14 thoughts on “News/Politics 2-27-17

  1. A foster boy who lost his foster mother and headed off into the Australian bush to live off the land. He, of course, was unsuited for the task and the crusty old foster father who hadn’t wanted him went in search. This is the story of their life in the busy, the CPS workers after them and the amusing experiences they had together. Quirky for sure.

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  2. I took a me day yesterday. It was nice. I went to church, ignored the news, and the Oscars, watched the 500, made dinner with Elizabeth, enjoyed some time with Cheryl, and played some XBox, it was relaxing, and a nice change from the doom and gloom, everything is a catastrophe, we’re all gonna die, and it’s Trump’s fault, wailing of the 24 hour news cycle. I highly recommend everyone do it on occasion. 🙂

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  3. Huh.

    Go figure…. 🙄


    “You may recall from the 2016 campaign trail that many of our media mavens lectured then candidate Donald Trump about his plans to bully our NATO allies into paying their fair share of defense costs. This was widely viewed in liberal circles as an unreasonable attitude, with some even suggesting that it could discount America’s place as a global leader. It turns out that, yet again, President Trump decided to make good on his promise when he sent his new Secretary of Defense across the pond to deliver precisely that message. (Washington Post)

    Defense Secretary Jim Mattis issued an ultimatum Wednesday to allies in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, warning that if they do not boost their defense spending to goals set by the alliance, the United States may alter its relationship with them.

    “I owe it to you all to give you clarity on the political reality in the United States and to state the fair demand from my country’s people in concrete terms,” Mattis said. “America will meet its responsibilities, but if your nations do not want to see America moderate its commitment to the alliance, each of your capitals needs to show its support for our common defense.”

    If the predictions were true this should have resulted in Europe’s wealthier nations pushing back hard. But then a funny thing happened on the way to Brussels. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, given a bit of time to reflect on the situation, decided that maybe this wasn’t such a crazy idea after all. (Daily Caller News Foundation)

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Saturday her country needs to meet its NATO obligation to spend 2 percent of gross domestic product on defense.

    The Trump administration is actively pushing NATO allies to increase their spending. Germany currently spends about 1.2 percent of GDP on defense, which Merkel vows to change if she is elected for a fourth term in office this September.

    “Obligations have to be fulfilled,” Merkel said at a campaign rally Saturday. “And, others in the world will demand that of us. And, I think they’re right that Germany must uphold its obligations.”


  4. And just imagine all the jihad you can wage when your enemies give you a cool million in cash to finance it…….


    “Time Magazine is featuring a story this week which will likely frustrate and infuriate most of you reading this. It deals with the tale of one Jamal al-Harith, who spent a couple of years detained in the United States facilities at Guantánamo Bay. He was eventually released under a deal cut by the Obama administration and returned to England because he was technically a citizen of Great Britain. Upon being freed, Mr. al-Harith became something of a celebrity in liberal circles, receiving quite a bit of sympathy from the British public and their government, as well as a generous payday. That story took a sadly predictable turn this year when he died on the battlefield in Iraq after returning there to continue fighting for ISIS.

    Jamal al-Harith, who died in a suicide bomb attack on Iraqi-led coalition forces on Monday, was one of around 16 former Guantánamo Bay detainees paid around $12.4 million by the U.K. government in 2010 after being released from the military prison.

    Since the news of the Muslim convert’s death, there has been outrage in Britain over reports that he was awarded around $1.2 million before returning to jihadism, a claim that has been denied by his family. Hadith and other British detainees sued the government over complicity in their alleged ill treatment while in U.S. custody.

    The $12.4 million out-of-court settlement was likely offered for fear national security secrets would be disclosed in a court case. “The issue was the legal disclosure rules, where if somebody brings a civil action for damages then they are entitled to disclosure of material, some of which may be national security material,” Lord Carlile, the former independent reviewer of terror legislation, told the BBC on Tuesday.”


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