65 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 4-12-17

  1. Good night jo.
    Good morning everyone else..

    Can you imagine the things you would get if fI didn’t check my typing?
    I had “Bood morning before I corrected it. My eyes let those things slip by.

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  2. Morning, Chas. Nice to see that typing is keeping you on your toes this morning.
    One of my students poked another with a pencil today and then wouldn’t talk about it, a difficult time. Well, later she was sitting on my lap and she was talking again. I explained that maybe it would be good if she practiced saying no instead of poking. She then proceeded to practice saying no to me for the next ten minutes. Not a yell, but not quietly. This is just what she needs to do, but it sure did frazzle me. Good thing that this is a four day weekend as Good Friday and Easter Monday are both national holidays here.

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  3. Good Morning ya’ll….oh the things we type…and that auto correct correcting incorrectly thing!! 🙂
    What a blessing you are to your precious students Jo…I had the most horrid Kindergarten teacher and I have never forgotten…you will have a tender lasting touch on those young lives…bless you. ❤

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  4. I posted this last night, but I know not everyone reads the previous day.

    My new (temporary) gravatar isn’t a sharp enough photo to send to AJ for him to post, and some of you might not like the violence even if it isn’t bloody. A male kestrel was sitting on our back fence, and I got one photo of him sitting there. Then, just as I snapped another, he lifted off, and I thought I missed him but I didn’t delete the photo just in case.

    When I pulled it up on my computer, there in the upper left-hand corner (almost out of the frame, but fortunately still inside it) was my kestrel . . . but with a surprise. In his right talon is a rodent (probably a vole). He took it to the fence post and ate it.

    Since he is all the way to the back of our large yard and I was inside the house (taking it from the window) and since he was moving and nearly out of the frame, it isn’t anything close to a good photo. But the creature looks so large and heavy in his talon, and I didn’t know (when he still sat on the fence and I snapped the photo) that he had caught anything, that the creature in his talon was quite a surprise. I just wish it wasn’t so close to the edge of the frame, and also wasn’t beyond the effective camera range! But getting a photo at all at that range is a lot, so I’m not complaining. If you want to it (there’s no blood), you can click on the image for a larger view.

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  5. Lovely wood ducks. Still hoping to get a chance for better pics of that species, which we rarely see and always at a distance.


  6. Re: The “apology about Hitler” thing.
    It’s time to let Hitler go. Nobody who is younger than I am knows who Hitler was.
    He has become a synonym for “evil” by people who never knew anything about him.
    Stalin and Pol Pot were worse,
    Forget about Hitler, God and history will deal with him.

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  7. Morning. So far there isn’t anything good about it. I have been away since about 3. My brain just would not shut down and go back to sleep. Finally, about 4, I got up made coffee and read. Now? Now, I feel like I could go back to sleep. Guess what? I can’t. Now I have to work. Ugh.
    I have to type in about another 100 first name, last name, and email addresses into a Google Sheets spreadsheet so that I can do a mail merge and track the opens. Most of the addresses bounced back yesterday. I really would rather do anything than this, especially today. It’s a waste of time. Out of the hundred or so already sent there hasn’t been one response. The source I am getting this information from has made it difficult to get because people are tired of emails they didn’t ask for clogging up their inbox.
    I personally delete about half of what is in mine each morning before I ever read the first email.

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  8. QOD? What are you serving for you Easter meal?
    I think I am going to do something different this year. From Southern Lady Magazine:
    Pineapple Glazed Pork Tenderloin (I have always had ham in the past)
    Ribbon Vegetable Salad (this just means you take your vegetable peeler and “ribbon” carrots and zucchini)
    Garlic Bacon New Potatoes (Usually have potato salad)
    Herbed Lemon Butter Beans
    There is also a recipe for Spring Strawberry Cake but we all know that I don’t bake. Anyway, the Barefoot Contessa always says to make it easier on yourself when you entertain and buy some of what you are serving already made. Publix makes a good enough cake.


  9. Not hosting Easter dinner, though I did buy (beef) roasts when it briefly looked like I might be, figuring I could throw them in the Crockpot if II was hosting, in the freezer for another time if I wasn’t.

    A few months back I found a recipe for small potatoes cooked with olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper, and maybe another spice or two, and then sprinkled with parsley after they’re cooked. We both like them, our son-in-law was sneaking them off the pan on the stove before dinner was even served (fish was going in the oven, so I cooked the sides early and reheated them when the fish was about ready), and so I volunteered to take those to serve with the Easter ham, and something else if the hostess tells me something else.


  10. Chas, I’m much younger than you and don’t “remember” Hitler. But I’ve read many, many books about such aspects of WWII as the concentration camps. I believe the evil of such regimes should be taught because we are in danger of falling for leaders who say things we want to believe. How does a country as great as America once was end up having two such rotten-to-the-core presidential candidates? Because we’ve had decades of choosing leaders based on listening to what we want to hear.

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  11. “Those who do not know their history are doomed to repeat it”.

    I posted something on the political thread that I believe we, as Christians, need to be aware of when it comes to the opinions of others and our example to the world.


  12. Today is exam day for me – pathophysiology.

    Today is also the 100th anniversary of the end of the Battle of Vimy Ridge, in which four battalions of Canadians captured the position from the Germans. It was notable, because it was the first time all the battalions had fought together and the victory marked a turning point in the Great War. After the end of the war, France granted the ridge to Canada as permanent Canadian territory and an enormous monument stands on the ridge. The monument survived the occupation of France in WWII intact.
    The battle: https://wanderingviews.com/2017/04/12/our-daily-thread-4-12-17/
    The monument: http://www.warmuseum.ca/firstworldwar/history/after-the-war/remembrance/vimy-memorial/

    Chas, I have three first cousins whose paternal grandmother died in Auschwitz simply because she was a Jew. You may not be aware, but there is a growing movement to deny that Hitler ever gassed people in the concentration camps. The white washing of one of histories worst genocides against a distinct ethnic group is receiving a concerted campaign to expunge the facts from history. I know someone who has swallowed the lies and claims that all the Jews buried in mass graves around the camps simply died of typhus and that the Zyklon B was really just used to kill the lice – this person has also suggested that Hitler was acting in the interests of his country in placing the Jews in the camp (the person holds to the Babylon conspiracy I have talked about on here). It is no surprise that the attempt to change history is also associated with anti-Semitism, which is reported to be growing among right wing groups throughout both Europe and North America. No, we need to remember what Hitler did more than ever.

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  13. First Good Luck on your exams Roscuro
    Second? Wow!!! Just wow.

    “The things I saw beggar description…The visual evidence and the verbal testimony of starvation, cruelty and bestiality were so overpowering…I made the visit deliberately, in order to be in a position to give first hand evidence of these things if ever, in the future, there develops a tendency to charge these allegations to propaganda.”


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  14. Kim, the person claims that testimonies like Eisenhower’s are invalid, because the Soviets and the Americans exaggerated the evidence in order to cover their own crimes; and the testimonies of the Germans themselves, as recorded at the Nuremburg trials, are also invalid because the trials were run by Jews and the confessions were obtained under torture. Believe me, I have gathered extensive evidence to the contrary, but arguing with someone who has placed their faith in a conspiracy theory is like fighting with the wind. What ever direction you take to prove their assertions wrong, they produce filmy assertions that slip through your logical replies and surround the facts with mist.


  15. Kim, I the it when that happens (not being able to go back to sleep until right when it’s time you have to get ready for work). I typically sleep straight through the nights, thankfully, and am up early today because I have a scheduled Apple phone support appointment at 8.

    I agree, it is important to know about WWII and Hitler, though I will say it’s become almost cliche to throw the Hitler comparisons out against any politician we may disagree with.

    What Spicer said was stupid, but it doesn’t make him a holocaust “denier.” It just means what he said was stupid.

    My Apple help appt has to do with trying to get my recent email switch for my Apple ID to apply to the iCloud — the change of email and new ID “took” on everything but that.

    And now we are having to turn in our work-issued iPhones (which most of us have never used very much) as the company is going back to providing monthly stipends to pay, in part, for our personal phones since we’re all mostly using those for work.

    But to turn my work phone back in, I have to clear it and to clear it I need to sign out of iCloud and to sign out of iCloud I need it to match with my new ID email.


    So I set up the phone appt with Apple, which I’ve used before — they call you and basically walk you through whatever issue you’re having to (hopefully) get it fixed.


  16. So I guess the thousands and thousands of people who gave first hand accounts were in on the conspiracy as well??? I am lucky. I got to talk to a few of them myself.

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  17. I see my first sentence makes no sense. It’s early. Should read “I hate it when that happens.”

    I had a dream I went to work for a company that mostly did environmental work. Whole dream was about the weirdness of trying to get used to a new job, trying to follow people around and copying them as I wasn’t sure what my actual duties were.


  18. Bed at 9:15. Awake every two hours until 2:45 at which time I started calculating, then prayed for all, then told myself stories–including, “this is a rule. You cannot get up until at least 5.”

    At 3:45, I got up to read until I fell asleep. The novel was so good, I’m still awake. Sigh.

    Coffee, gym coming, a rehearsal at 1 and the rest of the day is open– though I’d hoped to finish the first round of edits today.

    Sigh. 😦

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  19. DJ, I would agree that Spicer just made a stupid comparison that he should not have attempted, but, unfortunately, he made it about the very thing which real deniers are attempting to deny, which is that Hitler never gassed people in the concentration camps.Let me tell you, that I’m almost certain that the person I mentioned will notice Spicer’s comment, and it will be ammunition in his belt that mainstream people share his opinions. Those who are concerned for the truth would be better served by laughing at Spicer’s mistake – another SNL sketch would do the trick – rather than demanding his resignation, as that will only make Spicer a martyr in the eyes of the deniers.

    Kim, it is so maddening. Not only did I have an uncle by marriage whose mother died in the Holocaust, I had a great uncle by marriage who was actually interned in Buchenwald, shortly after Kristalnacht. It was before the beginning of the war and the Final Solution, so he was able to get free and escape the country; but his family who stayed behind later died in the concentration camps. He wrote a small book about his experiences. There were many grim scenes, but one of the most vivid was his description of how the guards randomly selected Jews to chase. Those who were slow were attacked by the German’s dogs and the knives of the guards, those who were fast ran until they hit the fence which was electrified. It makes me seethe that anyone could deny all of that happened. When I said yesterday that I see increasing evidence that young white men are becoming radical right wingers, this is one of the evidences.

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  20. As for being press secretary, esp in an administration like this one — I read something early on about how Spicer had a fairly good reputation among journalists but let’s face it, there’s probably no way for anyone to succeed in this position and in this political environment. He’s probably hoping he gets fired along about now.

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  21. And there are always dangers in extremism on both the right and left. Just so happens we seem to be living in a time when both are thriving. Lucky us.


  22. We are having leg of lamb on Sunday.

    I had a friend whose brother helped liberate concentration camps. She said the image of those starving people, and the corpses stacked up like cord wood haunted him all the rest of his life. He would become livid when he heard younger people denying the Holocaust.

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  23. Yesterday, I think, the subject came up about this time of year being the time to pay property taxes & some other taxes or fees, & the bite they take out of the paycheck. Hubby figures out how much per week those (& other) fees & taxes will be, & puts away that amount each week. (He does the budget on a weekly basis rather than a monthly one. He says it works better for him that way.)


  24. Nightingale will be working second shift on Easter, so we will be having a casual luncheon type of meal after church. But Nightingale will still be making the cake she has been planning on.

    She is a great baker, & makes some really wonderful cakes. And she is a good cook, too. She puts me to shame. 🙂

    As for Sean Spicer, I assume that after that press conference was over, & he realized what he’d just said, he probably realized how stupid it was, & felt embarrassed.


  25. Our town hall sends out emails to alert us to various events or things going on in town, anything from when Arts on Main St. will be, to alerting us that a road is closed due to a downed tree. It is interesting to me, & probably indicative that we are indeed a small town, that those emails often inform us of some church events, like a pancake breakfast or special service. And our “transfer station” (the town dump) will be closed for Good Friday.


  26. I’ll probably go to our early Easter service (8:30) on Sunday and then get together in the afternoon with the cousins and one cousin’s home (guy who’s laid up after the car accident) if he’s up to it.

    I just got off one of those tech support calls from hell. I love apple and their products, but their don’t ever get your passwords or ID messed up, it takes forever to sort it all out due to their iron-clad security system and the impossibility of ever killing out old emails/IDs that keep coming back to trip you up.

    It’s not fixed, I’ll have to do something with an email link that will arrive in 24 hours, but at least I can still use everything. For now.


  27. No plans for Easter dinner 😦 haven’t even thought about it. Things are so scattered in my brain this week.


  28. We might go to the sunrise service, which is not until six thirty, but that is right in the middle of milking goats. They do not like to be put off. But we are only milking one at this time.


  29. Singing at 11, dining with family–which in this case will be 16 people–at son’s house. I’m bringing strawberry shortcake, asparagus to grill, lemon meringue pie and fattening potato casserole.

    My husband already purchased a Cadbury cream egg for me to break the chocolate fast.

    In the meantime, we’ll be singing for Maudy Thursday, and I’m playing the clarinet as well, followed by rehearsal, and then we sing the Tenebrae for Good Friday.

    Here’s an explanation of the tenebrae service: http://www.michelleule.com/2017/03/14/3597/


  30. Hi, all. Jumping in quickly, with apologies for not being up to date here with all of your lives, to leave a note for Janice. *(The article I’m linking may be of interest, as well, for others in different geographical areas who enjoy symphony concerts.)*

    Classical Minnesota Public Radio/American Public Media is connecting with major orchestras across America and giving away tickets to live concerts. Today is the first day of the offer to give away two tickets to the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra for their performance on Thursday, April 27 at 8:00 p.m. Janice, if you’re at all interested/able to attend that concert, here is information for how you can enter the giveaway.


    I’m not sure what other orchestras YourClassical is partnering with, but for others here who may be interested in entering future giveaways for your area, here is the Classical MPR site where I read the article, and where I assume future announcements will appear when they team up with other orchestras.


    Blessings to all of you.

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  31. RKessler, no. It means that I lie to myself when I eat them but the meat is a mixture of pork, beef, veal, and lamb so I choose to believe there is very little lamb meat and what’s there is drowned in spices. 😉 Plus what doesn’t taste good with tzatziki????

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  32. So, what is the last think you want to happen the week before Easter? Especially if you have decided to have pork tenderloin? Or if your children MUST have homemade mac and cheese?
    My gas ovens have stopped working!


  33. Everything’s computerized now

    I’m having a very ‘California’ style day in the newsroom today — watching a car pursuit on TV (they’ve just passed downtown LA and headed possibly our way) while trying to find a local woman who had her artificial grass stolen off her front yard overnight.

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  34. Exam is done. I never talk about how an exam went until I get my mark – it’s a survival technique. I have one more exam to go, but, due to the vagaries of university test scheduling, I do not do it for over a week. Plenty of time to study you say. Well, perhaps, but with the next semester starting the first of May, I could use some more time off. Anyway, I am going to visit my family for Easter, upcoming exam or no upcoming exam.

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  35. Change of plans. Nightingale will now be working first shift instead of second, so we will have some sort of dinner when she gets home. We’ll make it simple, though.

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  36. AJ, white-crowned sparrows or a species Indiana doesn’t have? (If it’s those, we only get them for a few days, not every year, during migration.) I did like the wood ducks.


  37. Kim, pretty little container garden.

    I don’t think I’ve ever had lamb. I’ve had goat once or twice, but Mom (who used to raise them) told me it wasn’t “good” goat meat. I didn’t really like it, nor did I like duck. But the duck didn’t get a fair chance, since we were eating it instead of turkey and I felt cheated. It was very greasy, but I’d eat it again now if given a chance.


  38. No lamb for me…oh no way has it ever touch these lips!!!
    We are going to eldest daughter’s home after church…I plan to order a carrot cake from Marigolds (best French bakery in town!) I think Katie will prepare ham….I kind of like having not to prepare the meal….I’m working Fri and Sat…I just don’t have time!! 🙂


  39. Chas is still here.

    This is a comment I made on the Politics thread. I’ll explain:;

    Michelle is correct. It is different now.
    Everyone needs to know that there is ALWAYS a camera, always a phone and information travels at 186,000 mi/sec.

    I posted that to say this:
    I just finished reading “The Deplorables Guide” By Todd Starnes. I keep a record of the books I read on my word processor. Not on=line. I entered in on my word processor.
    But I got this e-mail congratulating me on finishing the book and offering to connect me to others of like mind.
    I didn’t connect with anyone but am disturbed about how anyone knows that I finished this book this afternoon.
    Not only weird, but scary.

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  40. I used to be friends with a family that were too much into their Anglican/German roots. I have had Christmas Goose and I didn’t care for it.


  41. Artificial lawn may be dead — as a story, that is.

    Can’t get the woman to call me back.

    But never fear. Now we have a story about how the city of LA put up some 20+ misspelled decorative street signs in our area. They looked nice. But had “Street” spelled with 3 e’s: Streeet

    Coming down tomorrow, but not before we got a photo. We’re shameless when it’s a holiday week and news gets so slow.

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  42. I just don’t want to have a lot of clean-up to do after babysitting all day (& the afternoon/evening before) & then having Easter dinner. But Hubby wants to keep it simple, too, which helps.


  43. Carol said someone called her with a pitch to audition to appear in commercials. She’d have to pay for her own head shots, though.

    She told me she wasn’t interested — but added that she would be interested in a feature film, perhaps. 🙂

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  44. Long day, awaiting rerun call for stories that never came — walked the dogs late … wondering how Kaitlin’s service went, glad her beloved dog is cared for …
    Pondering the difference between a sink hole and ‘settling’ due to clay soil …


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