Prayer Requests 1-10-17

Anyone have something to share?

Psalm 104:1-4

Praise the Lord, my soul.

Lord my God, you are very great;
    you are clothed with splendor and majesty.

The Lord wraps himself in light as with a garment;
    he stretches out the heavens like a tent
    and lays the beams of his upper chambers on their waters.
He makes the clouds his chariot
    and rides on the wings of the wind.
He makes winds his messengers,
    flames of fire his servants.

25 thoughts on “Prayer Requests 1-10-17

  1. Hubby’s blood pressure is still kind of high, even with the medication he is on, so please pray for wisdom for him in his food choices, & that he will be able to keep losing some extra weight.

    This afternoon (3:40 EST) he has an appointment with either his oncologist or his [the one for urinary & related issues that I can’t think of the name of right now], I forget which one, to talk more about his prostate cancer. He had another PSA test done, but we haven’t heard the results yet. Praying it has held steady & not risen too much.

    (You may remember that his PSA had skyrocketed a couple years ago. With more treatment, it was coming down again, but he hasn’t had one of those Lupron shots in quite a while.)

    And please pray for his health in general. Besides the advanced prostate cancer, he has the heart/blood pressure issue, & arthritis. We pray for God to restore & rejuvenate his health, that he may be around to see Little Guy grow up, & be the godly man he needs in his life.

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  2. Please pray for K – she’s one of our young outdoor recreation staff. Her X-rays indicate she may have TB! We won’t know for sure – she has to submit several samples and we’ll find out on Friday. If she does, we will have to cancel our winter schools and figure out a protocol with the chief public health officer. If she doesn’t, it could be cancer. And in the meantime, we’ve all been exposed as she lives on site and spends time with our families. Poor girl. She’s been quarantined in her room and they’re bringing food to her.

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  3. Fifteen year old daughter continues. My next thought is to get ahold of Opportunities Unlimited and see what they have to offer. They get people working with a coach to keep them on track and help them understand the rules of engagement. She is nearly old enough, we can start looking into it. I think she would like a job. Even if we do have to hire somebody to pay her.

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  4. I need prayer for my bad attitude. As always happens when something upsets or disturbs me I start thinking back to all the “dominoes that fell” leading me to where I am. As an only child I have always wanted to “belong”. As the child of an alcoholic that belonging comes hard to me. I hold myself apart when I really want to be one of the group.I confess that I imagine slights where there most likely arent any.
    Keller Williams Real Estate promotes a culture, some call it a cult like company. In 2012 when I left Guy and went to work for a KW Real Estate Team, I felt like I was part of something. I over-identified with the team, then was cut off when I was fired. I mourned the lost of “belonging” probably more than I mourned the loss of the job. I have remained in contact and am even nice to the man who fired me because part of me still wants to “belong” and be part of it. For 3 years I have debated whether to remove all of them from my FB friends and news feed. I know that when I look at it, it still stings.
    Then I went to work for the company where I am now. I wanted so much to belong and be a part of it–the company. I wanted to help the agents. I wanted to call them “my” agents. I wanted to be part of the “team”. After a few months it was obvious this wasn’t going to happen but ever hopeful I hung on. In January of 2015 my boss gave me a 2 month notice that they were eliminating my job. So, no, I didn’t “belong”.
    In February of 2015 I went back to work with Guy. It really wasn’t what I wanted to do but it was the devil I knew and I needed the security of a job. I am in a hybrid sort of situation where the company pays a set amount towards my salary to keep Guy from driving the other admins crazy doing stuff for him, but I am not an employee of the company. Guy signs my checks. There are 3 of us on his “team”. Guy, Work Child, and me. Any time the “team” wins or is recognized there is a picture of Guy and Work Child. I get no recognition I am not considered an agent part of the team. Last year at the company awards banquet the CEO of the company wanted a seating chart done and he wanted to split people up across the company so they would get to know each other at least for a couple of hours. I was seated in Siberia with the CEO’s secretary and the company book keeper. I am not really a “team” member. I am not recognized as a real estate agent, and I am not recognized as an admin….I don’t exist. When all the admins were recognized, I was not called up to join them and when Guy and Work Child were recognized at the top selling agents in the company I wasn’t called up to join them.
    I told Guy how this made me feel and he scolded me and told me it was best that I “fly under the radar” since the company was paying part of my salary. So I shut up and went about my business. Back in December the company Christmas Party was help at a resort hotel at the beach. I didn’t go. I didn’t feel like spending money to stay in a hotel on the beach on a cold December night and frankly I just wasn’t feeling like going.
    So that brings us here. Our annual awards luncheon is going to be February 3. Guy sent me a text asking if I wanted a room at the hotel for that night (this would be here, closer to me). It seems that there is something special after that luncheon that will happen that night rewarding the top sales people. I told him not if he and Work Child weren’t staying and not if it was going to come out of his pocket—I would take the cash equivalent. Also, I would have to find someone to take care of the dogs to spend them night less than 5 miles from my own bed. PLUS I had not been planning on going to the awards luncheon. Why subject myself to getting my feelings hurt once again by being overlooked and made to feel like I don’t “belong”.
    I have had a conversation going with myself over this for about a week. I know I am having a pity party, and I know I am being childish, but if you touch a hot stove and it hurts then why would you keep touching the hot stove?
    SOOOOOOOO……..I need to work on my attitude. Do I go participate or do I just stay home and avoid getting my feelings hurt, again.

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  5. Sorry, Kim. It’s hard, feeling like you don’t belong.

    Praying, also, Kizzie, Kare and Mumsee, for the needs mentioned.

    Thank you for prayers yesterday. Today is looking more hopeful.

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  6. I understand the excluded feelings, Kim. I vote for letting them have their party while you do what you want to do with the guy who values you, your husband. The main reason I signed up to bowl this past year, was to stop being such a hermit. The first few weeks, I made an effort to talk with several people but after several weeks of it not being reciprocated, to the point of people stopping their conversations and sitting quietly when I approached, I called it good and no longer have that burden to concern myself with. Life is much more doable now as I simply enjoy my children for those hours. Time better spent.

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  7. Kim, I am wondering the same thing about a women’s retreat we have coming up. It is just down the hill at the Training Centre. I won’t spend the night, but should I go. Will I connect or be alone??

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  8. Debra and 6 I am sorry you can relate.

    Mumsee, I think I am becoming more like you. I don’t care to leave the house that much. I can work from home, I don’t have to get up, dressed with hair and make up done. Mr. P loves to do the grocery shopping. There really isn’t any place I want or need to go. I did tell him today that I may need to force myself to go into the office tomorrow. I am on the verge of becoming “one of the people of Wal-Mart”. I have haven’t changed today. I have on socks, flannel pajama pants, and an over sized Alabama sweat shirt Mr P gave me to wear last night. I did wash may face, brush my teeth, put in my contacts, and pull my hair back in a clip. 🙂

    Jo, By Women’s Retreat do you mean that it is centered around some sort of Bible study and God? If so, then go. Who knows what God will have happen. If not then why expose yourself to the “hot stove”.

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  9. I can identify with you Kim. I always feel like I’m on the fringes of the class. Nevertheless, I have to be there and since part of the courses are to work in small groups, I have to work with a group. I do the best I can to be a productive member of the group, but neither do I wear myself out trying to make the group work. Last semester, all of the other group members, thanks to one with a bad attitude, spent most of the time complaining. I would try quietly to redirect the conversation back onto relevant topics, sometimes it worked and sometimes I would realize they weren’t going to stop and I would ignore them. But one of the group members who did my peer evaluation gave me a glowing report on my participation, and I got an A+ in that class despite the fact that 40 percent of the final mark was dependent on the group work. I used to, in college, try to carry a dysfunctional group; that experience taught me that I don’t have to. If going to the special event doesn’t do anything for you and will add to your stress, don’t do it. You already participate in the group by doing your work to the best of your ability.

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  10. Kare, for clinical work in nursing and nursing training, we have to have skin tests for TB. If those are reactive, then we need an X-ray. I had a couple of fellow students who had TB show up on the X-ray. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have active TB when it shows up on an X-ray. They have to find it in culture from sputum or a biopsy. TB is an opportunistic bacteria. It will start growing when the body is weakened or otherwise vulnerable. That is why, when TB was rampant throughout Europe, someone could live for years with family members who had TB and never get the disease. If the healthy family member had had a chest X-ray, it would probably have shown up because they had been repeatedly exposed to the bacteria through their family members coughing, but it would never have become active. It is the same way with TB’s relative, leprosy. Children and spouses could live for years with a leprosy patient and not become infected. Some people’s immune systems can hold off the bacteria indefinitely, others are extremely vulnerable, and no one knows whether they are the one or the other.


  11. Kim, I was in my pajamas until after 4:00 today, too. It has been gray and windy with some rain outside, just one of those days when one procrastinates about stepping in the shower. (And I had a long, long phone call with my sister mid-day.)

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  12. Thanks, Roscuro, I’m not really worried about myself, but about K. She’s had pain, etc and the doctors at the centre yesterday said if it’s not TB it could be cancer! Poor kid – she’s only 23 and her family is in another province. I’m going to bring her books to ready tomorrow if I’m up to stopping by there.


  13. I can so identify with the ‘I don’t fit in’ group. I go to work, church, and home.I can be at home for days without leaving our property. I have neither time or energy for triviality.

    I have little in common with those I work with. I have no interest in fashion, pop culture, drinking, or chasing men. My views are so much more conservative than others, that I rarely express them unless directly asked.

    I feel that as long as I am right with God, and doing what He has for me, I don’t need all of that. My life revolves around my family. When my hubby is home, he has my full attention. That’s why I rarely even look at this blog on weekends. Work is there to help others, and make ends meet. I would like to have social interaction with others, but that is not a priority at this time. I am satisfied and content in my life.

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  14. I have little in common with each of you. However, the members of this blog have the greatest common denominator, Jesus. It makes all the other stuff unimportant.

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  15. Update —

    I posted this on the January 2 prayer thread:

    Two new contacts over the weekend, resulting in three possible accompanying/teaching leads. Two 7th graders who need an accompanist for their solos & ensembles pieces they will perform in late February. They have other names on their contact list, as well, so it may be another accompanist they ultimately choose.

    And one of the 7th graders has a younger sister for whom they are seeking a piano teacher. The inquiry email was sent to three other local teachers, as well, I see. I haven’t heard back from the sender yet, following my reply after I saw her email last evening.

    Pray as you are led. I so want these opportunities to come to fruition, almost to the point I wonder if I am coveting. Most importantly, I guess, just pray that God’s will be done, and for my attitude if it all falls through.

    Thank you much.

    The family with the 7th grade viola-playing son and the younger daughter for whom they were seeking a piano teacher (and who interviewed with me last week) has chosen a different accompanist for their son, and also, regarding their daughter, they decided to go with the other teacher with whom they interviewed after they met me. (Their niece will be her teacher.)

    The mom was very kind over the phone with me just now, as she has been in all my communications with her, stating how much she and her daughter enjoyed meeting with me, and how the free mini-lesson I taught that day has been a springboard to creativity for her daughter, who has been joyously improvising lots of tunes using information I taught her. 🙂

    It was a hard decision, Mom reported, but ultimately came down to budgetary matters (which I understand VERY well). She did say, though, that they’d like to see how the early years of piano study go for their daughter, and if she continues on, they will keep me in mind as a teacher for when she is more advanced.

    Thank you for your prayers. Though those two possibilities (accompanying their son and teaching their daughter at this time) did in fact fall through (and I haven’t heard anything from the parent of the other 7th grader, who initially contacted me Dec. 31), I am not upset about it. Your prayers have really made a difference. (It was harder when the family of the student I interviewed last summer decided not to enroll — the first time that ever happened.) I see it now as just part of life — you win some, you lose some. (My current student, for example, interviewed with three teachers and chose me. And now she’s up to a 75-minute weekly lesson, after having started out at 30 minutes a year and a half ago.)

    However, as I sometimes lose perspective, continued prayers are appreciated, again for attitude, if nothing comes of the December 31 accompanying contact, or of a new (3rd) contact that a middle school flute player made this week, who also needs an accompanist for next month. (This possibility sounds more promising — based on the wording of her email, I think I was the only person she contacted. She asked me by name if I was available, and, if so, she would get the music to me as soon as possible. I responded in the affirmative and haven’t heard back from her yet, but am cautiously optimistic.)

    Thanks, everyone.

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  16. Kim – As others have said, I, too, can relate to that feeling. Before I read the others saying the same thing, I wondered if maybe many of us do feel that way, & that is why (at least for some of us) this blog is so important to us. We belong here. You belong here.

    I have a theory that a sense of belonging is our greatest need, even greater than our need for love. (Though our need for love is a very close second, & actually built into the need for belonging, so maybe they’re really one & the same.)


    Hubby’s PSA is up to 13, which is in the “moderately elevated” range. Considering it was up to 90-something a couple years ago (over 20 is considered to be high), 13 is not so bad. His oncologist wants him to stop taking the medication he takes, for now. Next Wednesday, he will have a catscan & a bone scan. (Now we have to figure out which of our cats to send. Haha.)

    Oh! The word I could not remember before, & had to ask Hubby about, was “urologist”. For the life of me, I could not remember that word.

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  17. I have had a mostly lifelong sense of “not fitting in” and currently I don’t really have anyone locally I’d call a true friend. (I have several people I like, people I have lunch with occasionally, etc. But no one I call to chat, with whom I hang out other than lunch every few months, etc.) Years and years ago, though, I began to realize that a fairly large percentage of people seem to have such a sense of “not fitting in” or of being “different.” And I chose (mostly, but not totally, successfully) not to worry about it, but to try to reach out to other unless they actually refuse my friendliness. Well, I’m mostly successful at the not worrying about it, less successful at deliberately reaching out. Often I end up standing on the sidelines and watching other people talk, at least for a while. But knowing that I am far from being alone in my sense of being different, I’ve been able to accept it and move on, and use it in reaching out to other people who are likely to feel less confident than they might appear.

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  18. All I know is that at perhaps the worst time in my life, I reached out to Kim and she came to my rescue way beyond anything I could have imagined. She made me feel loved and that I mattered and that what I am doing matters. She eased my burdens tremendously, and pointed me to our Hope. I am forever grateful.

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