12 thoughts on “News/Politics 12-22-16

  1. I read a great article this morning written by a “data mining” guy who identified himself as a liberal. I think it was on HuffPo but can’t find it. I have been back through my Facebook feed and who I thought posted it. I can’t find it.
    He explains how the Russians didn’t hack and influence the election. The information leaked by Wikileaks came from inside the DNC. He explained how to secure the voting in the future and a lot of other things. I wanted to share it with all of you. If anyone happens across it would you please post it?


  2. I’ve been told that Trump’s choice for Secretary of Defense is aiming at clearing out all the middle management layers who have been hard at work destroying the military the last 8 years. Watch for the screaming about who has been chosen and the disingenuous reasoning as to why it’s an awful choice.

    (Remember, some 350+ admirals and generals have been released under Obama’s administration).

    I’ve also had the ratings name designator disaster explained–while calling it an opportunity for cross training, it’s actually a disaster for less talented sailors. People want to be cooks for a reason–they don’t have to compete against nuclear trained chemists when looking to advance in their rate.

    Pray that gets undone before it gets worse. It was a simple fix if you wanted to take the term “man” out of the ratings. Just alter the word to “tech.” You wouldn’t destroy the morale and the way the Navy has been run for 200 years.

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  3. As we, in the land of the free, close down all things Christian out of respect for other’s beliefs, it was fun to read about the Muslim business man putting up a giant Christmas tree in Baghdad to show solidarity with the Christians and in honor of love and peace.

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  4. Kellyanne Conway is appointed counselor to the President.
    Someone asked her how she, with four children, had to time for that job.
    ‘She replied, “I don’t play golf and I don’t have a mistress” so she has as much time as a man.
    A lot of commotion over that.

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  5. Chas, I’ve seen people say a couple of times (including you, I think) that Obama won office the second time because so many Christians refused to vote for a Mormon. (I”m sure there are some who made that choice, but I’ve never personally talked to anyone who chose not to, because of his Mormonism. Solar Pancake of course would not have, but he wouldn’t have voted for most Christians running, so it isn’t his Mormonism, really, disqualifying him.)

    Well, I just saw this statistic in an article in the Atlantic: “In 2008, 55 percent of white voters cast their ballots for John McCain; in 2012, 59 percent of white voters cast their ballots for Mitt Romney.” That means that it has nothing to do with anyone’s religion, but simply that black people and other minorities came out in such force for Obama that he was unstoppable. The Democrats, of course, expected the same this time.


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