11 thoughts on “News/Politics 7-20-17

  1. Friedman influenced Reagan. Hayek influenced Thatcher. Reagan and Thatcher influenced the world and economic ignorance and poverty were greatly reduced.


    For those who are interested, the little paperback version of Free to Choose is still widely available. It is almost impossible to read the chapter on trade and remain a protectionist.


  2. The full transcript of the recent New York Times interview with Trump. Other members of the press treat Trump like an adult politician and their interviews with him generally turn combative. Maggie Haberman treats Trump like a child. The child likes her, and gives her what she wants.


  3. Bret Stephens responded to Prager:

    As Prager said in his column, his Tweet would have been much more defensible had he included academia along with the press.


  4. “The American Mirror” via Drudge

    “Is 78-year-old “Auntie” Maxine Waters seriously going to make a run for the White House in 2020?”
    If Maxine Waters is running against Trump. What do we do?

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  5. She’s one of our locals. I’ve spoken to her a couple times through the years, but the last time I did a story on her race she never did call us back after I put out repeated requests to her staff. She’s not alone, I remember once putting in nearly a dozen calls to a much-too-comfortable incumbent whose party so dominated the district that no one else really has a chance anyway.

    But I seriously doubt Waters would be in a (serious) position to run for president at 80+ years old.

    My sense still is that the Trump presidency, in any number of possible scenarios, may not make it through a full 4 years. But I seemingly have lost my abilities of political forecast these days.

    Signing off again from the State of Denial.

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  6. DJ’s experience points to a problem arising from gerrymandered districts. Since your district almost guarantees you a win, why give media interviews — not worth the risk.

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  7. The poll I posted at 8:09 reveals a serious problem that the Right must address. If a majority of Trump supporters are uninformed/misinformed about something as basic as whether Little Trump attended a meeting which he announced he had attended, we can only imagine the level of knowledge these folks have about complex issues such as health care and tax reform.

    I refused to believe that these folks are just uninformed. My experience over the last year has convinced me that they have been consistently misinformed by Fox News, Rush, Hannity, Breitbart, Alex Jones and others.

    We have to clean up our own act. Republican leaders need to confront lies, ignorance and misbehavior even if it costs them their seats. Fox News execs need to clean up the cesspool they broadcast for much of the day. Each of us has a role to play with friends and family.


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