45 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-12-17

  1. It’s Friday!

    You know what that means?
    It mean’s Jo’s weekend has started.

    Is that Janice’s mansion?
    I think they called it “the big house”. ‘

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  2. Morning, Chas. My rash is better, thanks for praying. The medicine that I found in the middle of the night is helping. I don’t even know what it is. 🙂
    Now my daughter wants me to come spend a week with her in Boulder in late July right after I get back from my trip across the US after getting the van. I won’t have the missions house until Aug. 1, so might work out. However living out of suitcases for that long is not something I am good at.

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  3. Good morning. On Sunday I went by Stately Oaks, a plantation house tourist spot, which is not far from the office. It was closed, but I could get photos through the wide bars of the wrought iron fence. Not far from this site, in the old train depot, tourists find their way to the Road to Tara museum based on Gone With the Wind.

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  4. Actually I am not very good at being with other folks all day. So used to being alone. If I come across as an extrovert, forget it, I am an introvert and need my alone space.

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  5. Most may not remember it, but some of Michelle Obama’s ancestors lived in this area. They visited the Clayton County, GA area at least once some years back.

    I am going on an excursion with the WMU group at church today. Guess I better get ready.


  6. As another reforming Pharisee like Pastor Paul Anderson, I like this section of the post:

    “The Pharisees’ preoccupation with rules misled them to major in minors. Love urges us to refrain from judging those who decide differently from us on matters not bearing on doctrine or morals.

    ” Remaining flexible about the gray areas keeps the love from shutting down. One mark of maturity is the ability to sort out truth from opinion, rights from responsibilities, necessity from preference, and knowledge from love (one can puff up while the other builds up).”


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  7. Good Morning…what a lovely manor it is…needs some flowering plants though 🙂 We have white rocking chairs on our front porch…it just says “come on up and sit a spell”….my favorite reading spot in the summer.

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  8. I want rocking chairs on my front porch when my house project is all finished. I’ve tapped into another resource — a man in town who’s been restoring a Victorian home for years now, I believe I wrote a story about he and his wife and their house work in the past, but we’re sending messages via NextDoor; he gave me a good tip on how to get my vintage glass door knobs to stay on the doors and not come off in your hand when you try to turn them 🙂 ).

    It was an early morning for me as usual on Friday, getting all the trash hauled out. But I already have my needed “Mother’s Day story” reported and the writing begun so today should be fairly easy.

    Timing really is everything in the news business; editors were desperate for Mother’s Day stories when I received a press release from a group in Hollywood that prepares medically-tailored meals for home deliver to those who are seriously ill at no charge to clients. Since they serve people throughout LA County, it was a story that worked especially well for us. When I called the PR guy he sounded a tad stunned that he’d gotten a “bite” from the release, though 🙂

    It was a scramble, but we got everything set up and our photographer is up there this morning to take photos the flower bouquets they’re passing out to all their moms this Mother’s Day. “Abby” from NCIS is one of their long-time supporters and she’s personally paid for all of the Sunday meals going out to the moms, a faith-based organization provided the grant to buy all the flowers and Keller Williams downtown LA made it part of their Red Day drive.

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  9. Haha — yes I did! It’s early for me. When casual blogging, I sometimes start a sentence and change the structure in my head, forgetting to adjust the rest of it. But I love that we’re all so forgiving in this casual format, right? 🙂

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  10. I am listening to fifteen year old weep and moan because her life is so hard. She tells me she hates to have me tell her what to do so I told her to go outside and do whatever chore she wanted to do. Usually she sweeps the porch or walks the dogs or weeds her strawberry bed. She could not think of anything to do and I make her life hard.

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  11. Nightingale bought us a porch swing for the back porch. We don’t have a roof over the porch, so it is a free-standing swing. Not fancy, but nice. I’ve wanted one for a while.

    (Had I mentioned that before? I have a vague feeling I’ve already written that.)

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  12. Donna @ 10:40. I didn’t notice anything until you said something.
    Mumsee, don’t you remember the times you were angry and didn’t have anyone to be mad at?
    You deprived her of a chance to be angry.

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  13. Oh Kizzie porch swings are just the best….!
    I have been shopping for new insurer for house and cars….we have clean driving records,only one claim (hail last month) and our insurance went up 600 dollars this billing period. 4,000 dollars a year for three cars, three drivers, no tickets nor accidents….new company just came in with a quote 2,000 dollars cheaper…makes for a good day 🙂

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  14. Nancyjill, coincidentally I spotted this from someone on our NextDoor site; must be a trend:

    Looking for new car insurance by end of this month. AARP raised up our premium by a lot on our 3 cars with perfect driving record and no accidents… Would like to find a local agent. Any recommendations?

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  15. Glad you are back, Kevin.

    Michelle, just replying to a comment you made yesterday about simultaneously studying two language: I studied French and Spanish simultaneously for two years, and I only once mixed up a preposition on an exercise – I was writing a short French composition and I somehow used the Spanish for ‘with’, con, in a couple of sentences. Since con looks nothing like the French for ‘with’, avec, I still don’t know why I did it; but one’s brain can play strange tricks under stress. I still don’t really mix the two up in my mind, even though they are both Romance languages, as they are quite distinct in pronunciation and spelling. Now, I can see getting Spanish and Italian mixed up more easily, as they have more similarities in those areas. I don’t think I will have too much trouble with Latin and Greek, as they have distinct alphabets.

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  16. And of course, the French would drop the sound of the vec at the end, just pronouncing it o. Which, if you look at it, could be confused with con.


  17. We had a nice trip down to the Georgia Baptist Children’s Home for our Atlanta WMU Association meeting in their chapel and then we had a nice lunch. The lady speaker said they no longer have orphans but instead have children taken out of bad environments, ones out of the sex trafficking industry, unwed mothers, and special needs children. They have counseling/counselors now which they did not need as much when it was solely a home for orphans.

    I think it will rain soon. I hear thunder. Thankful it held off for our trip.

    So glad to see Kevin on here again. Glad things went smoothly.

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  18. Mumsee! Actually, avec is one of the small group of French words which is pronounced in its entirety, from the beginning ‘ah’ sound, through the ‘v’ and ‘eh’ sounds, right to the hard ‘c’ sound of the last letter.


  19. Cuando yo estudiaba le français, mi problema era la pronunciación de las palabras cognadas con palabras españolas.

    (When I studied French, my problem was the cognates with Spanish words.) FYI- Cognates are words spelled almost identically in both languages and mean the same. They usually are not pronounced the same.


  20. Listen to Kim…When we lived in town, our door was that color on the far right….I really liked that door…(cannot recall the name of it now, but our house painter purchased it at Sherwin Williams)


  21. Yeah, the red door (“January Garnet” this one is called) & maybe even some accents …

    I also liked the “Blue Metal” but might find a dark forest/pine green that would work for accents/trim if I go with a tan main color.

    Like Kim, I like the second color from the left (“Burnished Caramel”) but I have to say that tan and brown houses are EVERYWHERE in my town now and it’s becoming a bit dull and repetitive. I like the Burnished Caramel but it would have to be offset with the right trim & accent colors.

    Honestly, I’ve never seen so many brown houses in my life (many with brown trim!) now that I’ve started noticing house colors in the neighborhoods.

    I also have a peachy-terra cotta house next door so need to choose something that won’t match or look odd next to that.


  22. My cousin’s craftsman house is painted a color called “maple” — which would be close the the Burnished Caramel — with dark green and white accents and trim. But his house is much different from mine, more of a classic craftsman with wood sidings and a pitched roof.

    My house, while craftsman inside (and esp the long casement windows), leans more Mediterranean/pueblo/rancho with a flat roof and stucco on the outside.


  23. And since I’ve rediscovered how to transfer FB posts, here are photos I took of my grandmother’s house in Iowa when I was back there visiting in the 1980s.


  24. Ok, well never mind then 🙂

    Can’t figure out how to change the settings on just that one photo without making the entire album ‘public’

    So you’ll have to just use your imaginations.


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