Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks- Bowl Edition

It’s bowl season. The time of year when 64 teams play meaningless games for bragging rights and bowls of cash for their football programs. At least now two games matter, and the winners of those go for the National Championship. So, pick your favorites of the most important bowls, or at least, the ones I think are the “classic” bowls I remember from years past. The tie breaker is the semi final game between Washington and Alabama. The team scores may be as far apart as the two schools are, but who knows? And there is a second tie breaker if needed: the National Championship game January 9. (If I were in charge, there wouldn’t be any college football in January at all.)

Remember to get your guesses in by Noon EST, on Friday, December 30.

Orange Bowl (Dec 30) #6 Michigan vs. #11 Florida State
Sun Bowl (Dec 30) #18 Stanford vs. North Carolina
Liberty Bowl (Dec 30) Georgia vs. TCU

Citrus Bowl (Dec 31) #20 LSU vs. #13 Louisville

Sugar Bowl (Jan 2) #14 Auburn vs. #7 Oklahoma
Rose Bowl (Jan 2) #9 USC vs. #5 Penn State
Cotton Bowl (Jan 2) #15 Western Michigan vs. #8 Wisconsin
Outback Bowl (Jan 2) #17 Florida vs. Iowa
Semi Final: Fiesta Bowl (Dec 31) #3 Ohio State vs. #2 Clemson
Tie Breaker: Semi-final: Peach bowl (Dec 31) #4 Washington vs. #1 Alabama
2nd Tie Breaker (If needed): National Championship Jan 9

19 thoughts on “Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks- Bowl Edition

  1. 1 Michigan
    2 N. Carolina
    3 Georgia
    4 Louisville
    5 Auburn
    6 Penn State
    7 Wisconsin
    8 Florida
    9 Ohio State
    10 Bama 21 – Washington 14

    My preference of SEC & Big 10 schools is just because I think they are better.


  2. Mis preferencias (en realidad, son nada más que adivinaciones):

    Michigan – FSU has had trouble with some lesser teams than this.
    Stanford – PAC 12 in this one over ACC
    Georgia – Dawgs tear up lizards in reality.
    LSU – Funny that Chas chose the ACC over SEC in this one.
    Auburn – Tigers roar
    USC – My preference is PAC 12 over B1G 10
    Western Michigan – gotta go for the underdog, which is the only other undefeated team besides Alabama
    Iowa – Love those Hawkeyes.
    Clemson – More Tigers!
    ‘Bama 50-21 Though I like the PAC 12, Bama is a much better school than any of the West Coast teams.


  3. Isn’t it amazing how many players will signal Touchdown, no completion, first down, our ball, etc. when they know it has no effect on the umpire/referee.


  4. No, Mumsee, you haven’t won it. No one has yet, as there are still 4 games to play.

    It looks like Ohio State has once again proven it is not championship material. A 31-0 loss in the semi-final shows that the system still has a long way to go before they get it right. I wonder if Penn State would have done better?

    So it’s Clemson vs. Alabama for the National Championship game, again.


  5. Please don’t suggest an 8 team playoff. Because that won’t work out for some people and they’ll demand 16 teams, then 32 on and on until those poor boys are still playing in June.


  6. kbells- I have seen a suggestion for using the current bowl system for a 16 team playoff, with the first round being the bowls that normally get the mediocre 6-6 teams, then the remaining bowls being the rest of the rounds. As it is now, the only benefit for a 6-6 team to go to a bowl is money. I mean, who watches those games other than fans of those teams?


  7. That’s still two very hard extra games for two teams that have most likely already been beat to death. Putting these college age boys through that just because grown fans can’t get the result they want is selfish.


  8. And the winner is once again kbells. Here are the results:
    kbells 8
    Tychicus 7
    I had 6
    AJ 5
    Chas 4
    Mumsee 3

    Game results:
    FSU 33 Mich 32
    Stanford 25 UNC 23
    UGA 31 TCU 23
    LSU 29 L’ville 9
    OU 35 Auburn 19
    USC 52 PSU 49
    Wisc 24 WMU 16
    Fla 30 Iowa 3
    Clemson 31 OSU 0
    Bama 24 Wash 7

    See y’all next year!

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  9. Well, you know what happened there? I asked my boys who was going to win each match and they let me down. Never ask for help.


  10. Thank you all. In a year that was otherwise not so great, winning these polls was kind of a little high spot. 🙂 Now if Bama can snag another Championship.


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