11 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 11-26-16

  1. :–) This is a shout out to our wonderfully merciful God! We got a night of much needed rain a couple of nights ago! We still need more, but the fires have made it urgent. He is good!
    (I will post this one on the prayer thread too because I asked for prayer for rain.)

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  2. Had a great second Thanksgiving feast last night. There were just seven of us. I think the best part was the conversation. We sat and talked about so many things, even politics. I haven’t been part of discussions like that in a very long time. Wonderful

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  3. 😦 Don’t nobody talk about football.

    🙂 We had a nice Thanksgiving/Christmas dinner down in Greenwood yesterday. It is the only time that some of us see each other. All of us are obviously getting older and I didn’t recognize some of the kids.
    But that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

    The restaurant we had lunch at to day was decorated for Christmas and there was music in the room.
    I mentioned to the receptionist, “I can tell it’s Christmas time. You know why?”
    “Bing Crosby is singing. Think about it.”
    She was young enough not to know who Bing Crosby is, but she said she saw “White Christmas” last night. She watches it every year.
    I’ve seen it more than once, but not that often.

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  4. Crosby was singing “The Little Drummer Boy”. The first time I heard that was a choir special at Travis Avenue BC in Fort Worth.. I thought it was strange for a choir song, even at Christmastime.

    There was a lot of discussion on the daily thread about pictures of Christ and Nativity Scenes, etc.
    The thing is. We know nothing about the childhood of Jesus except what we know in the gospels. Everything else is conjecture.
    We have to presume that Jesus grew up shooting hoops, shooting marbles (not for keeps), or cops and robbers (or whatever those kids did). with James and Jude. And he had to have an argument with his sisters at some time. That’s what sisters are for.
    But it would only be conjecture and not useful at all.

    What I’m saying is that Jesus was always righteous, but not weird. He was probably a good carpenter.

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  5. Chas, I usually get a few films from the library to watch over the weekend for relaxation. This week, I found a Bing Crosby film on the shelf, so I that out to watch. A lot of us younger folk like to watch old films.

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  6. Chas – Christian comedian (& singer, formerly with the Gaithers) Mark Lowry says it must have been tough being Jesus’ younger siblings. Imagine Mary saying to one of them, “Why can’t you be more like Jesus?” 🙂

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  7. “White Christmas” is one of the only Christmas movies my son will watch with me. 🙂

    My office partner is proposing to his girlfriend tonight! 🙂

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  8. Kare. Under the mistletoe?
    I first kissed Elvera under the mistletoe.
    She let me come back. I don’t remember the date. Our first date was a football game on 12 November. The only football game she has attended.


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