60 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-20-17

  1. Whoa! Did AJ start posting on UTC (Universal Coordinated Time, the new phrase for Greenwich Mean Time, GMT)?


  2. I just got home from work a little while ago. But I’m in a Saturday frame of mind already so it’s nice to see the flowers and announcement of a “new day”!


  3. And here I’m thinking how in the world can there be 8 comments on this thread at 4:27 in the morning….I thought I would be first for certain!!


  4. I saw something on yesterday’s thread about a Youtube of 6 Arrows program. Is there a link somewhere that I missed?


  5. That was me, I just hunted up the Grieg Lyrics off YouTube and posted it, it wasn’t 6 Arrows.

    My husband flies off to China this morning. I’m going to LA after Bible study next week and he’s going to beat me home by a day.

    Such an odd world we live in with airplane travel!

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  6. Michelle’s right — it wasn’t me she was listening to. In fact, I’m nowhere on YouTube; too technologically inept to get recorded on an appropriate device and then upload it. LOL. My statement, “If it sounded splendid, a very large part of it would be that magnificent old Steinway grand and the lovely acoustics in the room.” was probably a bit misleading. “If it sounded splendid” means “If it sounded splendid to the audience present in the performance room…” 🙂 Michelle very kindly assumed I must have made a splendid sound. 😉


  7. I continue to try to put things in better order after tax season. So much got behind. I have been going through Art’s shirts trying to weed out some since we have small closets. He has many favorite long sleeve shirts. And he wears them all so the “if it hasn’t been worn in a year rule” does not apply. I like to get him a few new shirts each year so the tax clients don’t have to see him in the same old same old each season. He uses jeans and t-shirts mostly after the main tax season, so it basically takes two wardrobes. That applies to me when I work tax season, too.

    I use to have seasonal storage bins for moving clothes out of the closet. I have gotten rid of those bins, but that has made the closets too full. Does anyone have tips on whittling clothes down to the bare necessities?


  8. Cheryl, thanks for your interest in getting a link to a video performance of mine, though! If I ever figure out technology enough to get on YouTube (1st Arrow had said in the past that we don’t have the right things to upload video to our computer), I will send a link via email to anyone who would like to see future performances. 🙂

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  9. “It wasn’t *I* she was listening to…” Before the grammar police arrive. 😉

    Actually, it should probably be “It wasn’t I to whom she was listening…” so the sentence doesn’t end with a preposition.

    Have I missed anything? 😉

    Janice, I think a good practice for whittling down to bare necessities is to observe the one-in-one-out rule: buy something new, get rid of one old thing in that category. Being that he has several favorite long-sleeved shirts, it may not be that important to buy more new items. A lot of tax clients may not even notice if he’s wearing the same things often, or care if they do notice it.

    My husband has a lot of clothing items that he periodically whittles down. I just let him do as he wants with his clothing-in-clothing-out routine. It helps that he stores his clothing in a dresser and boxes and tubs in the laundry room, so it’s out of our bedroom. I just go in there to do the laundry that is in the baskets and ignore the mess the rest of the time. 😉

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  10. I slept too late this morning, considering how much I want to get done today. Sigh. First I’ll have to pick up Tess’ meds from vet and then try to connect with the guy in town who has that interior craftsman-style door I want to pick up.

    I unloaded a lot of clothes in the past few months — both closets are mostly thinned out, but more can still go. Dealing with the ‘stuff’ on the closet floors is another job altogether. But I’m determined to have those spaces organized.

    As scruffy as it looks, I love looking out on my backyard to see all that vegetation on the fence gone. Most of it is coming over from the people’s yard behind mine, bougainvillea etc. And some of it’s so heavy and dense that it’s pushed my fence inward in the middle. I probably will have to connect with them at some point if this fence is to be rebuilt.

    So I Chas went surfing and Kim is lounging on a yacht today?

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  11. I decided my closet will be helped greatly by removing bulky sweaters. I have some of those storage bags I have never utilized that use the vacuum cleaner to draw the air out. I think then they can go under the bed. We end up with too many clothes partly because that is all we tend to give as gifts in our family. My brother is one who gives a lot of clothes in particular. I will try to make other suggestions this year, but he is inclined to do what he wants.

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  12. For my birthday next month, I purchased wooden bird house at Michael’s, along with paint and brushes, gave them to my children and Adorables and told them I wanted each to paint a house for me.

    I’ll coat them in an acrylic and hammer them onto my weathered backyard fence. It’s what I want, each will provide something creative and it won’t cost them anything. Perfect.

    I don’t need any clothes either, but I’d love a new pair of Keen sandals! Lol

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  13. michelle, what a great birthday idea.

    After the trip to the vets, I started hauling everything out from the floor of the bedroom closet. Lots of stuff to toss, a few things good enough to give away. The top shelf in there, unfortunately, is way high (need a step ladder to really reach it) but I will plan to store some things up there to keep the floor clear.

    I found my backup Jeep key (those electronic kind), wondered where that had ever gone; they’re costly to replace and my original one, now 10 years old, I’m afraid may not last forever. And an old set of keys (over 10 years old, when I still had my VW) that had my safety deposit key on the ring, something else I need and had “lost.”

    And I found another box of old family letters.

    Leaving shortly to go pick up the door from Victorian house neighbor who’s only about 5-10 minutes away.

    We’re having a little heat wave here — close to 90 degrees. It’ll be interesting to see if my house now is any cooler with the new roof (+ insulation), new back sliding door and new big window next to that. Oh, and with that new, heavy insulation in my bedroom ceiling now.


  14. We’d had weather in the 50s & 60s for quite a while, then we had a heat wave the last three days of the week. It then went down to the 40s last night, & today is in the lower to mid-70s.

    I think almost every area of the country has that saying that is something like “Don’t like the weather? Wait 15 minutes!”

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  15. Finished watching Carousel early this afternoon (had watched most if it the other day). I love the songs, a couple of them being especially moving. But – wow! – there is a part of the story that would not fly well today.

    It is mentioned a few times that the main male character hits his wife sometimes. Later, the wife/widow states that you can be hit hard (implying by someone you love) & it won’t hurt.

    It had been a long time since I saw the movie, but I have listened to the soundtrack umpteen times over the years, so I enjoyed singing along.


  16. Interesting, Kizzie, I know the name but don’t think I’m familiar at all with the story — must have never seen it. I’d probably recognize the music.

    Picked up my door — this is a couple who bought a near tear-down Victorian house 15 years ago and have been working to restore it ever since. Still a work in progress — next job is the kitchen — so I felt at home with stuff from every room in a mish-mash where it doesn’t belong. 🙂 Microwave and coffee machine in the living room anyone? Kindred spirits (except for the ‘Feel he Bern’ bumper sticker on their car 🙂 ). She’s also Scottish (a college professor) and has been a firebrand activist in the community for a while. I told her I still remember the first time I saw her, she got up to speak at a public meeting, this pint-sized gal in overalls with long black hair, I can’t remember the issue being discussed, but she just let it rip when she got that microphone. 🙂 She and her husband both laughed.

    The door is really heavy, worked OK in the Jeep though, with the top hatch window open. But hauling it out and into the garage by myself it was a challenge..


  17. To add to yesterday’s mentions of multiple personalities:

    As Roscuro noted, it is associated with childhood abuse. But there is controversy over the diagnosis. Remember the famous “Sybil” case? It is now believed that she may not actually have had multiple personalities, but was very vulnerable & reacted to her therapist’s suggestions. There is also doubt that the kind of abuse she eventually described actually happened, at least to the degree she described.


  18. Shoes! I’m ready to buy the Merrell Vesper Slide in ebony. I never go barefoot and need a new indoor shoe for here. I will wear them everywhere in the states. I have almost the same pair, but after 13 years, they are beginning to come apart.
    Just had to post since I know everyone loves shoes. 🙂

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  19. Big boom nearby. Another. Maybe nearby power station. We have been having a storm of sorts. Power has already been out but is on now. For the moment.


  20. Just remembered a dream I had recently! We had a blog meet-up in Europe, and I was wearing the shoes you all convinced me to buy (in real life) a few years ago. Then I realized that those high-heeled shoes were the only shoes I had with me on the trip. 🙂

    Oh, and I had no spending money with me, either, but that didn’t worry me at all. 🙂 I guess I must have been mooching off all you guys! 😀


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  21. Jo, shoes !! 🙂 Thanks for the heads up about possible allergy to the cream components. Currently testing it on an area not close to the hives.

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  22. Fifteen year old daughter is back. As pleasant as normal, it is sooo nice. She is working on a quilt and she asked if she could iron the pieces. I told her she could. She set up the ironing board but came in concerned because she had only found the short one. I showed her the latch…again…so she could raise it up. She is happy.

    Yesterday, twenty year old came by and wanted to do some projects so I set her to work cleaning out the goat shed and told her fifteen could help her. Twenty told fifteen to bring two wheelbarrow loads of hay. We were chatting while fifteen got them and chuckled when we saw fifteen had two wheelbarrows. She pushed one twenty feet past the first, then walked back and walked it twenty feet past the second. All the way from one hay barn to the other and back again with the requested two loads of hay.

    Husband says I could write a book. Life is so good here.

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  23. Smart girl you got there, Mumsee!

    I’ve done that kind of thing before, but not with wheelbarrows of hay.
    If anyone is interested, here is the Wikipedia page on Dissociative Identity Disorder. Interesting reading.

    “Dissociative disorders, including DID, have been attributed to disruptions in memory caused by trauma or other forms of stress. Research on this hypothesis has been characterized by poor methodology.[4] An alternative hypothesis is that DID is a by-product of techniques employed by some therapists, especially those using hypnosis, and disagreement between the two positions is characterized by intense debate.[5][6] DID is one of the most controversial psychiatric disorders, with no clear consensus on diagnostic criteria or treatment.[5] No systematic, empirically supported definition of “dissociation” exists.[7][8] Diagnosis is often difficult, as the entity is frequently associated with other mental disorders.”



  24. I love that song, Kizzie. I also like “when you walk through the dark, keep your head up high, and don’t be afraid of the dark.”

    A poignant, if troubling, ending to the movie.

    my husband made it to China safely. I’m going to late service today, followed by VBS prep, prayer time later and then a lecture at 1st Presbyterian Church.

    I’m in charge of rec and bought out ever water bomb Michael’s had the other day. Water bombs: hand-sized foam balls that can be soaked over and over again in a pail of water and thrown at each other. They don’t hurt, don’t soak and don’t require you to fill and then pick up a gazillion balloon piece afterwards. We love them.

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  25. Good Morning Again. We are going to walk around downtown Fairhope. While staying on a yacht, well really it was a sport fisher, sounds nice, the reality was the beds were hard and we all decided to come home last night. Everyone but Mr. P is awake and well rested. We had a lot of fun in Pensacola and I managed to get the owner of a bar to make a special frozen drink for my guest’s to try. Bartenders HATE to make frozen drinks, but if you are along the central Gulf Coast you have to try a bushwhacker.
    I sent AJ a view of my morning yesterday. Perhaps you can see it tomorrow. If not you can see it on Facebook.
    Next they want to have lunch at Lambert’s in Foley.


    What people usually do is order from the menu, eat the “pass arounds” and “throwed rolls” and take their real meal home for later.

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  26. I remember the walking through the dark song, we sang that in high school chorus.

    Welcome back Kim.

    Just one more section and the bedroom closet will be done – yay. Then I’ll just have the spare room coset to go through. There’s a Civil War rifle in that one and who knows what else. !

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  27. Mrs L has a cold, so she stayed home from church today. That’s the first time in 20 years. I hope she’s better tomorrow for our anniversary.

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  28. I stayed home from church again today. I’m still contending with the hives and the medications make me too sleepy to drive (husband is working weekends again for the summer season).

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  29. Jerry Lewis used to sing “You’ll Never Walk Alone” (the song Michelle mentioned) at the end of his Labor Day MDA telethons. I grew up watching portions of that telethon every year, & then Hubby & I did also most years. (Not watching the whole thing, but checking in on it during the day, or leaving it on as background.) It was sad the way they dumped Lewis after all those years.

    Here’s the Josh Groban version. . .


  30. And I still have not heard from the repair guy about bringing my bed back today (I remember having this same non-communication when he was supposed to come to pick it up). Really would like to dash down to the Container Store for a few extra boxes (again), but I don’t want to miss him — when he was picking it up, I didn’t hear anything except a text saying “we’re on our way.”

    Closet floor is now completely bare, the clothes way thinned out. Two bags of give-away and 3 bags of trash. But there are some things that need to go back in there so now I’m trying to get a strategy.

    A nap actually sounds good, too, right about now.

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  31. finally got the text from the furniture guy, he’s coming to deliver the bed at 7 p.m. — a little late, but it’s still light at that time and it gave me a chance to dash out and run some errands without worrying that I’d miss him. Wish I could take some more time off work but I can’t right now. But at least I’ll get my bed back & the one closet is cleared out. Yay.

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  32. Except he’s running late and won’t be here until between 7:30 and 8 p.m.

    So I gave my new LA city tree a good soaking and did some more exploring in that ancestor’s chest in the garage — at the bottom were dozens and dozens of stones and shells. And a box of truly hideous costume jewelry. 🙂

    In one of those boxes on the closet floor as a folder (I’d seen it before but had no idea what ever happened to it) marked “very important papers,” underlined. My parents’ wedding certificate, my mom’s (and my) high school diplomas, my dad’s death certificate and discharge papers, the ‘dedication’ certificate for me from West Hollywood Baptist Church …

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  33. What a night.

    Just when the guy arrived, my washer decided to flood the kitchen floor so I was sopping that up the entire time — and then, naturally, Cowboy got out so I had to go round him up in the Jeep after I got the guy paid. What a mess. Probably just a broken hose, I’ll have to call someone tomorrow.

    But the bed frame looks great. I just won’t have a mattress pad as it’s sitting in half a tub of soapy water in the washer.

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  34. And to top it off…tomorrow is Monday…praying the work week starts off well and it is just a hose on the washer…Post photos of the “new” bed when you have it all “did up”!!

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  35. And the kitchen floor is now very clean. Will call the repair folks first thing in the morning to see if there’s at least an immediate (if temporary) fix, then start shopping in earnest for a new washer/dryer


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