67 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 1-12-17

  1. Gemma? Darling kitty! Love that patchwork coat. Do you think she would allow me to borrow it? Miss Bosley would like to try it on and see what the colors do for her. She always feels so starched in her tuxedo.

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  2. Good morning. I enjoyed the WMU meeting yesterday. I am the youngest lady there. It was a small group. I took Key Lime Pie in which everyone delighted. Nothing like a piece of the beach in winter. One slice was left which I saved for Art. Later, as I was getting something out of the refrigerator, the pie slice landed on the floor. I could not bear to tell Art about the pie he almost had last night. He enjoyed his salmon, baked potato, green beans and biscuits without dessert. Those were sour limes afterall. Not.


  3. I found out why school was canceled on Monday. Not the snow or the rain or the ice, but the visibility. The snowplow drivers were having a hard time seeing more than a couple of feet. I would not want to be a snowplow driver on some of these grades, let alone no visibility.

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  4. Kim @ 5:47. I know what he went through.
    I had forgotten all about it until that story reminded me.

    In my AF career, I got airsick once. It was during my training for flight operator. We were operating out of Kelly AFB. I knew I was scheduled to go up. But I thought nothing of having greasy eggs and bacon for breakfast. I doubt now that that was the cause because I was already a bit queasy. Anyhow, I went up in a C-97 after breakfast.
    And I got air sick.
    I have been sick before and after, but that was the worst feeling I ever had. Good thing I couldn’t get out. I would have jumped out of that plane if I could. Fortunately, it didn’t happen immediately and the flight was four hours, so I was out after a couple of hours.
    But I never had a greasy breakfast before flight since. Though that likely wasn”t the real problem. Cold cereal

    We called those flights “flying around the flagpole”. I had forgotten that too.
    Nobody liked those flights.

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  5. Flying or boating on an empty stomach will do that to me. Once, with a colleague, I crossed the Gambia river in a wooden boat early in the morning without having had much breakfast and about halfway across the vertigo and nausea hit. I felt like I was either going to either faint and fall overboard, or vomit all over the people around me. I was so thankful to be carried off the boat (there are no piers, so passengers are carried on and off the boats). Even with food in my system, my nausea while flying has to be kept carefully in check: no sudden movements; reorientation with the horizon when possible; but don’t look out of the window while the plane is banking. I have a great curiosity about the world and I would love traveling by air and sea, only my inner ear seems to have such a delicate sense of balance that I can barely keep my equilibrium in either method of travel.


  6. Michelle, me either, I’m prone to seasickness and for the past few years have successfully avoided any assignment having to do with a boat going out beyond the breakwater. I still remember covering a whale watch trip on very rough, choppy seas one March way back when. Two-thirds of the people on board (including the photographer, but he swore me to secrecy that I wouldn’t let the other guys know back in the newsroom) spent much of the time leaning over the side. I scribbled a few incoherent notes between episodes.

    Somehow I managed to write a story when we returned.

    I’m up early for another bathroom work day, coughed a lot again last night but it wasn’t as bad as the night before. Still, these wracking coughing spells are awful. I’ll call the doctor’s office when they open and talk to them about getting something in writing (required by our company when a sickness goes longer than 3 days) for my employer. At this point, I figure I might as well take the whole week. My voice is slowly croaking back, but still very weak and hit-and-miss.

    And it’s been hard since I feel like I can’t even rest all that well with all the work and noise going on here all day long. I may try to escape to the bedroom today for a couple hours at least.

    It’s raining this morning and I need to haul a bunch of Salvation Army bags (and a fairly heavy/large bookcase) out to the driveway sometime early tomorrow morning (it shouldn’t be raining then) for a scheduled pick up.

    How’s Gemma doing?

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  7. Yes, jumping overboard has occurred to me 🙂

    A few years ago I went out on a press boat to greet the tall ships that were coming in for a big festival in the port. I was careful to take Dramamine (which actually is pretty effective, but you have to take it early enough, as in 30-60 minutes before you even board the boat).

    I was doing great, loving the sea air (it was a beautiful day) when a colleague asked if I wanted to go below to get a coke at the free ‘bar’ that was set up.


    Still doing fine — But then, as I started walking up the steps with my drink, the boat suddenly pitched, throwing me against the wall and down on one knee.

    Boom. I was instantly off-balance and feeling sick. Never did recover the rest of the trip. Lesson learned, don’t get up and move around or otherwise tempt fate if you’re on a boat and not feeling sick.


  8. On another subject, eighteen year old says his friend had an epiphany. They were “researching” speeches for speech class and were looking at abortion speeches. The other boy went from being pro choice to: that is a baby! And they are murdering it!

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  9. I am terribly vulnerable to motion sickness. Doesn’t matter if it is a plane, train or automobile. Sadly, I remember the worst cases. One was flying with my dad and my toddler daughter. I started feeling sick and my dad noticed it in my face. He told me to grab the huge grocery bag in the back of the seat. Fortunately, I did not need to use it, as he landed shortly thereafter. My toddler thought it was quite a funny sight–her mom with that bag.

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  10. I didn’t realize I was starting a discussion. I didn’t know that many people got air/sea sick.
    I know they have “barf bags” on commercial planes, but I never saw anyone use one.


  11. I always enjoyed looking out the window when flying. I have noticed at night, when you’re flying over a large city, there’s always the flashing lights of emergency/police vehicles somewhere in view. And I wonder about all the things that might be going on down there.

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  12. I used to not get sick flying and I used to enjoy it. In the last 4 years I have gotten sick twice on commercial flights. I have likened it to being herded on to a cattle car. It is almost the same as riding a bus used to be. At least Southwest makes it somewhat fun.

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  13. I have gone through many bags. That flight to California before I became a Christian. The bus ride in Mexico. The travel for school tennis tournaments. The open cockpit flight with flips and turns. The rides at the carnival. Disneyland. The boat ride for diving certification. The Atlantic cruise. The flights over seas. The flights home again. I could go on. but, as mentioned, not something I want to revisit.

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  14. The other thing my dad did was open the window for fresh air. You can do that in a small plane. Not so much with commercial. 😉

    The last time I was really sick, though, was on a slow train ride, complete with a meal and entertainment. Was fun until all I could think of was not losing that meal. No, not a good topic of conversation at all.


  15. I’m catching up on the daily thread and just enjoyed yesterday’s discussion of 1968.

    I was 10 for most of the year and oblivious to most of the political turmoil. I don’t remember the MLK assassination at all. I do remember the RFK assassination, but only because of the inconvenience to my family and my dad’s resulting anger.

    Dad had ordered a new station wagon and planned to surprise my mom with it. He had arranged to pick it up on a Saturday that turned out to be a couple days after the RFK assassination, He took me and my brother out in our old T-Bird on the pretext of some little errand and parked a few blocks away. A cab met us there to take us to the dealer, which I think was a good 20 miles away. There was a sign in the window: Closed in recognition of Robert Kennedy’s death.

    Dad was irate. I suppose most of his ire was because he’d been stood up for an appointment at some cost and inconvenience. It probably didn’t help matters that he had no love for the Kennedys. He found a pay phone and called some numbers he had to try to get someone to come and meet us, but to no avail. So we had a return ride in the cab to pick up the T-Bird and drive home. Mom has no idea what was going on.

    Later in the day a salesman delivered the car to our house and was quite apologetic. Mom loved the car. So did we three kids. It gave us that famous baby boomer experience of riding around in the rear-facing back seat.

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  16. DJ, your recollection of the first manned swing around the moon in 1968 was correct, but it was not the last flight before the actual moon landing. There were two flights in between testing different aspects of the mission.

    Apollo 8 is the one you’re thinking of, which swung around the moon at Christmastime and gave us that famous picture of earthrise over the moon. The astronauts transmitted their reading of Genesis 1 while they were out there. You remember correctly that Jim Lovell was on that flight. Despite my obliviousness to the political turmoil turmoil, I do remember being glued to our black-and-white TV throughout the Apollo 8 mission (and those that followed).

    Apollo 9 was in March. It stayed in earth orbit and tested the maneuvers that would be needed for the actual landing, entering the lunar module, separating it, and docking it back.

    Apollo 10 in May was a dress rehearsal for the landing. Like Apollo 8 it went all the way to the moon, but this time the lunar module separated, descended part way, then ascended back and docked before they all returned to earth.

    Of course Apollo 11 in July was the big show.

    Those were great days. I don’t think my kids children have any positive national memory like that to look back on.


  17. Kevin, we had that earthrise photo in our living room in my childhood home. We would have moved into it somewhere around February 1968.


  18. Yesterday there was some talk, & some beautiful photos, of the beauty of sunsets & sunrises. I have often heard that those colors are really caused by the pollution in the atmosphere. How true is that?

    Re: 1968 – I was ending 1st grade in the first part of the year, & beginning 2nd grade in the latter part of the year. I don’t remember hearing much of what was going on in the wider world. But as a teen, sometime in the 70s (probably in 1978, ten years later), I saw a documentary about the year 1968 that opened my eyes to that turbulent year.

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  19. I finished the Kennedy Brothers this morning. For those of you keeping track it took me a week and a half. I usually read a book every couple of days.
    While I have no historical fondness for the Kennedy Family I found myself liking Bobby.
    Linda may want to weigh in on this, but I was a little disappointed that Bobby was shot and the book abruptly ended.


  20. There is another one of “those” websites out there. It is called Truthfinder. You may want to go to their site, scroll down, and choose to have your information removed.


  21. I’ve heard that Kizzie (about the colorful skies)

    RFK was a attractive figure who seemed to inherit the Kennedy mystique.

    I’m back at urgent care today with a room full of sick people — GP office said they couldn’t provide me with a note for work without an appt (which wasn’t available today or tomorrow of course)

    Something has really changed there they used to be so good about calling in prescriptions when the need was obvious and they personally knew the patient — maybe govt oversight is changing some,of those things they used to be able to do

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  22. DJ, husband dropped me at work today while he went to see a specialist. He picked me up 2 hours later and we came home, ate lunch and I promptly fell asleep. Please have a nap or go to bed early so you can get better. I’m still feeling pretty lousy, but the bookkeeper was coming in and I don’t “trust” the guys to open and deal with the cheques and invoice properly.

    We had a staff meeting while I was there in corner of the dining hall where there are some couches and a recliner. I chose the recliner and almost fell asleep while we were praying at the end of the meeting. 🙂

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  23. Sorry, but I think age may have something to do with the dizziness. I can’t happily ride Disney rides anymore.

    Or that was true the last time I visited Disneyland five or six years ago.

    Hey, what a great excuse! Maybe I can avoid it for the rest of my life, now!

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  24. Ok, got seen (it’s viral, he said, which I’d pretty much already knew). He gave me an anti-viral medication to take for 7 days and a prescription for cough syrup — and a letter saying I’d return to work on Monday.

    Lots of coughing in the waiting room — one man had a very distinctive cough which I was surprised to hear again at the pharmacy as I waited in line … realizing that we apparently were all moving through town together as a miserable little group. We probably should have figured out where to go have lunch.

    But I’m home, will try to retreat into the bedroom to lie down for a while.


  25. I, too, suffer from motion sickness. The worst is when you are the caregiver in the back of an ambulance. I don’t do well with BO and stale cigarette smoke. I come by it honestly, though. They once stopped a ride at 6 Flags over Texas to let my father off.

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  26. I’ve never been on a plane or ship, so can’t say whether I would get motion-sick under those circumstances, but I didn’t have any trouble on speed boats or the two times I’ve been on a train, that I recall. I have gotten nauseous on car rides before, though, if not seated in the front (and especially if I was trying to read a book), but that was mostly only as a kid, not so much as an adult. I can sit and even read in the back seat just fine now.

    (There was one time, as an adult, that I did get car-sick enough to throw up, though — during the morning sickness months with 1st Arrow, when riding in the front seat of the car. Hubby and I were coming home from church, and we were just about to the top of our driveway when I abruptly asked him to stop, I was sick. Good reaction time — he stopped immediately, and I opened up my car door and threw up on our driveway, lol.)

    Driving (or riding, in my case) out to SoCalifornia from the Upper Midwest in my early teens, while a memorable trip in many good ways, was also awful from a motion-sickness perspective. Long days of riding in the July/August heat in a non-air-conditioned van with an unanchored back seat facing to the right side of the road, the bench rocking and rolling back and forth with more vim and vigor than the rock and roll music we listened to all the way west. 😛 (Think Hotel California, one of the biggest hits that summer — “You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.” Sometimes it seemed we could never check out of that van and leave behind the horrible sick feeling! I remember at least once lying down on the floor in the back of the van, hoping to fall asleep so I wouldn’t have to endure the nausea any longer.)


    RKessler, your story of stopping a ride to let your father off reminds me of a story my dad tells about going to the state fair when he was a kid and seeing someone get sick who was on a ride with swings circling round and round, you-know-what flying everywhere out into the watching masses. Yuck.

    Sometimes just the forward-and-back of swings can cause motion sickness for me (and not only when I’m riding — I’ve experienced slight nausea even pushing my own kids in swings when they were little), but a circular motion on swings…I’m getting dizzy in my chair right now just thinking about it!


  27. I cannot begin to imagine reading in a car. That makes me sick just to think about it. I used to be able to do it on a plane but now I have to be careful.


  28. It’s kind of a mystery to me how reading in a moving vehicle doesn’t bother me like it used to. I don’t take Dramamine or do anything different now compared to years ago, that I’m aware of, that could have caused it to no longer be a problem.

    I’m thankful something is improving with age. 🙂

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  29. Interesting names of the three, Mumsee!

    You are a blessing to many. I hope you can get some help. I think it must get harder as you get older to have the necessary energy. Will Mike help out some or is he away? Prayers for you, for sure.

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  30. Now I’m catching the bad cold Nightingale has, & just after I was recovering from a mild cold I’d had last week. 😦


  31. I like how Kevin crossed out “kids” in reference to children. When I was young, “kid” was used disparagingly, so I try not to use it when referring to human children.


  32. Something that bugs me a bit is those memes on Facebook about how we older ones survived without seatbelts in the car, or riding in the back of a truck, or not wearing helmets while riding our bikes, etc. But the thing is, many did not survive without seatbelts or helmets, & others sustained horrible, disabling injuries. There’s a reason there is a push to wear our searbelts & wear helmets while bicycling.

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  33. One of Nightingale’s friends has several goats. Nightingale says they can be like dogs as a pet.

    That reminds me, I’m sure many of you on Facebook have seen the thing that says with the cold winter now here, bring your pets inside, & shows a photo of a horse on a couch. 🙂

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  34. No, I am not planning on letting the kids in the house. They looked fine the last two times we checked on them. Their mom chose the warmest place on the property and they are well bedded in, out of the wind and snow. In fact, there is snow all around their house nearly up to the roof except for her path in and out.

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  35. I can’t read in the car. I got pretty carsick as a child. I avoided Dramamine except when I had to take it. (If we got on winding roads, I’d ask for a pill and Mom would give it to me, and Dad would pull over and I’d walk around a few minutes.) I’d only take half a pill, which is really tiny, but I could not force myself to swallow and I’d chew it. Not only are they exceedingly bitter, but it would numb my tongue and my throat. It was valuable when needed, but not taken casually. But always I would avoid reading, avoid anything rich when we stopped to eat, etc.

    As an adult I have thrown up twice while riding in the car (or pulling over)–both times I’d eaten at Taco Bell. So now I avoid it on a traveling day, and I take Bonine if the trip will be more than an hour or so, and/or keep ginger ale with me. I haven’t had any problem on an airplane, and I haven’t traveled by ship.


  36. I don’t usually get carsick, but we were taught as children to not read in the backseat. The front seat was not suppose to be as bad as the backseat for some reason. I’ve never felt sick on an airplane, but I have never flown through a lot of turbulence. That would probably make me sick.

    The worst experience like that for me was at one of the shopping center fairs in a ride that was like a wheel that you sat inside which turned like a tire rolls while at the same time spinning east and west. It really turned my tummy in bad ways. I got on the ferries wheel to settle it, but then realized I was going to throw up. I had to wait until we got past the operator, and then as we were going up again, I hung my head over the side and hoped no one was below where it would land. I never had the courage to look and see if anyone got splatted. I can hardly think of anything worse.


  37. So tub/shower tiles are all in, the (white) grout will be added tomorrow along with the floor tiles. We’re on our way.

    Cough syrup is helping and I did get in a nap (60-90 mins) today so I feel a little better.

    We also should be a break in the rain for several days, but then they’re forecasting more rain for 3 days next week. It’s all good.

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