Prayer Requests 2-6-17

Anyone have something to share?

Psalm 128

Blessed are all who fear the Lord,
    who walk in obedience to him.
You will eat the fruit of your labor;
    blessings and prosperity will be yours.
Your wife will be like a fruitful vine
    within your house;
your children will be like olive shoots
    around your table.
Yes, this will be the blessing
    for the man who fears the Lord.

May the Lord bless you from Zion;
    may you see the prosperity of Jerusalem
    all the days of your life.
May you live to see your children’s children—
    peace be on Israel.

20 thoughts on “Prayer Requests 2-6-17

  1. My aunt is recovering quickly and very well from the liver transplant. She may be released from the hospital tomorrow or Wednesday. She will stay in Bham for a while

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  2. My husband has a bad cold at the start of a very busy week–which includes staying up all night on Tuesday night for our church’s nomadic shelter for the homeless. He’ll be the on-site member overseeing everyone gets out in case of fire or other emergency.

    Long and busy days at work with meetings nearly every night as well. Pray for wisdom he’ll pace himself well and–my preference–some of these meetings can be rescheduled and someone else to spend the night at church.

    But those are just my suggestions.

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  3. I am so tired of dealing with animal cruelty. Yesterday, I had allowed the two youngest to go outside to play in the snow, but knowing them and their behavior, I was checking on them frequently. One time I looked out and nine year old went over to the black cat, wrapped her left arm around it, and swung her right hand to its face, yelling “Eat this!” No idea where she got that but the cat took off. He is so long suffering. Back to not letting them around the animals or to play with toy animals. Wisdom on how to help them get past this behavior and develop empathy and compassion for God’s creatures. This is a child who wants to be a vet. I don’t suppose it will go over well if she punches her patients in the nose.

    Later, I asked several of them how they would deal with it if they had a child who would not treat animals properly. One response was to treat the child like the child treats the animal. We laughed about how that would look!

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  4. Pray for my friend Carol’s attitude, she’s constantly complaining about the residence she’s in and I’ve gotten to where I just don’t want to hear it any more. Last night’s voice mail (glad I didn’t pick the call up, I’d just gotten into bed), when I listened to it this morning, went on and on about how she had to ask 3 times before they turned on the heat and she has a cold (she thinks she always has a “cold”) how she’s “fed up” with the place and can’t take it anymore and has to leave there … I got about that far and didn’t even listen to the rest of it.

    Earlier, she also suggested that when I come by next week we find a particular sporting goods store where there’s a shoe sale going on so she could buy 2 pairs of shoes she saw in the ad. Sure, I said. then I caught something she threw in later that included the words “borrow the money.” Huh?

    “You don’t have the money? So who would you be borrowing money from?”


    “Um, no, I don’t think so.”

    She’s just become really whiny about everything that’s wrong with the residence and I’m finding myself not picking up her calls too often.

    So I guess prayer for my attitude as well 🙂 right?

    And for how I can best help her to snap out of this mood she’s been in for several months, off and on, now.

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  5. Not sure you can, DJ. She needs to grow up, but there is probably little chance of that at this point. We have a similar relative and each person who does things for him think they are the only one (to some extent). He takes full advantage. He is seldom grateful and always expectant. Everything is worse for him (in his mind). He, like many, is arrested in the early teen years when such thinking should be changed by maturity. Taking drugs (legal) can contribute to this immaturity as can ‘authorities’ that encourage you in it. Sadly, they are not the ones that usually bear the brunt of the immaturity.

    It helps to realize this and then just help as you think is right.

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  6. She’s been mentally ill (schizophrenia) so that accounts for much of it. But, yes, she is ‘stuck’ when it comes to life skills and common sense. High IQ, she was reading at 14th grade level by the time she was in 8th grade.

    I sent her an email saying I hoped she had a better day today and suggesting she focus on what she is grateful for, trying to ‘live’ in that as best she can.

    And I also suggested she use some of her next paycheck to buy a comforter for her bed, she is always complaining they won’t turn up the heat when she asks (I also reminded her that running heat is very expensive for those who pay for it, which she doesn’t)

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  7. As someone who fights to be happy….I will say that most days happiness is a choice. Friday the office know it all let me know that Guy paid for my award and that had I chosen to stay at the hotel he would have had to pay for it. Now I am assuming that the $100 gift card I was given also came out of his pocket. All weekend I have battled the feeling of having been “robbed” of the recognition because it didn’t come from the company. I am still having the conservation with myself.
    A. I got what I wanted. I wanted to be recognized as a member of the team.
    B. I am going to let an uneducated, redneck influence my emotions?

    Then I circle back around to somehow it wasn’t good enough because the “company” didn’t recognize me as having any worth. It’s an endless cycle, but ultimately everything is within ME and I am the only one who can control how I feel and how I react.

    Bless you Donna. I would have lost patience with Carol a long time ago. I love to do for my friends, but I won’t let you take advantage of me. Some people are very skilled at that.

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  8. Donna, some of that being ‘stuck’ is a result of the illness, and the treatment. I found the schizophrenics I worked with to be almost childlike. Sometimes, the constant mind chatter can derail the completion of the most basic tasks. However, it isn’t a characteristic of schizophrenia itself to be manipulative. That could be something else – personality disorders are the ones that include manipulative as a characteristic. Although, perhaps the borrowing idea comes more from the tendency to wishful thinking than a desire to manipulate.

    Prayers would be appreciated. I’m still fighting this illness and I’m going into my four days of classes I can’t miss without a lot of paperwork.

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  9. Thanks rescuro – yes, stuck due mostly to mental illness. She is very childlike in her lack of discipline, honesty and an ability to wait for things, so there are other issues as well

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  10. Yes, DJ, I understand the illness quite well. Some of it is that, but there is the other. I may be wrong, but I was told that often when we need to take those powerful drugs or even alcohol everyday that the mind may not process as well as possible when we sleep. Thus the natural maturity that often happens, does not.

    I am not going to leave out the spiritual renewing of the mind, however. That helps all of us.

    Patience is a good thing. Helping someone to mature in their thinking (when possible) is also a good thing. It takes a lot of prayer and love to do what you are doing.

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  11. Yes, it does. I wouldn’t have had the patience to do everything you’ve done for Carol, DJ. I gave up on a friend I’d had long ago after she became an incessant whiner about virtually everything. She had been a friend in high school, and we’d sort of lost touch with each other after that, but she called me on the phone after she saw the birth announcement in the paper after 2nd Arrow was born. Though not to say anything about the birth — just to complain about everything that was wrong with her life, since she knew I would be home on maternity leave, giving her a captive audience. She called a lot, and I had her out to my house once or twice, but the incessant complaining got to be too much, and, somehow, I don’t remember how, I managed to give her the heave-ho.

    I felt guilty about it, but I couldn’t be her counselor, and she just didn’t want to see anything positive in her situation, no matter how hard I tried to steer the conversation toward blessings she had in her life.

    I did almost chuckle one time, though, when she was complaining about her doctor, or her son’s pediatrician, or someone like that, saying how offended she was by his having told her recently, before she’d said anything on that vist, “So tell me your chief complaint.” 🙂 LOL. I guess I wasn’t the only one getting an earful on a regular basis.

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  12. Mumsee, one of the kindergarten teachers with whom I worked way back when I was teaching school told her students that if anyone purposely hurt them, they should do the same thing back to the one who bit, kicked, whatever them, but do it only half as hard.

    I just thought, what…? But being a young teacher, hearing that from a very experienced one who was nearing retirement age, I didn’t say anything.


  13. I’d like to request prayers for a young couple in our church, and their new baby. M & P have been married several years now, and M has had multiple miscarriages and/or difficulty getting pregnant. Not sure of all the details. Anyway, M carried their newborn son not quite to term — Baby B was born last week, at around 37 weeks.

    He weighed 4 lbs., 13 oz., and has had some difficulty with breathing and low blood sugar. Please join me in praying for Baby B’s strengthening, and for these first-time parents. Thanks.

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  14. Carol isn’t normally an incessant complainer which I guess is why this period is so hard for me to put up with. She’s just been on a roll lately 🙂

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  15. On a roll. 🙂 I’ve been on a roll lately, too, admittedly. Like I should talk. 🙂

    DJ, some of what you’ve said about Carol lately reminded me of my father-in-law after he’d gone into the nursing home. Some paranoia started setting in about various things, especially, it seemed to me, regarding his belongings — he thought they were disappearing, and that staff or other people were coming in and stealing his things. A hard situation, when individuals don’t feel like they belong where they are, when things are different than the way they used to be, or wish they were.

    You have a big heart, DJ. Bless you.


  16. 6 Arrows, I once worked a prayer line on a weekly basis. Generally the man working with me took the calls from men, me the calls from women, but sometimes the other was already on a call when a call came in. Anyway, one day I ended up taking a call from a man who had a huge series of complaints about what began to sound like mostly very trivial things. “And the water machine at work ran out of water and it was almost a whole day before they got a new shipment, and the electric bill was five dollars higher than it was this month last year, and my cat gave me a little scratch, and . . .” Finally I tried to turn him to our Savior, by telling him that Jesus suffered greatly and understood suffering, and can we got to Him in prayer, or something along that line. And to my shock he said that Jesus hadn’t suffered as he had suffered, because Jesus chose His suffering. At that point I felt like there wasn’t anything more I could do for the man, he really was determined to think the weight of the world was on his shoulders when he actually had (currently, at least) nothing worth complaining about.


  17. 6 arrows, yes, she often thinks things have been stolen (until she finds them, she tends to misplace things). She called tonight and sounded happy again though, so maybe the grim mood is passing

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  18. I’m glad to hear that, DJ.

    Cheryl, wow, and yes, there really isn’t much we can do when someone is determined to believe his/her suffering is worse than Christ’s! Sad, really.


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