64 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 1-10-17

  1. Morning Chas.

    We took Gemma to the vet. We changed her diet and he gave me some tips to help her if this problem continues. He says we want to avoid surgery if possible, and since she’s young, it may fix itself as she grows. So we bought the new food (more expensive of course) and she will now get canned food exclusively, which she’ll like. So we’ll see how it goes. Hoping for the best.

    Oh, and how ’bout them Tigers……. 😆

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  2. What tigers?
    Who cares about football?
    I did not like the presentation of that game. Especially the two sidebars with guys talking all the time. I eventually muted them.
    I hope it doesn’t catch on.
    I’m kinda glad a South Carolina school got it. But I was pulling for the SEC team.
    I didn’t have any trouble sleeping.

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  3. AJ, my sister (who owns a grooming shop and keeps up on the latest “animal info”) and I were discussing cat food over the holidays. She said the conventional wisdom was to stay away from canned food because it led to urinary issues. She said that current research shows that not only is that not true, but that they really need the moisture that is in it. I mentioned the other day that we started giving them a can of food that she recommended every day and it has virtually eliminated the barfing (which used to be quite prolific).

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  4. It was a good game. I didn’t see the end of it. Sleep is more important to me than football. A brief FB scan of all of my Alabama fans including two crazy women who went to the game in their houndstooth overalls and baseball hats with elephant trunks said that the better team won. Even my own personal rabid fan posted congratulations–good game after it was all over.

    Linda? Of what is this canned cat food you speak? I would love to stop some of the barfing that goes on at my house.
    Lulabelle has had an issue with her left, hind leg. The vet says she pulls a tendon in it from running. She is part Pit, part Lab, and obviously part race horse. There is no way to keep her from running. A friend had this same problem with her dog. It was an expensive surgery. Oy! Not quite in the budget right now.

    I am now over 60% in the Kennedy Brothers book. Bobby is being painted as an idealist. Perhaps an unrealistic idealist? This morning I read of his trip to South Africa. It is interesting to me to make the connections between things that were going on around the world, Africa, and here in the US and attach them to my memories of Nelson Mandela being freed from prison and the end of Apartheid. I can see the shift in my own views on the subject.


  5. Good morning! I was suppose to take Karen to a doctor’s appointment today, but she overdid it yesterday and did not want the exertion of going to her appointment today. We had a prayer session instead. I am humbled by how God touches her through my praying. I just really wish there could be more people around here who could help me with her needs. She did a lot yesterday by pulling furniture out from the walls, etc. She called me and asked me to scream at her to make her stop. I told her I don’t usually scream at people. She knew she had done too much and called on me as an accountability type partner. I am so glad she is getting stronger, but as you can tell there is danger in that, too.


  6. Chas, when I saw the listing of Bible reading scheduled, I picked the Sunset cover to link to as the one I thought might be your style. Did you see the other covers?


  7. Right now I am using the NLT and the NKJV. I have many translations. I have occasion to read from others at various times when I question something and look for answers. I recently bought an Amplified which I am reading in occasionally, too.

    I noticed that son was using the NET with study notes along with the ESV when he was home.

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  8. QOD: I use the real one, the New American Standard. Bought the first one years ago in Okinawa at the Christian bookstore. It is a Ryrie. The other, I stole from husband as it has larger print and the notes are Macarthur.

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  9. Am currently reading the ESV, but my favorite tends to be the NKJV. I also refer to the Amplified Version quite often, & read through it devotionally once. I’ve also read through the Message (didn’t like it much, although there were some verses that it illuminated well), the old NIV, & the Jewish Bible (can’t remember the exact name, but that might have been it).

    Interesting thing in the Jewish Bible – it usually used “trust” where “faith” is often used. A funny thing was where King David, when he was pretending to be crazy, was referred to as “meshuga”. 🙂

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  10. Janice, I didn’t look any farther. I just ordered five of the Victory Bible Reading Plans. When Jim McKeever was alive, I subscribed to his monthly letter. Mckeever considered himself to be a prophet. I didn’t judge yes or no. But he had some interesting insights.
    The Bible reading plan is ambitious. For example, the reading for Jan. 1:
    Psalm 1……..Matthew 1…..Genesis 1 & 2.
    This way, you will read the entire Bible through in a year, plus Psalms and Proverbs twice and the Gospels twice. I’ll admit that I fast forward through the begats and the part of Ezekiel where the new temple is built.
    After Mckeever died, his wife remarried and continued the ministry (obviously). But I lost touch about ten years ago. I didn’t know they had a website. Likely won’t visit it again unless I need something.

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  11. I use an old NIV or the NIV on my phone, but I notice the changes that have been made to the online version.

    I’m still home sick. Probably just a bad cold – fever, cough, sinus infection. Hopefully not TB – see prayer thread.

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  12. I have gone back to KJV for reading. I don’t like the way some new translations have taken words from their vocabulary. Primarily the word “behold”. NIV has Jesus, on the cross, saying to Mary, “Here is your son.” Others say “Look”. Nothing quite satisfies the word “behold”.
    Personal example. On February, 13 1955, evening service, a young woman joined FBC Columbia, a young guy in the third row beheld….. He didn’t look, he didn’t gaze he didn’t notice, he beheld.
    The rest, as the cliche goes, is history.

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  13. Chas, I wish there was a way to mine through this blog and even before to compile of collection of what you have written. First for your family to know the legacy they have and second for those of us who have read your words and gotten misty eyed or found guidance in them. YOU are a treasure.

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  14. Take the blessing and pass it along–in this case to the same one you’ve been blessing for 59 years. We’ll sit on the sidelines and cheer and be blessed ourselves.

    I’ve cancelled Bible study owing to rain. Go ahead, the world can laugh at us.

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  15. I’ve seen the photos Michelle has posted. It is dangerous to drive in flooded areas. You lose where the road is, the road could be washed out and your car simply drive over the edge. You are wise to cancel. I am quite used to driving in torrential downpours, but if water is over the road the smart thing is to turn around or stay home.

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  16. The winds have died down…the truckers are on the road again…clean up has begun in Colorado Springs….what a humdinger of a day!
    Clemson….what more can I say?…..we met a sweet young couple at church this Sunday….he is a USC grad….he was cheering on Clemson….throw us a bone….we’ll take it 🙂
    I read NIV….the older version before certain revisions which I dislike….and I read ESV as well….I do refer back to KJV many times as I memoriezed scripture in that version…there is such a beauty in the old English language for me…..


  17. 12 hours of sleep but I still have no voice. Well, I am getting a deep croak that comes out here and there at least. And I’m finally coughing stuff up, which is usually a good sign. But no work again for me today.

    Honestly, I feel like I could just turn around and go right back to bed. But the dry wall worker is coming by noon so I got dressed, ran a comb through my newly cropped hair and drank some OJ. Cough, cough, cough.

    The port was setting up an interview with the dive team for me this week and it’s already been pushed from Monday to Wednesday due to my illness. Timeliness (news wise with last week’s helicopter crash) says it really needs to be done this week.

    I still use NASB (the old “new”) which I take to church and mark up. Otherwise, I like ESV but am having a renewed liking for the NKJV (which is what we mostly use from the pulpit at church).

    I watched The Aviator last night (about Howard Hughes), did anyone see it? He was an odd guy.

    Meshuga: I did a story on a dog groomer in town who used that and it made it into my story. One of our Jewish reporters now uses the word frequently about Trump.

    AJ, hoping the cat food is an easy fix. Annie’s vet has her on canned and dry food called Urinary Care C/D by Hills (chicken, she hated the ocean fish variety which I was able to replace; online company said no need to send the fish back — they only sell large cases — just donate it to a local rescue or shelter and they’d send the chicken out for free).

    Wet food for cats also is good as they tend to drink minimal amounts of water, which often leads to kidney problems that are so prevalent in cats.


  18. We had rain during the jam we were at last night. That is about 15 miles from our home. We were not expecting that, since it is below freezing. Nevertheless, all our cars were covered in ice. So nice to have a remote starter. We have dealt many times with frozen doors to get in and start vehicles. Much nicer to start it and wait for a bit. Much, much easier to scrape after having window defrosters and heaters working. Ahh, technology–so nice when it works and is not utterly confusing!

    Driving home was not as bad as we anticipated. I don’t know about some others who live further and drive different roads. We followed a sanding truck on the main highway. Roads were slippery, but if you drove slowly enough you were ok.

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  19. Love – love – love.

    The white does look wonderfully fresh.

    And I really love shiplap !!! That’s what I used on the underside of my patio overhang (old structure had separate boards which would be really expensive to replace, so real estate guy suggested shiplap instead — looks just the same but cheaper). It’s already on the ceiling of the front porch overhang as well.

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  20. And I think I’ve settled on Topsail for bathroom upper walls (the color you recommended).

    I held it up to the white bead board sample I’d gotten (so many months ago now) and it really looks pretty. (it’s the second square from the bottom if you scroll down a bit on this link).


    Sorry everyone. You can go back to the regular discussion now. 🙂


  21. Oh, I guess it shows up at the top in the sample room

    I thought it might be too pale but it really stands out against the bright white


  22. I am so glad and I still like it!!!! You need to update some photos when you feel like it since progress is being made!!! I cannot wait for you to have your nice new bathroom.


  23. I also have bathroom problems. Fifteen year old refuses to use the bathroom she has been assigned. She is supposed to use the big children’s bathroom as opposed to the little children’s bathroom but she refuses to use it as there are boys that use it also. Though they are not home. However, the ten year old boy uses the little children bathroom so what is her point other than resistance to doing what she is told? Not to worry, we are finding creative ways to convince her she needs to do what needs to be done. She was moved after threatening to punch the ten year old. I figure the older boys can defend themselves better.


  24. Tile should be ready to start going in tomorrow! That’s probably when it’ll start really looking like something is happening (and after today’s dry wall work, I suppose). Long time coming, but it’ll be worth it. I’m thinking *maybe* by the weekend after this I’ll have a bathroom again (though it may not have all the finishing touches in).

    I “talked” to the port rep who called me about the dive team interview he was hoping to set up for tomorrow and after hearing the sad state of my voice he decided it would be better to plan it for next week, and that really does take some pressure off of me. It’ll still work, so I called my editor and croaked out whatever info I could to him about that plan. Now he knows I’m sick, too. Bosses can be so cynical when you text in sick more than a couple days in a row … though I think he trusts me.

    Even if I did make it back to work tomorrow, I don’t think I’d feel up to an important / challenging interview like that, so good that we are postponing it.

    I can’t remember being so completely without a voice for so long, but it is (slowly) beginning to croak back, maybe on every 5th word or so. But they say to rest the voice completely, don’t even try to whisper.

    My neighbor sounded pretty bad last week so this hit her as well.

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  25. You know I’m planning a needed trip in your direction in the next few months. I won’t visit if there’s no bathroom to inspect . . . .

    My voice has gone from husky base to basic alto. There’s hope for the future, but I’m glad I didn’t teach today.

    I know, Mumsee, canceling because of rain and can you believe it, the cat wants to stay inside!

    In other news, I saw Mumsee’s picture on FB. You’re the cute woman with dark hair standing in front, right? 🙂

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  26. I doubt it, Michelle. But I don’t know as I don’t know what picture was posted and don’t look at fb anymore. Now I am puzzled.


  27. Mumsee you are stage right, hubby is stage left and son and I assume daughter in law are in the middle. It is a very nice photo of you and looking at it made me happy, although it looks like you moved furniture around.

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  28. Nope, Michelle, the one in front is my adorable daughter, but I thought she was blonde this year. (I am just going with what Kim said). And I am glad it made you happy, Kim. We just moved the furniture again as well.

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  29. Or wait, now I remember which couple was here and took a picture. But I thought the picture was taken out in the snow and daughter in law does have dark hair. Now I am so confused. But not confused enough to plow through FB.


  30. Donna @ 12:50. I don’t know how much the program told you about Howard Hughes.
    He was, indeed, odd. He died on the way from Mexico to Houston. Officially kidney failure was the cause of death. People who knew him say this billionaire starved to death.

    He made Jane Russell famous for a poster for a movie The Outlaw. You can see it by searching the movie.
    Pretty tame by today’s standards. It was outrageous in those days.
    You would be amazed at the fuss it caused.


  31. I saw the movie, of course. It was OK.
    But Jane Russell had a nice career as a result of it. She wasn’t a singe by professionr, but she did sing occasionally.


  32. That was in the movie (about The Outlaw)

    Hughes was local to us out here in aerospace land and his Spruce Goose was housed under a big dome offshore nearby where I’ve lived over the past 30 years.

    I have to go see mumsee’s photo now


  33. QoD: Primarily the KJV, the 400th anniversary Cambridge edition that has the verses arranged in paragraphs for prose and verse for poetry. It is fascinating to see, because much of what the prophets wrote when they prophesied is actually poetic in form. I have the ESV on my ereader since it was free. I’ve been reading that simultaneously with the KJV just to compare them. The city church uses the Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB), but they always have lots of copies available for the service, so I haven’t gotten a copy for myself. I’ve noticed in Bible studies that people in the church seem to have all kinds of different translations – it keeps you alert when what you are hearing is slightly different from what you are reading.

    Michelle, I’m just glad that you are getting rain again 🙂

    My sympathies to all going through the flu. That is what I had over Christmas. As I said before, I’ve been sicker with influenza, but I don’t think I’ve ever had a bout which rated so high on the feeling-downright-miserable scale.


  34. Ugh, my fever just keeps climbing, even with Advil. I will wander back to the doctor tomorrow. I sometimes wonder if I had to pay for each visit if I would tough it out a bit longer.


  35. Workers took a dinner break and now are back (sending the cat, who thought it was “all over” and finally ventured indoors, diving for cover in the spare room), this will go into the evening but it should finish their part of the project, then tiling can start tomorrow.

    I’ve been dying for a nap today, but have found things to do (reading — “Bad Religion” by Douthat, watching a movie — “The Rookie” — and going through some paperwork in the computer room that needed discarding or filing. I have a Salvation Army pickup scheduled for Friday morning and have several bags already.

    I still can’t talk, thinking I may wind up staying out of work for most of this week at this rate.


  36. I’m sorry so many of you have been feeling so rotten lately. Most or all of us in our family had the flu last February, and that was brutal.

    More recently (in the last six weeks or so) we’ve had some bad coughs, some of them lasting an extraordinarily long time (3rd Arrow’s, for example, started around Thanksgiving and she didn’t shake it until last week), but there were few to no other accompanying symptoms for any of us, so we weren’t miserable or unable to perform our regular duties, for the most part.

    My husband, though, developed the cough late (probably around the first of the year), and missed two days of work last week because of it. It sounded like pneumonia, so he went in, and the doctor thought it sounded the same way, but his X-ray was clear.

    He seems to be over the worst of the cough now.

    My friend told me Sunday that her school-teacher daughter’s school closed early for Christmas because fully half of the students (or maybe students and staff) were out sick. Whooping cough was also making the rounds in that area.


  37. Laryngitis: I’ve heard whispering is even worse than trying to use your ordinary voice. I don’t know the science behind it, but it does seem to put a strain on the vocal cords.


  38. DJ, I thought of you when my husband was installing a new bathroom faucet the other day.

    That’s all the new stuff that’s going in there, though. 🙂


  39. ESV, KJV, and I like the NKJV, though I’ve not had the latter very long. (Got a NKJV Chronological bible for Christmas from 1st Arrow that I will start when I’m done reading my ESV, which I got a few years ago.)


  40. Missed 57 again. Oh, well.

    Did anyone watch the soon-to-be former president’s speech? Neither did I.

    QoD: I used to use the NASB. Now-a-days it’s ESV. I use Reina-Valera 1960 (Spanish) at church. Interesting that often when the preacher says “The Hebrew/Greek word actually means x” that the RV uses the Spanish word for that word. Or at least the 1960 version did. The newer 1995 version on Bible Gateway has renderings closer to the ESV or NASB.

    Once every few years I read the NT in the Phillips translation or some other not-so-common one.


  41. I’ve had laryngitis at least twice, maybe three times, and the last time I learned that when I’m close to losing my voice, I must not talk at all for a couple of days and that way I won’t lose it completely. If I talk when it’s strained, I’ll lose it completely, and that is spooky and dangerous.

    The last time I lost it completely, I had an appointment to call an author. It was before we had e-mail at work, and I had to show up at work and write a note to a co-worker giving her all the pertinent details: I’m supposed to call this author at this time at this phone number, and I have no voice at all, so please call him and make my apologies.

    Then when I had foster children I was in the process of losing my voice. Recognizing that one simply cannot parent less than ideally obedient pre-literate foster children without a voice, I was just going to contact my agency and ask them to put the children in respite care for two or three days (something I hadn’t done) when I heard they wanted them to return home the next day. So I didn’t have to talk much and the kids were gone and I had a quiet house.

    At church Sunday just about every household had someone coughing or sneezing or someone mentioned having been sick all week. My in-laws said they heard every bed in the hospital is taken. We are currently all healthy, which is a blessing, as it has been a bad winter so far for us.

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  42. I noticed my voice getting raspy Saturday night at dinner with my friend. We only see each other twice a year (she lives on the north end of LA, I’m on the south end) so not talking wouldn’t have been an option. But I definitely noticed my voice starting to go (after much of the past week fending off what seemed like chest congestion). I’ve had laryngitis as the final stage of the flu, but never a full loss of the voice, just a really bad croak that can last a couple weeks.

    But this time, no voice.

    At least I live alone and the dogs are fairly obedient without voice commands, but I do have to whisper some things to the workers (as in “How much?” at the end of their shift and they want to be paid and telling them where the spare bathroom is, etc.). Otherwise, texting is a marvelous alternative.

    So the tile guy comes first thing in the morning to begin what probably will be a two-day job. Dry wall guys told me to run a fan in the bathroom all night, if possible, to make sure everything in there is dried by morning. I guess they’ll come back at the end for painting (and maybe the bead board, I hope?).


  43. I need to get to sleep, but sleep isn’t coming. I guess I should have had a class of kinders instead of a 15-, 12- and 9-year-old and a workout involving only about 4 inches of snow to brush off the top of my car this afternoon. 🙂


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