36 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 1-21-17

  1. 🙂 The bathroom plods on. As of now, the tile work is finished & the 2-man bead board crew has arrived and are getting to work. That will leave installing all the fixtures (toilet, sink, lights).

    🙂 I am slowly recovering from the flu and managed to put in a full week back at work.

    🙂 Rain, rain and more rain. We had a decent storm yesterday that brought lots of rain and wind. Today is clear but cold and windy and by tomorrow morning an even bigger storm will arrive to rain through Sunday-Monday.

    🙂 😦 The state of the nation. I’m hopeful but cautious. Emotions and anger are running way too high for comfort and I don’t see how the country’s troubled mood will improve. Still, I am thankful for some of the new appointments we’re seeing — and especially for the prospects of keeping the Supreme Court from going off the cliff, at least in the immediate future 🙂


  2. I knew you’d love it. I wonder where I could put up bead board in my current house?

    I HAVE to stay off Facebook today. My blood is boiling too much and I’m concerned I’ll say something.

    A number of friends and relatives are marching today. They’re all reporting huge turnout but remember, I said it the day after the election, “Hell knoweth no fury like that of a woman scorned.”


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  3. 🙂 At least the protests look peaceful and upbeat, if misguided. 🙂

    😦 Yikes, Cowboy got out but is back home — workers left the back gate WIDE open. I thought Cowboy was shut inside a room off the kitchen (door doesn’t fully latch), but I think Tess bumped the door open and off he went. Amazing Tess didn’t go with him.

    🙂 Caught a rare glimpse of the cat who hides out in the spare room when workers are here.

    😦 Realized belatedly that I should have moved my car out of the driveway; Jeep is trapped by workers truck behind it now so there’s no going anywhere. Too bad, it might be a good time to take the dogs to the dog park for a break from all the noise and commotion. But I can walk them, I suppose.

    It doesn’t look like this job should take all that much longer, to be honest. Maybe 2-4 more hours, tops?

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  4. Oh, DJ, I like cute, too. 🙂 If I could get away with it, & didn’t mind the fuss, I’d look a lot like Penelope Garcia from Criminal Minds.

    As it is, I have a cute headband with fake flowers in red, green, & white, that I wear around Christmas. I also have red clip-on bows for my shoes that I use sometimes.

    Tess probably wanted to go with Cowboy, but figured somebody had to stick around & supervise. (Even if “supervise” means hiding behind Mama DJ.)

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  5. 😦
    Donna is celebrating her bathroom and the shower curtain in my “main” bath just fell.
    I’ve never lived in a house where the shower curtain fell. This is the third time in this house.
    I’m going to fix that.
    The shower curtains never fell in Annandale. I think they were attached to the wall. Here, they are held by pressure.


  6. Some women in Washington are marching. I think they don’t want Trump. But I don’t know what they think they can do about it.
    The caption at the bottom of the screen says they are protesting across the country. I have the sound off so most of it is happening without me.
    I never had time for that sort of thing when I was that age.


  7. Tension rods. I’ve used them in my bathroom since moving in (and am going to use them again), they usually work really well — and they don’t require holes to be drilled into pretty tiled walls.


  8. 🙂 It got up above 60 today and no rain. I was able to clean the bird feeders and take a walk with my husband. (We only walked on our street–down as far as where I took that photo–because it would be too soggy at the state park with all the rain we have had this month. But we got to go out, and we weren’t bundled up, and it was lovely.)

    🙂 When we went to visit my in-laws this week, we noticed that even though Dad doesn’t talk much anymore, and often he sits on the couch with his chin on his chest, he is at least still listening to the conversation enough to laugh in the right places.

    🙂 Obama is gone.

    🙂 Hillary is gone.

    ??? Donald Trump is now our president.

    🙂 God’s in His heaven, all’s right with the world.

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  9. 😦 😦 Computer screen just went dark as the computer shut down for no reason and with no warning.

    🙂 🙂 The computer help desk guy here is a friend and was even helping me yesterday when his wife came over and found that I couldn’t get online. I had one power strip plugged into another one and the plug quit working. But I think it may have messed up the battery on this one.


  10. 🙂 I’ve already made dinner for Monday evening.

    Well, I was actually making dinner for tonight, when Hubby called & said he was bringing pizza home. Since he always gets enough pizza for leftovers the next day, the dinner I made this evening will be for Monday. 🙂


  11. Kizzie, I’ve already started dinner for Tuesday. I was making chicken tonight and didn’t need the whole package, so I put tonight’s dinner in the oven, cut the rest of the chicken smaller for the other dish, seasoned it, and put it back in the freezer.


  12. 😦 Nightingale tells me that Little Guy’s Grandma (the other grandmother) is feeling overwhelmed by things, so she will only be picking him up (for his visit with her & his dad) every other Saturday rather than every Saturday.

    Man, it must have been tough having to give up several hours every Saturday to spend time with her grandson. (That’s sarcasm, of course.)

    Meanwhile, here I am.

    🙂 I kiddingly told Nightingale that I am overwhelmed, & will only be babysitting every other week. She smiled & said I don’t get to do that, because I’m not the selfish grandma. Then she told me she loves me.

    To be fair, though, Other Grandma works full-time during the week, so I can understand that she wouldn’t want every Saturday (usually between 9:30 & 3:00) taken up with something. But on the other hand, this is her grandson.


  13. Kizzie, you haven’t felt like his dad is all that good an influence on him–maybe she doesn’t feel he is either, and is limiting the time for that reason. Or maybe her stated reason is the real reason–that she works five days a week, and doesn’t really want childcare on her day “off.” Honestly, that sounds fair to me. I look forward to grandchildren . . . but I wouldn’t want to give up every Saturday under the circumstances she has had. If the couple marries and comes together with their child, or you invite the parents to leave the child with you from time to time, or you babysit occasionally, that’s one thing. But being a grandparent doesn’t obligate one to childcare duties, and it sounds like she has come up with a reasonable compromise that allows her some free Saturdays for other obligations. And this limits the time he will be with his dad a bit, and that’s a good thing, right? I don’t think I’d assume this is a selfish choice, or suggest that to your daughter.


  14. Cheryl – Yes, I do realize that having plans every Saturday when one works during the week is hard, as I mentioned at the end of my comment. That would be hard for me, too, if our situations were reversed. But sometimes situations call for a little sacrifice, especially for one’s family.

    Other Grandma has proven herself to be selfish in other ways. It was Nightingale who labeled her as such, not me. She used to like OG a lot, but has come to see her as quite self-centered, that she doesn’t do what she doesn’t feel like doing. For instance, that time when I was sick as a dog with a stomach bug & Nightingale had finals. OG refused to babysit for a few hours because she wanted to get up early to go to the gym. That was a horrible evening for me.

    As for her thoughts on her son, Mr X, she has tended to believe at least part of his story on various things. Nightingale once tried to tell her about a serious situation with him, & OG cut her off, saying she didn’t want to be involved. (It was Mr X’s mental health that Nightingale was concerned about, but his mom didn’t want to hear it.)

    Having said all that, I do like OG, & I do have compassion for her.


  15. 🙂 I will get to church for the first time in 3 weeks today (due to the flu sidelining me for 2 weekends in a row).

    🙂 The bathroom is coming along, we’re in the home stretch and it *should* be done by the end of this week. I think/I hope.

    🙂 It’s beyond cute.

    😦 The state of the nation. I wish I felt better about it, but I think we’re in for a very rough ride. It feels as if we’re coming apart at the seams and that it’s all going to get worse, assuming that’s even possible, in the coming year. The results of the election simply are not being accepted by the left.

    😦 The state of the news media in our country. It feels like it’s being blown up from the inside (thanks in part to the media’s long-standing refusal to do any self-examination in the face of legitimate criticism, unfortunately). The attacks from the outside — some legitimate, some not — are withering and are taking a toll. Who believes what they see or read — anywhere — anymore? 😦 It’s not a good situation in a democratic country. People just start believing what they want to believe, anything and everything, with no neutral and trusted arbiter of what’s true and what’s not.

    🙂 God is sovereign over even all of this.

    🙂 Another storm has swept in and we’re due to get a lot of rain (again) through today and tomorrow. Praises.

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  16. 🙂 Donna’s bathroom is beyond cute!! Love it!!

    😦 Still not fully recovered from the bad cold – coughing still. Decided to stay home from church as husband is sick and the roads are sketchy with freezing rain and fresh snow.

    🙂 Good friend is in labour, but 😦 it’s now the fourth day!

    🙂 Babies!

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  17. 😦 I walked all over the house twice looking for my glasses.
    I’ll never find them that way.
    They were in my shirt pocket!

    Makes you feel so dumb.

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  18. Kizzie, your family’s situation is one reason I personally don’t like to see a married woman work full-time, if she can avoid it. It is good to be available for family and also for friends, where they have needs. Honestly it’s the biggest reason I’m glad I ended up going freelance–it gives me flexibility in my schedule.

    But I’m always leery about deciding “how much” sacrifice someone else “should” make, partly because I’ve seen that expectation applied to myself and those I love in ways that were impossible or near to impossible. Like the time a relative thought I should be willing to give Misten away if a boarder wanted me to. It seems to me that we are called upon to sacrifice for other members of our household, and beyond that of course we sacrifice in an emergency. But several hours every week is not an emergency, and only she can say whether it’s too much with her other life obligations.

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  19. Cheryl – Last night when Nightingale told me that, I was irked (although it won’t affect me too much), remembering other times Other Grandma has complained or refused to help. Thinking about it more, I agree with you that it is probably reasonable for her to at least agree to have him every other Saturday. I’m sure you understand how a person’s unrelated (or partial related) behavior can make us jump to a conclusion or judgment in situations such as this.


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