35 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 7-5-17

  1. Is that your new photo? Nice.

    The fireworks went on and on and on last night, I finally had to go to bed — I shut the window (hard because it had been such a warm day), turned the fans on high, but poor Cowboy just keep pacing all around the bedroom, click-click-click, he was a wreck. there were a bunch of fireworks being set off just on the other side of the canyon across the street from me. It must have all settled down by around 11 or so, I think.

    Up early today as I have to leave my car for service. I have no idea how I’ll get to work from there, I’m hoping there’s a rental they can give me, or at least a shuttle I can take.

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  2. Morning all, from the steamy South. Well, somewhat South I guess. VA counts as the South if you’re a Yankee like me. 🙂

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  3. Well, AJ, Virginia did secede with the rest of the South, and the Confederate capitol was in Richmond. So, yes, you are in the South, just not the deep South like Janice and Kim (among a few others).

    We went to our fireworks and got home around 10:15. With the room a/c I only heard a few muffled explosions after that. We’re near the city limits, so any noise ordinances don’t apply to the neighborhood West of us. Yeah, that’s where most of the late night fireworks were.


  4. Keep the steam.

    All the dog owners in our area are swearing they’ll head for the mountains next year where fireworks are forbidden. Of course, they’re also against the law here in the city of LA but that doesn’t stop the natives from blowing them up, nonstop, all day and all night. It’s not exactly a high-priority crime for police who spend most of their efforts beforehand in trying to find and bust the big dealers, the guys who have garages full of big fireworks.


  5. In Virginia, the South ends at Fredericksburg. that is not entirely true for the western part of the state.


  6. On Monday’s/yesterday’s prayer thread I wrote some about Chickadee, & added a bit more on today’s prayer thread, if anyone is interested but haven’t seen those comments.

    In other news, Puppy Janie is now three & a half months old, & 23 pounds. She is almost as tall as Heidi (though Heidi has a kinda short, stocky body). Janie is long & thin, with long, thin legs (like Nightingale!). As I mentioned on another thread recently, she & Heidi play together well.

    Dogs playing together is kind of funny. It looks like they’re “attacking” each other, as they bite each other’s necks & other body parts, but they somehow know how not to bite too hard.


  7. I am waiting at the car dealership for repair of something found in the inspection. I brought my Bible study guide for my group that will meet tomorrow evening. I finished that in the time I thought I would be waiting. Thankfully I brought a Missions Mosaic magazine that I will read next. I already played Sudoku. I only brought a bottle of water…so I am fasting unexpectedly. I could get a snack from the machine, but that does not appeal. At least not so far.

    Those flowers are lovely on today’s header. What are they?

    I would be on here longer, but I did not bring my charger.


  8. So at 9:34 am I was on hold for 33 minutes and 30 seconds. I hung up and called again. I was on hold 45 minutes and 56 seconds. I am NEVER going to get my Florida exam scheduled!!!!


  9. Roscuro, that’s a fascinating article about Roman concrete. When we see roads breaking apart less than six months after they have been finished, my husband comments that the Romans built roads to last centuries, and we seem unable to build them to last even a decade.

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  10. Today is my sister’s BD. She is 85. I sent her an e-card.
    She sent a reply back saying she loves us to the moon and back.

    🙂 I’ve never heard that before. It must be a long way.

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  11. Kim should have been a children’s librarian. 😉
    I went to a private school where I worked in the library. I introduced the K,1,2 to the library, how to use it, and I read to them.
    BG and I read Guess How Much I Love You hundreds and hundreds of times. And Runaway Bunny, Goodnight Moon, Going to Sleep on the Farm, I Love You As Much, Each Peach, Pear, Plum.

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  12. Kim, did you read about going on a bear hunt? Or ten little monkeys jumping on a bed?

    I had a long day at the dealership. Then I stopped along the route home to get some movies from the library. And since it was alis along the way home, I stopped at Sam’s Club for gas and groceries. So again I have gotten things done, but not what I had planned.


  13. We sang Ten Little Monkeys. We didn’t read about going on a bear hunt although we had a book about a bear and the moon. It is probably up in the attic. We were in a book club for $10 a month they sent us several books. For all that, BG had me convinced going into first grade that she couldn’t read. I made an appointment with her teacher to discuss what I could do to help. She looked at me in total amazement, “BG is the best reader in the class. How did you get that idea?”. She still doesn’t like to read herself, but would sit all day if I would read to her.


  14. So it is now Laugh at Kim Time. I worked from home today. I finished up a little while ago and walked to the kitchen. I put my phone on the breakfast table and walked back to the living room to talk to Mr. P. My phone rang. I looked at Mr. P and said, “See there? I don’t even curse when my phone rings anymore!” I walked into the kitchen to answer it and IT WAS GUY!!!!

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  15. Cheryl, in all fairness, the Romans did not have to deal with frost in the ground, and I doubt very much that their roads could survive the speed and weight of the vehicles we drive today. But it was interesting to read how their marine concrete actually reacted with the sea water to become stronger. I see retention walls being eroded by water all the time, and it would probably be less expensive and possibly more environmentally friendly to use the Romans’ recipe.


  16. You did Peter!!!!
    He wanted to know if I got the quit claim deed from someone back in January. No. I found the woman but he did,all the communicating


  17. “I love you to the moon & back” is quite a popular saying. One of my Facebook friends uses it often when writing about her family.

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  18. I thought it was a really old and quaint phrase.

    But maybe not:


    Reminds me, did anyone watch the 80s shows on CNN yesterday? Well done. Tom Hanks is one of the producers of these shows. The new series on the ’90s comes on Sunday night. Each segment covers topics such as TV shows, movies, music, politics, big historical events. One of the ’80s episodes looked at the emergence of technology and the personal computer (seen as mostly a glorified typewriter at the time). The shows include lots of good film footage.

    Oh, and they showed the first cell phones, basically gigantic Army field phones people could barely lift to their ear 🙂


  19. From the Urban Dictionary:

    I love you to the moon and back
    A quote from the children’s book “Guess How Much I Love You”, meant to express that one loves another person more than they can imagine.
    “I love you up to the moon,” said Little Nutbrown Hare.

    “Oh, that’s far,” said Big Nutbrown Hare. “That is very, very far.” Big Nutbrown Hare settled Little Nutbrown Hare into his bed of leaves.

    He leaned over and kissed him goodnight. Then he lay down close by and whispered with a smile, “I love you to the moon and back.”
    by momotrickster November 26, 2015

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