31 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-3-17

  1. It IS Friday!
    You know what that means?

    Good morning Aj, et al.
    Good evening Jo.
    go back to bed Phos, and get some rest.
    Everyone else? Get with it.


  2. I’m embarrassed by my bathroom sink. Someone, in the distant past was a smoker. He left cigarette burns all over the edge of the sink.
    I think I may have that fixed.

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  3. Would you look at that cute bathroom?

    Isn’t it great that we have all gotten to share in and see the progression to our DJ getting a new bathroom?

    Every time I look at one of the photos it makes me smile. 🙂

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  4. The sink and hardware are very similar to mine. Even had the same black marks where I put the rabbit bowls to thaw in mine (bad idea) but then I realized that was just dirt on my screen.

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  5. Today is the company awards banquet. Tonight is the top producers dinner.
    Funny how dates come along. May parents were married for 20 years…today would have been their anniversary. I won’t tell you which one because you all know how much I lie about my age 🙂

    I sent an email to one of my aunts this morning. Yesterday I was questioned about a scar under my chin. They asked about surgery on my chin. I have only had one surgery and that was as an adult. They then asked about a fall that would have left a scar. I don’t remember any kind of accident like that. When I got home I asked Mr. P to look at it. He said it looks like I “busted” my chin at some point. I am mission whole sections of my childhood in my memories so I thought this aunt would know best since I was her shadow when I was very small—-to the point of attending college with her. I of course colored in a coloring book.


  6. my other shower curtain is a solid sky blue, cloth, but this was a gift from an anonymous donor! I can’t figure out who sent it to me, everyone I’ve guessed so far has said no. There was no card, just a box addressed to me from Wayfair. I may contact them to see if they can see who ordered it as i need to thank someone 🙂

    I’m exhausted, I think all of this is catching up to me and I have to go to work really early today so I can leave early so I can drive a friend from church (who doesn’t drive at night) up to the eschatology debate at our church tonight that starts at 7 p.m. Unfortunately, I work near the church but will have to come all the way home to get her and then go back — originally I’d hoped to get today off but that didn’t happen.

    We’re getting rain again today.

    And I’m still loving – loving – loving a hot shower every morning, what a special treat after going so long without it

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  7. And Carol wants me to come to see her tomorrow, I haven’t been up there since Christmas, but was supposed to have the guys back tomorrow to put up the towel bars, etc., and do a couple other jobs. I haven’t called them though, just feeling kind of wiped out from everything, could use a day to chill.


  8. I have had one for many years but never get over the gratefulness of it. Hot showers are a blessing. Until we find out that they cause ……something that will lead to an early demise. Even then, I shall enjoy my hot shower.

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  9. We are supposed to get some rain in the next few days, And then more snow. Did I mention I love the snow? I like rain too but snow is so much easier to work in.

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  10. Whew, that is a relief. Not that I was going to let that get in my way. I would hop in the hot tub also if it did not have so much snow on it.


  11. One thing hazardous about showers. If you live in a city that uses chlorine to purify its water, you are getting low doses of the gas the Germans used in WWI to kill the enemy. Yes, chlorine gas can kill you over time, so take shorter showers if you smell chlorine in your water.

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  12. Well, mumsee. I have well water and hot showers are hazardous to MY health. It brings on my eczema. 😦 I sure miss a hot bath and showers. I get out much quicker now, though.

    I did not send the shower curtain, Donna, but would urge you to let the sender remain anonymous. I have sent things that way and also for others that wanted to remain anonymous. That is a return gift you can give to the giver–anonymity. That is difficult as we are such creatures with such curiosity, I well know.

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  13. I once received a subscription to a magazine I didn’t order (but did enjoy). I called the company and they said all they could tell is that it was purchased during a school fund-raising drive, but they didn’t know who bought it. Thing is, I wasn’t sure whether the person was choosing to be anonymous or whether someone had inadvertently messed up in noting the giver, and someone out there was wondering why I didn’t bother to say thank you! Another time I received a book in the mail, anonymously. I called the company and they told me who sent it–but I wasn’t sure whether she wanted me to know, so I didn’t say anything. A few weeks later, she asked if I had received the book and I told her yes, and that I really liked it, but that it hadn’t come with a name of the donor so I had to track that down. I didn’t tell her I thought she might be trying to be anonymous, but I had wondered that. (I never asked whether she also gave me the magazine subscription.)

    One time at work we had a hilarious time tracking down who sent some cookies we all enjoyed. I think it had a label on it, but the label had only first names, say Joe and Nancy. None of us editors could think of anyone by that name; certainly it wasn’t one of our authors. We finally asked the fiction editor did she have a book with such characters, and was the sender being clever? That was also a dead end, though she had to think about it for a few days since she had several series going. We finally managed to track down the company and call them (in a day when websites didn’t exist for every company, and companies often didn’t include their phone numbers or e-mail addresses, I think we had to work at doing even that). The company looked in their records and got back to us. It turns out they’d erred in the labeling. Joe and Nancy were supposed to be the recipients of a gift basket someone else had sent. The company told us who had sent ours, and we sent our thanks–but belatedly, since tracking down who had sent it took a couple of weeks.


  14. Kathaleena, thanks — although it has occurred to me that maybe a card was inadvertently left out.

    I once received two small, colorful “lizard” tiles on my front porch, left by someone who never came forward — it was back when Annie was bringing in so many lizards.

    I also left an anonymous gift late at night on the front porch of a friend for her 2 girls at Christmas. Tag said “santa.” She mentioned the gift once to me, said she never did find out who left that for them.

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  15. When we were living in Germany, on the economy as opposed to military housing, our dog opened several doors to get herself outside and run over by a truck. We found a postcard picture of a red cocker spaniel (that is what she was) in our front door mail slot. . All of our neighbors were German or Polish, nobody ever indicated they had put it there, but it touched our hearts that somebody understood our pain. We did not feel so lonely in our grief in a foreign land.

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  16. I have sent a couple of gifts with my name that were never acknowledged. I assumed it was plain thoughtlessness or bad manners. Perhaps I was wrong, although I can’t seen how my identity could have been missed. It is something to consider, however.


  17. A young, national man coming soon to clean my tank screen, gutters, and wash the solar panels. If he has time, he will trim the hedges too. Better get up and at em.


  18. The flute student I’m accompanying and I had a good, productive first session today. She plays with a lot of expression, which is so nice to hear. It’s not just pitches and rhythms she’s interpreting, but is bringing a lot of style to the piece.

    Here is one version of the music. I actually like the edition the student is using better than the one in the video because there are many nuances of tempo written into her version that I don’t hear in this example. The tempo changes make it a little more challenging to play together as an ensemble, which is what we worked on quite a bit today, but add so much character to the piece.

    Anyway, I didn’t have time to listen to any other versions of the piece on YouTube, but both players are skilled, and the piece is nice — very melodious and rhythmic — even without much variation in speed. And if you like flute and piano, better yet. 🙂


  19. It’s been a long day at the tax office. Tomorrow may potentially be worse, but might be better.

    The bathroom is lovely. Such good taste in the many decisions has paid off nicely. You did a great job, Donna, with a little help from your friends.


  20. Ricky, my husband said it’s supposed to be 51 on Sunday. I’m slow and I didn’t get his point, and I’m guessing I looked kind of puzzled. He said, “That would mean we could have 50 degrees in every months!” I said, “Oh . . . I guess I don’t find 50 all that impressive.” He said, “In February it is.”

    Well, I grew up in Phoenix, and when there was a skin of ice on the dog’s water dish in the backyard, we kids would show each other. It was rare enough to be rather exciting. If we were to have shown that ice to kids from New England, they’d look at us funny. They wouldn’t be able to wrap their brains around that being a novelty, even if you explained that it’s rare in Phoenix. And no matter how much I may know in my head that 50 in February is “warm” for Indiana, I just cannot find it amazing. If I were in Phoenix, I’d be planting seeds by now. If I were in Nashville, a week from now I’d be actively searching for buds on the trees and bulbs in bloom. (I schooled myself not to “look” for such things before Valentine’s Day, but after Valentine’s Day it could truly be any time–and sometimes before.) My brain has a hard time waiting for May or June to have warm weather.

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