Our Daily Thread 3-15-17

Good Morning!

Today’s header is from Linda

And according to Facebook, it’s Kizzie and Leon’s anniversary! 🙂


Anyone have a QoD?


65 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 3-15-17

  1. Good morning.
    I’m taking Becca and a friend to Galveston around nine…yesterday it said high would be 70 today, but now the forecast says it will only get up to 64……don’t think we will be doing any swimming!

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  2. Not much going on here. BG did too much yesterday. The boyfriend came to get her and they took his dog for a walk. She was exhausted and cranky last night. She still wants me with her when she sleeps. Even after I got up this morning she wanted me to get in her bed to keep her warm.
    I told her father yesterday I was going to have to “Ferberize” her again. The last time she was 2 and she was on one side of her bedroom door and I was on the other with both of us crying. Our bedtime prayers used to end with “God bless everybody who loves me and everbody I love”

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  3. Good morning.

    I am glad BG is doing better.

    Where is Mumsee?

    I miss Janice when she is working.

    I heard a Killdeer yesterday. Spring must be near. 5 more days and the buzzards, turkey vultures, will return.

    I have a hen setting on 6 turkey eggs, with about 10 more days to go. One of my turkeys is setting on a clutch of unknown quantity, to which I added 3. Hoping they were all fertile.

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  4. Frozen water that is. The water in the dog dishes at the dog park have been known to freeze overnight sometimes. I’m tellin’ ya, it gets cold out there.

    I’m still adjusting to this new time, it’s time to get up before I’m ready. 🙂

    I have a couple stories to start on today, (schools and coyotes). Can’t get enough of them coyotes. One of our local smaller cities is launching a “neutral” research project with some USC students that should be done by summer — it focuses mainly on public safety aspects of the growing issue.

    I haven’t interviewed them yet, but by “neutral” I take it to mean they don’t begin with the premise (as the city of LA does) that there should be no lethal options available or ever employed (which really is based on a philosophy at the outset — strongly pushed in our area — that limits the responses cities can use).

    We also have an employee meeting this morning to discuss a survey recently given to us — results I guess indicated we don’t think the powers that be “communicate” well with us. So today they will communicate and we’ll all go back to our desks feeling better about that. 🙂

    Still waiting to get the foundation report from the guy who inspected it on Thursday; and no calls from Dan the Furniture Repair Man about when they can pick up my bed or from the other person who was going to take a look at the foundation.

    Maybe I’ll send an email to real estate pal today, he said the roofer (who does everything) is working on a tile roof for the next couple weeks but he thought once he was free from that maybe he’d be the most trustworthy and affordable option to do both the foundation work and the plumbing clay pipe replacement under the driveway. I’d sure feel better once those two big items are done, then I could schedule the windows and maybe be free to go back to where I started last yet — considering paint colors. Almost there, I keep telling myself.


  5. I am here, y’all! Thank you for missing me. I was not working yesterday, but had promised to meet some friends up in Dahlonega. All were either friends from high school, grammar school, or both. There were five altogether. I was so disorganized as I left home. There was an advisory about the weather, and we did see a few flakes in the dog park cold air. I parked in the square and they picked me up and we headed to a local winery for a your. It was very interesting and a beautiful place where weddings are often held. None of our group got samples. The tour was free,I suppose, in hopes that we would buy some product. Then we shopped around in the quaint stores, had some icecream and some special candy from a chocolate shoppe. Lastly we got pizza before I headed home. It felt stressful driving up to see them and not knowing if it would be difficult to connect. Once I got there and found them I relaxed into being a tourist. One of the gals had her birthday yesterday. Another planned for gallbladder surgery today. It was good to see them.

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  6. The snow has stopped, and the biting wind has started. One might think there was another snowstorm, the way the wind has been whipping and drifting the fallen snow. I don’t usually comment on the cold, because that is life in winter, but it was freezing waiting at the bus stops today.

    Update on my parents. There is an opening for the wife of the couple to go into a nursing home, and she is being moved today – they were just told this yesterday. On the weekend, my mother was saying she didn’t know how much longer she could keep going, so this is a relief; but there is also a sense of sadness, since nursing homes aren’t ideal places to live, and this woman loves animals and the outdoors. The man will probably stay with my parents until an opening becomes available for him – he also has been placed high on the waiting list – but it won’t be so stressful for my parents, since, frail as he is, he can take care of himself much more than his wife can.

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  7. Ann, that’s good to hear your report on Lindsey, regarding no apparent lingering effects from the concussion, and no more falls from the horse. 🙂 And yes, I really know what you mean by that amazement of how fast they grow up, when the past pregnancies with our now-emerging adult children seem like they just happened! Reminds me of the saying, “The days are long, and the years short.” 😉

    Hi, Janice! Hi, Mumsee!

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  8. DJ, we have those kind of employee-satisfaction surveys every year, too . . . followed by management holding a meeting saying, “look, we’re communicating” . . . followed by business as usual.

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  9. By the time I speak with someone at a therapist’s office about getting BG in to see them I will have missed my window of opportunity to get her to go.
    She has had ONE slice of peanut butter toast today and half a glass of milk.

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  10. Linda (1:46): Yup. 🙂 I had a phone interview previously scheduled so had to leave the meeting after about 30 minutes.

    Got the 2nd foundation bid, double the first bid (which was high).

    Missed ncis last night (still catching up with “This is Us”) but apparently it was filmed on the Iowa and around our bridge, I’ll have to try to find it ‘on demand’ (which reminds me, I missed an earlier ncis that was filmed at our port this season, too, still haven’t looked that one up).


  11. I like the new mix, Kevin — show probably needed a shakeup with some fresh faces (and I think it helps that there are 3 new faces who have established their own interactions).



    I just learned that today is the 236th anniversary of the battle of Guilford Court House.
    (Greensboro didn’t exist then. Population was about 100)
    General Cornwallis met Lt. Gen. Nathaniel Green on March 15, 1781 and there was a battle. The British claim to have won. Just like they did at Cowpens, But Cornwallis lost about 25% of his army.
    That was the last significant battle before Yorktown.
    The town was named after Green, but there is a major thoroughfare named after Cornwallis.
    The British almost always won their battles. But they lost the war.
    Did you know that American forces never lost an encounter with the enemy in the Viet Nam War? (Leastwise that’s what they said at the Naval War College.)

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  13. DJ, I haven’t made up my mind yet about the new characters. When it started there were five regular characters, now there are ten, so it feels diluted, as if you don’t get as much of any of them. I had an early bias against Quinn because I didn’t like the character played by the same actress in the early years of Blue Bloods. I think she’s turning out okay though. Torres seems weird to me, though last night’s episode gave him a little more depth, so we’ll see.


  14. Good points — I felt like Tony was getting a little old for the role and once Ziva left, the cast left behind lost a lot of that rapport that made it work so well.

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  15. I read the book The Shack. I had some problems with it and I think Pauline talked me into giving it a chance and to just finish reading it.
    I don’t know if I will see the movie or not. I have heard good things and bad things about it. I do think as Christians we should support more “Christian” (because in this case I don’t know) movies. I highly doubt there is a whole lot of cursing or gratuitous sex in this movie.


  16. I do find it interesting that they needed three people to replace Tony. Now they have Bishop and Palmer doing the movie references. It falls flat with them. Never-the-less, it is still a good show. If Gibbs leaves, the show will die.

    As for NCIS-NO, I rarely watch it since it is on at the same time as Marvel-Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. When I can, I watch the reruns which are sometimes aired on Saturday nights. I’m not fond of the fake accents either, especially the young agent (don’t know his name).

    Have you Tony fans watch the new show with Michael Weatherly called “Bull”. It’s okay, but not up to NCIS quality. However, the role fits Weatherly well.


  17. Happy Wednesday and a most blessed anniversary to Kizzie and Leon! ❤
    Hoping Mum see's computer gets fixed quick!
    The Shack…ugh…I do have strong opinions…I will leave it with…Tim Challies and I agree 🙂

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  18. Kevin, I think Dick Van Dyke’s fake Cockney accent is one of the worst attempts at approximation. There are some actors who can put on an accent like it was their own (British actor Christian Bale’s American accent in the Batman trilogy); and some actors that sometimes have the accent and sometimes lose it (Mel Gibson slid in and out of his Scottish accent in Braveheart); and some actors who cannot produce a reasonable facsimile at any point (the decided American tones of Kevin Costner in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves).


  19. Dr. Bull seems kind of bland. I’ve watched it a few times but it doesn’t grab me.

    You’re right that it’s Gibbs who makes NCIS what it is. I figured we could weather Ziva’s departure and Tony’s departure, but it wouldn’t be NCIS without Gibbs.

    I also miss Jenny Shepard, but that’s ancient history.


  20. On the flip side of accents, there are some good foreign actors who do an American accent well and I’m surprised to find out that they speak normally with a foreign accent. (I’m using America-centric terminology just for brevity – please forgive me.) I watched Hugh Laurie in Stuart Little and a little bit in House and was clueless for a long time that he is a Brit. Can anyone think of someone who tried to pull off an American accent and did that badly?


  21. I think the most amusing accent failure I have seen was the layering of a fake Russian accent on top of Sean Connery’s Scottish accent in The Hunt for Red October. Never has the Russian ‘R’ been rolled so richly.

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  22. Hmm, a bad American accent? The stereotypical American accent is relatively easy to pull off, since it simply requires a flattening out of one’s vocal tones. However, that stereotypical accent is basically a Midwestern accent, and regional American accents, like Boston, New York & New Jersey, and varying grades of the Southern accent are quite difficult to pull off. Speaking of Hugh Laurie, before he came to American TV, he made a British TV series with his friend and colleague, Stephen Fry, of the P.G. Wodehouse stories of Jeeves and Wooster. One season has the inimitable Jeeves and the hapless Wooster in New York City, and all the American characters, played by British actors, sound like Midwesterners.

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  23. Happy Anniversary, Kizzie! 🙂

    Midwesterners don’t have an accent. 😉 Or, rather, I take that back. My brother-in-law who now lives in Missouri has developed an accent. It’s the Upper Midwest people who have none. 😉 The only accent you’ll hear from me is when I play > or sfz appearing in my piano music. (That’s for Roscuro.) 🙂

    Linda, 1:46 (and DJ): Sounds like a Dilbert-like setup. 🙂

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  24. I’m not that fond of “Bull” (that kind of sounds funny). I think the premise locks them in too much, there’s very little variety from show to show. I watched it in the beginning but rarely now.

    And I agree, Gibbs makes NCIS, a show I only started watching after it had been on already for several years.

    Midwesterners do have accents. pOp. 🙂


  25. Frustrating back-and-forth emails with real estate pal today, sometimes I think we just aren’t connecting (I’m sure he feels the same way). But it will all work out. Underground pipe & foundation fix are the major ticket items right now. 😦 Roofer appears to be able to do both, but timing is unclear and real estate pal still wants me to keep getting assessments/bids from foundation companies — so another one is coming in April to do a 90-minute look for free. Sigh.


  26. Having lived in Arizona, Missouri and Iowa, and having grown up in with parents from New York, along with visiting cousins from there, I can only say that my Arizona English is closer to the Midwestern variety. I remember visiting us asked for a drink. I offered water. She said, “It’s not WAH-ter, it’s WOO-ter.

    Some linguists point out that the Midwest has the purest form of English, with a few variations of the Missouri twang and the Minnesota/Wisconsin/Northern Iowa strong Scandinavian sound (the emphasized O for instance). Even in a small state like Iowa there is a difference. In the Southern part the state is called I-o-wa. In the North it’s i-OH-wa.


  27. I don’t drink much pOp anymore, so apparently I’ve lost my accent. 😉

    I threw a pOp quiz at my high school piano student tonight, though. She aced the entire thing, written and aural (ear training). On Saturday is our state’s music teacher association auditions for the district I’m in, so any of my students in grades 1-12 can participate if they choose. Sixth Arrow, my other student, did not want to be involved, and that’s fine. My aforementioned high school student will also, in addition to taking a musicianship test on Saturday that is similar to what I gave her tonight (and on previous occasions), play three pieces for a judge. One of those pieces, a movement from a Haydn sonata, the only one she’s not playing from memory, she will also play in a different contest on April 1. The piece is significantly more difficult than the one she selected for the contest a year ago. She’s come a long way in the last year, and it’s exciting to see her musical growth.

    My daughter’s progressed well, too, in the last year. She’s past page 100 in her repertoire book, and has almost all of her pieces memorized. 🙂

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  28. Grrr – saw a comment on FB tonight that was so prejudiced against southerners from a source (former deputy city atty who is very liberal) and I really reacted (not by commenting, felt I couldn’t). Amazing to me that people see nothing wrong with harboring those prejudices and expressing them so openly. It’s ‘acceptable’ in those liberal circles of course.


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