43 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-2-17

  1. I had clean forgotten that it’s groundhog day.
    I must have gotten an e-mail from Trump. On my spam filter I got “unbelievable pictures”. I deleted them without looking.
    (He’s the only one I know who uses the term “unbelievable”. I usually don’t believe it.)

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  2. My aunt is in ICU. Surgery went well. The new liver turned pink and she only needed 5 pints of blood not the 20 they were prepared to give her.
    This morning we are all very thankful.
    Thank you for your prayers.

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  3. Thankful for that news, Kim.

    It’s almost time for me to leave to grace the expressway with my car. And so the tax days are soon to be in full swing.

    My friend Karen is not doing well. She has fluid buildup indicating heart failure, again. She was talking jibberish yesterday which is what she does with low oxygen levels.


  4. A lot of times when you hear of liver damage it is from cirrhosis of the liver and associated with alcohol. My aunt has something called hemochromatosis which causes the body to store too much iron. Ever since I have known her 30+ years she has had to regularly donate blood to get the iron out. She has always been so nice and good to me. What has been interesting is to see my uncle (my dad’s older brother) take care of her. I grew up terrified of him. He was my godfather, and should anything have happened to my parents he would have been the one to raise me. He was a very strong disciplinarian to his own children. Much more so than I observed in my own parents. I got to know him as and adult and with this aunt (his second wife). Now I adore him too.
    I thank you all so much for praying for my aunt. Her youngest daughter and I have discussed what we with have to do with her stepfather/ my uncle should the worst happen. These days he is much more of a teddy bear than he was in his younger years. 😉

    Also D has been sharing what she calls “Hospital Uncle-isms”. Last night she posted that “”every nurse and doctor we have come across has been epically beautiful) I don’t think I could stand this if I was younger. It’s like a smorgasbord around here”.

    This is especially funny to me because dad and uncle joined the Navy together. Their ID numbers were only one digit off. When uncle would get into a scrape he would give my dad’s ID number. Luckily, one time my dad was in the infirmary with pneumonia and another he was at sea.

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  5. Good Morning…it is lightly snowing and I am in a frosted forest this morning….the pine boughs are flocked and it is cold…and oh so beautiful….
    We don’t pay much attention to that groundhog around these parts….we know we are going to have at least 12 more weeks of winter around here so why bother 🙂

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  6. Good news about your aunt, Kim.

    Janice, I’m sorry to hear Karen is struggling again.

    My friend Carol sees the visiting doctor tomorrow, she’s made a list, at my urging, of the things she really needs to talk to him about. She seems to rarely have a day anymore where she feels decent, she has ongoing issues with upset stomach (which I suspect is due to her hernia and all the intestinal surgeries she’s had) and the pain in her legs is often very bad. And the potassium levels continue to be hard to control.

    She also hits these points more frequently than in the past of becoming really fed up with the facility she’s in for one reason or another. She declares, in texts or phone calls to me, that if she can’t find a new place in a month she’s going to strike out anyway and just be homeless. She doesn’t mean that, of course, and these places all have their down sides unfortunately (this one seems OK from what I can see, but she says the food they serve leaves something to be desired).

    I’m up early, already showered ( 🙂 ) to wait for the arrival of the plumber to check out why I’m getting water backups (probably the main line, we think).


  7. Kizzie from yesterday.
    I work from home. There are days I sit down at my computer and rarely get up. Some days I eat lunch at my computer. Only Monday I was on the phone with Guy when I told him I had just heated my lunch up for the second time and he kept talking. There are days I don’t leave the house. At 5:30 I shower and change into a clean pair of pajamas. To go once every 6 weeks on my lunch hour to get my hair done shouldn’t be a problem, even it I run 10 minutes over. If he calls he expects me to answer. I told him I had told him I had an appointment. When he found out it was to get my hair done he wanted to know why I didn’t take my computer and tether it to my phone so that I could work from the hair salon!!!!!!!!!! I don’t know. Because that is my time to chat with another woman and get my hair done?????? It’s only an hour. He should be able to function without me for an hour.
    Today I have and appointment at 1 pm. Yesterday when he was scheduling to show property this morning at 9 am, I told him I have an appointment. I told him it was a doctor’s appointment. Late yesterday he changed everything and is showing property at 1:30 today. Just a few minutes ago I was talking to him to tell him I had everything scheduled for him to preview at 11:30 and show at 1:30. He asked if I was going to be around a computer. “No. I told you yesterday I have an appointment at 1”. He wasn’t happy and snarkily asked if I was getting my hair re-touched. So to recap. In a 40+ hour week, I may be taking 2 1/2 hours to do something personal??????

    I have not moved my membership, nor started going to another church yet, because I truly love my church and my priests. I have tried going to the 8 am service but there are less than 10 of us there and I get up at 6:15 5 days a week. I would prefer the 10 am service but 1. He is there and 2. I have started attending at Sunday School class at the Baptist church. It is an all women’s class and I have found fellowship there that I have not found at Bible study with my priest on Wednesday nights. For whatever reason, and I am perfectly willing to shoulder most of the blame, I haven’t “connected” with women at my church and formed friendships to the point that I can do “girl’s night out ” with them like I can with the women I have found at Sunday School in 2 short months. Unfortunately the SS class it at 10:15.
    Absolutely nothing against Baptist because some of my best friends and some of the nicest people I know are Baptist but the Baptist church doesn’t feed my soul the way a liturgical church does.
    I have very few REAL friends. I have lots of acquaintances. You people here on the blog are closer to REAL friends than acquaintances …. I just can’t go out to lunch (that often) with you and form a deeper relationship.

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  8. Kim, I wish I lived close enough to you that I could go out with you regularly. That’s a selfish wish, I know, but I mean for your sake as well as mine. 🙂 Locally I have some acquaintances, and some people with whom I do lunch, but no one I pick up the phone and call, or call to go do something fun. (Well, I have gone to the zoo a couple of times with one lady, so I guess that counts.)

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  9. Yeah, there are 6 weeks until March 20 when Spring officially begins. Everyone gets it wrong in regards to the groundhog. It’s six more weeks of winter weather he predicts.

    AJ- If Phil sees his shadow, that only predicts the weather for Punxsutawney. A groundhog here would have seen his shadow as well. But some years, it’s sunny in PA but cloudy in MO or vice versa.


  10. I’d be happy to have ONLY six more weeks of winter. That takes us into mid-March and I’ve never ever seen spring that early in the Midwest. Last year, we got spring the very last week of March, and it was the earliest I’d ever seen it in 19 winters in the Midwest. We have another mild winter this year (excepting December, when it wasn’t even officially winter yet) and an early spring seems quite likely this year too. But spring six weeks away seems highly unlikely. (To me, “spring” means some green budding leaves on some of the trees and the blooming of the earliest bulbs or wildflowers other than crocuses–crocuses can bloom in the snow. Spring isn’t daffodils coming up but freezing before they bloom. It’s greenery and flowers.)


  11. Haha — I texted him, he said he got caught up having to return to a big job from last night but still could be here this morning — or he could send someone else … I asked about rescheduling for Friday (better for me at this point), he promised to text me his status asap.

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  12. Kim – You know my comment was on your side? If it sounded like I meant anything different than being on your side, be assured that’s not what I meant.


  13. I’ve just scrolled through FB and thought, “if I wanted to know about Trump all the time, I would have followed him!”

    I may turn off the Internet for the day. I’m feeling like all I want to do is sit and read on a rainy day.

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  14. One story filed, starting on 2 others … Nary a word from the plumber in 3 hours. 😦 😦 Grrr. Hope he makes it over here sometime today because I really don’t want to repeat this tomorrow. At least I can work from home.

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  15. I just read something I knew for a long time. But every time I read it, it strikes me as funny. The word “manna”, that is the stuff Israel ate for forty years, translates: “What is it”.
    Interesting. Except for the Sabbath, manna didn’t keep until the next day.
    According to Hebrews 9:4, a jar of manna was put into the Ark of the Covenant. That means that it remained in it’s present state.
    If so, it’s still there.
    According to 2 Maccabees 2:5-7, (which I believe) Jeremiah hid the Ark on Mt. Nebo (“where Moses went up and saw the inheritance of God…)., where it will remain,’’till God gather together congregation of the people and receive them to mercy.”
    So? That means that there is a jar of manna somewhere, unspoiled.

    I have often wondered, if the Ark were found, that anyone would have the courage to open and look into te Ark. And if they did, would they take a bit of manna out for a chemical test. And if they removed it, would it remain in it’s permanent state.

    😆 You can tell I have been busy this afternoon, can’t you?

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  16. I’m feeling better now I’ve had a nap and spent the last two hours listening to the Messiah and working on my Psalm 22 lesson for Tuesday. 🙂

    That may get me through the real work starting now!

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  17. Not to beat a dead horse but this is what I deal with.
    Me: Remember I have an appointment at 1 pm.
    Guy: silence.
    He calls at 12:40. I handle the problem.
    He calls at 12:58. I don’t answer because I was smart and left my phone in the car.

    I didn’t get out of the doctors office until 2:50 because sometimes that is how it goes sometimes but the whole time my stomach is twisting itself in knots because I am an hour past what would have been my “lunch hour”.

    I just spoke with him and he had called me because he needed an address. He didn’t expect I would be at the doctor’s office so early! I explained I had to fill out paperwork. I wouldn’t have had the needed information with me anyway. I had emailed everything to him earlier.

    Is it any wonder I have TMJ?

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  18. Hi all. We have a lot of white on the ground — looks like it will be winter here for quite a while yet. We’ve had mostly sunny days, though, this week (but not warm enough to melt anything), and that sunshine always does so much to lift my spirits.

    I wanted to thank you for praying for me about some business-related requests a while back. One of the families who contacted me about accompanying their middle school child has selected me as their daughter’s accompanist. We’ll practice twice this month, and contest is on the 25th. We meet tomorrow for the first time.

    Praising God for this small, paid gig — every bit helps. I’m looking forward to the musical aspect of it, too, of course. I haven’t accompanied any students for maybe 20 years now. She is a flute player, and will be coming to my house to practice. It is the first time my children will hear the sound of a solo flute played live right here between our four walls. Can’t wait for our session tomorrow. 🙂

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  19. AJ – You know how when you use more than one header photo in a day, you put the earlier ones below the header, in a smaller version? Would you consider doing that with the last photo of the day, too? (And maybe the one & only photo on a day when you only use one?)

    I often read comments about how great the last photo was, but miss seeing it myself.

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  20. Plumber finally came, while he said there may be debris in the line, it didn’t appear I had any kind of active backup going and that the incident the other night may just have been that so much water was going through the system (it was a big load of laundry). Said they could come back with a camera to look into the line, but that he didn’t think it was urgent — but to call him when/if I wanted to do that next week.

    So I’ll just keep an eye on everything, do maybe smaller loads of laundry for now. The line probably should just be automatically cleaned out but he got here so late in the day today (but didn’t charge anything for doing what was probably a 30-minute visual check, including of the drain on the roof).

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  21. Today was registration day for summer camp. It went really well with over 500 registrations in the first 3 hours. It was a much easier day than I even hoped it would be.

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  22. Registration for summer camp in early February? Wow.

    Kim, I may have cancelled Flylady, but I’m making real progress on cleaning anyway. My husband had a meeting tonight, and I finished the last of my annual Valentine’s cards (I made about 30 of them and finished more than a week before I need to mail them out) and put away the supplies. (I’ve been working on them on and off about three weeks, so I had all sorts of craft paper and supplies piled on the extra chair in the corner of our kitchen between sessions of working on them.) I also cleaned the microwave, the oven, and the fridge. That was in addition to cleaning I did earlier, while he was home. I also have donated three bags (mostly clothing) to Goodwill, though I haven’t yet gotten to my “hanging” clothes.

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  23. Got my music closet organized today. An all-day job around school and meals and other things, but it feels good to know where stuff is again, and to open the doors to beauty instead of random bursts of chaos. 🙂

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  24. I didn’t get anything organized today.

    Cheryl, we open registration now because campers are so eager to get their spot in camp. It also helps with the cash flow 🙂


  25. My kitchen sink is gleaming after I scrubbed it good today – and I’m ready to clean out another top kitchen cabinet filled with old dishes that need to be added to the next donation pile

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