12 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 2-18-17

  1. 🙂 A week off.

    😦 The fatigue I feel is almost unreal. Sometimes I wonder if I’ll make it through the rest of the program.

    🙂 Seeing my family again.

    😦 Seeing just how difficult a job my mother has. Healthcare workers have to do much the same thing, but they work in shifts and have staff to do the constant laundry. My mother does both the cleaning up and the laundry, and she doesn’t ever get a day off. I am too weak and tired to be able to help much.

    🙂 😦 I realized I must have lost a lot of weight. I put on a skirt that I had left at home today, and it was so loose on me, I thought it might fall off. Not a recommended weight loss program to be sick for over a month, but it is effective.


  2. Re: “”how is TSWITW?” Some time has passed since I wrote this on the word processor.

    I told you before that when Chuck moved out, I converted one of the BR’s into an office. “My room”. So. I did that here.
    Elvera usually sits in the “family room” watching TV.
    This morning, I was sitting here reading on my Kindle. She came in and sat down in a lazy boy in my room, which I very seldom use.
    (She just said, “I’m glad we stayed together all these years. I said, “Me too. This after the talking.)
    She/we started reminiscing about things in the past.
    As you know, we both had difficult childhoods. Children of the depression. But I was a city boy, she was a country girl.
    We talked about lots of things. Over an hour and a half now.
    Bottom line: We have had hard times, but it turned out well.
    We married in 1957 (We have a “Diamond Anniversary” in June).
    I took her to the first movie we saw together in 1965 in Washington, DC.
    “Sound of Music” or “My Fair Lady”
    We bought our first house also in 1965. That’s the year things started improving for us financially.
    Lots of things, important to us, but I won’t bore you . Boring because it didn’t happen to you. But important to us.

    i.e. We were living in a house trailer in Fairfax when we bought the house in Falls Church. True story. While I was away, some guy came by and asked Elvera if she wanted to sell the house trailer. Just like that!. Of course, she did. I helped him move and set up the trailer in Alexandria.

    Things have just worked out for us. Not easy at all. But it turned out well.
    Someday, likely soon, a tragedy will occur.
    It will work out well.

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  3. 🙂 Just found a bunch of selfies on my phone taken by K – obviously taken when I was away from my desk for a few minutes – this made my day seeing her laughing and smiling at the joke she was playing 🙂

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  4. It warms my heart to hear Chas. And to watch my dad with my stepmom. He loved my mom as well and I remember walking with them in the woods, they were holding hands. Ah…..

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  5. It seems that when Hubby & I reminisce about our life together, it is often the struggles we went through that we talk about. There is a sense of gratitude to God for seeing us through all those struggles, & a reminder that we got through those tough times together.

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  6. Chas – Several months ago, I told Hubby about how you would wiggle Elvera’s toe as you went by her. He has now taken up the habit of wiggling one of my toes after he kisses me goodbye in the morning. I then wiggle my foot in response, if I am awake enough.

    Since he leaves in the middle of the night (to us), I don’t always wake up enough when he is kissing me goodbye.

    It’s funny that when he takes Chickadee home after she has helped babysit in the evening, to her, he is taking her home “tonight”, but to him, he is taking her home “in the morning”. She is still on one day & he has started the next.

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