14 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 2-4-17

  1. Yesterday I got a 1099-R from Protective Life Insurance Company. They said I had a gross distribution of exactly $1000..
    I have never heard of Protective Life and I never got $1000. So? I looked them up on the internet and called them.
    I finally got to talk to a guy who was going to look into it. But I had to leave to pick up Elvera, so I couldn’t hang on. I will get back to them Monday. But, before I got to him, a lady mentioned Liberty Life Insurance.
    When I got home, I started rummaging through my files and found that Elvera had taken out two insurance policies from Liberty Life Insurance.
    One in 1946 for $1000. Another in 1947 for $500. (The premium was $0.27/week on that. Don’t laugh. That was significant money for a 16 year old girl in 1947.) The beneficiary on both policies was her father. He has been dead twenty years.

    I will settle this next week, but it appears that both of these policies had cash value when Elvera turned 85. So? We may get $1500 out of these insurance policies.

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  2. 😦 I must have a great credit score. Everyone in the world wants to send me a card.
    Back in 1959 I applied for a Gulf gasoline credit card and was turned down.


  3. 😦 I’m the only one who has rants and raves today.
    😦 When I lived in Virginia, I used to send money to WETA, a public radio station in Washington. I did that because every Saturday afternoon they had Jerry Gray’s music from the “Gray Gallery of Gramophone Greats”. i.e. He played country music I liked. I recorded lots of it. They also had Eddie Stubbs bluegrass in drive time and Stained Glass Bluegrass on Sunday mornings. I liked them, though they were NPR liberal in politics.
    When I moved to Hendersonville, I stopped sending money. They kept sending membership renewal notices. I have moved to Greensboro. It has been almost 17 years. They have found me.


  4. congrats on the windfall, Chas. When I was faced with emergency hospitalization treatment for a dog diagnosed with diabetes — and was fretting over the cost — the ER hospital asked if I wanted to apply for a Care Credit card which offered interest free financing for several months. I said sure. She called to see if I qualified, came back and said “Oh, they love you, you’re approved.” They probably loved the amount of money this was all going to go onto their card. (The dog did well, but at the time this was all an unexpected emergency diagnosis out of the blue that forced an immediate decision — treat or put down — within hours so I was in something of a tearful panic.)

    And I still have the card which actually is quite handy both for vet and my own medical needs, they offer long term interest-free financing so you can pay the amounts off usually within those timeframes with no interest. It can be helpful.

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  5. Chas, after I moved to Nashville, Chicago found me for a parking ticket I had refused to pay because it wasn’t mine. I got a note from a lawyer telling me it was too late to appeal; it must be paid. I sent a very friendly but firm letter, and actually got a letter in reply asking for proofs of my assertions . . . and then a reply from them telling me thank you, the matter had been closed. I was stunned to receive it, though, many years after I’d already done everything possible to tell Chicago “I did not get this ticket and I won’t pay it.”

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  6. 😦 A section of broken plaster on my bedroom roof needs to be fixed. Always something.

    πŸ™‚ A cute and functioning bathroom is now mine.

    πŸ™‚ Hot showers every morning once again — what a difference that makes

    πŸ™‚ Rain, all day yesterday and more coming Monday-Tuesday

    πŸ™‚ Nine hours of sleep last night which I really needed

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  7. Bedroom ceiling, not roof, of course. I found a guy to fix it some years ago, may try to hunt him down again for a quick patch job


  8. Chickadee & I are babysitting today & tomorrow, with Nightingale being on 2nd shift both days (3 – 11).

    😦 Chickadee had misunderstood when told Nightingale’s schedule, & thought we’d be babysitting 1st shift tomorrow, not 2nd. She just (well, a couple hours ago) realized her mistake, & is very upset that she will have to miss hanging out with the McKs tomorrow evening when they will be watching the Super Bowl. (It’s not the game that interests her, or most of them, but the commercials, snacks, & camaraderie.)

    The soft part of me wants to fix it so that she can get back in time, & I would babysit Little Guy on my own for the evening. (Remember, Hubby goes to bed in the very early evening.) And I probably could do that fine, as Nightingale gave her permission for him to lie on the couch & watch the game (he’ll most probably fall asleep before long).

    But the wiser part of me knows that I wouldn’t be doing her any long-term favors by doing that. Sometimes having to work while fun stuff is going on is part of life, & she needs to learn & accept that.

    😦 It hurts to know that although we can watch the game here, & get the snacks she would like to have, she is still greatly disappointed that she won’t be with the McKs. She is with them most of her time. My heart hurts that she prefers their family to her own, & her reaction today is another reminder of that.


  9. 😦 Husband is well into his fourth week of sickness – horrible cough and laryngitis

    πŸ™‚ He managed to empty all the garbages in the house and get it outside (I’m sure it’s just sitting on the deck) and do some dishes.

    😦 So much housework that we’re behind on. He really does do so much around here.


  10. Cheryl @ 12:57 yesterday. That reminded me of a situation. I don’t know much about it, but that Elvera’s step mother lived in Greenwood, SC. Somehow she had had a minor violation in Charlotte, NC. A ticket she never paid. They couldn’t get her in Greenwood. But she, even after she married, was afraid to go through Charlotte on I-85, even as a passenger. She worried all the way through.
    It was silly, but interesting. I thought of hollering out “SOPHIE SMITH IS IN THIS CAR” but never did. She would have died of fright.
    Smith was her maiden name.

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  11. My fourteen year old grandson has gotten a cell phone this year. He continually gets calls asking him to pay some long overdue bill. The calls come at all hours. He has explained, as has his parents, that he is not the person. They refuse to stop calling, however. Such a waste of everyone’s times.


  12. πŸ™‚ Wonderful weekend with this grandson and his family. We went to a Finnish sliding festival. It was his and his siblings first time. They had a good time. The seven month old did not care about anything, but she was very content to watch the crowd. Last year my grandson was suppose to come and had surgery on his nose on that day instead. He had broken it when trying to catch a football.

    πŸ™‚ Family oriented festivals. All the community members who work hard to accomplish these.

    πŸ™‚ Good report so far on our granddaughter’s heart issues. One hole is completely closed up; two others have not worsened. We are grateful.

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