63 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 6-5-17

  1. Morning, Chas. A nice day in Kinder. I kept them busy and learning. We put drops of water on various things to see if they were absorbed or repelled. Fun for everyone. and then there was melting the ice cubes on cement and in their hands, which was faster. Of course, I loved the screams from the cold! Four days left.

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  2. Peter, last night you said, “Cheryl and DJ- I think you are confusing ‘fresh’ with ‘soft’ when it comes to clothes dried on the outside line vs in a dryer. I find the idea of fresh to mean the fragrance. I’d rather have clothes that are a little stiff, but have the fragrance of outdoor freshness rather than soft with the artificial fragrance of dryer sheets.”

    No, I’m not confusing the two things. It was the first part of my life in which clotheslines were used, up until I moved out of my mom’s house at age 20. I thus have no memory of how “fresh” it was or wasn’t–I’d never known anything different. I do remember clothes were often stiff as one got them off the line, and it was nice to discover that dryer-dried clothes were softer. Also, line-dried clothes were vulnerable to whatever was going through the air, be it dust or spring pollen, and so sometimes they had an unpleasant odor or stains. And my sister and I didn’t know to use dryer sheets for the first year or two we had an apartment and thus access to dryers, and my husband and I don’t use them today (we use dryer balls), so I never have really associated dryers with the scent of dryer sheets, though I did use them for a couple of decades.

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  3. Good Morning Everyone. I hate when I awake with a feeling of dread.
    Yesterday we discussed that a Boundary must be visible. You can’t just remove yourself from a situation and be passive aggressive. You have to state your boundary. “If you are going to criticize my home, my family, my cooking, my whatever, then you are no longer welcome in my home”. This is an extreme example. As many of you can probably guess I tend to quietly steam and remove myself. I excel in passive aggressiveness. I really am not proud of this behavior and I try to fight it. Some people bring it out in me more than others.
    of or denoting a type of behavior or personality characterized by indirect resistance to the demands of others and an avoidance of direct confrontation, as in procrastinating, pouting, or misplacing important materials.

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  4. Good evening, Jo. Good morning, Chas.

    Yesterday, as the church service ended, the pastor gave his resignation and said he and his wife would moving to Sarasota where he will pastor another church. As I mentioned before, we are merging with another church. It had been decided the two pastors would be co-pastors. I think this is a wise move for the pastor and his family since their grandchildren are in FL. Still it is painful to lose our pastor while so many other things will be in transition.

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  5. Good morning to the others who came on board as I was posting.

    Cheryl, that header is absolutely gorgeous!

    My husband, Art, finally got our personal taxes done! Glad to get that over with.


  6. The columbine are from Mother’s Day, my sister-in-law’s garden.It’s a hard flower to photograph (so many possible angles, and the possibility of getting the wrong part in focus), but I think I finally got it.

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  7. I love Columbines. I planted a few this year, but now am wondering if they should have been in the shadier part of the yard.

    Crazy, crazy day yesterday. Missed the unexpected invite to an Eagle Court of Honor because my husband and I both fell asleep in our chairs before attending the final graduation party!

    Today is much simpler–gym, work, leftovers. What could be better than that? 🙂

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  8. Speaking of clotheslines: we don’t have one. It got taken out when we added on and never replaced. And I miss the smell of the clothes line dried and I miss the feel of the clothes line dried. Crisp and airy. I loved the smell of Los Angeles line dried clothes as they smelled like the beach to me. Every summer I look at getting a new clothesline but never quite do it. We do hang clothes out occasionally though.

    We use only detergent that is scent free, no drier things. No fabric softeners. Too many asthma and allergy folks here.

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  9. I thought when people were awake at night they were supposed to be praying for the rest of us. That usually gets me right back to sleep. Like last night.

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  10. Love the smell of beach. 🙂 Sand, salt, lotion … Bobbi Brown has packaged it in a body lotion called (of course) “Beach.” She’s getting a lot of profit out of repackaging Coppertone, I have a feeling. 🙂 But beach smells are unique and wonderful and will always remind me of summer in Southern California.

    I have 2 more chapters in the traffic school online, will probably just do them tonight along with the “final exam.”

    In answer to Cheryl’s question, I was caught going, oh, a little too fast on the freeway a couple months ago as I was trying to rush back to work from an assignment. CHP was sitting along the side of the freeway (which means it’s a problem area they were trying to crack down on). I’ve seen them there since as well. I’m much more careful these days.

    And I didn’t feel too bad when I was talking about it all with friends after church yesterday — one of them, a public school teacher and grandmother (who, like most grandmothers these days, doesn’t “look” at all like a grandmother 🙂 ) said she was nabbed for speeding to church in her husband’s Corvette — back when they attended a popular Reformed church in Orange County and she had to be there early to teach SS. She said she’d “floor it” on the 405 those Sunday mornings. 🙂

    In truth, though, going through the online traffic course really is a good thing, I think — I’ve learned some new things, been reminded of others — and it’s just a good time to take a step back and be more aware of something we do every day and take for granted that it’ll always be “safe.”

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  11. Someone should make dryer sheets in “beach.” Wish I lived close enough to hear the waves, what a great sound at night. I remember vacationing at one of our local beaches with my friend’s family one year (we were about 12 and my friend’s parents decided to ‘rent’ a motel room on “The Strand” as a cheap get-away for the summer). I remember my dad at the time telling me that it was one of the things he loved as a former “farm kid” when he moved out here from Iowa and then went into the Navy — that smell of the salty ocean air and the sound of the waves putting you to sleep.

    My new washer & dryer got quite the workout this weekend, they were running both days and evenings without much pause. I had a backup not only from not having a washer/dryer for the past few weeks but also from closet excavations.


  12. Mumsee, it’s true though — freeways are kind of free-for-alls. If you go the speed limit you’re going “slow.”


  13. Husband tends to be a bit heavy footed, maybe five miles per hour. Of course, in child that translates to our children exceeding by at least fifteen miles per hour. Which could explain some of the accidents. They could say that there is not another car within miles, but they still tend to drive off of the road on curves. Which often requires a phone call to family or friends for a tow.


  14. Another refresher course in driving happens if you have to teach a young person to drive. I still chuckle over son practicing in an office park lot that we did not at the time realize was the county fire and police headquarters. Good thing son did not do anything to bring them out of their offices. It could have been a really bad, even traumatic, driving experience.


  15. I learned that in this course, mumsee, that commercial drivers have lower speed limits and receive higher penalties.

    Michelle & Kim were in some of my dreams last night, Michelle’s daughter was getting married & Kim was in charge of our features department at the paper, that dream was something about her trying to arrange Santa photos at Christmas. There was more but I’ve forgotten it.

    How long before Christmas?

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  16. We have a clothes line, but use in infrequently now. Towels would be very stiff when I hung them out. I would sometimes take them down just slightly damp and put them in the dryer for a short time.

    Too many allergies to hang the sheets out and I don’t bother to do the rest on the line. I do hang out delicate items, but only in the summertime. That leaves out a lot of the year around here.

    I use the dryer sheets, but those without fragrance and I never use them with the towels. Towels become less absorbent with any kind of softener.


  17. I’ll have remember that about the towels, I read that before but had forgotten it.

    Chas, how’s that new shower? I’m astounded they did it in 4 days. But i think maybe I wound up paying less (proportionately) than you probably did. 🙂


  18. Shower is great Donna. I was going to stop the help I am getting for Elvera, but my middle GD, a nurse, talked me out of it. I haven’t done much about it because it was temporary in my mind, but they are going t be permanent helpers. Four hours two days a week.
    I need to work out something for them to do besides give Elvera a bath.

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  19. And so when’s the wedding?

    I dreamed it, it must be true … Michelle was shopping for the occasion in my dream.

    Just ordered a retirement gift for my friend who’s retiring from teaching (dinner is next Saturday). This is kind of a funny “School’s out forever” T-shirt type gift (she loved Alice Cooper’s song and we’d tend to sing it every summer when we’d get together during her teaching years). Will maybe also get her a gift card for dinner and/or a movie for her and her husband. Not sure yet.


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  20. I like to give and receive consumable gifts. At this point all of us have all the “things” we need. A gift certificate for a nice manicure because she will not have to break her nails getting her room ready again…or a pedicure because she deserves it after years on her feet. A facial to get rid of the stress the students caused. A gift card to a lunch only type of place because now she can do lunch with friends. A subscription to a favorite magazine because she will now have time to read it.

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  21. I agree (about consumable gifts, though T-shirts with slogans are her basic year-round wardrobe so those will be useful, I think). No manicures, she’s like me, short working nails — she’s spending this summer painting her house. Hmmm. So maybe something related to that … She also loves going to museums, not one to sit and read much. Maybe a home-decor type magazine as she’s sort of been on that kick lately and will continue now that she has more time, I suspect. They’re taking a family vacation trip to Australia this summer also …

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  22. Kim, I was wondering why Kim would celebrate Christmas in November. Remember, I planned my birthday to be six months from Christmas (I was off by two days, but close)–from either direction–and we haven’t reached my birthday yet.


  23. Since the women’s group I am now leading meets this week, and our pastor has led the Bible study portion for ten plus years I feel I need to do something for him from our group. We usually have a covered dish luncheon that he does not stay for. His part is over at 11:00. Would it be okay to have a cake for him then or is that inappropriate since our lunch is at noon? We can just give a card and gift card to a restaurant or something along those lines. Suggestions welcome.


  24. Kim, carrots or celery work well for stress eating. Really. A lot of chewing involved, and you’re giving your body some healthy stuff without unhealthy stuff.

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  25. Well silly me. Photo editor just told me it took him 30 minutes to do traffic school online — he kept the application open (so it looked like he was working on it) but just took the test (fairly easy) and passed (googling things he didn’t know).

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  26. Not related to my above post, but this made me ponder a bit …

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  27. The purple one is a Mother’s Day shot as well. In this case, the head-on view looked best because of those amazing purple pockets.


  28. And in the news …

    Ax murderer from NC flees to … my town?


    Times Editor

    A Wilson County man was captured Saturday night in Los Angeles after sheriff’s deputies say he killed his wife and father with an ax and left his young child locked in a bedroom the day before.

    Michael Allen Joyner, 38, was arrested around 11 a.m. at a home in San Pedro, some 2,600 miles away from the scene of the grisly murders he’s accused of committing at his 4104 Evansdale Road home. …

    Joyner is being held at the Los Angeles County Jail pending extradition to North Carolina.

    … The San Pedro community where Joyner was taken into custody is a working-class Pacific Coast enclave of California’s largest city.



  29. I never worried abut what my future self thought. I was just trying to get through the day.

    😦 My computer is slow today. I’m not talking about a couple of seconds, I’m talking minutes.
    I may get my laptop out to see if it’s in the computer on the connection.


  30. How encouraging my beautiful daughter may be getting married someday . . . except, she and I were in London last night in MY dream, trying to plan out our eight weeks’ trip around Europe which I had somehow forgotten to organize in advance.

    So funny! In my sleep I wanted to go to central Europe and visit an old medieval town in Slovakia a friend had mentioned at Sunday School yesterday!

    I’ve been at work all day, but am done until Friday, I think. In the meantime, I’ve lost my third marketing person at the publishing house and get to start all over again tomorrow.

    But I’ve resolved NOT to think about it until tomorrow. Sigh.

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  31. Question for the medically-knowledgeable here: I’ve heard a general rule-of-thumb that a person who had a fever is generally no longer contagious 24 hours after the fever broke. True? Depends on what caused it?

    My Tuesday piano student has a fever of 101. Mom emailed me with a heads-up, saying her daughter may not be able to attend her lesson tomorrow. I plan to let mom know it would be best if student didn’t come tomorrow, even if she’s feeling better, but I was thinking of offering a make-up lesson for after she’s been well for a longer period of time. Just wondering what a safe time-frame might be.



  32. 6 Arrows, it depends on the reason for the fever. It can take one or two weeks to stop shedding a virus like influenza. Basically, you are most infectious when your symptoms are the strongest, but as long as you have symptoms, you are infectious. A bacterial infection might cause a fever, but is generally not infectious unless there is direct contact with the infected area, unless the person has poor hygiene, and doesn’t wash their hands after touching the infected area.

    I came home this evening to find a package for me sitting on the step. I hadn’t ordered anything, so I couldn’t think what it could be. Somebody has replaced my broken ereader.

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  33. Cheryl – Carrots & celery may help some people, but for those of us with too great a sweet tooth, they just don’t cut it. Or others may not have a sweet tooth, but crave something salty like chips, or savory like certain comfort foods.

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  34. Thanks, Roscuro. The poor girl — she’s had so much on her plate lately and is probably worn out. She just graduated from high school yesterday and told me at her party Saturday that she was nervous about her upcoming speech at the ceremony. (She was salutatorian.) One of her dogs is dying, and very near the end now. Her mom told me Saturday that they’d been crying a lot about that.

    She’s also got a big performance next week — she is one of two pianists for the musical the high school is putting on. (My other piano student, a good friend of hers, is the pianist for the second half.) They have a lot of long rehearsals now for the next week and a half.

    And her older sister just flew to Europe Saturday night for a two-month study experience. (I can’t remember where.) They are a close-knit family, and with the unrest in that part of the world in recent days/weeks/months, that could be weighing on her, too.

    This should probably be on the prayer thread. (Pray for A and her family.)

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  35. How are you feeling today, Kizzie? (Meant to ask that on the prayer thread before, and to thank you for asking about my tooth.)

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  36. 6 Arrows – Last night started out uncomfortably, & I got “the shivers” (what I call “the chills”). But then I fell into a good, deep sleep. As I awoke this morning, though, I felt like I had a fever breaking, with feeling really hot & sweaty. I took a shower, & got dressed & ready for the day, & then realized I felt a lot better. Tummy felt just a wee bit weird a couple times, but the feeling passed, & I had a good, productive day.

    Thanks for asking.

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  37. I am very pleased with the progress I have made in my spring-cleaning-on-a-deadline. Tomorrow I tackle the last room on the list, the dining room, & I’ve already done a couple things in there, including sweeping the floor, which I did this morning when I swept the kitchen floor. Not too much to do in there, so I will probably have some lovely down time before Little Guy gets home from school.

    Since our kitchen & dining room are really one large room with a half-wall divider (one of the kitchen counters), I think people with larger homes would refer to my dining room as a breakfast nook. But we don’t have a separate dining room, so that’s what we call it. 🙂 (And it has different flooring than the kitchen.)

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  38. Good job Kizzie.

    Ah, michelle, conflicting dreams we are having. Kim is left in a quandary.

    I passed my traffic school final exam — twice. My computer kept crashing so had to take it again, plus do the final evaluation twice after another crash. Besides, that, pretty easy — and it’s done. I think. I’m legal.

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  39. More coyote drama, local school teacher took a photo of the BIGGEST coyote I think I’ve ever seen, spotted in her local neighborhood a week or so ago with back half a cat in its mouth. Front half was found a few houses down, on the property of a local school principal. Not pretty.

    My animals are locked in for the duration.


  40. The pansies are also from Mother’s Day. I don’t know if I have ever seen brighter flowers. It looked like they captured sunlight and were giving it back.


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