49 thoughts on “News/Politics 5-25-17

  1. Debra, It has been a very good week for your guy. I am not going to call him a “lunatic” again unless returns to a Twitter in a deranged state of mind.

    If he starts following your advice on policy issues, I may call him a “liberal”. However, to this point he seems to be making the press, the Democrats and liberal Trumpkins squeal on economic issues. I can enjoy that.

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  2. Ricky, I can appreciate that. I do not consider ‘liberal’ to be the epithet that the Rush and Hannity crowd would have it seem: all political ideologies are a mixed bag. America is a mixed bag too, and must accommodate a broad range of political and economic thought if we are to survive as a nation. I would look forward to a more rational discussion on the national stage than we have had in many years.

    That being said, I’m still not optimistic about the long-term survival of any nation or people group that declares God is dead and puts man in His rightful place. Such a people see themselves as “free” to kill their future generations, or make wage slaves of the population through exorbitant usury and other unjust laws, or use war as an engine of economic growth….and other fundamental perversities.

    I see no shortage of things to agree and disagree about. :–)

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  3. Your thoughts on this?


    A Fox News reporter provided a vivid eyewitness account late Wednesday of an attack on a reporter by Montana Republican congressional candidate Greg Gianforte that led to him being cited for assault by the county sheriff and to lose his endorsements from two Montana newspapers ahead of the special election set for Thursday.

    Both papers, the Missoulian and the Billings Gazette, issued scathing denunciations of Gianforte.

    The alleged assault took place at Gianforte’s headquarters in Bozeman, where Fox’s Alicia Acuna and her crew were preparing a story to air on “Special Report with Bret Baier.”

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  4. The Montana Republican candidate/thug is going to lose and he should lose. Hopefully, he will go to jail for a brief time. Fox News reporters were the primary witnesses to the assault and are being given kudos from the rest of the media for their accurate reporting.


    This is a chance for Fox to clean up their act. Their evening shows need to try to address the issues of the day in an honest manner. That should be easier now that Trump is behaving on Twitter and presumably not trying in any way to interfere with the Russia investigation which is now headed by Mueller.

    Hannity is on a 2 day “vacation”. I do not want Fox to bow to liberal pressure and terminate Hannity. However, the Murdochs need to have a heart-to-heart with Hannity. If he can control himself and act like most Trump cheerleaders such as Jeffrey Lord and Jason Miller, he could stay on Fox. If he wants to emulate Alex Jones with weird conspiracy speculations as he did on the Seth Rich story, he probably needs to go elsewhere.


  5. Kim, Great Southern minds think alike, but you were the faster typist.

    Debra, When I call you a “liberal, it is because you favor federal social spending. You are a Franklin Roosevelt liberal, maybe even an LBJ liberal. Of all current office holders, Democrat Bob Casey may be closest to you. He is pro-life, but supports all the Democrat social programs and is open to new ones.


  6. I normally don’t watch Law and Order SVU, but happened upon the 2-hour season finale last night. Wow. Someone really went to town with a heavy hand, obviously written following Trump’s election. Gotta love Hollywood sometimes. 🙂 No nuances.

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  7. Kim @ 9:42
    What’s to say. If a candidate lost his temper he had disqualified himself. It’s that simple.

    Debra/Ridcky. I fear for the survival of our nation. We have locked ourselves into a situation that has no exit. We have so many social programs that we are essentially bankrupt. The only thing is that the Fed can print money.
    The money doesn’t exist.
    I don’t worry about me, but I pray for you and my grandkids.

    Our country is in a financial and moral crisis. I don’t know which is worse.
    The world is in an economic and military crisis between US, Russia, China and the Caliphate. Once powerful Europe is not a factor, only a target.

    For the past eight years, jour country has zero leadership. And before that, it was misdirected. I supported that misdirected leadership because I didn’t understand Islam.
    The would would be better off had Sadaam and other dictators remained in power.
    Our leaders should have been aware of that.

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  8. I wouldn’t want to live in Portland. This is what happens when political correct garbage is allowed to become too shrill. Apologies if someone else has already posted this, but I think it’s a “must read”: http://www.portlandmercury.com/blogtown/2017/05/22/19028161/this-week-in-appropriation-kooks-burritos-and-willamette-week

    Do read the comments, though, if you want reassurance that not all Americans are crazy. There is nearly total support in the comments for these young women, not for the newspaper that is rejoicing they have gone out of business for daring to make tortillas when they’re white.

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  9. I was going to ask for opinions on that Gianforte incident as well. And I am not Southern. I could certainly see his frustration, and, living in the West, can understand his dealing with it. But, if it is as portrayed by the press, he is going to have to pay. Of course, other candidates and politicians have done much worse and gotten nothing for it.

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  10. Cheryl, reminds me of the time when my daughter in law (whose father, of Mexican extraction, was born in Idaho and mother, of German extraction, born in New Jersey) got after me for making tortillas since I am not hispanic. I make them anyway.

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  11. There are reports that the Montana thug may win as most of the votes were cast before today. If so, he should be expelled from the House by Ryan and the Washington Republicans and a new special election held. Republicans must take a stand for decent behavior.

    Cheryl, My wife is fully Hispanic and I think her tortillas are good. However, her mother and our son make fun of her tortillas which are never round, but always come out looking like Iowa or Ohio.

    My wife does not trust Mexican restaurants with white waitresses. This led to a huge running joke when we went to my wife’s favorite place and a blonde-haired waitress served my wife, her mother and me. My wife insists that the woman was a Mexican who had died her hair blonde, but my mother-in-law and I will always claim the lady was white and that my wife must now find a new favorite restaurant. Over the years, the facts of the case (the lady’s complexion, whether she spoke with an accent, etc.) have been hotly disputed.

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  12. “It’s still been a surprising and shocking set of events, but I’m recovering,” Jacobs said Thursday on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”
    Jacobs alleged that Gianforte, a former technology executive, knocked him to the ground Wednesday at the candidate’s office in Bozeman, Montana. That from Newsmax.

    And I am recovering from my shock that a guy would go to Montana, be in your face pushy, and not expect to suddenly be on the ground. Even if the alleged perpetrator is fifty six years old.

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  13. Cheryl, I couldn’t read the comments but by that argument, since everyone says ALL Southerners stole their cooking techniques from the African Slaves, I would have to starve to death because I wouldn’t be allowed to cook any of the food I grew up eating.

    And Ricky, as far as I know I don’t possess a single Hispanic drop of blood, but I make some really good “Mexican” food.

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  14. Chas and Mumsee, Before Little Bush invaded Iraq, I was having breakfast with my mother (Dad was still asleep) and I told her, “If the President invades Iraq, it will be the single dumbest thing a President has done in my lifetime.”

    Surprised, Mother jerked around and said, “Your Daddy said that exact sentence to me two days ago.”

    Dad and I had never discussed the issue prior to that time. All of our fears and predictions came true. We weren’t geniuses. Brent Scowcroft made many of the same predictions in the Wall Street Journal.

    Dad always said the thing he hated most about that time was that the people he loathed (Ted Kennedy, Robert Byrd, etc) were right on that issue and the people he liked were wrong. That has also been the most discouraging thing to me about the last four months of Trump misbehavior, with the “tapp” Tweets and the follow-up being the low point. However, now that we have had the Twitter Intervention, we will hope that all of that is in the past.

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  15. Kim, I believe you. I ate good Mexican food at least once a week through my entire childhood and it was always prepared by white people (my mother, my aunt and their cousin who owned two good Mexican food restaurants in El Paso).

    We got good Mexican food in Atlanta in 1966-1969 at the El Palacio. We would often see Atlanta Falcon star Tommy Nobis and his wife in the restaurant. Nobis was from San Antonio. In those days Mother couldn’t find tortillas or hot sauce in the Georgia grocery stores. We had those shipped to us from relatives in West Texas.


  16. Kim, I don’t know if this is racist or psychological or what, but the best grits I have ever eaten in the entire world were prepared by large, older black ladies. One was at a hotel where I worked in Fort Worth in the 1970s. One was at a restaurant in downtown Birmingham in the late 1970s.
    I have never again found grits quite that good, not even in Charleston.


  17. We had delicious shrimp and grits at the restaurant in Brookgreen Gardens. That dish was used by the poor people on the islands because that’s all they had.
    They were good.

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  18. Ricky, it takes patience to make good grit and good BBQ. White women do not have that kind of patience. 😉
    I have certain views on things that might make others think I am racist when I am not. If I am ever really, really sick, I want a larger, black, female, nurse to take care of me. I want her to call me Baby or Honey and I don’t want anyone else touching me. I once ripped the sashes off of my dress because the doctor unbuttoned it to listen to my heart and breathing. I may have been 5, maybe 6 at the time.

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  19. In certain cultures, food preparation becomes a social event. When my wife’s family makes tamales, that is a great undertaking that involves all of the women (and none of the males) in the family and results in dozens and dozens of tamales. I have been told that everyone has a prescribed role and there is definitely a pecking order.

    The tamale preparation reminds me of stories my grandmother told me about “Hog Killing Day” in rural Texas in the 1910s. All of the hog was used (for food, soap or something else) and the men were definitely involved.

    The closest we had to this in my family was Concrete Pouring Day. Dad was in charge and operated the mixer. My role expanded as I grew. Mother was always a screeter and finisher and my little sister’s job was to fill a diaper pail with water to be poured into the mixer. She performed this duty with varying degrees of success and commitment.

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  20. Boy the folks in Montana have some choice today. Vote the R with the bad temper and penchant for assault, or the D family nudist camp enthusiast who has his and his teenage daughters pics on a nudist webpage, but they are clothed, though most around them are not. I wouldn’t trust the judgement of either.

    That’s some choice. 🙂

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  21. I had Benedict du Versailles for lunch. What this means is
    2 poached eggs with shaved ham on a split croissant with herbed hollandaise on top with steamed spinach. (My cholesterol was feeling a little low and my pants were a little loose yesterday) In my defense I did not eat all of the croissant, nor all of the potatoes. I didn’t even order the Bloody Mary. Oh and I drank unsweetened tea.

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  22. Huh. So if there was no neck grab, does that change the story to a tussle over the recorder and the 2 falling down? That doesn’t sound nearly as bad. Though I suspect it may be too late for the truth to matter now. Funny that….


    “A reporter who was a firsthand witness to an incident late Wednesday involving Montana GOP candidate Greg Gianforte and a reporter for the Guardian now admits she may have misstated some details of her initial story.

    Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs claimed Gianforte, locked in a hotly contested special election for Congress, body-slammed him and broke his glasses at a campaign event Wednesday. Local authorities have brought misdemeanor assault charges against Gianforte.”
    ““At that point, Gianforte grabbed Jacobs by the neck with both hands and slammed him into the ground behind him,” she wrote, “Faith, Keith and I watched in disbelief as Gianforte then began punching the reporter. As Gianforte moved on top of Jacobs, he began yelling something to the effect of, ‘I’m sick and tired of this!’”

    Acuna repeated her initial version of events during an appearance on Fox News Wednesday evening.”

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  23. I am perfectly happy with the Mary and no vodka. Most of the time that is how I drink V-8 because I do love some pickle juice, a couple of olives, a stalk of celery…well once I am done it is almost a meal.


  24. Funny how that happens. I wondered about lifting a guy by his throat and only breaking his glasses. Seemed an odd way of dealing with things. And I am a white belt in Taekwondo.

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  25. I’m going to cut Miss Acuna some slack. As the audio shows, it happened suddenly and quite unexpectedly. The lunatic carpetbagger from New Jersey reached toward the liberal reporter’s neck and slammed him to the ground and started to pummel him. Unlike an NBA referee, Acuna didn’t have access to a replay which probably would have shown the maniac grabbed collar or shoulders rather than neck. I don’t think it changes the story much at all.

    Ingraham and Brent Bozell immediately went to Gianforte’s defense and have been criticized by the same conservatives who have been critical of Trump’s lies and misbehavior over the last several months. At some point everyone needs to decide and announce whether they are a conservative or a cultist.


  26. 😦 Fox News uses the term ALERT so much that it has become trivial.
    You don’t pay attention to it anymore.
    Like the air raid sirens that used to sound at noon years ago.

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  27. What! 😨

    Rush said something outrageous?

    Talk about not breaking news. Stop the presses….. 🙄


  28. Many years ago a friend told me he got his news from Rush. Appalled, I tried to interest him in conservative books and magazines without success. My wife told me, “That guy isn’t going to read Buckley and Friedman. I don’t think he reads at all. Rush can give him a dumbed-down version of conservatism.” Then came Fox. Hume was good, but Hannity is like Rush’s dumber, unfunny brother. The Rushes, the Hannitys and the Coulters didn’t just dumb down conservatism, they perverted it.

    Rush, Hannity, Coulter and their ilk are to conservatism what Joel Osteen and Paula White are to Christianity. Those “leaders” present corrupted versions of the real thing in a manner designed to maximize the dollars going into their pockets. They convince their cult followers that orthodox pastors are “judgmental” and that orthodox conservatives are “elitist”.

    In both cases, far too few people have a clue where the real thing ends and the counterfeit garbage begins.

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  29. No, Kizzie.

    My friends on Facebook are either Old Trumpkins or young people who are interested in the opposite sex, music or sports.

    The people I follow on Twitter are writers, preachers or athletes, and I don’t know how to do Instagram or Snapchat.


  30. Well, I’ve only seen it from one liberal friend (YF, of course), so I looked into it. Apparently, ever since Richard Spencer, the white supremacist that some call a Nazi, was punched in the face back in January, there have been some people advocating punching Nazis in the face. They claim it is the right thing to do since, after all, Nazis advocate genocide.

    Other than earning one a jail sentence for assault, I don’t see what punching a Nazi will accomplish. I doubt that is going to scare them away. And it seems wrong to punch anyone unless in self-defense.


  31. Ricky, thanks for the Rich Lowry link. He’s spot on in his analysis I think. I have been hoping for a deeper dialogue within the Republican party that addresses the very real concerns of de-industrialization and blue collar workers. Eventually Democrats are going to awaken from their coma and remember that their biggest constituency used to be working folks. I would much prefer those people to have found a new home among more traditional minded Republicans before that happens. I believe that is still a possibility.

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