17 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 5-13-17

  1. I haven’t been here ion a while. And I’m first! 🙂

    🙂 School is out next week!

    🙂 I got to see grandchildren Thursday evening and yesterday morning! D1 and family were heading to SIL’s parents for Mother’s Day weekend.
    😦 Sadly. they were going because his grandmother is having minor strokes every few weeks and they don’t know how much longer she’ll be around.


  2. 🙂 We are thanking and praising God today for our beautiful granddaughter, Annika, who was brought into this world one year ago. Thanking Him, too, for the SIL and daughter who have loved and cared for her since before she was born.

    🙂 We had a wonderful couple of days just enjoying the shores of Lake Superior. We needed to use a gift certificate for a hotel and just had not found a good time. These days turned out to be the perfect time. We did need to spend several hours at the hospital, but it was near by, so that was a blessing.

    🙂 My BIL has been recovering from what could have been the end. His wife sees God’s timing in what happened.

    🙂 My other BIL has had issues with his meds, but says he believes God has used this time to help him face his fears and trust God more. Mental health issues are such a challenge. God is still in control and will keep us through even that.

    🙂 Looking forward to seeing our grandson graduating next week.

    😦 Family and friends who still do not know the Lord.

    🙂 The tiny baby at church last week. He was over five months old, but still quite small. He was 1 pound 7 ounces when born. He is known as the miracle baby.

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  3. 🙂 Mr. P has friends visiting from Maryland next week
    😦 This has thrown me into a frenzy of cleaning–even the blinds
    🙂 Discovered that if you have a jetted tub it really helps to clean the blinds
    😦 Dust clogged the tub drain
    😦 Mother’s Day is tomorrow
    🙂 BBQ Man at work made white BBQ sauce for me for tomorrow

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  4. SEVEN count the SEVEN calls from Guy so far this morning. I told him I had company coming in from out of town and was busy cleaning my house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  5. Babysitting this afternoon & tonight, & most of the day tomorrow. Nightingale will be working 7am – 7pm tomorrow, but Other Grandmother will be taking Little Guy for a while, so there will be a break in the middle of the day.

    😦 Chickadee already in one of her moods, & Little Guy very upset by how she reacted. Hoping she pulls out of the mood for the rest of the evening. (She doesn’t always stay in a bad mood, but can go in & out of one.)

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  6. 🙂 A few lovely days away with my husband.

    🙂 I got to see a new species of bird and a couple varieties of birds I haven’t seen often.

    🙂 I survived the six weeks of crazy busy editing.

    😦 🙂 Now I’m sorting through stuff. Like Donna, I have Spode to sell–didn’t know it, since I’m not the wife who bought it. But I’ve managed to get seven boxes of Christmas decorations down to less than two, and I’m pleased with myself. (The girls can have what we don’t keep or sell, but we don’t need seven boxes of Christmas decorations taking up room in the garage!)

    🙂 Came home to a box of nice chocolates and a sweet card from younger daughter. Funny thing is, she and her best friend chose this weekend to go to the same place we were going (we were gone three nights, and they went for just two). Her friend just finished her school year.

    🙂 It is finally truly lovely here–so far we’d had warmer weather in February than in May.

    😦 Crops haven’t been planted here yet. It has been SO wet. And now fields are overtaken by weeds, so I don’t know what this year’s crop will look like. The farmers who planted winter wheat look like they will have it, but corn and soybeans aren’t in the ground yet. But we now have several dry days, so maybe Monday we’ll see some action.

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  7. Farmers are not out much here. This past week had a couple of sunny days and son went with the harrow behind farmer who was seeding. They had to go carefully to avoid all of the wet areas. They had burned the week before so had some idea where the wet spots were, but the farmer had still gotten stuck with the harrow the day before. Now it is cold, windy, rainy, hail, and freezing temps.


  8. Eighteen year old went to a mudding event for the weekend. Fifteen year old son is with his nineteen year old brother for the afternoon. Husband took youngest two to town to buy parts to build a frame to protect the cherries from the birds. Fifteen year old daughter is winding and rewinding and rewinding and rewinding and rewinding and rewinding and rewinding and rewinding her music box. I am baking cookies.

    If it freezes tonight, there may not be many cherries as the trees are in blossom.

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  9. 🙂 Chickadee pulled out of her mood, & has been pleasant. Little Guy is very tired, & doesn’t seem to be feeling well, so he will be going to sleep earlier than usual.

    😦 Chickadee’s earlier mood had me crying in the bathroom, over the situation with her & the McKs. You are all probably sick of hearing (er. . .reading) me say this, but they are really not good for her. She is not any more able to handle anxiety & stress than when she moved out three years ago, & may be even worse off than before.


  10. Kizzie, as you have told Kim, they grow up and make their own decisions. All we can do is pray for them and be there when they are ready.

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  11. Rave – someone just called to invite me over to lunch because it is Mother’s Day. Totally unexpected and blessed.
    I had even saved a bag of Bark Thins, my favorite, that my girls sent me last December because I knew that this day would be hard.

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  12. 🙂 Sorting Spode! Isn’t it fun, cheryl? 🙂 First World problems, to be sure.

    🙂 I’m still finishing up the garage stuff, believe it or not, but took time out yesterday to sort through and destroy or recycle most of the stack of old mail, magazines & catalogs that were cluttering up the front table. Ugh.

    🙂 Some archival boxes I’d ordered arrived yesterday to store those old early 1900s newspapers in.

    🙂 Getting used to the automatic garage door opener. I feel like one of those pampered rich ladies now. 🙂 Amazing gadget.

    🙂 A confused bird was fluttering and tapping on one of the living room windows near the cat tree a little while ago giving Annie a fun few moments. She jumped up to the top platform of the tree and finally lunged at the window (spell-check wanted that to say ‘lunched,’ lol — sorry Cheryl), harmlessly chasing the bird off with a start. Now she won’t move from that spot, she’s waiting for it to return.

    😦 Picking fox tails out of Tess’ close-cropped coat — I’ve been out there pulling them out but can’t seem to ever get them all. The rain this year has brought them out in abundance.

    🙂 Grateful for my mom whom I still miss. 😦

    😦 Worried about Carol — apparently the very severe pain she now has in her groin area and one leg is due to the hernia, according to her doctors during her hospital stay. Because it’s too risky to operate on it, it’s something she has to live with. But it’s become a serious issue for her quality of life, of course. I could see the pain in her face yesterday, In addition to contacting her friend Dottie I’m debating calling Hollywood Presbyterian to see if I can’t get her more on their radar for the deacons. Even if someone could just give her a ride to church and home again (it’s 3 blocks away but really to much of a walk for her in the mornings when her pain is at its peak), that would really help.

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  13. And maybe her home church, though it’s not very close by, could get her on a list for visitations and communion at least once a month.


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