turns a quarter of a century old. That makes me feel ancient.

    I’ve been looking at her birth photos just now and it seems like all that happened just the other day; odd how time works.

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  9. Speaking of that baby, in Nicaragua news, they saw 485 patients yesterday in pouring 100% humidity. Several folks from North America nearly passed out from the heat. CR was excited because there were several challenging pterigiums–which is what she is writing her paper about. Pterigiums are fibrous growths over the eyes that come from long exposure to UV rays. Not as bad as cataracts–they can be cured or at least reversed by staying out of the sun–but still bad news.

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  10. I would think several times before investing in a newspaper.

    Women’s clothes are more difficult to manage than men’s. Mostly because they have tiny buttons that are hid behind something. Especially hard if you don’t see well.


  11. Third child, eldest daughter, has been sending me photos of granddaughter. She looks so much like her mommy, brings me right back to when she was only ten months old. Such memories! I would not go back though I loved the time with my babies.

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  12. Hummingbird feeders: we filled ours in the early spring but have not filled them in about three months as I prefer to watch them at the flowers. That I way I don’t think about the yellow jackets which normally swarm the feeders this time of year. The birds seem to be doing fine. We will probably go back to it in mid August to see the last of them before they take off for the fall.

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  13. Chas, I gave up jeans years ago because of zippers and buttons and don’t wear shirts with buttons that need to be messed with. An incredibly lazy individual but I get by.


  14. The long invisible zippers are in style again for women’s dresses. I bought a new dress online and had given no thought to the back of the dress. At least I had the flexibility to manage the zipper. I probably managed it better by myself than with Art’s help. He’d get it stuck in the fabric and I would end up in a straight jacket situation trying to get out of it.

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  15. Mumsee, FYI, jeans with buttons and zippers can still be worn if the waist is not tight and you can slide them over your hips with a little tug. You just have to be sure they are snug enough not to slide down on their own.


  16. Re: Immigration issues mentioned in yesterday’s prayer thread

    My brother married a Mongolian woman who already had a daughter from a previous relationship. They now live in the US and have been trying to get the daughter citizenship. She is now 19, and has a green card, but someone (either the Mongolian government or the US Immigration office) lost the original birth certificate.


  17. The designers of women’s clothing need to realize that not every woman can afford to hire a “lady’s maid” to help her get dressed. Zippers and buttons in back may look nice, but are impractical in modern society, except perhaps for the rich who can afford a lady’s maid.

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  18. Mumsee, I don’t care for jeans either. I got a few pairs in my twenties when a mentor convinced me I needed to make more of an effort to “fit in” with my peers if I wanted to make friends. I didn’t have pierced ears (I pierced them years later for my husband), rarely wore makeup, didn’t wear jeans. So I got some jeans, but years later I realized I rarely wore them since they were so uncomfortable, and they did no good taking up space in my dresser. So I gave them away and haven’t bought another pair since. (For a few years I kept the green and maroon jeans, and I wore them if I was going to be somewhere that I wouldn’t be sitting down–I liked the look of them, but they hurt if I sat down–but once I gained a few pounds, I gave them away too.) I’ve never worn any pants tight, but jeans are so uncomfortable in the waist and the crotch I’ve always been surprised when people say they find them comfortable. Give me slacks or a dress any day.


  19. Not me. I love my jeans. They make me feel young, kicky and hip.

    Given how old I feel today, perhaps I should put them on . . . I’ve even got a pair with the trendy rips here and there–though mine are from working in the garden! LOL

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  20. I used to love my jeans, but then I always wore boy jeans which had a reasonable cost. Then I always thought this kind of pants looked stupid. I wore them when pregnant and said, where have you been all my life. And since I don’t mind looking different from everyone else, it works for me. I am comfortable, nobody has to compare their jeans to mine, and I don’t go anywhere so it does not matter anyway. I don’t care when other people wear jeans and around here, it could be everybody else. Though sometimes I am unChristian in my thoughts and wonder how that person got those things on. One of my daughter’s, who weighs more than I do and is several inches shorter wears a size six while I wear a size sixteen. You just have to wonder sometimes. But then I set that thought aside and say, I am so glad I am done with that age.

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  21. Shoes: They wear to church until they are too worn out, then to exercise until they are too worn for that, and then to the gardens. Eventually, there is nothing left.

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  22. Love jeans. Are there any other kinds of pants?

    Shoes: My favorite dog park shoes — a beat-up pair of faded black, lace-free slip-on converse low tops — are just about in their last days.

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  23. I got rid of some of my jeans but still keep a few pair. The old stiff ones from way back are uncomfortable, but plenty these days are made for comfort. I have some old softies that are favorites, and I have two pair with elastic waist band all the way around that I use for lawn mowing when I wear an old t-shirt that absorbs sweat equly as well. Dress or business casual slacks would not work for lawn mowing, dresses would ensure mosquitos turned me into their cafe, and shorts would be the same. Jeans are the uniform of choice for yard work for me. I do have one pair of white painter’s pants that I alternate with jeans.


  24. Art and I got to watch most of the movie, The Help, two evenings ago. I had long wanted to see it. We have cable here, but the movies have been on TBS and have commercials so I have missed the library DVDs without commercials.

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  25. Art said the piped in music at his conference is 60’s and 70’s rock. That pretty well matches with the majority of people’s taste at the conference. He said that Sympathy for the Devil by the Rolling Stones was playing nust before one presenter took the stage. The speaker told the audience he hoped the song was in no way referencing him. But considering he is with IRS…

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  26. I used to have a tiny waist. Jeans that went over my hips, gapped in the waist. Now I can put them on and take them off without unbuttoning or unzipping them. 😦 😉 🙂

    Michelle, I am listening to The Conversion Code on Audible. It gave me lots of ideas for you to market Mrs. Oswald Chambers. Perhaps your web guru knows about this book? One of the ideas I had was for you to somehow have a link where people could “Meet the Author” when you go out on book tour. I had some other really great ideas while I was driving but alas they must have flown out the car window when I wasn’t looking.


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  27. We have hot water!

    My daughter came to pick up the grands, and helped move the old one out, and the new on in. What a blessing!

    I only had to call the hubby twice. Once to find the Teflon tape, and once to find the pex tool.

    There is nothing impressive about anything I do. Things need to get done, so I do them. I live in the west, where men are men, and women are capable.

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  28. You go, girl.

    I just found out that my guest room has no water to the sink, or very little. Apparently, as we have so few guests, it is not being used enough to keep it running. Too bad I did not notice before I had a guest. She probably just figured it was jammed with a snake or mice or something, and better they stay put. Working on that little problem.

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