61 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-5-17

    You know what that means?
    It means Jo’s week is over, for one thing.
    The rest of us need to get with it.



  2. I have been working extra with four students who only know their numbers to eleven. I am calling them the Teen Club as I try to help them learn their teen numbers. Yesterday in the store I found fake plastic glasses with big noses and eyebrows. The pack had four pairs so I got them. Today I called my teen club over to work with and gave them each a pair of the glasses. They were so delighted and put them right on. What fun.

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  3. Now that my garage clean-out is over:


    LOS ANGELES โ€” Southern Californiaโ€™s weeklong hot spell came to a sudden end today, with temperatures dropping sharply โ€” more than 12 degrees in some areas โ€” ahead of three days of showers starting Saturday.


    I hava couple more boxes to pack and seal up, so I’ll do that today. Hard but productive week off from my regular job.

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  4. I’ve got nothing much to say today. It is First Friday Art Walk and I will be working at the Art Center tonight. We serve wine, beer, water, and heavy appetizers (too lazy to make sure I spell the other word correctly). We get a more mature crowd. They treat us like we are their entertainment once a month and it’s all free.
    My friend M does the catering and I help her. I have never waited tables, but I am pretty good at this.
    Oh, I did get a compliment last night. Last weekend our couples Mardi Gras group had a crawfish boil at my friend’s cottage on the Bay. They were selling Tervis Tumblers, and raffle tickets for “split the pot” and a basket of cheer. I jumped in and used my powers of persuasion and ability to coerce and can to turn a profit of $200 on the tumblers, $86 on the split the pot, and $250 on the basked of cheer. They had their board meeting last night and I got mentioned. I also think I accidentally got Mr. P and me nominated to the board. I volunteer and I serve but I don’t like those dang meetings. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  5. I didn’t realize your ancestors knew my grandchildren, DJ. . . .

    On another matter, I’m looking for some suggestions.

    Our Lutheran church (LCMS) is struggling to find children’s Sunday School curriculum that includes the Lordship of Christ, Biblical clarity and ease of use.

    We have reviewed 8 over the last year and nothing has been quite right for our congregation.

    What Sunday school curriculum does your church use or you can recommend? Linda?
    Thank you.


  6. We had a marketing meeting yesterday and I am so relieved. I had been feeling alone slugging it out searching the Internet trying to find anything that might work for publicity strategy for the book. The Lord kept telling me to calm down, not get worked up, rest, relax and it was under control.

    I could hear it, but I couldn’t accept it and went along beating myself up for no reasons.

    I’m much better today and thankful.

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  7. Michelle, short answer: I’ve never found any curriculum I actually like. Some (like Group) is worse than others, but nothing seems all that great. I’ve looked at samples of a lot of it.

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  8. Just was looking at some ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos of my garage. Sheesh, what a difference.

    When house projects are (mostly) done (hopefully by the end of this year sometime?), I’ll print out a few before/during/after pics and make my own little scrapbook. Seems like this year should somehow be documented for how far the house/garage has come.

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  9. Hi, Michelle, DIL teaches Sunday school at our church so I conferred with her. They are currently using one based on a children’s Bible that our Pastor recommended but she doesn’t care for it. Last year they used one from CPH that she did like very much. She commented that she didn’t care for the associated crafts in either and usually looks to Pintrest for better ideas.

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  10. I believe “13 Reasons” also was panned by critics pretty much. Teen angst and melodrama, who can really bear to watch it?


  11. Thirteen Reasons is causing lots of consternation in our state. Knowing how suggestionable young people can be makes me shudder for them. Of course, this is the Midwest, so we are far behind those Cali people.


  12. I had to laugh at the advice to teachers in that book. I cannot help but wonder how many children (especially boys) would not have shuddered at the description, “delightful busy work.”

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  13. Cheryl, catching up from yesterday on the prayer thread: Why are you surprised at Judeo-Christian being used together? My understanding is that this encompasses the whole bible as a basis for the founding of the country. That does not mean that Jewish and Christian theology do not differ. To add Islam is revisionist, however, and an effort to be inclusive.


  14. Linda, Group’s hands-on curriculum is the only curriculum I outright refused to use. I’ve used good, bad, and indifferent in my day, but the quarter that their curriculum was handed to me, I was “concerned” when I saw the lesson where you are supposed to give children half-marbles to put in their shoe and have them hop across the room with all their weight on the foot with the marbles. (Sounds pretty painful, and how could that possibly have any good connection to the lesson?) But when I got to instructions on taking out the “magic streamer” and putting one child at a time in the center of the circle, while you wave the magic streamer over their head and have the other children tell ways this child is “like God,” I was completely done. I gave it back to the children’s pastor and said, “I will not use this. It isn’t biblical,” and I told him why.

    I read the book about teaching by Group’s founder and was really dismayed by how often he downplays Scripture and outright mocks the idea of Scripture memory as part of classroom time.

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  15. Okay, Kim, you can be a dictator. I think the cartoon in question applies to Trump praising evil dictators, thus having Darth Vader in the political cartoon.


  16. Kathaleena, “Judeo-Christian,” or “Judeo-Christian-Muslim,” or “Judeo-Christian-Muslim-Mormon-Hindu-Wiccan . . .-None” is simply a good example of why government is the wrong place to go for spiritual edification. Of course if they wish to keep it “generically” Bible-based, then they need to say “Judeo-Christian”–or “Judeo-Christian-Muslim-Mormon,” if they wish to include more religions that include Scripture as one of their religious texts. They probably should make sure they use the KJV, to make sure they don’t offend the Mormons or the Jehovah’s Witnesses, though I’m not sure the Roman Catholics or the Jews would consider it the best choice.

    Here is the point: All of the groups mentioned in the paragraph above teach different things. Jews believe the inclusion of Jesus is blasphemous. There can be no such thing as a “Judeo-Christian” worship service–so how can there be such a thing as Judeo-Christian prayer gathering? Jewish people who reject Jesus are under damnation. We can gather as Christians to pray, but gathering with as “inclusive” a mix as possible to pray is not all that different from gathering in a mixed setting to offer sacrifices, each to his own god. There is no reason we cannot buy and sell with unbelievers, or work alongside them, or volunteer alongside them to help people recover from a flood. But we can’t pray “with” them–they are praying to a different god if they do not come to God through Christ. John 14:6 is relevant here. Secular modern Judaism is no “closer” to truth than Islam or Hinduism.

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  17. The pictures of the old reader and the discussion of dictators is getting muddled in my mind. Is Kim going to dictate a spelling list?

    I remember sitting at the kitchen table and writing the spelling word my mother dictated. I was always an excellent speller, frequently asked by my siblings to give them a spelling of a word, but second sibling, who is good at math, stills struggle a little, although she had as much or more spelling dictation than I did. Further proof that there are people good at words and people good at numbers. That makes me think of statistics. Ugh! My mother was worried when I told her I had enrolled in Latin and Greek for electives this semester. She didn’t know if I could handle it. I’m thoroughly enjoying it, though it means full days of classes. But statistics… My only ray of hope is we have a real statistician doing the lecture, not a nursing professor.

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  18. Roscuro don’t brag so early. I was an excellent speller until I worked on a computer for this many years….You have see all my typos haven’t you?


  19. Does Kim have a flag?
    I perceive we have a coup in the making here.
    I hope it gets settled before we have rants and raves tomorrow.
    I have a big rave.

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  20. Ooh, rave suspense.

    I finished unpacking the last of the dishes — mostly a set of imprint glass that are a reproduction of dishes often used during the Depression. And some beautiful lead crystal bowls. Again, I’m not ready to deal with these right now so I got rid of the old newsprint they’d been wrapped in, rewrapped them all into separate weather-tight containers (the set of dishes in one, the heavier, nicer crystal service pieces in another).

    And I found Spike Jones. There also is an old Christmas album.

    Took a break and had coffee with the neighbor in her patio again, played with their dogs a bit and now I may just take the afternoon off and read a bit. There are still some things to do in the garage and patio, but not a whole lot left and I do feel the need to start winding down. It’s much cooler out today.


  21. “Longer answer, Iโ€™ve sent you an e-mail.”

    Who is ‘Longer answer’, and did he or she receive that email yet?

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  22. Sorry, anon, that was to Michelle, and I didn’t know there would be several posts between my “short answer” and “longer answer,” since the others didn’t show up until I posted.


  23. Ooh, anon has my kind of humor. And I hereby deny that the poster is in any way related to me, either as myself or some long lost relative (or even a close one).


  24. This isn’t it, but that painting in the header reminds me of my dad’s style of painting. He didn’t keep up with it, though, past his 20s. We have two of his paintings (don’t know if there were any others), & one of them isn’t even finished. But there is enough to it that you may not notice unless you look at some details that needed finishing off. For instance, there are autumn leaves along the side of the country road, until they turn into a blur of the colors he used for them. ๐Ÿ™‚

    However, we liked the painting, & it was always on a wall in my parents’ home somewhere. Now Nightingale has it in her living room, & I have the smaller painting, of a sailing ship on the waves of the ocean, on my bedroom wall. I think it will go in the living room sometime soon.

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  25. The painting is a mystery, I can’t see a signature on it but it’s an oil painting that probably some family member did (?). I like it also because it’s small, the paintings from home are HUGE with big, ornate frames. Those will remain securely wrapped in the garage for now. I’m not crazy about really BIG things on walls.

    After unpacking, examining and re-packing more securely the last of the dishes, I came inside and read a bit, then took a 2-hour nap before going to the dog park. I feel very reseted after such a busy week.

    And the weather has turned, one of our transplanted East-Coasters shivered and declared that “winter has returned” at the dog park tonight. It was 66 degrees, according to my phone. But the wind was very chilly. So we all filed out in a group, clutching our sweatshirts around us.


  26. Some of the paintings from home might work for me with different frames — my mom loved the large, guilded/wood frames while my style is much simpler, more spare.

    She even bought an old photograph of a woman from the 1800s at an antique store once just because she loved the frame. She became something of our “adopted” ancestor through the years of hanging on our wall. ๐Ÿ™‚


  27. And since one of the other Children of 57 took that number, I’ll take 60, the age we’ll be this year. 19 days to go for me.

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