77 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 1-24-17

  1. I looked at the photo for a long time and tried to figure out who among us would have such a cute bathroom. Kim? I finally decided that it must be DJ, because she’s the one who needs a room where her pets might be camouflaged. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Nice. Now don’t go messing it up by putting towels and soap and such in there. Or running water. Or….
    And what is that rectangle thing in the flower bed? Is that the heat? How do you get the wood into it?

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  3. Cheryl? I think you know what my guest bathroom looks like. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    This one is so cute. Everyone I have shown the photos to love it. Especially when I tell them it is in a house that was built in 1923. They love the fact that DJ stayed true to the time period.
    Just looking at it makes me smile. Now if she could just get water and lighting. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  4. Kim convinced me, wisely, to keep the heating vent in there. Real estate friend said, nah, just board and tile over and use a space heater, it will break up the tile floor too much.

    I almost went for it, thinking that duct didn’t produce much heat anyway (but I think that was because I had those un-closeable louvre windows in there so the bathroom was just always cold). I found a new cover grate for it to replace the ugly contemporary Home Depot one the heating guys put in 20 years ago and it blend

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  5. Good Morning…it is an overcast, freezing fog kind of day here in the forest….and I must run errands in town…..bundling up!
    Donna your project is stupendous!! Job well thought out and well done!! You are blessed! Enjoy…..

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  6. Actually, I believe heat in a bathroom is nice. And the vent cover is very nice, much better than the parallel line look and it does fit the design. Good job, Sister.

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  7. And now the bathroom looks like it “goes” with the house. No more mid-century square peach tiles and speckled dark blue linoleum and aluminum louvre window ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m glad whoever did that — and I’m sure they were thrilled with the look — didn’t get around to any of the other rooms ๐Ÿ™‚

    Our rain has moved out but we’re still in a bit of a cold snap.

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  8. The kitchen, of course, is a 1970s add-on to the house which aimed for an early-American/country look with pine (?) cabinets and pale yellow-cream tile countertops & linoleum. Not wholly objectionable, though not “1923,” and I’m thinking the cabinets may get a coat of white paint when it’s time to paint the rest of the house inside and out later this year. And *maybe* new linoleum, we’ll see.

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  9. It is snowing here. I love the snow. It makes chore time so much easier than rain and mud.

    And I have a space heater in my bathroom, to keep the pipes from freezing as well as to keep me from freezing. It is not pretty like your vent cover, but I don’t have any forced air heat other than from the wood stove.


  10. I’m spoiled, mumsee.

    We had some hail yesterday, but no snow in the coastal flatlands — yet. It has happened in the past, though, so who knows??


  11. I have a shower curtain. It appeared on my front porch last week, Michelle (???). ๐Ÿ™‚ It will go perfectly, though it’s not red. ๐Ÿ™‚

    But yes, color will be needed in there (the tops of the walls, which will show up in another photo, are a very pale-wash blue that almost look mint).

    I have some tiles & bead board (quite a bit of bead board) left over which I may be able to use in the kitchen someday I’m thinking …


  12. I was trying to remember what happened in your town in 1923, then I remembered. My great-grandfather moved there from Texas with my grandfather. The older man died at 6th Street below Pacific in early January 1924 and my grandfather began his vagabond lifestyle, catching a ship to Australia out of the port.

    It was just a coincidence my parents moved there more than 30 years later when my mom got a teaching job at the junior high. Curious how history works.

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  13. Nope. The kitchen is going to be a combination of “vintage” green and yellow. I have been looking at 1920’s kitchens on Houzz. THEN last night Mr. P and I were watching Bloodlines on Netflix and THERE was the kitchen. It had the greens and yellows with a splash of darker blue.
    Just wait. It is going to be FABULOUS.
    We have left over bead board to perhaps use as the back splash…This kind can be painted can’t it?

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  14. For those of you who haven’t guessed. Being involved in the remodel of DJ’s bathroom has given me a creative outlet over the last few months. It has brought me joy and to a degree serenity. When I had to clear my mind and not worry about anything else, I could focus on her bathroom.
    Now she has somewhat agreed to let me boss her around (hahaha) on her kitchen. I think I have her convinced this will be easier than the bathroom because she can eat out, get take out, or heat something in the microwave. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Thank you DJ for letting me be a part of it.

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  15. Oh yes ๐Ÿ™‚ (and yes, bead board is paintable — bright “extra” white in the bathroom, of course, but it could be something else somewhere else). Love vintage cream/yellows and greens.


  16. Beautiful. I’m struck how odd it look sto have the gorgeous stairway enter the kitchen . . .

    I’ll bring a paintbrush; I haven’t pained anything in awhile and I”m feeling the itch . . . Maybe we could rendesvous, Kim? ๐Ÿ™‚

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  17. You want the kitchen to ve circa 3016.

    Serious question. And I don’t know how to ask it because of ??? but I will.
    What is a “urinary tract infection”. I’ve never heard of it before.
    That is one reason they said Elvera was in the hospital back in April.
    DIL took her to the Dr. this morning and “one” of the things they said is “beware of urinary tract infections”. (not their exact words, but that is what I hear.)
    They’re talking to someone who doesn’t know what they’re talking about, and afraid to ask.

    What am I supposed to do?


  18. Michelle,
    I would love for us to go do a 3 day remodel on DJ’s kitchen. The “bones” she has are pretty good. We could work with the cabinets that are already there and they make countertop overlays that are less expensive although she does already have tile on some of the counter tops. I believe she said she had an island…will have to go back to see photos. We could get a butcher block over lay on that. Some cute knobs and perhaps splurge a little on the flooring and she would be set.


  19. and, Chas, UTI’s are nothing to take lightly but they seem to occur in a lot of ladies, especially older ones. I am sure rkessler and Roscuro can tell you more, but I have wondered if sedentary life contributes to it as well. They seem to require an antibiotic to clear up so it is best to try to stay ahead of it with lots of water and other liquid.

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  20. Chas, you may want to google one of the safe medical sites. Mayo Clinic has one.

    Years ago my husband and I came upon a scene with my MIL moaning in pain from her bedroom and his step father and his grown son and DIL just chatting in the kitchen. I asked what was wrong and was told she was sick. I went back and talked to her and then told my husband she needed to be brought to the clinic ASAP, Long story short (and I should have insisted on going straight to the emergency room) She was brought by ambulance to the emergency room (1 minute away). We were told she would have been dead in an hour. I will never forget that scene or that time. She lived for a few more years, but has been dead for many years already.

    Bathroom looks fabulous. I wish I could import Kim to supervise mine. My floor is like Chas’; it always looks dirty. It all needs to be redone. Kitchen, too. What seemed so easy years ago, now seems to be such a challenge.

    Congrats on that big, beautiful new baby!


  21. Chas, you may be more familiar with the term “bladder infection.” A UTI is more all-encompassing because a more serious kidney infection is also a UTI. A kidney infection can be very serious, and you want to keep a bladder infection from turning into a kidney infection.


  22. Great bathroom, DJ and Kim. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Chas, foods high in Vitamin C are good for preventing and/or treating urinary tract infections. I would not use them as a substitute for antibiotics a doctor may prescribe, but along with the medicine. Some good food sources are dark leafy green vegetables, and fruits such as kiwi, papaya, clementines, oranges and strawberries.

    Some things to avoid because they are bladder irritants are caffeine, alcohol, spicy food, carbonated drinks and artificial sweeteners.

    And, as Mumsee mentioned above, water, water and more water.

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  23. Cranberry juice is also good. Get the Northwoods (I think) not the Ocean Spray. Ocean Spray has a lot of sugar. It is cranberry juice cocktail. The other is more juice. Something in the cranberries helps. BG had reflux from her bladder to her kidney and drank lots of “cranny juice” until she out grew it.

    I went on line to find you some other natural remedies but stopped when they suggested eating lots of onions.

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  24. Just a warning in case any of you have not heard of this particular scam:

    I got a call today — the caller ID said Alabama Call, with a phone number of 205-471-2549 — where some man with a foreign accent claimed my computer was about to crash, that they discovered a problem with my computer ID, and would I turn on my computer so they can help get my computer ID problem fixed. Or something like that; he was very hard to understand.

    I asked what organization he was calling from. I couldn’t understand what he said, it was some vague mumbo jumbo and he didn’t identify the company through which I get my internet service, so I was skeptical, told him I didn’t need any help with my computer, and hung up.

    He called back not a minute later, and my husband picked up. I told him that was the same person who just called, and I believed it was a scam. My husband hung up, and the caller has not called back.

    I googled to find out more about this, and it sounds like that scam has been around for at least five years. They either get access to your computer if you follow the directions they give for getting into your system, or, more likely, get you to divulge credit card information to “fix” your non-existent problem.

    What a lot of nerve to call back. I suppose because I didn’t hang up immediately but asked some questions, they might have thought I would be an easier target of their clever devices because of my delay in cutting them off.

    Something to be wary of.

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  25. Medical people are now saying cranberry juice/pills make no difference at all. However, women who have used it do say it makes a difference . . . so that may be like medical wisdom saying “coffee is bad for you . . . now it’s good for you . . . eggs are bad for you . . . eggs are nearly a perfect food . . . it’s folk wisdom that vitamin C helps with colds . . . it’s folk wisdom that chicken soup helps with colds . . . doctors have discovered [as though grandmothers had not] that vitamin C and chicken soup are helpful with colds.” I’m inclined to say that if she likes cranberry juice, enough women do swear by it that it “can’t hurt, might help.”


  26. Sorry to say, I guess cranberry is not as effective as a lot of us have been led to believe. (I was about to recommend cranberry juice to Chas, too, but saw this article, and glanced at a few others that said basically the same thing — that there isn’t scientific evidence to that effect.)


    For years now, some doctors have been recommending cranberry juice and tablets to patients as a way to either prevent recurring UTIs or treat the symptoms, but a new study has found no difference between people treated with cranberries or placebos.

    In fact, if you look back at all the scientific literature on the subject, youโ€™ll find that either the recommended amount of cranberry juice is far beyond whatโ€™s realistic for an actual human being, or that thereโ€™s no solid evidence that any amount is having a positive effect.

    . . .

    At best, though, you’re paying a lot of money for something that’s only really doing the same job as a glass of water.

    “It can offer more hydration and possibly wash bacteria from your body more effectively, but the active ingredient in cranberry is long-gone by the time it reaches your bladder,” says Boone.


  27. I see Cheryl beat me to it with her 1:24. I guess I’d agree that if Elvera likes to drink cranberry juice, that would probably be fine, but I would avoid a sugared version, or one that contains artificial sweeteners (see my 1:06 above). Are there any cranberry juices that have no artificial sweeteners or sugar?


  28. Yep, there are.

    And, Chas, when I said about the sedentary lifestyle, I don’t mean you should go enter marathons with her. Just get her up frequently, like every hour to go help you in the kitchen, or fold the clothes, or wipe the counters, or wash the table, or something.

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  29. Sprouts sells the “real” cranberry juice — it’s beyond tart and hard to take beyond sipping, but if you’re going to go that route, the “cocktail” drink that is more commonly sold (as Kim points out) won’t cut it.

    The most recent thing I read was that cranberry juice does not get rid of UTIs but it *may* (yet to be determined) play a role in prevention of new infections.


  30. I thought mumsee meant Elvera ought to be out chopping fire wood. That’s a relief.

    But antibiotics are usually advised so that the bladder infection doesn’t spread to kidneys, as was noted earlier.

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  31. I like the colours in that kitchen (not for me) but I also find it very busy an cluttered with the busy tile backsplash over the stove, etc.


  32. First: have a test done to find out if there is a UTI
    Second: if there is, take the prescribed antibiotics until done and she is clear
    Third: if not, do all the prescribed things on here: liquids, exercise, cleanliness and if so, take the antibiotics and still do the things.

    Did we not mention cleanliness? Cover your ears. Front to back. Always wipe front to back, so fecal matter is not pushed toward the vagina or urinary tract.

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  33. uh hum, I have heated seats in a car in South Alabama. I never would have paid extra for them but now that I have them I like them and Mr. P especially likes them on his back

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  34. I don’t know as there is anything more for me to say regarding UTIs, everyone pretty much covered it. Except for one thing: Delirium is a significant symptom of UTIs in the elderly. Delirium doesn’t always manifest itself in the way it is described in books or depicted in films – it is usually much more subtle. Watch for sudden changes in personality or behaviour. When I was training in a nursing home, many of the patients had some form of dementia, but when their dementia suddenly worsened or their usual personal traits quickly changed, we would immediately get an order for a urine sample so that they could be tested for a UTI. Several times during my training, I came across a severely confused patient who turned out to have a bladder infection.

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  35. The bathroom looks lovely, Donna.

    Heated seats? We’ve never had heated seats. You wear your winter coat in the car, because it will take about 20 minutes of driving for the car to warm up.


  36. This is something I’m instructed to watch for.
    Thanks for the information. Given the symptoms you mentioned, I doubt her April bout was really UTI. She never changed personality. But I had a hard time getting her to drink. That isn’t a problem now.
    She loves sweet tea. I may supply her with some.
    I’m talking southern sweet tea here.


  37. Chas, I assume they tested her for a UTI in April? While refusing to drink wouldn’t be a change in personality, it would be a significant change in behaviour, and either of those (or both) could indicate delirium.

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  38. There’s a new thing

    : You may have also seen LGB, GLBT, GLT, BLGTA, LGBTT2QQIIAAP, etc. We are called the LGBTQA Resource Center, which stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning, Asexual/Aromantic, Allies and Advocates (and the A can also stand for All).


  39. Not sure when I’ll catch up with today’s comments, & I wanted to post this earlier, but I’ll drop it in now. This what I posted on Facebook earlier, about today being Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day. . .

    “Today is Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day. It is named for Paul Julius Mobius, a neurologist who first described the syndrome in 1888.

    Moebius Syndrome is an extremely rare congenital neurological disorder, affecting the 6th & 7th cranial nerves, & sometimes others, & is characterized by full or partial facial paralysis. Most of us have an inability to move our eyes from side to side, cannot fully close our eyes (or close them at all), or form facial expressions. Some are also born with abnormalities in their hands &/or feet, or may have chest wall abnormalities.

    Most people with Moebius Syndrome are of normal intelligence, & some are also autistic.

    As one who has Moebius, it is interesting to me how it affects each of us somewhat differently. Some have full lip closure, some don’t. Some are affected only on one side & so have half a smile, some have no expression at all. Some can somewhat blink, others can’t. Some have crossed eyes, some don’t. Many of us have a similarly-shaped nose.

    As for me, I cannot close my lips, but I do have a little half-smile, & I can blink, though not as strongly as “normal” people. And my eyes *mostly* close, but not fully. There are other ways it affects me, too, such as a not-so-good sense of balance, sleep issues, & sensitivity to light & loud noises (even though I am hard of hearing).

    Being teased & bullied while growing up was very tough, but I think it helped make me a more compassionate person. Happily, those angsty years are far in the past, & I am content with who I am, mostly due to God’s working in my life.”

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  40. Well, somewhere in all this discussion, three more kids arrived. Snowflake is the little white one. The other two, have yet to be named by their momma assistant.

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  41. Goats are more fun as kids. When they grow up they get boring. Kids jump and bounce, goats eat everything but the grass and hay they are supposed to eat.


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