Prayer Requests 12-14-16

It’s Wednesday, so don’t forget to pray for The Gambia, and for Ajisuun as well. 

Anyone else?

Psalm 77:1-15

I cried out to God for help;
    I cried out to God to hear me.
When I was in distress, I sought the Lord;
    at night I stretched out untiring hands,
    and I would not be comforted.

I remembered you, God, and I groaned;
    I meditated, and my spirit grew faint.
You kept my eyes from closing;
    I was too troubled to speak.
I thought about the former days,
    the years of long ago;
I remembered my songs in the night.
    My heart meditated and my spirit asked:

“Will the Lord reject forever?
    Will he never show his favor again?
Has his unfailing love vanished forever?
    Has his promise failed for all time?
Has God forgotten to be merciful?
    Has he in anger withheld his compassion?”

10 Then I thought, “To this I will appeal:
    the years when the Most High stretched out his right hand.
11 I will remember the deeds of the Lord;
    yes, I will remember your miracles of long ago.
12 I will consider all your works
    and meditate on all your mighty deeds.”

13 Your ways, God, are holy.
    What god is as great as our God?
14 You are the God who performs miracles;
    you display your power among the peoples.
15 With your mighty arm you redeemed your people,
    the descendants of Jacob and Joseph.

24 thoughts on “Prayer Requests 12-14-16

  1. One more: I learned yesterday that a friend’s husband has been diagnosed with stage four esophageal cancer . They have four biological kids and two adopted children, ranging from five to nineteen. They are strong Christians–

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  2. Annmsw I am sorry but not surprised to hear about your mother. I wish I could think of something to say, but I’ve got nothing. Just know I understand.
    My dad died from esophageal cancer. I understand how those children must be feeling. The greatest comfort I have ever received was the morning my father died. The pastor from my stepmother’s Lutheran church had us hold hands around the bed and pray. After the “amen” Pastor squeezed my hand and told me not to worry, he knew my father was in heaven.

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  3. Oldest Stepson and Daughter in Law will be taking one of their rescue dogs to the vet today. Mollie has advanced cancer and there is nothing else to be done. Grandson is 4 and Granddaughter is 2. Grandson is old enough to be confused. I also know the pain of making this decision. Please keep them in your prayers today as they do this and explain it to the little people.

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  4. I hope that someone can get your mom to limit how much she drinks. Sometimes the threat of realizing she will end up in a facility if she does not limit it and keeps falling will work. Only if she is supervised and the alcohol is away from where she can get it does this work, of course. She is not going to stop and, frankly, doing so at this point could kill her. Limiting can help, but those around her must be vigilant and willing. Prayers, Ann.

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  5. Kim – For a while on Monday afternoon, I heard Little Guy crying upstairs (his mom was home). Later, Nightingale told me that he had been crying for half an hour over Kane (our deceased American Bulldog) & Peanut (our deceased kitty), saying he wanted them back.

    Little Guy was only 2 1/2 when Kane died, & 3 when Peanut died, but he remembers them fairly well, & remembers them dying.

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  6. One of the families who comes to the little volunteer work I volunteer is from Aleppo. I cannot imagine the depth of grief as they witness such total destruction of their home. They are Christians.

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  7. My daughter is scheduled to fly home tomorrow into our local small airport in a propeller plane. We’re supposed to have wild weather tomorrow–the rain has already started–with gusting winds of up to 40 mph, which is dangerous in our little airport. Alaska also, of course, flies LAX to Oakland, and so just asking for prayers she gets here safely–one way or another. Thanks. I’m already nervous.

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  8. Prayers for all. Such deep needs.

    This is a small request, but I’m asking prayer for wisdom when I meet with my high school piano student tonight. She entered her first composition contest recently, and I was just informed (by my student’s mom, who received the email that announced the results) that her daughter’s work wasn’t chosen as a winning composition. Her mom is hoping that her daughter won’t be too disappointed or discouraged when she finds out after school that she didn’t win.

    I see her at 7:15 tonight for her lesson. Prayers for wisdom in my communications. Thanks.

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  9. We have friends from our old church who lost their son to suicide 7 weeks ago….he was only 23…very bright young man, School of Mines graduate…promising career…not sure what happened…he was a follower of Christ. Today I learned that R…the dad…passed away Sunday evening….B awakened to find him dead next to her….funeral for R is Friday….this has shaken us all to the core…..into His Hands we lay this and trust…..B is going to need much support and care right now…..

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  10. B and R have a son and daughter who live here in CO….B and R shared a love of hiking and rock climbing with my husband…they have gone on hikes together and have had endless talks about their treks….they have been such dear encouragers in the faith to all who have known them….this is such an unexpected blow….B is a nurse and R is retired AFA professor and was a professor at CC upon retirement…he will be sorely missed….

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  11. Oh, how tragic, NancyJill. Praying for B and her daughter.

    Thank you for the prayers for my request above. My student was fine, and not discouraged — she is eager to enter more contests and definitely continue composing. She is also considering putting her music “out there” by performing it, too. She prepared her lesson well this week, and I think that helped her receive the composition news more easily. Composing is just one part of what she does musically, and she’s got a solid musical foundation on which she’s building. I am pleased with how well everything went tonight. Your prayers are greatly appreciated.

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  12. Yep, MIchelle, the Midwest is in an unusually cold spell for mid-December. I think our high tomorrow is supposed to be 7, with a low of -14 within the next few days, something like that. And we got spoiled last year, with the mildest winter either my husband (who has lived in the Midwest most of his life) or I (my 19th winter) had seen here. By this weekend we’ll have had more snow than we got all last winter, and it isn’t even officially winter yet.

    Our pastor and family, who just moved here from California, have to be wondering if they were crazy . . .


  13. And last month was one of our warmest Novembers on record. We were in the fifties and sixties many days last month, and even a little at the beginning of this month. The temp hit seventy one day last month, and now they’re predicting 30 below zero wind chills soon. It will literally feel 100 degrees colder in a day or two than it did that one day a month ago. The wind was awful today, coming home from Advent services at 3:00, but fortunately the sun was out and registering about 10 degrees at that time.

    Glad Mom and baby caught up with the rest of the family.


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