12 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 12-10-16

  1. Where’s the picture from?

    Elvera usually goes to bed early. Last night I went in at 9:30 and she was still watching TV. I asked her about it. She said she was waiting until the end. A commercial was on at the time. I asked how she knew when they got to the end. She never explained it.
    There is never a “The End” in television. 🙂

    I’m sure nobody noticed, but I was out a good bit yesterday. During my travels, I went into McDonalds for a small cup of coffee. The guy rang up a $.50 senior cup without my asking.
    I wonder how he knew?

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  2. Chas, I had a housemate once, if she was home the TV was on. (When I first moved in, we had no TV–the girl who moved out took it with her. A few months into my living there, I came home to see my housemate hooking up a TV and expecting me to be thrilled to see one. Um, no–I’ve lived more than half of my life (still) either with no TV at all or with one that was on at most three or four times a year. (That latter one was what happened in my eight years in Nashville. I had a TV only to watch video on it, though once in a great while I would watch the TV itself.) I can easily live without a TV, and I don’t find its presence exciting.

    Once we had one, it was always on. A couple of times she left the TV on and went in another room for a good period of time, leaving me in a room with a TV I didn’t want to watch. I remember one time (I think it happened more than once), she was out of the room for the second half of a show, and when the show finished I turned the TV off–I wasn’t watching it, and her show was over. She then came back into the living room. “Wait–why did you turn off the TV?” “Neither of us was watching it, and I’m trying to read and I didn’t want the noise.”

    One time she was watching and I was reading, and she turned the volume way up. Problem was, the only way to get away from the noise of the TV in that situation would have been to go into my room and shut the door–and this was Chicago in winter, and my bedroom had no heat. So I suggested politely that the lower volume worked better for me, since I couldn’t read over the increased volume. (Reality was, I could barely read over the lower volume, but accepting it was a better compromise than going into my cold room alone.) Instead of turning the volume down a bit, she snapped at me, “What are you doing reading in the TV room anyway?!” (Um . . . because in my mind, it isn’t a “TV room,” but a living room, and there is no other room in the house where I can hang out and read, unless it’s sitting on the bed in my cold bedroom?) When she gave that response, it told me she preferred her TV to my presence, and I quietly took my book and left.

    The experience of living with her gave me the backbone to ask my husband, while we were dating, how much TV he watched daily, and to be willing to walk away if the answer was anything more than an hour. I knew I could not live with even a daily total of two hours, and certainly would not even consider someone who watched three or four hours or more. It would probably literally drive me insane. I work from home so I don’t get away much–in that Chicago household at least I worked eight hours a day, and I had a few days a week when she was away for the evening), and in winter it can be quite claustrophobia-producing to be inside all the time. Add a few hours of TV and I don’t think I could take it–constant sound is that much of a problem for me. (In Chicago I met women from time to time who would tell me they turned on Christian radio when they got up in the morning, turned it off when they went to bed, so their families were “blessed” with it all day long. Mentally I went “Argg! No place for silence in your own home?!”)


  3. 😦 One cannot rely on weather forecasts ten days out. But starting this evening, the next eight or nine days have predicted probably as much snow as we got all last winter. Now, granted, last winter is the lightest I’ve seen in my 19 total winters in the Midwest and the lightest of my husband’s 40 or so . . . but we’re in the first half of December, and we don’t need to consider more than two feet of snow over two weekends and the week between.

    🙂 We’re stocked up on everything we need, the house is warm, and I have someone to cuddle with.

    :-/ Between editing projects, Christmas letter, Christmas baking, housework, etc., I really have too much to do.

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  4. 🙂 It’s cool and overcast here with rain coming on Thursday (or so they say now?).

    😦 Hard working from home yesterday amid the succession of plumbing crises, noises from the machinery and, finally, toward the end of a long day, hearing one of the plumbers actually huffing and puffing as he worked to clear a line that had roots and tile inside of it (!?).

    🙂 But everything works, I just need to finish off my stories for the editor.

    🙂 Church Christmas party tonight.

    🙂 And I have next week off.

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  5. Chuck came over and helped clean leaves out of thegutter.
    😦 I used to do all that myself, but I promised him that I wouldn’t go up on the ladder.
    It’s cold out there!

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  6. 🙂 Wonderful Christian camping conference this week in Banff.

    🙂 Now we’re in Calgary for my side of the family Christmas

    🙂 Daughter rolled in late last night – so good to see her and hear her stories

    🙂 Son and future in-law arrive tomorrow morning.

    🙂 Thankful my sister has a large home where we will all fit.

    🙂 Sister asked me to create the centrepiece for her table 🙂

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  7. I commented on a photo of the Christmas Home Tour and Tea at my church today and someone said that they would save me a seat with a reserved sign on it for next year. Makes me cry. A few years ago I was home and didn’t go because I had no one to go with.

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  8. 😦 A Facebook kerfuffle with a man who goes to our church. I truly believe my comment was not offensive in any way, but he took it to not be serious enough about the subject, & said I was refusing to put “skin in the game” by not taking a hard stand one way or the other. Then he misunderstood a subsequent comment & was offended.

    I re-explained what I meant, & he seemed to accept that & calm down. Although I felt that he had been kind of offensive towards me, I apologized for the misunderstanding, so as to bring peace between us. Even so, I felt a bit uncomfortable when I saw him at church this morning.

    Well, I learned a lesson – that he takes his posts very seriously, & wants only serious discussion, with facts & figures to back them up. He is a very earnest, caring man, but gets hot under the collar too easily, from what I’ve seen. I now know what to avoid with him.


  9. 🙂 Elvera just said, “It’s been a good day”. After Church we went out for lunch and I took her to the mall and we heard the singing Christmas tree produced by three churches in Greensboro, including ours.
    Then we walked through the mall for a while. Didn’t buy anything, and came home.
    There seems to be fewer things she enjoys these days. I’m glad she had a good one.

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