58 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 7-11-17

  1. When I opened it up, all I saw was the circular lights in the ceiting.


    Good morning everyone.

    How did the test go Kim?. Answer may be on yesterday’s thread.
    I’ll hafta look.


  2. Good morning.

    That looks like a symphony hall. Yes, Chas, a very strange many-eyed bird that makes a multiple of typical bird sounds. It puts the talented Mockingbird to shame.

    I believe Kim said the test is scheduled for another time.

    I need to have coffee and Bible study as I await the daily rain. See y’all later!

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  3. That was us singing in Carnegie Hall (actually, practicing prior to singing) on June 25, a 225-voice choir participating in the LCMS concert to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.

    Michelle and other Lutherans and musicians – if the name Ralph Schultz means anything to you, that’s him directing us.

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  4. I would hate sitting in one of those top balcony seats.
    I never liked regular balcony. I just don’t like looking down on the action.
    I don’t even like being high up at sports events.


  5. Kevin, confirming whether I was a Governor or an Advocate. I can easily switch between. My main problem is that I will not force my will on anyone else so it makes me not so much someone for someone else to be accountable to.

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  6. Chas, I was just catching up on the raves thread and noticed your comment. She is on the way to idaho, that is why she is in Minnesota after leaving Missouri. Make sense now?

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  7. Gotcha Mumsee. I once drove through part of Minnesota on the way back from Monaana to Virginia. Part of what Rush calls “Fly over country”.


  8. The term ‘fly-over’ country is accurate based on many of the people I know who are familiar with both coasts but have never been the Midwest. Ever.

    Linda, what a thrill that must have been. I knew right away what the picture was (well, when I saw they were from Linda). It reminds me that a friend of mine years ago, who sang with the choir at one of our local mega churches, also got to sing at Carnegie.

    It was good to wake up to gray skies today (rather than that sun glaring into my bedroom window, signaling another miserable day). The heat and dreaded humidity are supposed to stay with us for several days longer (blame a hurricane in Mexico). But maybe we’ll get minimal relief as the week progresses.

    Was talking to a neighbor last night whom I hadn’t seen in a while (we bought our houses in the same neighborhood at almost exactly the same time) — I was out watering when he came by with his dogs. He’s waiting for his divorce to come through and said he’d been corresponding online with some “women in Asia” and he may wind up moving out of the country to remarry and live abroad. That’s odd, I thought …

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  9. Who needs coffee? The gardeners next door have fired up their equipment which is now buzzing and grinding and whining as my dogs bark at the noise from my behind back fence.


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  10. Really, really muggy here today. When I went outside at 9:00 I thought it must be at least 80 degrees, but both the news radio and my car thermometer said it was only 76.

    Unfortunately we have a lot of low clouds, so Flyboy probably isn’t going to get to fly today. He couldn’t fly yesterday either because of severe thunderstorms. He has two more lessons scheduled later in the week but the forecast doesn’t look great for those days either.

    Mumsee, his instructor had him flying “under the hood” for the first time last week. Thanks to you I knew what he was talking about.


  11. I heard on the news that an eleven year old girl was electrocuted while using the cell phone in the bathtub. It was being charged.
    People need to understand that electricity and water, or with any grounded metal are very dangerous.
    I can’t understand the mindset that has someone using a phone in the bath anyhow.
    Unfortunate tragedy that didn’t have to happen.’
    Just a little thought. Or knowledge. .


  12. For some odd reason, they chose not to have the concert recorded. Rumor had it that it cost $5,000 just for the service, not counting the cost of the actual recording. But for all the money that was put out for it, you’d think that would be a drop in the proverbial bucket. Of course the also prohibited personal recording and I heard that some folks had their phone confiscated.


  13. They are addicted, Chas, and can not control the urge to look at the phone. It should not have been in the bathroom at all, nor should an outlet so close to the bath. And the outlet should have had one of those protectors on it that are required in bathrooms. Don’t know if that would have protected her. I think she was fourteen. I tell our children not to do anything electric in there. I don’t know if they listen, but most probably do.

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  14. Linda, I would think it would have been a really cool experience. I have been in some interesting churches and cathedrals and ancient coliseums where the sound was extraordinary. One open air coliseum in Greece was so arranged that you could hear a coin dropped on the stage while sitting in the highest, furthest seats. Amazing how people can do the engineering for these things. Or were able to.

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  15. Son has still not flown solo. Today he expected to fly but the whole time was spent taking the test to solo. He still hopes to be done by the time he heads to college but it is getting closer. He flies several times a week now but things do get in the way. Usually, its his instructor being gone.


  16. Big thunder boomers here, before our expected rain. It seems odd to have so much rain after the major drought we had a few years back.

    Since it is Prime day I am thinking 2ordering a new phone for Art. He has been highly disappointed in the Galaxy 4 he has been using. I never know if it is the phone or his lack of ability to hit the right buttons. I sent him info about a good deal on Prime.

    The drenching is here. I’m thinking of taking my laundry outside and sprinkling soap powders on it. That was only a momentary thought. One way to conserve resources.

    Someone used Kindle Fire…is it Peter? I see it is available for 29.99 today. I just wonder how it would work for Audible books?


  17. I bought a set of sheets for $5 on Amazon. And found a deep discount on the biggest box of greenies my dogs love so much (but are rather pricey).

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  18. Mumsee, Flyboy also had trouble with instructor availability. His first instructor was a friend of ours who is retired from the FAA and encouraged his interest in flying since he was little. They have a good chemistry, but in her semi-retirement she is so busy and travels so much they couldn’t schedule much time together. He ended up with a different instructor and the schedules seem to work better.

    Now if only the weather would cooperate!


  19. The bad news is that I did not pass the test.
    The Good news is that I got 27 out of 40 correct.
    The reason this is good news is that McKissock sold me the wrong License Law. They sold me the CE for license law. They have refunded the money for that course and discounted the right course. Now I will have to take the full 63 hours but will only have to take the Law portion.

    If only I could have guess 3 more answers correctly, but I decided it means that I think like I ought to and used logic and past experience. to get as many correct as I did. I PROMISE I had NEVER seen that material before.

    So if you don’t hear from me for a week or two, well I will be taking a 63 hour prep to take a portion of the test again.

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  20. Jo, did you run into any bad weather? I listen to Minnesota Public Radio online, and caught part of a forecast that predicted some potentially severe weather for someplace in MN, not sure where or exactly when, but sometime this evening, I think. Wondering if there were any storms as you headed west?


  21. At least two of my brothers wanted to be pilots. One wanted to joint the Air Force, but the day he and my father went to the recruitment office, it was closed, and he ended up joining the Army instead. (I suspect Dad wasn’t willing to go back another day, since my oldest brother is simply not the sort of person to say, “Well, OK, the Army is good enough, let’s do that instead.”

    Another brother was taking flying lessons, and one hour from getting his license, his instructor died of a heart attack. A lot of people would have said, “Well, I’m close, let’s finish it off with another instructor,” but my brother didn’t. He had already promised my mom she would be the first person to go up with him when he could legally take her, and she was looking forward to it.


  22. I got the phone and a Kindle Fire with extra storage card. It will be nice to put things on there so as to not use up storage space on my phone and tablet. The Fire is good with all Amazon offerings so we can watch movies on it if desired.

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  23. Janice- Audible is an app available for Kindle Fire, so you shouldn’t have any trouble with it.

    My problem is that my Kindle keeps telling me it is short on storage space, but when I go to clean it up, it only will allow me to delete a 5Mb book I am reading. Sorry, but clearing out 5Mb out of 5Gb is not going to solve anything. there are several apps taking up hundreds of megabytes of space I would like to delete, but it won’t let me.


  24. Frustrating how the apps hog the memory. Most of my Ipad seems to be the apps’ fault.

    Of course, that means I’m constantly deleting things and will have to buy a larger Ipad next time. 😦


  25. Grass and dirt and weeds watered — the city tree is coming along quite nicely. I was getting ready to walk the dogs but messed up by opening the back door at the wrong time so the cat dashed out (she shouldn’t be out this late); so now I’m waiting for her to return so I can try locking her in again while the dogs and I go walking. Or maybe we’ll just go anyway. She’ll be fine and the doggie door will be unlocked.

    As much as I’m not a big fan of summer, I will miss these summer evenings where the extra daylight actually allows me to have a life after I get home from work.

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  26. This afternoon a friend and I went out for dessert. (We have found that a fun way to do things–you don’t usually splurge on a restaurant dessert, but if you eat at home, then for less than the cost of a restaurant meal you can splurge and get only dessert.) Leaving the restaurant, we were stopped at a stop sign when we got rear-ended by a pickup truck. Her car, no visible damage, but it felt like a board being rammed across my back and then I heard the crash. My back has felt bad on and off–not awful, but some discomfort. I took a pill when I got home and elected not to do some minor physical stuff (requiring lifting) I’d planned to do this afternoon. I would prefer to wake up not feeling any pain and have it just be a “blip” in an otherwise good day.


  27. Ouch, Cheryl — you might feel sore for a while, likely not serious (although they usually tell you to get an X-ray just to make sure, especially if insurance issues may come up).


  28. Annie came back in, lured by her food dish, so the dogs and I got our walk taken. Really enjoyable and peaceful, just an easy trek through the neighborhood at dusk. 🙂

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  29. 62.


    Kevin, your “Not!” elicited the same response from me — a good belly laugh. 🙂

    Cheryl, hope your back is feeling okay today. I get so nervous about being hit from the rear, especially when I’ve got passengers in the back seat.


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