60 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-4-17

  1. Evening, Chas. Listening to the rain here.
    Enjoy your Thursday, Friday is coming. My class begins Friday with 45 minutes of PE, which they love. That means a break for me to prepare for the day and week ahead. So nice…

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  2. I am listening to the rain here in Georgia, and somehow it seems like it’s raining all over the world!

    We had our WMU meeting yesterday. This tablet continues to change it to the EMU meeting. Cute ❤

    I have so much to learn as a group leader. It certainly gives a whole new perspective to being a member of a group. I am trying to figure out what the group wants and needs at this stage. The past model has been mostly focused on bringing in speakers or using videos to educate members about missions going on in the world. I guess I want to somehow incorporate the education into projects that get the word out about Jesus in our community. Atlanta is ripe with opportunity to reach out to people who need to know Jesus.

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  3. Our heat wave appears to have broken now that DJ finished clearing out her garage . . . it’s been a tough couple days here.

    This morning we got our marine layer back and I woke to a cool day requiring a light blanket on top of the sheet. Biddy edits are here and I’m deep into those, so very pleased by how the book looks and reads. I have my first marketing call today and a very busy church-related day as well.

    Now that I’m not melting from the heat and I finally got more that five hours of restless sleep, life is looking up! LOL

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  4. I’m reading a convicting and so very interesting book for Sunday school called “Respectable Sins” by Jerry Bridges. There’s nothing like reading a chapter about my lack of godliness and then having my husband and son call me on a bad attitude at dinner . . .

    Did I accept their justified and mild correction?

    Of course not. 😦

    I foolishly tried to defend myself and then needed to recover with ice cream

    (The heat, the heat . . . )

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  5. Sometime ago, there was a discussion on meditation. I didn’t join it because I can’t meditate. My mind wanders, and unless I try, I can’t control the direction. i.e. I find myself thinking things that just happen to come up for no apparent reason. That’s how I recalled the miracle of being driven off I-95, or the angel that got the car started They just came to me when my mind was otherwise blank. It often happens in prayer too. The Lord knows my routine: same prayers for mine and others I care about. He knows by heart now, I’ve said them so much. I could just say “ditto” about yesterday. But sometimes things cross my mind that never appeared before. Often from long ago….
    But this came up becaue it just occurred to me to add Ellie to my prayer list. I don’t have permission to tell you about Ellie yet. But someday I will.

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  6. I love the flower header. I love flowers, but then you probably guessed that.
    We shall see what the day holds.
    I need to call the doctor today. Somehow I have let that slide this week. Avoidance much? Probably.

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  7. Hello everyone! Busy day ahead. Must get to work on the current project, because apparently it’s not going to just do itself. Have a blessed day! :–)

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  8. Pretty header!

    I fell into bed at 9:30 last night, slept straight through until 6 a.m. I’m not nearly as achy or sore as I thought I’d be after so many days of working in the garage — my sunburned neck still hurts though. Yesterday was much slower-paced as we dealt with the tail odds and ends, although I started very early (6 a.m.; worker arrived at 9 a.m.).

    I had time to take a break with my neighbor, sitting in her backyard as the worker got the last of the things (basketball backdrop, metal fence panels) hauled out of the backyard in his wheel barrel; then he washed off the driveway … and that was that. I paid him and he said he could come back to help once I am ready to replace the back fence and cut out all that excess vegetation back there.

    He was gone in plenty of time for me to take the dogs to the park but I really had no steam even for that. We’ll go today. No more big projects the rest of this week for me, I think.

    Today the garage door folks come sometime between 9 a.m. and noon (the job should take 3-4 hours, they have said) and how nice it will be to have a nice, very clean garage to show off to them when they arrive 🙂 . I’m sure they’ve seen some sights. They would have seen another had they come a few days ago.

    Early tomorrow is the special bulky trash pickup I ordered and regular trash day.

    Meanwhile, the gardener who has done my property and my neighbor’s ever since I moved in (and they worked for the predecessors here, too) seems to have been AWOL, oddly. It’s a dad, his son and a hired worker or two (the dad hasn’t been that active in a while now). We’re wondering if something happened but my neighbor said they’ve never returned her calls of inquiry. My yard is pretty overgrown now with weeks mostly and is beginning to look kind of bad.

    So neighbor said the young guy she’s hired to do a lot of her brush clearance and tree trimming is coming today to talk about doing regular gardening for her, said he can maybe talk to me too. I will try to text the gardner (son) today to see if I can’t find out what’s going on with them first, though.


  9. Donna, as I have gotten older, it seems the soreness from doing extra activities appears not the day after but rather on the second day after. It’s like my soreness register has slowed with age, too.


  10. I will be making yet another trip to The Container Store today — I was missing a lid to the large air-tight clear “trunk” I purchased; since I was such a regular new customer, having been there every day since Saturday (now except yesterday), they agreed to give me a replacement lid. I told them if we found the original (we’d searched and searched and couldn’t as of Tuesday night) I’d bring it back.

    When I got home that evening from the store, the worker was gone but he’d found the lid and left it leaning against the trunk. So I need to take the extra lid back.

    They’re acid-free archival boxes are really useful to me for all these old books, letters and photos, but the boxes are pricey. I still haven’t cleared out the ancestor’s chest, but maybe will look into that today — it smells very musty, of course; but if I can get the items out and sorted and properly boxed, I’d like to have it ‘restored’ to use inside the house. It would be beautiful all buffed up and nice storage for blankets or ?

    I also need to get the TV cabinet moved out (to the garage?). It’s a tall pine cabinet, simple, which I bought when I moved in here but I really want to lower the profile in the living room, it “feels” much too big to me now (and I’m fine with a fairly smallish/medium sized TV). The cabinet seems overpowering to me now.


  11. Last night I decided to try something new. I mixed unsweetened coconut milk with sparkling apple cider. It was really delicious. I did not think it sounded like a good combo, but I found a new winner. I used Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider and Silk coconut milk.

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  12. Thanks Janice, I’ll look forward to that. But I’ve been at the garage hard every day since Saturday, so I’m thinking this is as bad as it’s going to get 🙂 At least I hope so


  13. When on Okinawa and time to get rid of things, I just gave it all to the cleaning lady. She was happy to take it and do whatever with the stuff. Mostly children’s clothes. I think it was a win win. I got rid of stuff and she probably sold it somewhere and made some money.

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  14. Someone said last night: Wonder how Peter L is doing with the flooding in Missouri ?

    We are not affected, except that the Mississippi is rising. Most of the flooding is St. Louis and points south. Illinois is having it worse than we are.

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  15. It could provide some neat – closed storage space for the garage, though, that wouldn’t take up a lot of room in there. But yes, Craig’s List is an option. I think worker probably is going to be able to sell some of the things I said I didn’t want but wasn’t insistent on adding to the Salvation Army pile. He goes to swap meets. Just hope the Spike Jones album didn’t go that route, I know he wouldn’t have ‘taken’ it, but it does bother me that I can’t seem to see it anywhere in the little bit of stuff that’s left. I may have put it in one of the storage boxes, however …

    Oh well. Water under the bridge now as Peter would say these days.


  16. Hi there, wanderers.
    I’ve been awake since four…..praying for many of you and my own family, too.
    I’ve taken Becca to school, gotten something notarized, run by the pharmacy and got back in time for the AC guy who was supposed to arrive at nine….it’s now 10:18 and I’ve yet to hear from him….

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  17. Donna- Under/over depends on whether the bridge has been raised higher than the surrounding land. 😉

    My nephew in Poplar Bluff, Missouri, had to evacuate, and his house got flooded.

    We were in St. Louis area for the weekend and had to take a different route home due to a flooded highway. Later on, I-55 south of St. Louis was closed. We had been on that road several hours earlier and it looked like the water was going to cover the road. That area got over 6″ of rain in a few days.


  18. Saw this one, and I couldn’t resist posting it here:

    All those red and white circles represent roads that are closed. Hannibal is right where that I-72 logo is in the Northeastern part of the state.

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  19. I’ve got my first pocket knife. My husband was placing an order from L.L. Bean, and he needed more to get to free shipping, so he got me a Swiss Army knife. The girls already have them, so now we all do.

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  20. I don’t know what the flower is. It’s about 18 inches tall.

    I’ll post a pic of what a closed one looks like.


  21. AJ, based on photos Roscuro has posted and stuff I’ve seen around here, I’m thinking some kind of onion. Which would mean I am right, God did not make the things to be eaten. We’re supposed to look at them and enjoy them the way we enjoy tulips and the like, but not eat the bulb!

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  22. I was thinking onion or garlic when I saw the second picture.

    We were having lots of wind and rain when I went to the grocery store. The poor checkout lady was suffering every time the door opened. She has a scratchy throat and will surely get worse under her working conditions. They are fortunate she came in to work. I wish employers would be more considerate of dedicated employees. Of course I am thinking of Kim as I type.

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  23. Mmmm. Love onion and garlic.

    So the bulky pickup from the city arrived a day early this morning and took everything, but not before griping to my neighbor who was outside that it was only supposed to be a refrigerator. ???

    So my guess is he had the wrong address on what (for me) was the wrong day (my regular pickup is Friday which is when mine was scheduled). But good to have all that gone from my curbside.

    Spent about an hour after that hanging out in my neighbor’s patio drinking coffee. She has two Labrador retrievers, great dogs, but they’re slimers (Labs are notorious for that trait).

    Garage door poepie called and are due to arrive in about 20 minutes.

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  24. DJ, soon after I moved into my home in Nashville, the city sent out some flyer that they were going to be collecting large heavy trash items. I happily put out the old mailbox, toilet, fridge, I don’t remember what all. I assumed they did that annually, but in my eight years there that was the only time I ever heard of–right when I needed it.

    They picked up sticks and stuff three or maybe four times a year. It might be late February till they got your Christmas tree, but you put it out and knew they’d get it eventually. When a very tall tree fell into my backyard and filled the whole yard, my best friend’s husband came and cut it up for firewood and took several pickup loads worth. His wife and I took smaller branches to the front of my yard, eventually piling up a stack that totally blocked my view of the street, taller than me and the whole width of my yard. I was thrilled when the city picked up the mess the very same week. Now that I had more room, I took the rest of the sticks out, which wasn’t nearly as many, but was still a substantial pile . . . and they took those the very next day! I guessed that they hadn’t finished up in my neighborhood but came back the next day to finish up, and fortunately nobody said, “Hey, we got her home yesterday, and that is new branches and they’ll have to wait until we get back again in a few months!”


  25. Roscuro, I don’t think I have a current e-mail address for you. If you have mine, could you e-mail me? I have a medical question (not any emergency stuff) to run by you. If you have Mumsee’s, Chas’s, Donna’s, or Kim’s, they (and a few other people) have mine, too, and I’m sure AJ does.


  26. You will be happy to hear that I found the hummingbird feeders. They were in the box on the deck, all washed and ready for this year.

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  27. New door in. It’s heavier than the old one, but that’s probably because this one is steel and the old one was wood (what was left of it). But it did have an easier, softer touch for opening and closing. So I may wind up getting an automatic opener at Home Depot or wherever.


  28. There’s a bunny on the loose in the neighborhood. She was visiting our yard this morning.

    She belongs to the family with the kids who play with Little Guy. The mom said she has come close to catching her a couple times, but the bunny hops away at the last second. She’s going to set out a raccoon trap to catch her. (The humane kind that doesn’t kill the animal.)

    It’s a cute little thing. Black with white on the underside. Good thing she hasn’t become dinner for any of the wildlife around here.


  29. Flower looks like allium molly. They are a spring bulk that come in pink, purple, blue, and yellow, I believe. I think most onions and garlic, also in the allium family, are white.

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  30. Get the garage door opener. I couldn’t have lived without one for the last 36 years . . .

    My hummingbird feeder is on top of the hutch.


  31. The flower looks like it is from regular chives. Garlic chives has a white flower. I have both of them right out my back door. So the onion family allium is correct.

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  32. Hi Yapamom 🙂

    So wow, I LOVE my new garage door. It especially looks nice with the paver stones in front of it. Maybe I’ll just move in there.

    Neighbors liked it too — but it is heavy and driveway boss told me tonight (at the dog park) he’d be glad to look at garage door openers and get me set up with that; might as well add a center overhead light, too – it has a few of those tube lights (still working) over the work bench but would be nice to have something more central.

    Eeeeee. Piece by piece, slowly coming together.

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  33. I thought the flower also looked a lot like the flowers I get on my chives. They are blossoming yet. I always try to cut the flowers off before they go to seed. I throw them in the higher grass or tree area and there are now lots of them growing out there.

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