37 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-24-16

  1. I wasn’t paying attention, so I made my initial comment on the “politics thread’ . I copied it for here.

    Janice and I were on yesterday’s thread having a private conversation. Jo, might have been eavesdropping, we never know.
    So? Everyone else roust out!
    Happy Thanksgiving.
    QoD. Are you really thankful?
    I will post my thanksgiving list later

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  2. QoD. What are you thankful for??

    I have posted this before. Slightly adjusted to make it contemporary:

    Not necessarily in order of importance, in order they occurred to me. Though the important things likely occurred first.

    For the fact that God saved me through faith in Jesus Christ. This was always important, but I become more aware as I age, and see friends pass on. Which is happening more often now.

    For the fact that my entire family is following the Lord. And they seem to be raising their families faithfully (III John 4)

    For finding and connecting me to the perfect mate for me. I have told you several times about the miraculous way this happened.

    For a successful and interesting career, even after some early misdirection’s, which I now believe God had a hand in. (I didn’t early on.).

    For the fact that I didn’t have to pay for some of the stupid mistakes I have made. (I won’t belabor this. Just know that I have made them and repented and came away unscathed.)

    For friends I have known through the years. A couple of whom I still correspond with through the magic of internet..

    For the fact that I was born in America. This is especially true as I think of those trying to escape oppression and other disasters. The company Chuck works for is owned by a Japanese conglomerate. They send men over to High Point on TDY. Chuck mentioned in a discussion, “I have seen grown men cry because they had to return to Japan” America is a different place. We are more fortunate than we realize. Not to get political, but I wonder that those protesting an election don’t understand what they have..

    For the fact that I was born in this epoch. I was part of the greatest nation in the world. Not only the most powerful, but the one that responded to disasters and mitigated evil in other places as we were able.

    For health. For myself and my wife. She recently got a prescription to retard the progress of dementia. They say that it could, but not necessarily degenerate to Alzheimer’s. Otherwise we are both in good health. And, though it wasn’t what we wanted, but what is best, we have a family nearby. i.e. Downsizing isn’t pleasant, but necessary. I mean, do you realize how irritating it is to have to scrape frost off your windshield again? Trivial things like that.

    And. Not by any means least: My co-bloggers. I (we) appreciate what Aj and some others contribute to the fellowship we have on this blog. Checking this blog, as you might gather, is one of the things I do early each morning.


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  3. More later, it’s just after 6 a.m. here and we’re a bit rattled, Annie Oakley the cat probably lost one of her 9 lives this morning, or very close to it.

    I got up at 5 a.m. (went to bed early last night, I was beat) and I decided to swap out the furnace filter so I could start using the heater. It’s that time of year and the mornings are very cold.

    So I’d taken the grate off the hall floor space and was cutting the new filter pad when something caught the corner of my eye.

    It was Annie, sliding down one of the big long tubes into the bowels of the duct work under the house. Whee.

    I panicked.

    I called her, but heard nothing.

    Do I call the fire department, I wondered? Will this end up on the local TV news? Will someone have to destroy all the duct work under my house just to find the cat?


    I called my neighbors as I knew they’d be up (he goes to work today early). She suggested stringing a towel or blanket down the tube and crinkling a treat bag to see if she could grab onto it.

    Good idea!

    I ran into the kitchen, grabbed an old blanket out of the laundry, found some an unopened cat treat bag, and dashed back into the hallway — just in time to see Annie somehow re-emerge.


    I have NO idea how she managed to crawl back up that huge tube — it winds downward so there was no way to see beyond the first curve, maybe there was something there that stopped her slide.

    So all’s well that ends well, I guess.

    One less of her 9 lives, but Annie’s fine — and her curiosity about what was “down there” apparently is, for now, satisfied. the heavy metal grate is back in place covering the intriguing hole in the hallway.

    Happy Thanksgiving, cat.

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  4. “Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings. ” -William Arthur Ward

    I have too many blessings to name. As you all know my life hasn’t always been a bed of roses, but then no one’s ever is. I try to remind myself that “All sunshine and no rain makes a desert”. I have a husband who loves me.
    A daughter I was told I would never have
    Grandchildren (not something I ever gave that much thought too until I met Mr. P)
    A roof over my head
    Too much food in me refrigeratorS
    Two dogs who love me and a cat that tolerates me.

    I also still live in the the home of the free and the land of the brave…I just want to hand that country over to the following generations.

    …and because I mentioned my Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. D on the prayer thread, I was raised to know from Whom all blessings flow. My mother eventually became an alcoholic but she insisted I attend private Christian school and my father provided the living that made it possible. I have always known God. Oh, I have strayed a time or two but I always knew where to find Him.

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  5. FYI: Just in case someone wonders Friday.
    Elvera and I are going with Chuck & Linda to Greenwood, SC for a family Christmas dinner. We leave tomorrow and will return Saturday night.
    This is the shindig that we used to have at our house in Hendersonville. A family ritual. Elvera always had the house spotless. We had a professional carpet cleaner do the carpets.. “White glove'” ready.

    No. I’m not worried. There is nothing in this house worth stealing. Nothing. Not even in the refrigerator.
    That wasn’t true in Hendersonville. We had a security system there. Not here.

    Elvera had a friend at work say the most embarrassing time she had when some thieves broke into her house and didn’t take anything.

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  6. Happy Thanksgiving!

    What am I thankful for? Focusing on blessings more or less unique to this year . . .

    I’m thankful that we have a wonderful new pastor, and that I like his wife a lot. (Since both of us have chatty husbands, she and I spend a lot of time together after church as the elders talk.)

    I’m thankful that I have had at least five years with in-laws, and at least five years with a very good husband.

    I’m thankful that we got a good son-in-law this year. (And someday, Lord willing, our own adorables.)

    I’m thankful that when my husband and I go to each other and say, “I’ve been thinking about this . . .” we find we are in agreement.

    I’m thankful that he is healthy and able to go with me today–that hasn’t always been the case, and since my father-in-law is in the hospital, my mother-in-law is staying with him, my older daughter is at her in-laws’, and my younger daughter is working and won’t get to the house where we’re eating until after dinner . . . I wouldn’t want to attend if he were sick this year.

    I’m thankful for my family, church family, other friends, and the friends on here.

    I’m thankful most of all that God has placed His love on me, and is continuing to mold me into His own image.

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  7. I am thankful that Waffle House serves breakfast on Thanksgiving Day.
    I am thankful to have a car to drive to Waffle House, and to witness just how streets in Atlanta look when no one else is on the road. I am thankful for our late fall that has brought out the most vibrant yellow leaves I’ve ever seen. We need rain, but I am thankful that the leaves have stayed beautiful on the trees for much longer than in the past. I am thankful to have a house to drive home to from Waffle House. I am thankful to have our cat, Miss Bosley, to greet us at the door. I am thankful that cats learn to use the litter box without fail. I am thankful for window panes that keep cats from harming birds. I am thankful for how Miss Bosley gives us countless reasons to laugh daily. I am thankful that Art’s surgery was successful so he feels like doing more things. I am thankful we had our Thanksgiving meal with Wesley last week. I am thankful that Karen and her family hope to go out for a nice Thanksgiving dinner today (please, Lord). I am thankful that Ginger, from the office, gave us smoked turkey from Honeybaked Ham for our “special” meal today. I am hapby to see the beautiful weather today. I am thankful that the smoke we smell in our neighborhood is from our neighbor, Don, cooking his turkey outside rather than from distant forest fires. I am thankful the election, with all the negative ads, is over. I am thankful for neighborhood churches throughout our nation. I am thankful for larger churches and all they are able to accomplish on the larger scale. I am thankful for Jesus and the difference He has made in my life through salvation. There are so many things I could continue to write, but I don’t want to clog the blog! ❤

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  8. Our house was broken into once, and the best we could tell, nothing was taken. There is still little anyone would want except maybe my new fifty dollar cuffless boots 👢👢(made for walking and stomping on anyone who dares to try and steal them. I use the old reliable stinky feet repellent…just warning any would be thieves).

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  9. Phyllis Diller once joked that she was shocked and frightened to come home one day to find her place had been ransacked.

    “Then I remembered I left it that way.”


    I’m thankful the cat falling down the rabbit hole in the hallway was self-resolved. Whew. This could have been a really complicated day otherwise. But cats are resourceful. They have to be with all their curiosity getting them into deep and tight spaces. No more changing the heater filter with her in the room.

    I’m thankful for my neighbor who came over yesterday with his staple gun to help me swath the old shower/tub in heavy-duty plastic I’d picked up at Home Depot the other day. It’s scary looking — think “Psycho” — but I tried it out this morning and it actually works to keep all the walls and flooring around it dry while I run the shower.

    Not the most satisfying shower I’ve ever had, but it worked! 🙂

    The Lord is good, he’s never left me nor forsaken me despite my less-than-perfect obedience.

    I’m thankful this year for the opportunity to get my house back “up to speed” and in more functioning (and better looking) order. It needed some love and I’ve found myself falling back in love with it as I’ve looked on it with new eyes again — all the 1923 craftsman details and even the quirky features. Although it would be nice to have a 2nd full bath, but I’m thankful I have at least an extra toilet and (leaky) sink to use.

    I’m thankful, too, for interesting work that keeps me busy and seldom bored. The pay isn’t great, but it’s been a fun ride and I’m one of the few people I know who isn’t clamoring to retire asap. I like what I do. Still.

    Grateful I still have the health to keep working.

    I’m thankful for my little Jeep which, at now just over 100,000 miles, still looks and runs well — and for a mechanic who is able to fix all the weird glitches Jeeps of that era (2007) came with (faulty power windows and wiring issues to name 2).

    I’m grateful for the family I still have left — not many of them, but good to know they’re still around and don’t live far away.

    And for friends whom I’ll see today for Thanksgiving. And for a few great pets to take care of.

    But most of all for God Himself. His free grace, mercy and glory in, over and under all, forevermore. His kingdom never ends. It will only get better.

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  10. I can and do sometimes resemble the Phyllis Diller remark. 😉
    I have too much stuff. If someone broke in and stole from me, I am sure I would feel violated on some level. I have my husband’s family silver and discovered yesterday that a fork is missing. I looked everywhere then finally told him I couldn’t find it. I thought he might be upset, but he reminded me the “kids” cleaned up last Christmas and maybe one of them threw it away accidentally. I am grateful that I have the means to go on line and replace it. I haven’t always had that luxury. We are by no means well off but we are comfortable and happy where we are in life.

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    As you know I doubled my sides to share with my friend L and her family. I miscalculated how much chicken broth I would need to make the cornbread dressing. I really don’t want to go to Wal-Mart today. I briefly considered draining the liquid off of two cans of chicken noodle soup, but she is on a sodium restricted diet and I have tried to use low sodium everything. I made the rounds, open the pantry and stare. Open the refrigerators and stare. Then I saw it. I had some leftover buttermilk from making the cornbread. It was already an ingredient, right? So I poured the rest of it in with the cornbread, onions, celery and cooked, shredded chicken and the broth. I mixed it up. I filled two pans with dressing and had about a half a cup or so left so I heated in the microwave (raw eggs in the dressing) and it was good. I may have stumbled upon something. I will let you know 🙂

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  12. And now everybody is eating or digesting, except maybe the west coast.

    Good meal, good company, and Dad is supposed to get out of the hospital anytime now. (They would have released him this morning, but Mom thought it would actually be easier on him to go ahead and eat lunch there–the meal tray delivered to the room–and then take him home and put him to bed.)

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  13. Thankful that the new cousins of one of my students are right now flying to their new home in the states from Costa Rica. A couple with no children adopted all five siblings. Please pray for no meltdowns on the way home.

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  14. We had a nice Thanksgiving dinner at Chuck & Linda. There were 10 adults and 5 children. Six if you count the one in Jennifer. She says he is coming out next Saturday (2 Dec) if he doesn’t come sooner. I learned something about fetuses today. She said he can hear and likes music. He likes women’s voices better than men’s. He also reacts to light. I was not aware that they were aware nor could a stimulus from outside affect it. Apparently it does. So Jennifer says. He’s just a baby cramped up inside a woman..
    Around the table, Chuck asked everyone to say something he/she was thankful for. I said, “I have no greater joy than to know that my children walk in the light. III Jn. 4.
    We came home and I helped Elvera pack for her trip. It took five times longer than it should because I had to show her three times what she was wearing Saturday. I have to do all that for her now. Problem is, she wants to do it and I have to keep explaining what’s happening.

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  15. We ate (out) early, it’s a gorgeous day here — 77 degrees, clear skies (the Hollywood sign pops), beautiful blue ocean waters dotted with sail boats.

    The traffic wasn’t too bad, thankfully, as I spent a lot of time on the road today. But it was good.

    While I feel like taking a very late afternoon nap right now, I should take the dogs to the dog park, they’ve not gotten out for anything fun since the house chaos ramped up again.

    And it’s back to work for me tomorrow.


  16. Couldn’t help but wonder what the fate of green bean salad will be for the Thanksgiving plate next year at the restaurant we picked.

    There were 5 of us and we all ate everything — except the green bean salad. Hmmm. Was it so popular with the other diners too?

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  17. My friend, Karen, got to go out to an in town restaurant with her husband, daughter and her “SS marriage” partner. I am so thankful Karen was able to do that. In fact, that alone made this one of my best Thanksgivings. ❤

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  18. I’m thankful that our daughter spoke up asking us to have a normal Thanksgiving meal at home instead of going out to dinner as we had planned. (It’s just a few weeks since my mother-in-law died and we weren’t sure we were up to the occasion.)

    I’m thankful that we listened to our daughter and had the usual home-cooked feast with my brother-in-law and his wife.

    I’m thankful for the mother-in-law I had for 25 years, for the time we spent this evening looking at a collection of pictures spanning her life, and for all the memories of her that we shared.

    I’m thankful for my wife’s whole family which has been welcoming to me.

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

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  19. Kevin, we briefly weren’t sure if we were going to have a “normal” Thanksgiving meal, either. No one really wanted to, with the patriarch in the hospital and the matriarch choosing to stay with him. But someone said that people were coming who had nowhere else to be (two single ladies and the granddaughter–and today also the grandson–of the widowed one always join us for Thanksgiving) and we would do it as usual. It was OK, not great, but we did it.

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  20. DJ, re green bean casserole: I was blessed not to meet the stuff until I was an adult and able to try something on my plate but not eat it.

    My first couple holidays as a new bride, I asked “what to bring” and was told “green bean casserole.” I’d make it, and then at home I’d move leftovers into a dish (trying not to gag at the stench) and then wash the CrockPot (having a very hard time not gagging at the stench). The third time I was asked to make it, I told my husband, “Please tell your mom that isn’t a good dish for me to bring. I can’t stand the stuff, can’t stand the smell, and just don’t want to bring something I detest.” This time we were asked to bring that or broccoli, and I said only if our daughter would make it. She said she would, but then she had to work, and I told my husband he could make it or we were back to broccoli, so he made it.

    Several years ago I went to a conference at the same hotel three years in a row. The closing meal they always served a wax bean salad I found inedible. The second year I looked around and noticed nearly everyone else was leaving it on their plates, too, so I mentioned it on the conference critique forms. The following year, the salad for the closing meal was something different. I wondered if I was the only one who said anything, if I rescued everyone else. It might be that the people who read the critique forms all said to one another, “Yeah, I think it’s pretty disgusting too–I thought I was the only one.”


  21. I don’t remember ever having green bean casserole growing up, though i suspect it’s a Midwest thing?

    I can’t help but think the restaurant staff noticed how many people left it mostly untouched.

    I love green beans — love them steamed and lightly mixed with a sauce (stress on lightly), but the casserole is way too gooey or mushy looking to be appealing to me.


  22. My parents were Midwesterners so our home menus were steeped in those kinds of dishes. Lots of corn on the cob, meat and potatoes 🙂

    But green bean casserole was MIA from my experience.


  23. We had a good time at D3’s house. Her roommates were gone, and my son had to stay close to home since he was on call, so we drove the 90 miles to be there. D2 and her new husband were there as well, but D1 and family were at her in-laws. We Skyped with them. We ate the usual, except there was no turkey dressing. Then played games until 8-ish when Mrs L. and I came back home. Long day but worth it. We’ll all be together again at Christmas here at our “new” house. I kind of hope the weather is nice enough that the children can go outside that day.

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  24. I think green bean casserole was one of those Campbells soup dishes of the 70’s/80’s. You know, when cream of mushroom soup became the base for all sorts of stuff.


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