Prayer Requests 6-19-17

Anyone have something to share?

Psalm 106:1-5

Praise the Lord.

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good;
    his love endures forever.

Who can proclaim the mighty acts of the Lord
    or fully declare his praise?
Blessed are those who act justly,
    who always do what is right.

Remember me, Lord, when you show favor to your people,
    come to my aid when you save them,
that I may enjoy the prosperity of your chosen ones,
    that I may share in the joy of your nation
    and join your inheritance in giving praise.

21 thoughts on “Prayer Requests 6-19-17

  1. Weather report is for significantly hot weather all week long, without our usual marine layer.

    I don’t do well in the heat and we don’t have air conditioning. That’s my personal concern.

    Of greater concern is VBS this week. I’m in charge of outdoor recreation and I’m going to ask you pray for cooler temperatures (relatively speaking) in the morning. Also, for vigilance on the part of my team to be careful with these kids. I feel wiped out already from the heat and it’s only 5:40 in the morning . . .


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  2. My friend L goes for a scan today to see if they got all the cancer or if she is going to need more chemo. Of course, we are all praying it’s gone. I remain amazed at her attitude.

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  3. Father God, I lift up the need that Michelle has for a cooling of temperature for their time of VBS. I know you have a variety of ways to supply for this need. It could be miraculous cloud cover, or an unexpected breeze, orjust an internal thermostat change in participants as they acclimate, or a large supply of chill neck scarves, or big fans placed in the rec area to supply constant breezes. You know more about it all than I do so I trust for You to supply in whatever manner is best. I have faith You will meet this need, Anna, because it is for the sake of your dearly loved children who will be learning about Jesus. You love them and want to make a good path for them to have their minds and hearts open to hear of Your love for them. Please do not let the heat be a distraction in any way. I ask for good health for all workers and attendees. Please give Michelle stamina to meet the demands of her station. In Jesus, Amen

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  4. I was asked to do VBS again this year and was sorry to have to say no. This is at a church we do not attend anymore. Sadly, the two who do the most planning are dealing with cancer; one for a spouse and one for herself.

    The church does not have much space and uses tents. I cannot take heat well, either. The tents have good openings, but then you deal with humidity, rain or wind. It all takes a toll. I did ok the last time, but the weather was relatively cool. On hot days, it was not good.

    This church does do a wonderful VBS and brings in an amazing number of children. Some do have other churches, but many are unchurch and even from atheistic families. Your prayers would be appreciated for the program, I know.

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  5. This is a prayer request for little Madison, the five year old daughter of friends. Madison has Down Syndrome, with some of the health problems that come along with it. She needed heart surgery very early on, & will need it again sometime. She also has a g-tube for feeding, although she is getting a bit better at trying some foods by mouth. Her mother writes. . .

    “Back in March we met Dr. Rader, Madison’s surgeon who did Madison’s very first surgery at 2 days old on her intestines, repairing the duodenal atresia and placing the g-tube.
    Madison has a hernia near her g-tube (that has been there for awhile) that was most likely due from her very first surgery that is getting quite large. We all decided to do the surgery after Madison’s dance recital because she has worked hard all year and enjoys dance so much and praying it would be a non issue until then.

    Well, Monday, June 19th Madison will have the hernia repaired along with a sedated echo to check her heart. A few weeks prior Madison just couldn’t sit through the hour long test (she wasn’t feeling well and exhausted and the test is hard to schedule) to see how her valves are and how the leaking is doing. So we agreed that the sedated echo may be the best thing and we can get a true look at the heart and valves. . .

    Please be praying for Madison’s surgery and echo.”

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  6. Kizzie, with most parents of Down syndrome opting for abortion if they know the diagnosis ahead of time (I’ve heard 70% and I’ve heard 90%), I wonder how many surgeons have the experience, or even the ability to see the need, with these children. (In other words, would a doctor quietly pity the parents of such a child, or even feel anger if he knows they chose not to abort, since that is the expected “treatment” these days?) I never thought about that before.

    But I know my sister dropped one obstetrician since she found out he did abortions, and she didn’t want a doctor who would kill her child if she only said the word, a doctor with blood on his hands. Yet the medical community is moving (in some areas) toward requiring doctors to be willing to perform abortions–meaning any doctor who refuses to have blood on his hands is going to end up out of medicine and inaccessible to those of us who care that our doctors not be paid assassins!


  7. Interesting question, Cheryl. I know that Madison’s mom was advised to abort, but they are devout Christians & would have none of that. They’ve been blessed with some good doctors who have been both kind & skillful. There’ve also been one or two they were displeased with.

    Like Designer Girl, Madison’s mom was an “older mother”, being somewhere around 40 when Maddy was born. Their older daughter, Abigail, is about 15 months older than Maddy, & she adores her baby sister. (And the feeling is mutual.) But they are very careful to give Abigail the attention she needs, too.


  8. Yet I can tell you of at least one woman who was advised to abort her severely deformed fetus. The doctors said that the baby didn’t have a brain and there were several other issues. She chose to carry the baby to term in case any of her organs could be donated to a baby who needed them. That “baby” just finished her sophomore year of college with the dual major in mathematics and computer science.

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  9. thanks for your prayers. I went to church yesterday and let myself cry during the hymns. someone was there to play our organ and the first hymn was “Holy, holy, Holy” God is good and I am doing better. Got to visit with the missionaries in the missions house. She is a school principal and said that her job is to help and support her teachers. What a concept!
    Then I got a text from a daughter and went to her sisters house where the whole family was. I sat in one chair by the pool watching my grands swim for hours. I finally woke up and was more active. After the evening was over, I went and got groceries. Today I am unpacking.

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  10. Kim, apart from the whole donating organs thing (I suspect in most cases that wouldn’t even be possible), if your child had to die, would you choose to be the mother who (1) killed her ahead of time to get it over with or (2) sat out those last couple of months, knowing that she was going to die but that you had that time with a living baby in your womb to sing to her and love her, and upon her birth to hold her and kiss her?

    I don’t mean that to be an overly sentimental picture, since I know those hours or days of holding a deformed baby who is hooked up to every imaginable instrument would in many cases be tear-filled (and expensive) days and nights. At the same time, unless the baby is born dead, they would be hours that you could hold the baby you loved and longed for. You could tell friends about your precious little one. How do you talk about a baby you chose to kill because he or she was imperfect?

    I was recently at the bedside of an old man who outlived his “useful life” by American standards. His last few days he lay in bed, not eating or drinking or talking, without much sign of awareness of things happening around him–my father-in-law. It was hard, and part of us wanted it to “be over.” But after he died, a couple of days after it was initially expected, I thought that my mother-in-law would look back to those days in which she had no life priority other than holding the hand of her husband of nearly 62 years, and find them precious. She didn’t get to talk with him (she could talk to him), she didn’t have to cook for him, she didn’t have to clean house. She talked to family and friends and she held her husband’s hand. There are those who would rush that process, who would encourage people to speed the dying and get it over with. And indeed none of us wanted to prolong it. (It was good that he didn’t seem to be in pain.) But dying is part of life, and we push it aside at great risk to our own souls.

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  11. The parents of the young lady, E, for whom I requested prayer last week before her brain surgery, had had a baby born some years after E who had anencephaly. Doctors discovered that late in W’s pregnancy and told them that their baby likely would not survive, or would be severely handicapped. Baby died about an hour after birth. They had a precious time of holding their baby before she passed.

    (And in their next pregnancy, their baby was born extremely prematurely — I think 23 weeks and some days, or maybe 24 weeks — and that daughter also died about an hour after birth. They have four children on earth and three in heaven — the two babies I mentioned, and one baby they miscarried early on — but know they will see their babies in heaven, and are grateful for the sweet memories of having been able to hold two of those three children before the little ones went home to Jesus.)

    I believe the giving and receiving of loving human touch is one of the greatest gifts God allows us to experience on this earth.

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  12. It’s infuriating how some doctors blatantly talk about Down children as not worth the trouble. I have three friends with Down children, every one of them a delight. One of them is a girl with an older brother and sister. A few years ago her parents took her to a doctor about a serious condition (I don’t remember what). The doctor told them all the measures he would take to treat the problem if it was one of their older “normal” children, but since it was just their Down child he didn’t think it was worth doing. They were appalled and never went back to that medical center.

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  13. I had an echo, X-Ray, and EKG this morning at Cleveland Clinic, then saw the doctor who put in my replacement valve last month. She said everything looks good. The valve is working well with little or no leakage, and the enlargement of the heart has begun to decrease. Thanks for your prayer these past few months.

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  14. From Madison’s parents:

    “Madison update. Hernia surgery seems to have gone well. She is in some pain which is expected.

    The echo showed one of her valves is leaking more (she has 2 leaky valves). The leaking (back flow) adds extra stress on the heart and over time causes heart failure, which will show up in a few ways but the most serious is the heart will start to get enlarged. The good news is her heart is not enlarging at this point. . .

    Where we stand is her heart is leaking more but not causing enough stress to enlarge it. So it is not a point of major concern but needs to be watched closer.”

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  15. Kizzie, funny that Madison’s update and my update come so close together, both involving leaky heart valves and echocardiograms. I certainly understand the concerns for Madison. Watchfulness is called for with those valves, and I pray she gets along for a long time without it becoming serious.

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