20 thoughts on “News/Politics 6-14-17

  1. Interesting how the TV news can make more news than there really is. About five minutes tells the whole story about the shooting. They have been going at it all morning.

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  2. It’s alarming, though, Chas, considering the growing fury that’s engulfed our political environment. The first of more? Let’s hope not … Still, when I saw just that headline it was startling.


  3. I have to say, there is something calming about NOT having to see these things on tv–endlessly looped and replayed to death. I really like getting the news from links to videos and articles. Even if I have to compare for clarity and lack of bias, it’s worth the peace of mind.

    You’re still needed, DJ! Keep on writing! And don’t let the news feeds at work get you down. :–)

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  4. I’ve avoided (mostly) cable news since the election and am surprised by how much I don’t miss it. 🙂 Once in a while I’ll click on CNN or FOX on the radio in the car, but I can usually withstand only about 10 minutes of the talk-talk-talk-to-death format. 🙂


  5. Republican rep DeSantis did an interview this morning. He left the practice minutes before the shooting started. He claims he and the person with him were stopped by a man in the lot who asked if it was R’s or D’s practicing. He told him it was R’s. He believes it was the suspect, and he was targeting R’s.

    Rand Paul (who was also there) claimed it would have been a massacre were it not for Scalise’s security detail, the only one on site, and the only ones armed to fight back..


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  6. The shooter has been identified. A Bernie Sanders supporter according to his Facebook page. Lots of anti-Trump stuff on his page.


    ” A gunman opened fire at a GOP baseball practice in Alexandria, Va., early Wednesday.

    • Five people were wounded, including House Majority Whip Steve Scalise and two Capitol Police officers.

    • The suspect, identified as James T. Hodgkinson, 66, of Belleville, Ill., was shot by police and taken into custody, officials said.”


  7. 66, that’s interesting.

    I do feel that we’re in unchartered territory and we could see more assassination attempts (as that’s what this amounts to) aimed at government leaders.


  8. Rage and fury?

    And then some. Just spent 5 minutes on the comment section of Yahoo’s article on Trump’s remarks. He called for unity, they’re having none of it. A lot seem unhappy that police stopped it before things got worse and more R’s died.

    Unity ain’t happenin’. These people want blood.


  9. And the left is turning it into another anti-gun crusade. They seem to have missed the fact that were it not for good guys with guns, this would’ve been alot worse, as noted by Rand Paul.

    And much of the media still insists his motives are unknown. A simple visit to his Facebook page (as I did) should have made it clear. It was there for all the world to see.


  10. And those security folks did a fantastic job holding potential victims in defense until help arrived. These folks deserve to be recognized for their heroic acts.


    ““The only reason why any of us walked out of this thing, by the grace of God, one of the folks here (security detail traveling with Scalise) had a weapon to fire back and give us a moment to find cover. We were inside the backstop and if we didn’t have that cover by a brave person who stood up and took a shot themselves, we would not have gotten out of there and every one of us would have been hit — every single one of us,” said Bishop.

    “He was coming around the fence line and he was looking for all of us who had found cover in different spots. But if we didn’t have return fire right there, he would have come up to each one of us and shot us point-blank.””

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  11. Is it true that Rep. Scalise has talked to a white supremacist group? (Even if he has, that does not mean he deserved to be shot, of course.)


  12. Kizzie,

    It’s false. And it’s only being brought up as a pathetic attempt at defending the shooters actions from folks on the left. Disgusting, really disgusting.


    “Reports that Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise, the third-ranking Republican in the House, gave a speech to a group connected with white supremacist David Duke in 2002 are not accurate, the man who organized the events said Wednesday.

    Kenny Knight, a longtime political adviser to Duke, told The Times-Picayune of New Orleans that Scalise spoke at a meeting of the Jefferson Heights Civic Association, not affiliated with the European-American Unity and Rights conference that was held in the same Metairie hotel two-and-a-half hours before the white nationalist event started.

    Barbara Noble, who was dating Knight and said she attended the meeting, also said Wednesday that Scalise spoke to the civic group, not EURO, according to the paper.”

    “The connection to the Duke group was first reported by Lamar White Jr., a liberal-leaning Louisiana blogger, who found a reference to Scalise’s talk on a white nationalist forum. The posting suggested Scalise was among the speakers at the “2002 EURO Workshop on Civil Rights” at the then-Landmark Best Western Hotel in Metairie. The story was then picked up by The Washington Post and then by other media outlets after Scalise confirmed that he had spoken at the event, a decision he said he now regrets.

    Knight said he rented and paid for the hotel conference room for the European-American Unity and Rights Organization, a group founded by Duke. Since he had already paid for the space, Knight said, he decided to also hold his local civic association meeting at the Metairie hotel. He stressed that the two gatherings were not connected.

    “Steve Scalise did not address a EURO conference. … The conference was two-and-a-half hours later,” Knight said. ”

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